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Sleep paralysis or demonic assault

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 01:00 AM
I'm back with news of my latest experience...I was laying in bed with my girlfriend and the usual effects happen paralysis, the noise..then i really dont know what happened to me it was like i could see mygirlfriend still asleep but it all felt pretty normal you know as if I was still awake I dont know what happenend next but I saw a light coming from under the bathroom I walk over to the door and try to open it but it was locked and the door itself was not the same color as it usually was which is white. The door was black and the light was bright white..I kept trying to open the door and of a sudden I felt this presence in the room felt as if it would attack me if I moved but there was nothing in the room that I can recall I just remember wanting to move it wa as if this overwhelming fear had over taken me........It then felt as if the door itself was drawing me into it I tried to call out my girlfriends name but for reason I am still not sure of no one answered I think its mostly likely that no one could hear me ok so back to the door....

The door now had me pressed right against it and all of a sudden i felt really weak and there was this sound that sounded like a low growling noise kind of how an angry dog sounds if that makes sense...After the weak sensation had left me I felt as if I was back in my body but not quite there yet so I tried to focus on moving my big toe as that usually helps me to wake up I sat up in bed and my girlfriend said she was trying to wake me up because she could hear me wincing in pain and when I explained to her that I was calling out her name but she said all she heard was me in seems like something doesnt want me to be able to sleep at night and like you said paradox I'm starting to get really really angry then my girlfriend said I should just smile because the world will smile back then I told her the next time anything from ths world or anyother world comes in here while I'm sleeping its going to get its ass kicked

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 09:13 AM
Wow I am really sorry you are dealing with this right now.. and at night too!

I have this problem but only when I try to nap during the day. I know I am asleep but I cannot wake myself up. And I can't move. A trick I have tried and it seems to work.. is when you realize you are asleep in reality but you are aware of it and you want to wake up... dream yourself asleep and you will be able to wake up.

instead of fighting it.. force yourself to go to sleep and you will wake up.

I tried it last time it happened and it worked for me.

I hope this helps you. this must really suck!

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 11:03 AM
reply to post by TyrantFlameViper

hehe.. Dont get me wrong I know these are scary but I still kinda looked forward to them as an enlightening time and 'break from the norm' ...

Glad youre realising about the getting angrier and less scared.. yknow what maybe this is what happened with me... I looked forward to it rather than fear it.. then I beat it?

I like your girlfriends comment thats true, when we are low and stressed we dont care about the positives they seem too far away while we are down.. but if while we are down we keep the awareness of the positive thoughts which are 'just as easy as being negative' .... then we'l soon balance right again.

And it reminded me of my 'terror orb' with my face in it smiling back at me.

When I suddenly got that power and lost the fear the whole vibe switched from terror to peace and serenity.. then I woke up [but I wasnt].... and then I woke up for real.. that was the weirdest bit waking up twice... bit dizzying

Anyway.. I dont know exactly what fear of what I lost or if I even have! cause to be honest, Im human and I still have some fear and stupid nagging issues preventing me doing stuff [me preventing me] .. but I dont get SP anymore..

So wtf are we beating..... is it a certain belief system relating to anything or person that we are mentally battling? some aspect of our self / psyche we connect with and face down.. allowing room to proceed and grow?

Or is it just demons / aliens trying to steal our souls or send us mad and drag us down cause we are trying to reach too high?

Or is it just natural cause we are entering into different frequencies of life and evolution.. so we are bound to meet weird stuff on the way.

Can I ask you in a nutshell what do you read and study? would you say you have researched way too much and dont know whats what or not too much of anything... or something in particular? any religious beliefs?

Sorry if you have answered those previously but Ive forgot Id have to go back..


posted on May, 19 2008 @ 02:00 PM
I looked at the site for the alfeggio I dont wanna say ring tones but I think the word is arpeggio or something like that ....but I dont have any religious beliefs and I really havent researched much of anything I'm the type of person who would rather find things out on my using my own methods I like to learn by experiencing

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by NephraTari

Thanks for the advice I will try it the next it happens sound pretty wierd though but I guess nothing is as wierd as waking up and not being able to move

posted on May, 19 2008 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by TyrantFlameViper

Did you mean solfeggio frequencies? thats what im studying now, got my frequency generator and all...

