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How c is not a limit

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posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:29 AM
Postulate on GUTS
By Paul Mays


This writing is not for the facts of the matter but for the thought experiment of considering the Facts we do know, The Theories we agree on and the general knowledge of the observed universe.

I start this with a few point that I as the writer take for factual that a few will consider purely theoretical. Mainly this means that I start from the bias of the Universe started from a Big Bang scenario. In that a source of energy produced all the matter in the universe at a specific time in the past , which I call Time 0 .

I know some think God puffed it all into existence, and some argue the BB never happened, Some think its turtles all the way... But in my humble opinion the theories and maths that have been produced give the best vote for an explosive event that is still propelling all the matter in the universe out. The data seems to say that at some point in history all the matter was at a single place and time.

This is my Bias. I start from the premise that there was a BB. If you start from any other position then this whole postulate is of no concern as its not valid unless there was a BB.


Lets start from the beginning and that is what was the BB.. Einstein's pretty much nailed it when he explained that matter can be converted into energy and energy could be converted into matter... So what was the Energy of the BB before any of it was converted into matter. Well a writer Alun Williams dubbed it a chaos Point (CP) in that energy without matter would be infinitely chaotic and undefinable.

I have always refereed to it as a Quantum Point and would follow at least one rule and that was Probability . Other than that the energy of the BB before time 0 is non definable as there is no matter hence no laws of physics can apply.

We have as a Quantum Point (QP) an amount of Unified Energy of a unquantifiable amount and indefinable nature.

My postulate states that according to Probability that QP had the probability of converting from none to all of its energy into matter or not. That conversion could have been from one particle of matter to a billion billion universes of matter. My contention is that all of the Energy of the QP need not be converted, only a small portion was converted at time 0 into the matter we perceive as the universe around us.

The remaining energy exists all around us and is still undefinable. While we can finely define matter in relation to other matter the energy between matter is still undefinable. We give it constant values as we can measure it and model it between any two massive objects so we seek the Grand Unified Theory to explain the observed which
we have yet to define. Gravity is well modeled and we can calculate to the Nth degree what its effect is on massive bodies we still can't define the cause of effect over distance of gravitational

Lets try to get past the inherent Bias of the observer to better understand the concepts to follow. The Bias is Intrinsic in that after time 0 the matter throughout the universe is connected by the remainder of the energy of the QP when it converted some of its undefinable energy into definable matter. So the Bias stems from every item used to measure or observe the universe is connected to that being observed and the data gathered is Biased to the observer. This Bias causes us to observe what seems to be a particle
with a material nature but actually be only energy signatures of waves measured at a specific time with tools that are connected to that which they observe.

Lets consider converting a known amount of matter into energy completely in that there is 1X1X1 cube of matter and we magically find a way to convert
all of that matter into energy you would have a QP (Quantum Point, Chaos Point, Singularity) that occupied no space an since it contains no matter
it cannot be defined physically. It would have infinite energy density even though it was converted from a finite amount --

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:30 AM
of matter.

In our thought experiment we have a Quantum of Energy and we convert 2 Smallest Physical Particle (SPP) out of it. The remainder of the energy
exists as a field between those two particles. There is a massive energy release at the conversion of matter from energy. My contention is that converted from that Energy is a form of matter that I call a SSP or Smallest Physical Partical an that the energy release causes these SSP's to ring and produce a EM wave. It also causes the particles to move away from the point
of origin. Note that the particles could be matter or antimatter in any ratios as per probibility that would rules the QP before time 0.

With 2 SSP's produced as they move away from each other the Universe exists between those two SSP's. That Field has a value and we can define it once we have 2 physical particles moving in relation to each other.

Now Lets add 1 additional particle.. only this particle is Anti-Matter. Its still connected to the other 2 particles via the Quantum State (QS) But if it runs into one of those other particles they vanish into a flash of energy and the single particle would collapse the universe into it. If there was several +SSP's and 1 -SSP's you would have a large energy release as the 2 particles annihilate each other which would propel the remaining +SSP's away from each other at a higher rate.

This follows the standard theory of a short inflation period followed by the expansion period of the Big Bang Theory. At Time 0 the QP converted some of its undefinable energy into Matter in the form of +SSP's and -SSP's and that shortly after conversion +SSP's and -SSP's annihilated each other causing the remaining +SSP's to expand at a higher rate.

