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Sleep paralysis or demonic assault

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 05:03 PM
reply to post by Levita

And how strong do you think one would have to be to win a fight with one of these things..?

posted on May, 25 2008 @ 07:26 PM
Pretty D*** strong- though there are those, in my opinion, who were just made to fight these types of things. You'd have to pay special attention to which elements are yours, which end of the spectrum you're on, between dark and light, independent of good and evil, and how you want your own shields to work. (make yourself invisible to them, reflect attacks, etc., though some shields are only for certain types of things.) u2u for battle-specifics. I will only tell of defense here. But much strength is needed really. My shields operate on thought. With even vague thought of it, a demon in the waking world will disappear instantly.

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 03:39 AM
Hello all... first off I would like to say I'm so glad I came across this site and forums.. have been on here now for several hours reading almost everything posted about SP and I have been experiencing it so frequently I was searching online to find information... found some other forums on it.. and was hoping there were others who had experienced similiar SP's as well or were open to talk and hear about it..

-i'm 29yrs and my first SP happened when I was around 24.. I've seen a few other people talking about a bright light or glow or orb.. I vividly remember a Huge Bright Ball or Star thing almost when I first remember experiencing SP.. but a few weeks later it was the scared, terror filled coudnt awake type.. but no ringing in the ears or loud sounds.. normally a few months can go by inbetween but it will happen for days at a time then break, but for the last 7 months or so it has happened a few times a week..

-I've not had the dragging experience and I have recently started to wake up tingling with the electric type feelings..And can now hear sounds of conversations or like a television is off in the distant, when there is not one on in the house..

-I have recently had a few unique experiences.. and since today did not know much at all about what SP was or read others accounts of it only the dictionary definition.... I have felt the presence of somethin which I can feel a presence like when I've been attempting to wake up from it.. but never saw anything up until a couple months ago.. at first I thought I was dreaming but when couldnt wake up I figured it was just a nightmare.. but then I could make out a black mist floating around the top of my room .. but was unable to move.. I then relized that same ole feeling of SP. Instead of becoming scared for some strange reason I vividly remember being filled with Rage I felt as if I shot outta my bed but was floating and as wild as it sounds ..I was shooting some type of energy from my palms of my hands at this black mist which was by then circling around on the floor.. I couldnt see everything perfectley clear.. almost like peripheral vision.. then I felt a overwelming calm feeling and fell to sleep.. I know it wasnt just a dream because I had that SP feeling so strong..havent had anything touch me or sit on me like the Old Hag feeling also ??

-that is the only shadow type thing I have seen, but now when I have SP I feel lots of hate rushing toward me like someone running down my hallway and can hear loud foot steps .. this is pretty terrible feeling so I will thrust myself awake but.. with the loud rushing footsteps and feelings as something will come through my bedroom door... it doesnt, it wll stop outside the door and become silent as if waiting.. (and no one is home but me).
. . I have been tempted try to not awaken from the SP and see if something or someone will utimaley come through the door but really have not been exposed to all this information on SP until today reading hours of info because I felt as though this was not natural..

-Also the nite of the SP altercation with the Black Mist ... that same night my best friend passed away in a vehicle fire in, which I found out about the next day ??? Ive wondered if somehow my SP was going on while my friend was going through that.. not sure, try to take each instance in its own..

-didnt mean to make this so long.. I think I will start meditating as well.... wonder if it will help or harm ?? not sure if I want the SP to stop, but also seen things on ascention, enlightenment and AP .. ?? Thanks

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 12:23 AM
Sounds like you did the right thing, getting mad. Taking the situation into your own hands, you pulled yourself out of paralyzed helplessness. This is the right thing to do in such a situation. And meditation won't do wrong, but i would recommend you learn shielding as well.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 12:26 AM
thanks for that advice I will definently look into it now that I have a bit more guidance

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 12:33 AM
No problem. If you need any more help, u2u's are always welcome.
Give it a go.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by ArmyMike

Your case is a very complicated one and I really think you are experiencing a little more than SP here. Its SP in extreame so to speak. All I can say is you must loose your fear of the situation and try manipulating white light as a protection zone around this. It may not be dark but until you loose your fear its true intentions will be hard to work out.
There are many things in this SP/AP saga and fear just hides to you what really is going on. I have been terrified at times but now see this was achieving nothing in my understanding of the situation.