If you havn't noticed yet Robbie Williams is posting ufo experiences here, he found a note in his song etc etc.. check the thread.

Robs thread'

And on youtube I just found some meditational solfeggio music, very nice... I can actually make this kinda music too I have the music apps.

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posted on May, 19 2008 @ 04:30 PM
Reason I asked what your into and stuff is cause I was wondering, where people are at in their minds, and whether certain paths and knowledge lead to these episodes or whether it still happens to people who may not have a care in the world for the kinda stuff that is on ATS boards.

Your right personal experience is best, so much mess with information out there it only clutters the head, which disrupts the peace of mind.

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 09:45 AM
yea lol thats what i met i knew it was arfeggio or a solfeggio or something like that

posted on May, 20 2008 @ 08:24 PM
So, SP is linked to hearing high frequencies? I hear these all the time (what a pain! They realy are until you learn to tune them out) but never experienced SP. The presence one of you felt in the black-doored room, i've witnessed changes, and been attacked by presences myself, but as far as i know i'm paralysis-proof. I always reciprocate when attacked. In my opinion, this SP thing is the product of shadows. (they're not all so harmless). presence>hag attack/paralysis. That's my take on it. (I haven't been a victim of SP, but i'm kind of investigating it.)

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Levita

I was talking to my friend about it because he's into the occult and what not. I remember him mentioning a book about psychic defense I can't remember who wrote it....But he also said this book which you can probably find on amazon or something that there is supposed to be another world that runs parallel to this one and that the entities on the other side can see us...I dont know how true this is but I have to admit sometimes I feel Im being stalked even when I'm in my room alone it just feels like something is watching me and I hate I would like to bring out beat the living piss out of it so it leave me alone..this is me being angry paradox

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by TyrantFlameViper

Chill, when I say get angry I mean during the episode
with me it just happened naturally, its not like I planned to get angry with it tho, its about losing the fear is what I mean, which doesnt require getting angry I suppose.

I merely looked forward to the weird thing happening cause it seems there was something real to it, and significant.. but I dont know if its just pure bad and we Shouldnt play with it.. but maybe we are supposed to if its a good thing and obviously we have to beat some demons to get thru it.

Some people are making it happen purposely as stated earlier in the thread people can attain OBEs thru it.. and lucid dreaming etc... so theyve learned to use it as maybe its meant to be used...I need to look into that, and to start meditating rather than googling

Back soon.


Oh by the way yeah I have heard similar about paralell worlds.

If you think along the lines of radio stations then say 100hz maybe our frequency.. and just cause we are tuned into 100 it doesnt mean the other stations arent still playing.. we just cant see and hear them until our conciousness is altered to those frequencies... by all kind of stimulus.

And I agree with grace below too take that on board

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 01:37 PM
I'm no expert but if you was in Irag, I'm sure you was stressed to the max. Now that your home your body is probaly trying to find a way to cope with normal life. The dreams are probaly a sign that you have alot of emotions to deal with. Speak to your doctor about the dreams. They can probaly help guide you in a positive direction. My experience with demons happened when I was awake. They have a very strong and heavy arua. It is possible that you are createing a energy that is drawing them to you because of the emotional changes you have endured. I think if you handle the feelings you are dealing with inside your heart, you will be fine, demons or not.
Good Luck and Thankyou for all you have done and sacraficed.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:40 PM

"Exosomatic, but affecting the body

Waves (electrical like), vibrations and earth-like tremors

Crackling, snapping, high-pitched, ringing (sometimes hours preceding SP) and booming 'noise'

Luminous-colored blobs (blue, orange, peach, or green), auras, perception of objects and details of wall crevices and bed lining fabric (SP); vibrant and surreal colors (LD).

Sleep Paralysis

Complete or partial atonia

Rotation of the body (pivot: the belly area), twisting of the body, rolling into oneself. Also, pressure on different parts of the body, but most commonly the belly area; floating, flying, and being squeezed through tunnels. Microsomatognosia: Shrinking in size. Dissociation: Out-of-the-body experiences (OBE's).

