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From the Inside: It's your own fault that you're getting chipped!

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posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 05:26 PM

Originally posted by benign.psychosis

You are exactly the type of person who should be chipped! You are a good example of the the type of people who act on emotion and can not control themselves to the point of holding back, even on a message board...

Just like the Allies caused the holocaust!
Acting on emotion is what it is to be a human being. I think Spawwns reaction is normal frustration due to your threads and how you seem to get away with your subtle hate speach.

It is people such as yourself who should be watched because of your emotional, violent outbursts towards other members of society that you find... "not agreeable."

Sort of proves my point from above. Who are you to decide who needs to be chipped? What violence? Emotions are now automatically violent in your mind?

You display nothing more than hatred, resent, and prejudice toward other humans beings simply *because you do not agree with them* and as such, can not even control your reaction.

Are you holding up a mirror again? What world do you live in where people aren't supposed to get angry and upset when they do not agree with someone or what they have to say? Your answer is put a chip in them and monitor their behavior? Are you God?

This is were the problem starts, and you are part of it.

If there is a problem, it is on your end. I'm going to have to side with Spawwwn on this on, even though he may have went about it the wrong way.

I personally find the threads you start filled with, as stated, subtile hate speach and intentionally inciteful towards the other members. Why it is tolerated, I do not know and isn't really my concern. But who are you to judge? It is a slippery slope that you are on. First it starts with those who do not agree with you or those who are to passionate about their views. Then what? Those who look at you funny and then those who you feel aren't smart enough or pretty enough? Chip away my friend, chip away...

[edit on 1/15/2008 by bobafett1972]

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 05:57 PM
This will be precisely the excuse the one world dictator, "anti-Christ," will use to chip people. "Well, I want to protect you. I want your children to finally be safe." There is indeed a method to the madness.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by bobafett1972

Greetings bobafett1972!

It has little to do with emotion itself, but the actions and attitudes that come about from those emotions, when uncontrolled. The poster may get himself banned because of his frustration and lack of self-control - all over me implying that passengers/personel on a plane who do not stand up and overtake a hijacker are cowards.

I can see that your bias prevented you from seeing the intended violence in Spawwwn's post. I suggest you read it again.

Reactions from "normal frustration," often result in violence - murder itself is often performed out of premeditated and unmeditated frustration.

As for hate speech, I have never been involved with any hate speech as much as everyone else has been involved with hate speech for the anti-christ, the NWO, Bush, or otherwise - and more importantly other people of differing opinions.

Have a wonderful day!

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 11:03 PM
There's 2 problems here. 1 is obviously the comment from psychosis.

Obviously you know how i feel and while yeah i'm not gonna lie i know what i did was innapropriate..i can't apologize for it. This is not a hard thing to see nor a complicated issue to me. I see very clearly someone taking a shot at a group that doesn't deserve it, and can't defend themselves.

Furthermore i see someone trying to play on peoples emotions using a sick "shock" tactic. HAve some class man come on, cowards? Are you serious? All to do what? Advance some theory about microchips, or plug 9-11 suffering for some attention?

The only way to combat the type of drastic stance that someone like you makes on to challenge it with an even more drastic response.

I "deserve to be chipped" lol my point exactly. People who spend all day spouting this type of forceful rehetoric to the masses..need to be stopped. Not only stopped, but stood up against. Weather it be an internet forum or face to face, this is the type of # that's destroying our country.

And you wont respect a peaceful man of good will. Extreamists only understand extreame actions. People who have reserved themselves to this sort of close minded behavior can't be reasoned with a lot of the time.

Someone needed to say something to you for that obnoxious comment and i've spoke my peace so i'm good. Think what you may like about me, but what i said needed to be said and i feel better for saying it.

Belive what you will, but i can't let you desparage peoples dead moms, and sons, and friends in that manner. If ATS won't stand up to that, then i will..that's why i feel it was neccecary for me to say the things i said to you.

The 2nd problem, and bigger one, is the ATS policy that's not doing anything about him. Weather or not you agree with how i acted or how they reacted..The point is that they are selectively choosing what groups they want to protect. It probably gives a good insight to what they support, and who their bias leans toward.

Consider these:

"All jews are cowards, they didn't stand up to hitler"

"All blacks are cowards, they should have fought slavery sooner"

"John Lear is a coward, he belives in holograms"

"9/11 truthers are cowards, they are all sheep who belive crazy fantasy"

"pot is awesome, i'm so stoned right now"

"hologram belivers are sooooo stupid"

"why do all you idiots belive dylan avery?"

"what kind of coward belives 9-11 mysteries"

"bhutto was coward"

"your mother is a coward, she didn't fight back when she was being raped"

See how offensive that speech is? Now consider "people on the planes were cowards, including 8th grade children who would have been to small to stop the attack".

That's what ATS is letting psychosis get away with.

To me that's unnaceptable. Actually that should be unnaceptable to anyone with half a brain. Wonder why the supposed "mainstream" people call you crazy? It's exactly because of logic like that.

