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Australian Secrets/Conspiracies

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by mattguy404

Easy going. nah not when push comes to shove...........
however the Port Aurthur SCAM certainly disarmed the law abiding.

I think Aussies are like a blue cattle dog.... they let you into the yard, but try and get out in one piece

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:41 AM
reply to post by mungodave

Yeah that's exactly right, when it would come down to it, a movement would probably form.

But judging when the APEC summit was on for instance, all the major media commentators were always downgrading the protestors as 'scum' -as though it was a bad idea to question all authority.

The same sentiment was around my own journalism classes at uni, no one really talked about protest action in a good light.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:55 AM
Just saying hello from Newcastle NSW, We have some great passages up here around the old Bombing forts and some very interesting tunnels that lead from the Local Masonic Lodge / Gentlemens club under the local church on the hill.... and its very hard to find any information on the 2 places....

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 03:45 AM
I was advised in an off hand conversation with a friend that the Aussies have developed a true stealth fighter that leaves no signature, can become "invisible" to the human eye, uses a new liquid based processor unlike anything currently available. It is self aware. Learned to take off by itself, was trained by a top fighter pilot and is equipped with a range of weaponry similar to the metal storm miltary systems.

Supposedly it's being trailed in Afghanistan currently. Could be total bunk but at least by putting this out someone out there might fess up or supply more info.

The person supplying this information was joking about the fact the United States are not up to speed on this technology , that most Americans would not belive that another country might have developed something beyond their current technology.

Personally I have posted this just to see if anyone out there in Australia can verify this or back it up. I'm not making these claims but I found them interesting and if Australia is testing a craft like this in Afghanistan It would be cool to know more.

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 04:18 AM
reply to post by Grimholt

Grimholt, thanks for the post.

Im not sure if this is the Stealth Fighter that you mentioned, but there is a "Top Secret Aircraft Project" called "Lockheed Martin F-35 JSF"

Australia joined the JSF project in 2002 as one of eight foreign partners. So far it has invested $300 million in the development phase, and wont be scheduled to fly untill 2012-2014.

Im not sure if the F-35 can be totally invisible to the human eye, but it does have advanced radar and weapon systems. I think i also read some where that people working on the JSF project were thinking about making it a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), but i really dont know.
I suppose anything's possible.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 04:22 AM
Isn't the Joint Strike Fighter just a watered down single-engine version of the F22 Raptor to keep us happy because the US won't sell it to anyone?

As far as I know, we're buying more jets until the jets we were promised, the F35, can actually fly

I realllyyyyy want the Raptor

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 04:30 AM
Thats an interesting project but if it can be googled just how top secret is it? Still it's probably the one this guy was talking about.

The description of the F-35 JSF's abilities in this article seem close to that description.


Might be the same fighter, I have no idea, I don't have anything further on it other then what I posted previously.

Thanks for the info.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 04:34 AM
G'day all,

Just jumping in here to allow myself to subscribe to the thread and follow updates. A couple of months ago, more like mid last year, I petitioned the board to have an Australian Members Conspiracy Discussion page here on ATS as I was getting good feedback from fellow Aussie members on many of my posts via U2U's, they said they had put it up with directors, execs, or whoever runs the show here yet they never got back to me.....unfortunate I think, but bonus points to you OP for starting this up here, makes me wonder why I myself fifnt do it alot earlier, funny how sometimes its the simplest ideas that work best and you never see it.....

anyway, Im not going to go into too great a detail regarding Australia conspiracies, I have started threads in the past with good amounts of details regarding these and to be honest, it'd be too much work to go back over them all and post them up here, so if any of you are interested in Australian Conspiracies that I have taken on in the past, may I ask you to search the threads starting by myself and take it from there, trust me, I wont disappoint.

Ive covered a couple times the Port Arthur incident and Gun Control measures,

How Australia is being set up as a NWO headquarters and the "oversized" parliament house was built with this in mind.

HAARP type technologies being introduced into Australia under the guise of "rain making" technology untested and untried here, funded by Malcom Turnbull and Murdoch, and bypassed by all the usual protocols that require CSIRO endorsement and the like.

Have gone into details of undeground bunkers from WW2 underneath Melbourne and how they are yet to be discovered and the potential threat they pose.

and on and on an on, I cant even remember how many aussie related topics Ive covered.

anyway, keep it up guys, keep the thread alive if anything, as an aussie meetup on ATS if nothing else.

