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Jesse Ventura Interview - ATS MIX Show 82

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 07:32 AM
How do you suppose the American people can go about prosecuting the current administration for the crimes it has committed on the American public?


Rude of me to post this question without saying thanks for being here and taking the time to hang out and answer our questions.

So thanks, Mr. Ventura.

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 11:45 AM
Hey mate.

What do you you feel was most instrumental in your being able to return tax dollars to the citizens of Minnesota during your tenure?

Would you please consider running for a US national office?

Do you you think it is really justified for the current SEAL teams to be referred to as the Squeal Team?

PS: you are one of my heros.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 12:56 PM
Mr. Ventura,

Do you think the USA could implement a direct democracy using the internet rather than the representative democracy we currently use?

Why do you think you could charge an employer $250 / hour to pick fruit but an illegal alien can't?


posted on May, 1 2008 @ 02:14 PM
Dont Screw With The Jess-A-Nator!

Jesse is outspoken and has NEVER allowed anyone to sway him from his feelings about Patriotism. He is a fellow Vietnam Vet and I am proud to call him a brother.

Read This:

Jesse Ventura 14 Page Wiki Stuff

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by Dave Rabbit

Awesome! That's the exact pic that didnt work in my post - and what a ripper movie too

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 03:26 PM
During your time as Governor, have you found corporate influence/lobbying to be over-balanced compared to purely civic-minded concerns over public issues? No specific names or identifying comments are being asked, only the level of this "balance" is being addressed.

In your associations with other State & Federal Officers, how often have you found them to be working at cross-purposes to their Constitutional Duties & Limitations of Office? Again, I seek an answer only within your experience, based on the frequencies of such occurences.

How often have you seen the broadcast/print media report in direct contradiction to what actual facts that you've learned in your position as Governor? Again, I ask only the frequency on media being misrepresentative.

Originally posted by die_another_day
In addtion to that, America is claimed to be a democracy and is totally anti-non-democracies.

In this vein, how have your political associates answered to the fact that the Constitution (Article 4, Section 4) demands that America retain a Republican form of government?

Originally posted by Dave Rabbit
Jesse is outspoken and has NEVER allowed anyone to sway him from his feelings about Patriotism. He is a fellow Vietnam Vet and I am proud to call him a brother.

While I can't claim the same as Dave, I can claim "Gulf War Veteran" status (as per Daddy Bush's Gulf War), although I never actually participated in any combat...So I shouldn't push any further than thinking of both Dave & Jessie as being "cousins."

In relationship though, how much do you think that the Commander-in-Chief actually orders the military around for Corporate interests instead of National Defense?

Originally posted by Shar_Chi
reply to post by Dave Rabbit

Awesome! That's the exact pic that didnt work in my post - and what a ripper movie too

IMO, even the Predator had to resort to bushwhacking Jessie from behind because it couldn't handle facing Jessie in the open...

Originally posted by Sublime620
How do you suppose the American people can go about prosecuting the current administration for the crimes it has committed on the American public?

A related question: How the hell are we going to find people to replace them that won't try the same shenanigans?

And finally: Would you consider hanging around ATS more & contribute postings?

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posted on May, 1 2008 @ 03:44 PM
Hi Jesse and Welcome to the world of

Will you please loan Dave Rabbit ten bucks so he will quit mooching off me for beer money?



posted on May, 1 2008 @ 05:18 PM
Welcome to the forum Mr. Ventura. This will be a short post. I had about 4 questions to ask you, but they've been covered by other members. And now I regret going to bed early last night. Sorry I couldn't add anything to this convo, except: Being a governor for a period of time, were you ever given "Top Secret" clearance (or similar) to documents not available to the public? You can answer this with a simple yes or no. I understand that if you have received information about aliens or whatever, that you don't want to be hunted down by the gov't.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 06:16 PM
reply to post by Dave Rabbit