Loss of fear leads to a gaining of understanding and knowledge. Knowledge is power where SP/AP is concerned.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:12 AM
reply to post by Mr Green

I saw this on the Disapearing People Thread >

( * A less known theory is that it is possible to enter other dimensions while dreaming in your sleep. The idea is that if you practice "lucid dreaming" (dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming) there is the danger of entering another world or which your existence and also your body disappear in this world. )

Is this a concern for poeple who try to stay inside of their SP or that are trying to AP...????? Anyone heard more on this.. ???

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 10:17 AM
reply to post by ArmyMike

I will ask one of my very good friends who is very experienced in this area for you, OK.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 11:06 AM
that would be pretty wierd to wake up in another world...I too would like more information on this sorry for the one-liner

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 11:38 AM
Also I have q question... Ive been reading more about SP and Lucid Dreaming and oobe and AP.. I was wondering if in my SP experiance I mentioned above if I was in SP and actually became more like a Lucid Dream... is there anything out there on people having a SP episode and taking control like a Lucid Dream ?? I think this SP enviroment is something different than just Lucid Dreaming basically im wondering if SP and Lucid dreams are on the same level.. And what would it be dangerous to try to gain a Lucid SP state?? I can usually gain some state of LD by the waking early method and so forth... and how crazy does it sound while Lucid Dreaming trying to meditate while Lucid Dreaming??

Also these ghosts or demons that people see while in SP its like almost 95% of SP accounts people claim of these sightings and the sounds of crying talking or ringing...

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by ArmyMike


Yes that question was something I could not answer but I have asked him and he says no you can not get stuck! Hes been doing this for many years and says unless you go in with a very bad attitude or try to take something you will be OK. If you go in with an honest attitude to gain nothing and respect what you meet you will not be trapped. Although that does not mean you will not meet entities that wish to harm you though...I have met a horrible black thing that literally tryed to suck the love out of me it was an awful thing. I used my free will the first time and got away from it but the second time it was too powerful and I couldn't. It was taken off me in the end by another person who just appeared in grey scale as if from another dimension and grabbed it off me.
Who this person was I have no idea? I thank them very much for what they did for me. Apparently there can be others to help us on the AP.

posted on May, 27 2008 @ 11:54 PM
reply to post by ArmyMike
Well, i wouldn't know much about purposeful astral travel, or travel through times, but i have gone to very different places in dreams. I go where i am directed each day. Always helping. If i were drawn into a diffeent zone, i would help who i was supposed to- complete the mission- and return. It would be okay. I have been pulled out of a dream and into an astral zone by one of these shadow beasts, and another time i woke while the shadow fog/mist was descending towards me, as if trying to get in, or paralyze me. Too bad for it, that idea didn't work so well!

Oh, and to Mr. Green, knowledge yes. Knowledge is usually a good thing (unless the yeti is after you for getting a good snap shot! The yeti is scary! NO! I WORKED SO HARD FOR THAT SHOT! MY FILM! MIIINE!!!) Anyway, even more, I find, anger aainst them is the key. A good example of this is the commendable effort of the poster in this thread who came out of their SP through anger.
There is nothing like a good anger.

posted on May, 28 2008 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by fred3110
Excellent thread TyrantFlameViper I,m glad I took the time to read all the posts.

In the last 3 weeks when i've been nodding off to sleep I to have heard a strange buzzing/vibrating sound, the first time it happened I thought it was an insect buzzing close to my ear however, the second time I let it persist out of curiosity and found it very hypnotic at which point I fell into a deep sleep.

After reading this thread I think there could more to this. I used to get the feeling of being dragged down my bed quite often when I was younger and again in the past few months. I've also had SP happen to me many times, with that came the sense that I was being watched and once I could of sworn I could see a dark shadow lurking by my door. this didn't frighten me (anyone who has read the dune novels or my signature will know the Mantra of fear, it actually does help!).

One other thing I expirience occasionally is a sort of flash in my room, it only lasts a split second but it almost looks like a starburst accompanied by a sharp snap or pop, the thing about this which freaks me out a bit though is I see it differently depending on wether or not my eyes are open or closed. if I have my eyes closed its like someone briefly shining a light over my eyes, if I have my eyes open I see the starburst as if its about a meter away from me.