Now we have lots of SSP'S in a group. They are connected to each other via the Quantum State which is the same undefined unified energy that was the Quantum Point (QP) the EM waves interact between each SSP. The EM Waves heterodyne and interact causing a type of natural selection in that some SSPs are producing EM Waves that combine with some other SSP's and cause them to stabilize into bound groups and others have EM wave forms that cause them to separate further from some SSP's so over time you have groups of SSP's that as a group produce a EM Wave that is a unified as
a heterodyne wave form. then these groups can become harmonically connected to other groups and so on.

This QS (Quantum State) between particles has a variable that has been dubbed the Universal Constant or the Gravitational Constant. I Know ..Constant Variable? These are the values we call constants as we can measure and model matter and these values remain constant. I contend that they are variable in that due to scale and the intrinsic bias of being within the Quantum State we will always measure and validate them as constants as we vary at the same rate.

In my view the Gravitational Constant of the Universe varies with the expansion of the universe but is locally modified by groupings of SSP's. This also applies to the value of c (The Speed Of Light). I contend that c is a variable but varies on a scale as to be measured as a constant. Again locally varied by local groupings of SSP's. The Quantum State acts as an Inverse Tensor Field between all SSP's on a universal scale. It has a Strong attraction which we measure as gravitational or magnetic or nuclear force effects aspects of separation distance of SSP's. These forces are but effects of heterodyne waves of groupings of SSP's and the value of the QS varies with the distribution of SSP's both universally and locally. We have modeled Photons taking centuries to escape from the lower sun to the surface and theorize that photons are absorbed by matter and re emitted causing the long trip . But in my postulate the value of c in reduced locally between closely grouped SSP's versus widely separated SSP's. So in the dense sun the wave form we consider a photon travels at a slower speed locally and faster once it exits

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:31 AM
the mass of the sun.

Paul Mays

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:34 AM
Let me try ( I have a really hard time getting the concept in the head to be understandable on the page) to explain why our seeming direct observation of the universe is skewed be the intrinsic bias of us , and every tool we use,
being made of the matter that was converted out of the QP of the BB.

First I start from the position that there WAS a BB , this is a position solely based on my agreement with COBE and other observation platforms that seem to show expansion from a starting point and relative uniform back ground microwave radiation. Many I have tried to explain my postulate too first jump in and state that there was no BB so from that point the explanation will always fail.

Consider what was the "Stuff" of the BB.. I have dubbed is a Quantum Point ... This seems to be the best term of description I can conger and here’s why.

I conceive it as a Quantum of energy of an indefinable content. indefinable because before time 0 it is void of any matter and as such it cannot be defined by any physical rules as all physical rules only apply to matter in relation to other matter. Eisenstein generally proved that matter Can be converted into energy and energy back into matter so this Quantum point can be converted into matter.

We are here speaking of it so it by logic must have done so.

So the QP must follow some rule and the only one that can apply would be Probability. I see it as having the probability to convert none, very little, some or all of that energy into matter.

Take the mental exercise of a 1oz cube of matter. it has a finite mass, a finite 3 dim structure and exist in a finite point in space/time. If I were able to completely convert that matter into energy without any other matter in relation to it, it would have to be considered as an infinite amount of energy. Because there is no physical rules that can be applied it will always model as infinite and chaotic.

So while we try to define the QP of the BB we always fail and all rules of physics fail. That failure causes us to conceptualize infinity.

Now lets say the QP actually had a finite amount of Unified Indefinable Energy. It converts a portion of that energy into matter. The concept
I see is that it only converted a portion into matter and anti-matter . That begs the question of what the remaining Unified Indefinable
Energy is and how it permeates the universe.

Now if I follow that admittly nebulous abstract concept I must recognize that I, You, and every particle in the universe exist within that remaining energy. That leads me to envision that the remaining Unified Indefinable Energy of the QP still exist and is only spread out as the matter is propelled by the early conversions of the converted matter as it is converted into
various forms of Physical Energies such as kinetic, L/H nuke ect. as matter and anti-matter run into each other early on.

I could explain that better if needed but its just a prolog to what we are speaking.

Now, We have real little physical balls of stuff after this inflation period and I think they are connected via the remaining Unified Indefinable
Energy left over from the BB. Since these SPP's (Smallest Physical Particles) were converted and blasted by the BB they are set to ringing and this ringing produces a EM wave which propagates between every other SPP. You cannot ever know what that wave form is actually because every SPP produces a EM wave and if I were a SPP trying to observe another SPP all I observe is the Heterodyne wave of my own wave form and all other SPP's.

