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How c is not a limit

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posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 07:35 PM
I dare say without criticism to anyone here that most of us, including myself, are not competent to judge what you are saying here. I'd really like to see what the physics community has to say about your paper. Since the theory ought to be independent of the 'target,' in this case an explanation for how UFOs could be here from light years away, you ought to be able to remove that aspect and have a strictly theoretical paper.

When Einstein, then a patent clerk, sent in his famous (and very short) paper on special relativity it was read by Niels Bohr, a Nobel Prize winning physicist in his own right, who is said to have read it once, whereupon he knew the world had changed forever. There is no reason why your insight could not be as compelling. I urge you to attempt to have this published. Let'ssee if it stands up to a little scrutiny.

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 07:54 PM
I have read this twice now..printing this so i can read it in my quiet time..

I myself are not a scientific person but neither a fool but your theory here makes me feel like a fool ,maybe you should try and get this out to people who will understand thee detail to as what you are saying here.

Reading this again and most def again i will as you have my attention (well that which i have avail to the given knowledge of my small brain).

You may well get a Nobel in science joke ,i am serious & i will have your original writing on paper ..

posted on Aug, 16 2007 @ 07:56 PM

Originally posted by Quantummist
This may be accomplished by creating a controllable electrostatic state. I think I hear snickering in the audience.. give me a chance it gets better…

I propose a device that placed an extremely high DC voltage across a very high dielectric constant insulator. The same material used for the insulator could also be used for the super conducting low mass wiring. A ceramic made from Beryllium and Yiridium May make a low temperature super conductor while being a high temperature insulator.

This device may produce an opposition to the local quantum state rendering the device massless relative to all other matter in the universe.

If I hypothetically accepted the rest of your 'postulate', can you please further explain the last two paragraphs of the above quote, as they seemingly define your theory on how alien ships might travel, and yet I fail to understand any relevance.

Exactly how can applying a voltage to an insulator produce an opposition to the local quantum state?

Also, can you define what an opposition to a local quantum state is cheers?

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 03:56 AM
I got lost half way through, but it looked clever, well done 5/5

Take Care, Vix

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 05:46 AM
reply to post by schuyler

Well I have written about this for a long time, I have asked some very knowledgeable folks to consider the concept and generally I get the same responses as I have gotten here so far.. Either the construct is not understood which I blame on my inability to type clear enough the thought construct. I do much better when I can speak , talk with my hands and draw little pictures at the same time.. I added the little green men thingy just because of the format of this site and wanted to get people to actually try to understand the concept.

The basic concept is simple .. we are inside and part of the bubble of the BB. and every physical particle is connected . This postulate explains a lot of stuff that seems really complicated but are actually simple. Dark Energy, Zero Point Energy, Gravity, Magnetic flux, Quasars, Black Holes, increasing rates of expansion, Hiezenburg uncertainty, dueality and several other aspects of physics we are trying to figure out. If we attempt to use the formulas of physics we end up with multi dimension, strings, infinity, constants and all kinds of exotic theories. I tend to think that its a lot simpler than all that.

So to cut to the chase.. Most in the field of physics tend to off the cuff dismiss me as I suck at math and almost to the person wants me to show them the math.. When I say that my postulate allows them all to use existing models and does not contradict any of the existing laws of physics they tend to roll their eyes and chuckle a bit in the dark... I have asked for anyone to shoot holes in my postulate ( for the record : I call it a postulate and not a theory because a theory in my mind requires mathematical models and falsifiable proofs which I haven't the where with all to provide. I'm just a retired engineer and in physics engineers are considered no more than maintainance men so I just write and consider the concept in hopes that some day either someone shoots it down all together or something comes along to validate it.. Every boys gota have a hobby.......

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:28 AM
reply to post by Shambles

Ok.. This concept I cannot take total credit for as I credit Tesla for the idea. In the 30's he demonstrated a gadget to the electric boat company that by appling a high voltage to opposed halves of spheres on a pivot point. When the voltage was applied the gadget spun with such velocity it spun off the stand.