Has anybody else expirienced this? over the last 3 years I've gone from super materialist to finding out about myself spiritually, I,ve started trying to meditate as well, could this have something to do with it? any help would be much appreciated.

Once again thanks for making this thread and hearing me out its filled with the kind of expiriences I needed to hear about I know I'm not alone.

Yo Bro, you know the groove mate.
A few years ago I was into the whole OBE thing.
I'd read that you can OBE very easily by realising you were in a dream while dreaming and then imagine yourself leaving your sleeping body OR don't wake up completely just enough to be in SP then let yourself float up.

A good friend of mine who is wise to the ways often tells me that a cord anchors you to your body so if you OBE it's impossible for it to severed unless the body is killed. I asked him about the entities and so on and he said they were not formidable as long as you kept up your courage and showed no fear to them. He even went as far as saying that being abusive and defiant while in there presence was ok to do. But that's his style and not really mine.
Interestingly, he liked to sleep downstairs on his couch, prefering it than to his bed.

For me I've never OBE'd while on my back. For some reason I am prone to nightmares and night terrors on my back most of the time.
So both times I OBE'd I was on my front. One time dreaming then out of the dream into OBE. Second time was waking up to a SP state then OBE.
I managed to OBE just a foot or two. Then back in the body. No entities or visible threats. The second time less than a foot. I could of gone higher but wanted to make sure the first time wasn't part of the dream.
I was impressed but didn't want to take it any further for various reasons. Main one being that I knew that other 'things' hung out in that 'zone' and I didn't want to get any hassle from them or end up in trouble out there.

A few years later I was staying in a hotel of the night and woke in the middle of the night (one of the few times I was sleeping on my back). And in at the far corner of the room was a ball of light. Not a fully solid ball but more faint around the edges and solid in the middle. Not threatening though, more of a vigilant patroling being than a dangerous entity out to annoy and upset. An Angel maybe?

For me being a catholic (lapsed) I think my faith is part of the reason I don't want to push it and start going back to OBEs. Call me stuck in second gear here but part of me reasons that going onto 'their' turf in OBEing might be akin to the little monkey climbing down the tree and yanking on the tail of the sabre tooth tiger to go for a ride.
Thats part of me though, the other part of is like 'go on, do some more and push the envelope a bit!'

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posted on May, 28 2008 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by WatchRider

Hey WR thanks for the post, your expiriences sound amazing I would love to be able to do that, for me I think I have to much on my plate stress wise to get myself into the right state of mind for an OBE, a few months ago I could hear the buzzing and had some other strange expiriences but now its dropped down to zero I go to sleep then wake up (borrring!).

My plan is to get things sorted in my life so I can chill out, then I'll go for round 2 and see if I can OBE, last time I was on the verge of doing it so hopefully this time round I'll be able to achieve it.

Cheers for the reply!

