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Childhood encounter, Blonde werewolf thingy? Part 1

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posted on Sep, 3 2008 @ 09:32 AM
I was wondering if they could be two seperate creatures. I wonder if the wolf-like creature was chasing after the cat one. If you felt less scared by the wolf creature it probably means it was "better." It almost sounds like the wolf thing was "checking" on you to make sure you were okay after chasing the cat. I don't know what a farris wheel had to do with anything but it sounds like I heard another event that had something like that.

posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 03:45 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Thank you. Though I found nothing like what I saw, I had much to read for a few days. It was all very interesting indeed.


posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by tinfoilsrule

Cool, I have never had anyone recall a Ferris wheel "thingy" Nor have I ever run across such a tale. I do so wish you could recall.

Ty ~Hyp

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 04:22 AM
I know you replied to my tales so here are somewhat similar but, different color creatures: These are not my stories as I have never seen this but, stories having somewhat similar creatures..or at least sounds like it.

Union South Carolina

For more than five years I've kept this story to myself. I grew up in a small town called Union County, South Carolina. I had the day off due to the snow and was across the street wasting time with my neighbor.

A little after midnight, I grew tired and decided to walk back to my house. As I approached the gravel road and began to cross, something long and black came creeping out from underneath the street lamp on the other side directly across from me. I froze instantly and the second I stopped it stood up on its hind legs.

It was roughly 5 or 6 feet tall with long black course hair, and fiery redish-orange eyes. Its body was sickly looking as if it hadn't eaten in months, but the shoulders were broad with big ears that stood straight up on top of a massive head. It was definitely the shape of a dog with wolf-like features, but was all disfigured and oversized.

When fear struck me all my adrenaline kicked in and I raced for my house. The front porch was a good fifty yards or so... And I felt as if it breathed down the back of my neck the whole way. I was surprised I made it in and slammed the front door behind me. I peered out the window for hours never seeing any movement. It was the scariest I have been so far in my life.

When the sun came up, I went out early before the snow could melt to see if there were any paw prints through the yard or behind the street lamp. I found only a few feet that trailed into the woods from where it came out and then they were gone. That was all, just a few feet.

I was sure it had breathed down my neck the whole way through the yard. To this day I'm still skittish outside after dark and I wonder what the purpose of the dog's presence was. Mystery unexplained.

Gaffney SC-Mckowns Mountain Rd.

For decades people claim to have seen a large dog with exaggerated features that for some at first appears to walk on all fours and stand up. If it see's a person it will chase them. Some claim that it will stand up and beat on a car trying to get in and has hands like a man. Some of the residents on the road claim to have seen it as well. They say it is white with long floppy ears with a long head and red eyes.

I suggest looking under "Walking Dog" Sometimes listed under Ghost Stories of sites.

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posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 05:17 AM

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 08:26 PM
What an amazing encounter...

I think you should begin analyzing the other events of that night. Although you may not be able to find the creature on the internet have you thought about researching the violent wind in the room, the knocking, the blackness behind the creature and the odd warmth?

Search around... i'll try to find some explanations as well.

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by HypnoAsp

I know 7 is young to recall such detail, but I do?

I remember things from when I was three years old in great detail. My uncle praying over me, my not wanting to be in a crib since I was sleeping in a regular bed at home, My not wanting my mom to leave me, Me having a fit when I found out that my family was having chicken for dinner and that wasn't what was on the menu that night.

I was in the hospital at the time. (I thank the cook on duty that night. Somehow, word reached him that there was a three year old that really wanted to have chicken for dinner. I was the only one in that hospital who had chicken for dinner that night.)

Age has nothing to do with what memories we remember.

posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 09:25 AM
You have forgotten a piece of the tale.
When you three ran out of the room, leaving your young brother tailing behind. The "blonde-werewolf thingy" cried and wimpered.

Why does it have to be the bad guy?

posted on Jun, 4 2011 @ 12:09 AM
Dear god what an encounter

Its like a mix between the horrors of the 80's movies "It" and "Something Wicked this way comes". To be honest, I think its a hyperdimensional being. A monster. All kinds of monsters exist in different dimensional realities. You can research around ATS and you will find stories of children encountering real monsters in their bedrooms as children and their parents not believing them. I once, was one of those children, only mine involved a beam of light coming down from the ceiling that spoke to me. Children are so open to the "inbetween worlds" that those entitites often expose themselves to children to screw with their heads.

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