So that is where I get the concept of Intrinsic Bias. When we dig up ore to smelt the metals to build the devices we use to observe we, without knowing it, are picking materials that have Intrinsic Bias. We are connected to the device which is connected to the subject of our observation.

So how does this fit with the standard model ? It actually seems to fit pretty well. And in my mind actually simplifies the universe. It also allows a Unified view th

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:34 AM
Unified view that cannot be obtained by physical laws.

At the same time it allows existing physical rules to remain intact for the most part. But it explains a few points that fly in the face of existing laws. Because we live within the Box so to speak we cannot model or observe the box itself. That’s the intrinsic bias.

If I look at a Quark and Gluon I actually cannot observe them as the waves of all SPP's locally heterodyne, including the EM waves produced by the devices used to observe and the observer. This bias causes me to model discreet objects where they may be only waves observed at a fixed point in space/time. Even if the SPP's were large
as compared to say what we observe as sub-atomic physical particles we would only observe the waves , which may seem to have physical properties, due to the intrinsic bias of us being formed of SPP's and producing EM waves.

This ,to me, seems to fit the observed universe and even makes a prediction. I wrote back in 1989 that if I were correct the Universe would expand in an ever increasing rate of expansion. I stand by that prediction. It also predicts that the velocity of c and the value of G are variables, But because of our intrinsic bias position within
the QP ( I dub it the Quantum State (QS) once matter was converted) we can only observe G and c as constants. We will never be able to detect a gravitational wave as the wave varies because we vary, any device we try to use varies and in order to observe the wave we would have to observe it from outside the box. Take a ruler and measure a cube, if the cube got bigger at the same rate the ruler got bigger we could never know that the cube got bigger unless we had something external that
we knew stayed the same size.

Look at this concept on a 1 dim construct.

X'x = SPP'1, SPP'2,SPP'3 ect.
------ = QS (QP) (Quantum State with matter,
Quantum Point without matter)
< or > = direction of motion
+ or - = value of QS
^'x = point of observation

< + < - > + < - >
^'1 ^'2 ^'3 ^'4 ^'5 ^'6 ^'7 ^'8

If I consider only X'1 and X'8 as they expand the QS reduces in steady state value ( the analogy I use is an inverse rubber band where as you stretch the band its tension decreases and increases as the SPP's move closer together while always
staying connected no matter the separation distance.)

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:35 AM
If I try to observe this variance at say ^'6 I cannot detect this variance, as I (X'4) exist within that which is varying. That’s the intrinsic bias of which I speak

If X'3 try’s to observe X'2 and X'4 it again is biased and can never detect the variance.

Now set all X'x's to ringing and producing EM waves propagated along -------- the discreet waves can never be observed as any observation will be of the heterodyned waves of all SPP's. Only if a observer was outside could you observe a discreet wave. Now Lets send a wave pulse from X'1 to X'5. The tension of the total QS sets the value of travel on a global scale but as that wave
passes ^'4 its now within a local point where the value of QS is reduced and the velocity of the wave slows. But due to the position of say X'2 it would never detect the variance. Locally it would seem a constant value.

The variance of the QS between SPP's would be undetectable as a direct value but would have a local effect that would be detectable and would seem to be a observable force . This is the causation aspect of local gravity wells and the mental construct of curved space/time.

This also says that the value of c varies as SPP's become dense due to this variance of universal G and local g . But the variance would be only
observable to an observer inside the QS as a constant at any fixed point.

So following this logic I state that all discreet particles that display the aspect of duality's are only waves and appear as little balls of stuff
due to the intrinsic position of the observer and that of the wave being observed.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:35 AM
Because of this bias we have to make complicated constructs to make sense of what we observe. We make multi dimensions, strings and a host of models to reflect what we think is going on.

Using this idea I conclude there are only 3 spacial dim's and 1 ethereal. The reason for the value of c to seem to be effected by local mediums is not due to absorbsion and re-emission, but due to the local value of the QS being far greater in a local frame. This would (I think) give the same
mathematical model as absorbsion and re-emission if we modeled the variance between the SPP's at the same rate as we model the absorbsion and re-emission construct.

Now I admit to being a novice but to me this simplifies the universe and eliminates the mental constructs of Duality, Infinity and constants
explains the causation of gravity and explains why we cannot using existing rules find causes for magnetism and gravity without assuming new and exotic little balls of stuff in our models.