posted on Jun, 1 2008 @ 06:21 AM
Had a dream tonight. I was in a house/apartament with friends, acueintences, family and others. At the end of the hallway theres a cliff, and some stairs that go up and just stop. I see one guy hanging from the floor, at the edge of the cliff, talking to somebody standing on the edge. He' joking and not carrying he's hanging by one hand. I think to myself how strange that is, that there is a great chance he will eventually slip and fall a loooon way down and die. Why would he do such a thing. I get a strange feeling, like a bad gut feeling and I need to get away or need to get to some family so I turn around. Now the house has changed, the floor is cracked up and rotten, and you could fall down. I could see for every few meters there is like a note with some prophesy written on it. By now I know what the bad feeling was. I by then feel as though we are approaching bad times ahead, retaliation of prophesies, but nobody in the house realizes it, they live happy like nothings going to happen, but I feel it. It's like everything is serene yet underneath there's like a deep tension building up... I head down the hallway, pick up a note and read it. Someone starts knocking at the door, trying to open it, and the keys dont fitt, I hear hear saying "I forgot it doesnt belong to us anymore" really mad, I get a feeling of something bad, really not good that whants to get in. So I but something infront of the door. But there is a second door, I rush for it. The handle and lock is broke, but she hasnt seen it. I open the door. I see to kids I think its a girl and a boy heading down the stairs and they see me. I thought it was strange, it couldnt have been them. I hurry and try to fix the door get it shut, someone is helping me. The kids get the woman back up. I frantickly try to hold the door shut. We find a lock a little slide thing
to no avail. She opens. I lift up my hand put it in front of heir face and tell her to go she is not welcome. And I feel I recive anger, and I repeat in it gets angrier. BOOM everything is dark and I cant move. Suddenly I see a litte bit of my wall and something dark. I sort of see a beeing, Then dark again and I remember reading trying to focus on moving big toe, I feel it moving but nothing happens. I look at the creature and feel as though its in my eye, minds eye. It reflect my face like in two mirrors distorted and dubble. I try to get out of bed but only feel stretching. They feed on fear.. try not to fear. Be strong, also think rational and spiritually about it. For those saying people dreaming og alienspace craft are UFO fans. There are stories thousands of years old about circler shaped flying chrome things with strange creatures in side. You have ancient stories about creatures in flying horse carriages without horses. About 8, 9 years ago my mom was kind of scared she had had a dream like one of you guys. With space ships coming out of the blue. (she has never belived in UFOs and doesn't belive in intelligent life in the Universe with those types of capabilities. Neither do I. I think the chances hi tech advanced top secret air craft, made by humans is much more likely than E.T.s traveling MILLIONS of light YEARS to get to earth and then crash in a desert or get shot at by humanbeings. Imagine a stealth bomber being shot dpwn by a guy with a rock and a sling shot. Not very probable. PS dont remember and dont have time for details and from the start of my dream)

posted on Jun, 4 2008 @ 10:57 AM
I just made a movie that I think explains the connections between sp and all this stuff. I called it "Stop Sleep Paralysis"
the first half is video from several experienceies
of sp, the second half is testimony of people that have stopped it for good.
It also helps for those having alien abductions.

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:50 PM
reply to post by Amenti

Hi 15 videos and the over all message is Jesus saves. You could warn people before hand at the start of the videos

I know that works calling on Jesus, many people do it, but also its a matter of what we believe, different things work... maybe other people call someone else... but the point is now -- are we supposed to stop it or use it? is it good or bad or neither or both? according to you its all demonic... and youre convinced of it cause of your experiences and the fact Jesus makes it stop..

What about the people who dont need to call on Jesus or anybody? they just will it to stop an it stops.. no crying and begging God or anything... some people actually transcend it and make it a good experience, so does it mean even that is a demonic astral trick we shouldnt be messing with? is the astral world any place for us to be familiar with or is it solely for unconcious sleeping? cause I honestly do not know.. I remember Jesus being taken up by Satan in the spirit... many others do something in spirit in the bible.. I wonder if any of those were like these sleep paralysis events.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by True-Light

the thing is this is reproducible in a lab.

and there is no evidence to suggest it is merely a matter of calling on your preferred "savior". the bottom line is the ONLY people I can find that say they have ended it forever have been those claiming they did it with the help of Jesus.

Scientifically speaking, the burden of proof is on you to prove the data wrong.

posted on Jun, 9 2008 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by Amenti

Hello thanks.

But Ive had sleep paralysis and I dont get it anymore, tho I dont know if Im still to have another it ended years ago. And Im not a disbeliever I just dont know [if that line even made sense]

I have many times said that if Jesus was real as it says then of COURSE I would follow and have faith, Id have to be crazy not to? .. but the need for some kinda proof is killing me
Yes I know its about belief... belief is trusting our sources and infers doubt but thats the power of faith etc,.. I know this....but I look at who runs the world and the lies everywhere and I dont trust the sources. Thats reasonable doubt?

I still have many bible quotes that I need answering.. things that make me think this must be lies, or its just been twisted by man so we ignore the bible altogether.. I dont know.. I do know the bible says the devil is basically god here 'for now'.... I think Paul said it? I may be wrong.

Anyway.. I cant say Jesus had anything to do with my SP stopping
my proof is my experience.. I just got fedup and angry during one incident and that was it.. end of.

You speak of bad experiences.. mine wasnt really bad.. they were prophetic.. and personal.. its only the natural fear of the paralysis that I didnt LIKE..

So we all know God gives signs in dreams and visions... bible fact all thru it. I have some people telling me I was getting stuff from the devil.. and others saying its signs from God.

I guess its up to me to differentiate my experiences and tune myself in.

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