You can have policies, rules, or whatever..but don't be hypocrites. I'm sure many people could make the case that less offensive things (speaking in terms of what's offensive to the majority of people) have gone severly punished here.

Everthing i said is a paraphraze, or a direct quote of something i've seen someone get in trouble for. Yet how...on a board that claims to want "decor" and all types of "proper" behavior from it's does a board like that let a guy get away with calling 9-11 victims cowards.

Thats equally as offensive as the quotes i came up with. Matter fact, in all fairness i think what psychosis said could be considered "hate speach" more than those quotes i created, because it offends more people.

What about 9-11 widows? You claim to want whats best for them and care about investigations and all this..but you allow one of your own members to call their dead husbands cowards? There's a serious problem with the logic behind that.

Open discussion is great, but please don't let someone dishonor the name of someones dead loved one like that. IF you are so above and respectful and all this, then be fair to both sides and have someone do something about that spesific comment.

LEave whatever else you like i could care less what the rest of this thread was about..but seriously, follow the policies that you claim to go by, and do something about those few lines.

How can you expect us to take you seriously if you dont? how can we show you respect and give you credit, when you let something as vulgar, tastesss, insensitive, and idiotic as that comment slide?

You expect all this respect and tolerance for all these wild opinions, but wanna crack down on the slightest thing you find offensive. Trivial things. Things that most other people wouldn't even care about. Sentances not quite phrased the right way, minor pot references, quotes that are "to long".

Yet when something TRULEY OFFENSIVE gets gets defended. No we can't call someone an idiot cause they belive in holograms, but it's ok to call the murdered children "cowards". THat's unforgiveable. I won't support people, or orgainizations that belive that's ok.

I won't support people who protect people that say such outlandish things. it's gotta work both ways and there's no way i'm about to let anyone, mods, members...anyone..sit up here and say it's not ok to call jon lear and idiot (coward if you wish to use psychosis exact word), but say it IS ok to call murdered children, women, and men..cowards.

How long will you all stand for this honestly? I have no intentions of changing anyones minds but seriously, wake up. Can't you see that lies are lies? You would follow someone so phony and misguided..that they would call undeserving victims cowards..yet label anyone who won't blindly belive your hologram story on good faith, a sheep? Yes, i am sorry that i don't buy into this religion.

This sounds suspiciously like the tactics you despise so much..and that is rallying peoples emotions and strikeing fear into the consumer.

This has nothing with me disagreeing with someone, this is about blatent side-playing, and hypocrisy. Anybody that calls a murder victim a coward, is an even bigger coward than the person they desparage..and anybody who supports those types of cowards, are the biggest cowards of all.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 12:56 AM

Originally posted by Spawwwn

That's what ATS is letting psychosis get away with.

It looks like you are suggesting that using the word "coward" is offensive, and it some respects, a hate crime. Coward is merely a descriptive term.

Thats equally as offensive as the quotes i came up with. Matter fact, in all fairness i think what psychosis said could be considered "hate speach" more than those quotes i created, because it offends more people.

You are letting your emotions get the best of you. Logically, a plane full of hundreds of people should not be overtaken by a few men with razor blades. Case in point:

The planes were allowed to be hijacked "by the people" from the very action that they were not dis-allowed to be hijacked.

This same situation is allegorical to the administration hijacking the government from "the people" because of the inaction of the people.

They both happen because of cowardice and inaction. We are happy calling American citizens sheeple, but what of the American citizens who were passengers on those planes? Were they sheeple too?

Did they lose that title after they died? Did they become victims? Victims of what?

I say victims of their own inaction.

What about 9-11 widows? You claim to want whats best for them and care
about investigations and all this..but you allow one of your own members to call their dead husbands cowards? There's a serious problem with the logic behind that.

Many people don't even believe there were people who died. Some think the planes were holograms, some think they were empty and controlled remotely. The moderators have to take this into account. Some people here may find it very silly that you are getting worked up over passengers and widows that don't even exist!

"your mother is a coward, she didn't fight back when she was being raped"

1. somebody lacking courage: somebody regarded as fearful and uncourageous

1. cour·age [kúr ij]
the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action.

If a woman gets raped and doesn't fight back she is a coward, unless of course, her chosen course of action was to lay there and be raped - then she just be sexually and situationally indiscriminate (i.e whore).

Now, if you find definitions of words insulting or offensive, then I suggest you become blind, deaf, and mute.

Thanks for the post, and have a wonderfully offensive day!

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 02:58 AM

Originally posted by lifestudent
I can't defend what the mods did to your post, and I agree with you that they should consider his statement a personal attack against people who can't respond.

As long as the poster complies with the Terms and Conditions of the site to expect us to issue a warn simply because the opinion is unpopular is a bit much IMHO.


Please stay on topic and refrain from personal attacks. It ads nothing to deabte at hand and if you have to resort to personal attacks then perhaps you may need to rethink your position.

Remember hate the game, not the player

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 01:39 PM

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 01:46 PM

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