Hypnagogic hallucinations; Nightmare
Feeling of presence in the bedroom (FOP), benign or maleficent; sense of suffocation; sense of entity sitting on one's chest; sense of entity pulling one's feet (more common than incubus, arms or legs.


Bolt of lightening at the base of the neck, pain in the midsection.

Questions and Answers

Just finding some more links to add.

The Somatosensory part made me remember another weird one I had quite a lot. Id be laying down just falling asleep lightly for an hour.. [daytimes] and at some point with my eyes closed still Id sort of awaken and be wondering about what way round I am laying, and I feel its one way but my mind says 'no its the other way remember how I went asleep' etc... .. strange little episode nothing major
some kinda pre OBE or something? or Id seated myself back in wrongly. haha..

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 03:11 PM
This is interesting.

There are many varying opinions on just what exactly is carrying out these attacks. As for my own, Im not under the impression it is any one being. Sleep paralysis seems to be a common method of predatory spirits, entities and demons to feed on our energies and possibly work their ways into our waking lives as well. For months after my last attack years ago,my house became an extremely active hotspot for paranormal activity. I was scratched, hissed at, whispered too, It would hum tunes around 3am and occasionally break things. I literally was ran out of my own house on several occasions. It was only when I learned to starve it of the fear and attention it was feeding on that the activity eventually faded away. This is the most effective way to deal with such situations, and will go much further than any cleansings or banishings you could do or have done.

Some of the first accounts of sleep paralysis come from ancient Babylonian wives tales. They believed the supposed first wife of Adam, called Lilith, was banished from the garden of Eden for her refusal to have sex on her back and insisting Adam lie on his. In her exile she consorted with demons and became a witch, angry that she could bare no children of her own. She would come in the night in search of infants, so that she could steal their breath in their sleep. When I first learned of this legend I couldnt help but wonder if the numerous infants who die in their sleep of the mysterious S.I.D.S. or sudden infant death syndrome,almost always lying on their backs.

That Adam and Lillith stuff freaks me out.. first Ive heard of it and Im aware of Lillith being THE demon. Related to OWLS... and the owl was in mine.

I can tell you with certainty Ive had it fairly recently while laying on my belly... so now theres gay demons we dont have to be on our back....

Oh it gets worse on that site check this..

Another interesting thing to note about sleep paralysis is a well documented incident around 1975. During the Vietnam war, the CIA recruited and armed a tribe of people called the Hmong to counter Communist Pathet Lao insurgency. In 1975 the Communist Pathet Lao was victorious. The surviving Hmong retreated to refugee camps in Thailand. And eventually more than 100,000 ended up coming to the United States. In the passing years many of the Hmong began complaining that they were suffering sleep paralysis,wich they called tsog tsuam caused by a demonic entity called dab tsog. In their native land the Hmong practiced shamanism in wich the religious leaders would make regular offerings to their ancestors in exchange for protection against demonic beings like dab tsog.

Dab Tsog is one of several types of "dab" demons who lives underground in caverns and comes out at night to find its victims. Having neglected their religion, their ancestors were not protecting them, and it was their belief that unless the offerings were made by the religious leaders that the creature would return again and again until they were dead. Being oceans away, Their were no religious leaders around to carry out the rituals, they were all oceans away, Dozens began dying mysteriously in their sleep, and of all the refugees 72% had sleep paralysis attacks. Most abandoned their old religions for christianity, and yet they still suffered attacks and several dozen more died the same way. This particular incident is what inspired the movie "Friday the 13th".