Aussie aussie aussie, Oi Oi Oi

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 04:35 AM
I don't think so, a plastic bag caught in an updraft would currently fly better than an F35. It really is a black hole of money that the previous government got us into, I think there's even talk that the newly elected one might scrap it... But we're too committed now, so hmm.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 05:00 AM

Ive gone to the trouble to search and list the Australian Related Conspiracy Threads Ive started in times gone by for anyone interested in digging them up for a read.

Australia to Build HAARP Facility

Murdoch Media to Launch Coup to take down Australian Prime-minister
(this was about John Howard prior to the last election)

Australia signs up to New World Order in exchange for paying off it's debt

Australia attacked with weather weapons

Australia - Prostitute of the World

And some threads not started by me but Aussie related that Ive contributed to-

Underground tunnels and military facilities within Australia

Did the USA purchase Australia?

Australia to imprison all muslims in concentration camps

Port Arthur - not all it seems

Australian Bridge could be next - engineer warns

Im pretty sure there was more but cant find them at the moment.

Just thought Id do me bit to spice up this thread and allow others, who may be new to the site, some sources of Australian Conspiracies.

Hope this has helped.

anyway, Hows about the fuel prices? we only import like 20% foreign crude yet hold onto the price of oil thats in Singapore, WTF? why is that? if thats the case then shouldnt only that 20% of oil from there be subject to the international price and the rest of our locally produced oil be at a lower "For Australian Consumers" price?

That is a major conspiracy in itself....and the problem is everyones has a hand in that oil pocket!

enough from me, I'll let others have a turn......

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 05:11 AM
reply to post by

Melbourne_Militia, thankyou for the post - Greatly appreciated. Its a shame that the owners didn't create a "Board" for Australian's. I think it would make a great addition to ATS.

Maybe we (Aussies) can create another "petition" and see if we can be successful this time round.

As for the fuel prices - its a killer. I think i better get the bike out of the shed and dust the webs off it

Also i hope you dont mind, but i added you as a freind

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posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 04:05 AM
As other ATS Members have mentioned in earlier posts, a "Australian" forum would be a great addition to ATS. I am just wondering if the other Aussie ATS members think this is a good idea?..

I think if we have enough Aussie Members who think this is a good idea, we might have a chance to create a new forum. I am aware that another Aussie member has tried to make contact with the owners of the website, to talk to them about creating a new forum, but im aware that they never got back to this ATS member.

Personally, i think a new "Australian Conspiracies" Forum would be a great place for Australian's to meet and greet each other. Maybe the "ATS Owners" can give this new forum a "try" before just ignoring it totally.


posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 03:00 AM

Am i the only one that thinks that the Australian Forum would be a great
idea? Maybe im wrong...

Maybe there's not enough Australian's on ATS..?

Well i tried didn't i? Oh well, lets move on shall we?

Australia's $500 Million Top Secret Weapons In The "War On Terror"

The Australian Government claimed to have “underestimated” defense spending in 2002 by nearly five hundred million dollars. This is a huge sum for a country like Australia, which has a miniscule defense budget suited to its tiny population of less than twenty million people.

Government ministers faced media cameras with poker faces, hinting strongly that as a result of the excessive spending, defense cuts would have to be made at the “sharp end”. What this means, for example, is that the fabled Special Air Service (SAS) might have to make do with inferior equipment while on operational duty in Afghanistan, or even in Iraq while hunting President Saddam Hussein, if ordered to do so by American President George W. Bush.
The $500 million wasn’t really “missing” at all. Australian Ministers lie on television every day and 16 December was no different from any other. The politicians had known for more than a year that five hundred million dollars was to be spent on special equipment regarded as “Top Secret”, but all were desperate to ensure that ordinary Australians would be unable to identify the equipment itself, or indeed its purpose.

No matter how vital to national security the new special equipment might be, politicians knew there would be a public outcry when the SAS and other regiments later had their budgets deliberately slashed. Downgrading SAS and other army equipment to the point where individual survival on active service might become difficult or impossible, would produce an unwelcome Australian public backlash of unpredictable magnitude.

The $500 million was actually spent over a period of several months in 2002, during which six new highly specialized aircraft were delivered to a Royal Australian Air Force [RAAF] base located near Canberra, home of Australia's Federal Parliament. Later in this report we will tear away the veil of government secrecy completely, and examine this new “Top Secret” equipment in minute detail, because surface appearances can be very deceptive. Full Story in the below link -

Australian Top Secret Weapons

Thats interesting, what do u guys think?

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 03:48 AM
An Australian forum would be a great idea....... What do we have to do in order to make it possible ??? I'll sign a petition if we can get one going.