Now I have asked for folks to poke holes into this idea for many years and yet to find a rational argument against it that cannot be addressed
but since it deals with the state between physicals without regard to them it will always be a unverifiable construct with the possibility
of one aspect being able to experimentally test. Static electrical charge across a high state dielectric may ( pure conjecture) alter the local value of the QS on a very local scale. This could cause the device to alter its relative mass in relation to all other matter in the universe. If a device can produce a high enough electrostatic stress field its relative mass may be variable.

Then again these are just the ramblings of an engineer and we all know how much credence are given engineers in the halls of science....

Paul R. Mays

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:36 AM
How Little Green Men Do It…

If anyone has read the Postulate on GUT’s blog and has stopped rolling on the floor in fits of laughter then I’ll explain how the little green men show up to check us out every now and then.

As per Einstein no massive object can attain the speed of light due to the relative mass of the object would increase to the point it would require infinite energy to accelerate the mass of the object.

So this would mean that no craft could visit earth because any life that could travel the distances required would have to have a 10,000 year life span. And even at half the speed of light a molecule of hydrogen would punch a hole clean through our little puddle jumper. Also inertia would make the occupants become a sticky mess on the wall starboard wall if you tried to make even a slow turn to port.

So lets inject the postulate that the universe is indeed a quantum state where all matter is connected by the indefinable energy that was the quantum point of big bang fame. Now we have a medium that has a inverse tensor state between all matter causing the gravitational well created by matter. The possibility then exists to modify the quantum state causing the device used for modification to become massless in relation to all other matter in quantum space.

This may be accomplished by creating a controllable electrostatic state. I think I hear snickering in the audience.. give me a chance it gets better…

I propose a device that placed an extremely high DC voltage across a very high dielectric constant insulator. The same material used for the insulator could also be used for the super conducting low mass wiring. A ceramic made from Beryllium and Yiridium May make a low temperature super conductor while being a high temperature insulator.

This device may produce an opposition to the local quantum state rendering the device massless relative to all other matter in the universe.

This would produce a craft that would display specific characteristics and operational abilities. Let’s take a look at what such a craft would be capable of, and the both atmospheric / open space flight characteristics.

The craft would be capable of faster than c velocities with very little energy usage as the only energy would be needed is that required to produce the static field. Since the craft is massless a slight change in polarity of the static field would cause the craft to move in the relative direction generated by the variance in the field, basically surfing on a self generated gravitational wave. Since the craft is massless it is not limited in velocity and c becomes just a sign post.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:36 AM
Since the object is massless it then would not interact with matter in the universe. It would not be detectable once static level rose to the point it was 100% massless in relation to all other matter, as light and any other wave in the quantum state could not exchange information between the craft and other matter. But if the static state is reduced the craft would be variable and have very low but still be able to interact with other matter in a controllable manner.

So we, as the traveler, could become massless as we head out into space and as we entered the atmosphere and gravitational well of a planet we become low mass so we can ride the magnetic waves of the planet for controllable flight without aerodynamic flight controls.

The flight between planets would be very safe as any particle, object or for that case a planet simple would not interact with the craft. The craft would basically not exist to external massive objects. So while the craft is running on all fours at say 50 times c it could go in a straight line through a million planets and never fell a thing.

From the stand point of bugs splatting on the windshield we would be good to go but about that turning hard to port and being a splat on the wall that’s not an issue either. The aspect that causes you to be pushed into your car seat is inertia and using my postulate the effect of matter in motion relative to other matter is due to the inverse elastic state of the quantum fabric of the universe. If you are inside a craft that is relative massless then inertia would only apply between you and the craft so a craft with such a drive would be able to go from 0 to c in 0 time and the driver would never know he left the gate. The craft could do a 180 at 5 times the speed of light and the pilot would not even spill his coffee on the dash board.

Now while I’m a the kind of guy that requires extraordinary proof when presented with an extraordinary claim this little craft I envision fits every aspect of the many UFO sightings over mans history, the seeming imposable speeds, vast distance of travel, turns and stops from imposable speeds that would tear our pilots apart in the seat, the vanishing in mid flight as they became massless to the observer, the erratic atmospheric flights as the low mass craft adjusts its static field to compensate for the magnetic and gravitational fields of our little ball of rock.

So there you go an overview of how the little green men get here to gaze at you on moonless nights and study their Colony …. But that’s another blog…

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 08:42 AM
I think you just fried my brain.