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posted on May, 23 2008 @ 05:36 AM
lol Gay demons that's pretty you that lilith # is creepy and now that I think about it after reading the post about the whatever it is that is bothering us i don't know if I want to bring it into this world jus so I can attempt to kill it ...Now don't Laugh I have a friend who messes around with tarot cards and I asked her to give me a reading she said I had to focus on a question and shuffle the cards so I did as I was told and I shuffled the cards however I wanted gave them back to her and she gave me the reading in the spirit world it was the cylcone on the left the lovers on the right and the devil in the middle on our plane the it read the wand on right on the left it was somethin with eight eyes I don't really remember it too well inthe middle was the lovers I remember the devil meant anger violence hate pain suffering and the lovers meant hidden enemies obstacles and overcoming someting but I really dont know what these mean I jus remember the final outcomes the devil and the lovers....does anyone have any kind of knowledge as to what the whole reading means ..? What I have gathered from it is that whatever is attacking is violent and will most likely kill me in a physical altercation but at the same time the lovers card said I will overcome something so I really am not sure...

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by ibgrace

I don't know if you have read my first post but I thought that was one of the possibities because the voice was vengeful I mean like it was #in pissed off "You will pay for your feelings.." So I retract my statement to want to bring it into this world as whatever it is would probably love to come here

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 06:47 AM
Hi im new here and enjoying reading the threads, but now i feel id like to share my experiences, ill be as brief as possible.

i have had sleep payaylysis about 4yrs ago waking up but unable to move or utter a sound, when it 1st happened i thought my body was dead !
I felt like i was laying inside a suit of heavy armour (my body) and i felt trapped inside, i was aware of my ex husbands breathing next to me, and i concertrated hard on making a sound, eventually he heard me and touched me and i was back ! On another occasion i had the fear feeling feeling some bad entity was in the room with me and i took some convincing that everything was ok. I went to see the doctor as i felt was i going mad ? and he explained sleep paralysis to me.

Then about 2yrs later after my marriage was over and i had met a new man, we were laying in bed talking, in full conversation when suddenly i felt some one ? spirit ? fall into my body, roaring loudly at me with a male voice, i coudnt move and i was inside my head making a noise back to him, i remember i was shouting back at this angry soul.
It was terrifying, i was having a struggle with 'him' a verbal struggle he was roaring i was screaming.

i was aware my boyfriend was calling my name i could hear him and i was trying to answer him, then he touched my shoulder and the roaring male carried on with his noise, my boyfriend shook me and shouted my name and suddenly i could move again, i will admit i cried i was so scared, i asked my boyfriend what happened, he said i hate to say it but i think you were posessed, he said he heard a loud male voice shout 'OK' from me this happend just before i was free from it.
my boyfriend held me close and cuddled me then he suddenly said he could feel something or one pushing at his back so i verbally called out for protection from any spirit guides etc..... well anyone really.
and he felt it subside.
needles to say we didnt sleep that night !

Now i have experienced sleep paralysis and this experience and they are different to each other, its all very odd.

at the time of this event i was renting a very old house that had ghosts in
we had experiences and my friends had left the house due to scares.

so make of it what you will. I know these experiences are not nice at all
what ever they are.

Anyway nice to meet you all, i hope to be commenting more often

~~* Krystal *~~

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 03:06 PM
Yea I hear these experiences are pretty s****y and in fact a few times that its happened to me I have had similar things happen to me my girlfriend I was breathing heavily and my body was hot to the touch but she said when she touched me I stopped breathing so hard and that my eyes stopped moving so fast from left to right something else stood out to me that it felt like maybe I was so scared I couldn't think so...does that mean sleep paralysis can be a mental effect as well as physical??? I look at it like this as long as I am here to tell the story, explain what happened, and learn from it then there is still time to figure this out.

posted on May, 24 2008 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by TyrantFlameViper

Course its mental and physical.. we wouldnt have a body without our brain / mental faculties?
we are multi dimensional beings too.. spiritual beings having a human experience.. not humans trying to attain a spiritual experience.. as some religion may have us believe. Well thats what I read and I tend to accept it.. cant say I know for definate and I wont argue it. Just feels right after I add up all my experiences and those of others plus world history etc..

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 04:52 PM
reply to post by TyrantFlameViper

Well I put stock into the idea that a certain amount of cloaking and/or shielding can come into aid against these little beasties. My skil is great enough to operate on mere thought. I have no big long process. Learn shielding- though that's only half the battle. A warning: Sometimes the things want to fight! Fear is what all demons seek, and what the wise won't give to them.

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