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 04:04 AM
reply to post by Disclosure Agent

Wo0! We have a reply!.. Thanks for the support. I agree, i think the first step we have to do, is to get enough people to sign a "petition". Once we have enough people we can go from there..

Anyway like always, slap your thoughts out here, see what happens....

If anyone would like to support us Aussies on creating another forum, please U2U me or just reply..

Thanks again

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 04:04 AM
Nice OP and some great posts throughout the thread by yourself and other, JD

I would absolutely love to have an Australian Conspiracies forum here on ATS, we've barely scratched the surface with many of the conspiracies mentioned on this post and others, tho many have done a fine job with the research they have provided...

If we we're to get this forum up and running, as long as the people involved kept up a sustained effort to research said conspiracies, I reckon we could come up with some awesome stuff

Nice work again

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 04:12 AM
Thanks for the post Rilence. Its good to know that other people think that a new Australian Conspiracies forum is a good idea.

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posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 07:24 AM
Ok.... I’ve got a theory.....the underground bases/cities are all connected throughout the world.....using underground tunnels which may travel underneath the ocean floor, from country to country......just an proof to back it up....

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posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by andre18

Thanks for the post andre18.

Funny you shoud say that because i worked with a guy that was in the ADF, and he was talking about his time that he served in iraq.I was asking him all these questions about the ADF,how they do this, how they do that, he started to get edgy on answering some of the questions that i was firing at him.

Anyway, i asked him how they get deployed and he said he couldn't tell me.?

Know for the wierd bit - he said that they DONT get deployed via Plane or Boat.....

How else do you get to iraq from Australia...?

Like andre18 said - Underwater tunnels connecting countries... Is it possible, Yes or No?

Hit me back

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 09:19 AM
Secret CBD site to be dug up, nuclear waste dumped in west
By Simon Benson, State Political Editor
January 29, 2008 12:00am

THE State Government is planning to excavate a secret radioactive dump on premium harbourfront real estate and truck the dangerous material to the Western Suburbs.

More than 30 years after discovering it was emitting significant levels of radiation, NSW Health is attempting to dump its nuclear problem on the people of western Sydney so it can sell a multi-million dollar block of land.

Decaying away on the modest residential block at Nelson Pde, Hunters Hill, 5km west of the CBD, is an estimated 1000 tonnes of radioactive waste buried under a few centimetres of soil.

According to the Department of Environment's records, the land contains tailings of uranium 238, thorium 230, lead 210 and radium 226.

Both the Department of Environment and NSW Health maintained the site was completely safe.

But a company contracted by The Daily Telegraph just last week detected radioactive gamma rays of up to 10 times higher than acceptable exposure levels at the site - which residents are now only learning was once home to Australia's first uranium processing plant.

"We were told it was a watch factory," said Kathie Frankland, who built a house five years ago two doors from the site.

To add to the problem, perilous levels of arsenic, lead and cancer-causing hydrocarbons have been detected on adjoining foreshore land which the Department of Environment only recently classified as posing a "significant risk of harm".

"This site is effectively a nuclear waste dump," said Liberal MP Michael Richardson, who obtained documents under Freedom of Information revealing authorities have known about it for decades.

NSW Health, which took over the site in the 1980s when it was transferred to its radiation branch, now plans to clean it up and sell it for housing.

And it proposes to dig up the fill and truck it through Sydney streets to a western Sydney tip.

Local MP Anthony Roberts claimed that the company contracted to remove it, GHD, said it was going to be taken to an industrial tip near Castlereagh.

He was told by the company: "Don't worry, it's going way out west."

Government documents dating back to 1978 reveal a 30-year history of inaction and cover-up by successive governments of the waste dump containing 1000 tonnes of radioactive tailings stockpiled on the site since 1915 by the then Radium Hill Company.

A NSW Health Commission warning of October 28, 1978 to a neighbouring resident revealed that testing uncovered radioactive readings twice the acceptable level on their property as well.

"I have to inform you that the NSW Government today resolved to arrange for decontamination of your property . . . of radioactive material as soon as an agreement can be reached with the Commonwealth Government on a suitable disposal site," wrote the commission's chairman Roderick McEwin on 17 January, 1978 to a Nelson Pde resident. The land was never decontaminated.

CETC, a company contracted to The Daily Telegraph, last week tested five locations at the site. The highest reading was 10 microsieverts per hour of radiation. Risk assessments were triggered when 0.5 microsieverts per hour were detected.

Consulting scientist with CETEC Adam Garnys recommended in a report that a risk assessment be conducted.

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