Here's my question for "The Body", do you believe the people have the right to peacefully secure accountability by withholding their financial support should the government fail to provide redress? Thank you.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 06:24 PM
Hmmm not sure what a picture of you and gore is good for, since he is obviously a traitor, place holder to block alternatives just as Kerry was to make sure GW got in the whitehouse. But, anyway, if you aren't bought off, seems to me you or Kocinich would be good VPs to run with Ron Paul. Unless the elections are blocked by fabricated war (the Nuke the northern hemisphere agenda), I think Ron Paul is pretty much guaranteed to win if he runs independent and teams up with a real substantive independent candidate. Are you willing and even interested in being humble enough to suggest such a match up to Ron Paul?

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 06:36 PM
Voting for a Republican or Democrat is a wasted vote, just more of the same whoever wins. How about promoting something like a "Fire the government" movement. Try to convince people that voting third party, whatever the party, is not a wasted vote, but the only way to really make your vote count.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 08:18 PM
Mr. Ventura,

First off, I'm a big fan of your work, and I look forward to reading your new book.

1. I feel these days that your average Joe's and Jane's no longer have any say in this country due to corporate and special interests. How do you feel we should go about ridding our political system of such strong special and corporate interests?

2. Getting rid of the Federal Reserve System and the IRS has become a dream of mine. Do you feel we will ever get rid of these two organizations? They are nothing but thugs who extort money from the American people.

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 08:19 PM

What would your reconmecdations be for an Honest person wanting to get involed in polotics?

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 08:29 PM
Mr Ventura, what was it that made you decide politics over your years in the Navy?

posted on May, 1 2008 @ 08:51 PM
Hello Jesse. I'm looking forward to hearing the interview.

Can you do us all a favor and go to Washington and put Dick Cheney in a full nelson and bring him "a world of hurt"?

Have you and Arnold Schwarzenegger ever arm wrestled, and if so, who won?

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 05:01 AM
Hi Jesse,

I live in New Zealand and have traveled throughout the world.. one thing that is common is a negative perception of Americans, mostly due to the actions of the government.. people making a fool of themselves not knowing local customs is (and should be) easily forgiven as anyone from anywhere can make the same mistake, alas - Americans are usually singled out!

What can you do to change that negative perception?

edit: what further work have you done to legalize pot?

P.s. do some in-depth research on the 9/11 issue, some of your statements have been de-bunked, but there is much nastier and conclusive evidence for the 9/11 movement out there, try trawling this site
(basic physics equations would show there is a massive amount of 'impossible energy' [read explosives] needed to collapse wtc1,2 in near free fall etc etc.)

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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 06:24 AM
reply to post by Dave Rabbit

Two questions;

1. Jesse, if you were to run in '08 (and we all acknowledge you won't), whom might be your running mates be?

2. What size long-board do you surf with?

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 12:06 PM
Governor Jesse Ventura On Hannity & Colmes 4-8-08

teslaandlyne (21 hours ago)

Who is paying off the US government to commit such crimes.
There must be a payoff, why do it in the first place.
Taking out Tesla and all his atomic devices and holding up
Einstein is easily understood now by a few so don't get your
hopes up on 911 cause its the same Illuminati doing it.

posted on May, 2 2008 @ 02:26 PM
Hi Jesse, thank you for taking the time out to interview Dave and Johnny. I know you won't regret it.

Would you register on ATS (if you aren't already) and talk about how you personally feel? I'd love to be able to talk with you and the few other honest politicians in the government. You're a dying breed.

What do you plan on doing about the patriot act?

Will you run for President in 2008?

What do you think about a "Department of Peace"?

What steps will you take (or have you taken) to make the truth of 911 known?

Thank you,


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posted on May, 2 2008 @ 02:57 PM
Hello Jesse Ventura,

What is your present position on the fight for world domination?

Who would you say is the best hopefull for creating a better world?

What is seen inside the walls of Governor that is not outside for the public to see?

By your position alone, do you think (you will) have an invite to join the presidency?

Thank you for your thoughts and input.

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