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European Parliament to ban Eurosceptic groups

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 08:29 AM
This is VERY INTERESTING thread - please can we have some articles to read, more videos etc if people have them on this issue. I tend to keep up with almost every aspect of IR however have kept my distance from EU as it is EXTREMELY complex internal issues which are simultaneously international.

Please, why does Brussels have so much power ? Is this a hangover from their days raping the Congo etc >


posted on May, 30 2008 @ 08:51 AM

Originally posted by gottago

Originally posted by infinite
The European Central Bank will either be reformed or Germany will be kicked out. 14 members of the ECB want a rate cut, but the German run ECB does not.

The German Republic is doing well and does not need interest rates to be lowered.

And, as for the EU as a whole, a split will occur soon between Western and Eastern Europe. Just like the Roman Empire. If the Western members cannot maintain political and finanical control, a seperation will result.

I don't see Germany ever getting kicked out, but a reform push is definitely in the cards--how they wrench away control of the Euro from Germany will be something to see; after all, it was the deal that allowed the Euro to happen--give up the Deutschmark and you get control of the Euro. That will be a battle royal.

And fundamentally, the Euro is absurd: Germany and Greece sharing the same currency?

I think you're right about a split; the enlargement was totally mishandled and should have been two-tiered from the start; you'll never be able to integrate the old core with the outliers, above all economically, and money rules the world. Time will pull the Euro and the EC apart, I agree.

I am reacting to this post, but it could be any of the others above.

I am a supporter of the EU, with alot of buts and mares. Most important the failing democartic control of the parliament.

People state here that members are not chosen. I remember voting for a member to get in EP. So what was that?

Just to give a few positive pointers: "Germany and Greece sharing the same currency?
Well the Greek I speak to like it. It saves a lot of money. Greece is on of our major vacation resorts. You know what they save on exchange, it is enormous.
Not every state in the US is as succesful or rich, is it?
Greece is booming since the euro. Cultural reasures get European money to be saved.
People like me can move there and live there and start a business in a blink (free traveling for persons and money).

Rules and regulations for the environment are put at work in the whole of Europe. Europe is getting cleaner! Treatment of women at the workplace is getting better, in behaviour and pay. Is say "getting better", i don't say ideal.

A split in Europe? Nonsense, financially Europe is getting more and more regulated. Especially money transfers will be equalized in SEPA (single european payment area). That means that citizens and companies can get the same bargain everywhere, instead of getting weird rates on their transfers.
Finally be implementing e-invoice in the EU, we will be able to make a profit of 200 billion euros in a year together. You know what an invoice a company costs?

Ask countries like Ireland what they got out of Europe. I bet they say: "a lot of money and so a new future".
Spain is boosting. Portugal is trying to mimick their act.
I see lots and lots of more tourists and people from poorer countries vist my country. Do you know what that means? Money and freedom. Eastern european countries were begging to get in more soon. Is this tiranny??

Europe has been a warzone for centuries (with the yuguslavian hell as the last one). All that is dissapearing. Why? Because we are implementing a new system. A network of countries with equal rules of work, travel and peace and environment and rights.

The rest of world can learn something here. Why are countries as Germany, France sometimes opposed of each other, well because they are still sovereign countries. there is room for discussion.

Of course there are alos negative connotations, but the rest of the posts are doing their best at that. It thought this thread need some counterbalance.

Their are opposing forces withn the EP. It is not a singleminded evil empire. It is just growing up and will make mistakes. And it growing out under the wings of the US with a bigger national product and a stronger currency and less taste for war. The more powerfull it will be the more mudslinging it will get.

Now back on topic: There are always people that want ot ban this or that group, but most of comes out of frustration on the slowness of processes in the EP. IT is impossible to get something done most of the time. There are apparently some single issue members that seek eacht ohter out to get more power in the discussions, which is there good right. I don't believe that that "ban " will come. And that will be the end of it, I guess.

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posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:28 AM
reply to post by Ste2652

It is likely it will happen in the next two years, reform that is. If the ECB is to maintain and continue it will have no choice but to reform itself very quickly and relax power/devolve to member states.

Running a single currency over 15 countries can be dangerous if not operated rightly.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by infinite

That's fair enough, but you didn't say why you think the UK will end up joining.

I don't think we will. Brown doesn't have the political capital to do it (the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty caused him more than enough problems over Europe) and I can't foresee the circumstances under which a Conservative Government under David Cameron would join.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 02:13 PM
It is time this ended, Britain is tired of being run by as the British put it "froggies and foreigners" (no racism intended), the British want a referendum on the EU. The British are tired of these stupid pointless laws being drafted in by the people in Brussels that are trying to keep the British down. The British saved Europe, stood on their own against Nazi Germany when no one else would and what do they get for it? Nothing thats what. Surely the British deserve something for saving Europe?

My two pennies

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by Ste2652

Sadly it is inevitable, much to my regret Ste2652.

Of course it will not happen under the Brown, but the ECB and the Eurozone will be reformed to mirror the Anglo-Saxon free market economy. David Cameron will not withdraw or alter UK membership - great disappointment - but end up building a strong Anglo-Franco stronghold on the European Union.

posted on May, 30 2008 @ 11:57 PM
Really interesting thread guys. Stars and Flag. In North America we can pick up the occasional interesting tidbit about the goings on in Europe from an English speaking paper, but you only get the nitty gritty from the people. Thanks for all the great insight and videos, and thanks for schooling this American girl!

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