For anyone to know what your talking about they need to have extensive math knowledge which I lack along with most people here I'd assume.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 09:17 AM
Actually alot of people are mistaken the BB theory is actually a creationalists theory. Did anyone watch the program Atom? Very interesting.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 09:31 AM

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 11:17 AM
Great work Quantummist

I've long suspected that what we know of the universe is limited to what we can perceive with that pesky limitation of C. All the missing bits are possibly moving much faster and beyond our biological capability to sense its presence.

I noted that around 5 years ago some highly promising research involving high temperature superconductors (bose-einstein condensate) seemed to slip 'under the radar' too.

Could there be a connection there?

[edit on 16/8/2007 by Pilgrum]

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 02:01 PM
Can'tt thinkk an y more...heeead steea m ing brain hurt. Love to be ab le to unnnnderst and but neeed beeeeer innnn staed to calm frazzz leed miiiind.

pleease poo int me to the exxit...

(Seriously; from what I grasped, you've certainly attempted to explain a lot of the UFO phenomena. How relevant it continues to be, bearing in mind the possibilty that ET tech and manipulation of physics may well approach what we might describe as magical, perhaps we might, at some point, have to rethink everything we know and accept?)

[edit on 16-8-2007 by Beamish]

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 02:04 PM
Things like this make me wish I understood so much more about maths and physics.

I can dissect poems and that all day long, but can't understand about how the universe works. Damn, I think my priorities are so, so wrong.

It looks like some serious work though, and I gotta respect that...


posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by Kacen

Actually you can't use any Math as all mathematical models in physics and all laws of physics Only work when considering Matter in relative motion to other mater in relative motion. At the point you consider the Quantum State or the Quantum Point all physical laws fail. There are some rules that apply Probibility Being the primary operative one. If you consider just for the Hoot of it that Quantum points ( discreet packets of Matterless Energy) occupy no space it starts getting a bit weird but it still does not break any existing physical laws..
As a matter of fact it explains all the unknown of the Universe while stating that there are only 4 dimensions 3 spacial and 1 ethereal .. the very complex modles that are used in string theory and all the other math tricks are due to existing laws failing when dealing with scales in the micro and macro ranges of our universe... Paul

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 05:55 PM
reply to post by Beamish

There is never a manipulation of physics.. The universe works the way it works whether we or any species are around to model it or not.. all any life form can ever do is to learn how it works and obey the rules it provides.. Problem with most physicist is that they tend to think the models they create are the thingys they are modeling ..

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 05:58 PM
"The skeptic will say, 'It may well be true that this system of equations is reasonable from a logical standpoint, but this does not prove that it corresponds to nature.' You are right, dear skeptic. Experience alone can decide on truth. " - Albert Einstein

For clearification.. and just to be confrontive...

Mays's Axiom's

1) There are no infinities... are but illusion that occurs when mathematical
constructs fail due to scale...

2) There are no paradox's ... Are but a mental construct in the absence
of all known rules....

3) All observed constants in nature are variable... but on such scales as
to be undetectable as varying from the limited scale of observation of
the observer...

4) Man knows far less than he knows he knows....

5) Physical Laws apply whether or not man has symbolically defined

a) Mathematical symbolism is not the event its describes...

b) All physical aspects will occur in the universe whether we recognize it or model it... or even if we cease to exist...

6) Vines will not grow out your butt if you swallow water melon seeds...

Paul R. Mays

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 06:54 PM
reply to post by OnTheFence

Seen it but lets be clear on the science... The BB theory was given a great boost by the COBI telescope observations. That is that all matter is moving away from all other matter on a universal scale. the Only theory that fits with the observed Universe is the BB. The basic premise of the BB is that at a point in time Matter was converted from a discreet quantum of energy. At this time matter and antimatter would have been converted out of the quantum of energy. For the first short period call the inflation event the matter and antimatter annihilated each other and the matter was then converted back into energy .. this was mainly kinetic in nature and cause all that was left to expand. We today some 15 to 18 billion years later can now see that event causing us to expand. now there are local areas where a galaxy may be moving toward another due to local gravitational well but on a universal scale All matter is moving away from all other matter. So no.. some God did not snap his fingers and poof here we are.. There very well could be billions upon billions of universes popping into existence and then expanding endlessly but since these would pop in outside ours we would never know of their existence.. Our universe is a Box that we as components of the box can never observe the outside of the box...

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by Beamish

" Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic"

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