The premise is as I see it any massive object has observable mass due to the interconnectivity nature of the Quantum State. Gravity and the well that is created within that static state is due to the inverse tensor of this interconnective condition. When matter was converted out of the Quantum Point it converted into several forms and forces. The 4 basic forces ( High Nuke, Low Nuke, Grav and Mag) are just the Effect aspect of the separation of connected physical particles this means that the Quantum State is modifiable in that if you place a lot of physical particles together it locally modifies the quantum state. So if thats the case the by altering one of the Effects aspects it may be passable to locally alter that interconnection. I Think that that is what Tesla stumbled upon. And I have an Idea for a test device based on Teslas concept to prove the idea. Can't draw a picture here so its a bit hard to visualize but basically take a vacuum chamber and place 4 vanes on it where each vane is two sided and separated by a ceramic insulator .. apply a +20k vdc voltage to one side and a variable -10k to -40k vdc voltage to the other side of each vane.. I submit that the device will spin and its rate will vary depending on the difference between the two side so charged. This motive force is not explainable by any existing theory in physics. but I also submit that the reason for the rotation is that altering the static charge causes a gravitational variance and the spin is the device trying to center within the gravitational bubble produced. I did a drawing and a much better explanation of this a few years back but for the life of me I can't see to find it at the moment but I'll try to redo it and post later.

Don't know if thats clear or not but since a group of you folks actually seem interested I'll post a few of my thoughts on this subject that I have written before at the end of this thread.. some of what I will post will be redundant to what I have already written but may clearify some points that are fuzzy in what I have already posted ... Again I want anyone to shoot big gaping holes in my ideas as its the best way for me to understand it better my self or learn that I'm tilting at windmills again... Paul

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:35 AM
I thought it about time I again wrote of my postulate
and fan the flames. First I will start off this muse with
some background noise so that first time reader of my prose
understand my starting positions and rational for my posting
in the first place...

First who am I... Nobody in pertickular...
I'm a medically retired Ex-Army service connected disabled
white American male of 53 years of age. I have spent
the last 27 years of my life working or studying ( can be
the same thing) in electronics and electromechanical
service, management and design.

Have owned my own company (Perpetual Power Service
Company [ has nothing to do with perpetual anything just
was a catchy name] where I designed and marketed large
scale emergency power systems and all battery plants
, motor/gen sets, inverter arrays, transfer switching and
data interconnects inclusive within the systems ) ... I also
worked as a field engineer as a senior field eng. rep. for
Seimens, General Power Systems, Deltec, Best Power,
American Power and several other backup systems producers.

About 10 years ago I changed fields to automation systems
design and worked with several companies either running build
crews or designing sub systems for large automated
manufacturing systems. I would make a guess that 90% of
the population of the lower 48 states have used a service
or product that has my hand in its coming to fruition.

About 3 years ago an old army injury ( specifically... I worked
as a missile tech on hawk and nike systems and we had a
hawk detonate 200 foot off the rack and caused a very bad day
for all... but an absolutely amazing observation advantage, I
recall every detail of blast wave effect and approach) started to
reoccur ( systemic neuropathy of lacerated tissues) causing
the army to put me on the dole and telling me to hang out with
you guy more often.

So I started a company to make web pages and keep me using my
hands in a way that if I screw up, somebody don't get kilt.
( consider dropping a 9/16th on a 3,400ah 550vdc battery rack)

And spend time here musing on the state of the human mind....

All that to just say howdy....

To the meat...

I am not a mathematician, I am not a physicist, I am not
a poster of theory... I have not the background nor
data to rise to that level... But I am a scientist and I have
studied the rules (read Laws) of physics as we knew them
and as we know them now. I see no reason for dealing with
mathematical constructs in my concepts for they are not
theory. They are musings, postulations, conjecture and
the occasional assumption. I post for no other reasons
(on any subject) other than entertainment, therapeutic
and educational (mine) value.

So Mays Absurd Postulate forms from the mist....

In The Beginning....

To understand the foundation for this postulate some have
called a "Quack Theory of Everything" I must try to
describe the Singularity of the BB before anything that
follows. And in doing so I will postulate on the causation
mechinisim for the yet to be defined elements of gravitational
and magnetic variance.

We consider that the yet to be defined energy form that was
the source of the BB was following Einsteinian conversion
then looking at the reverse condition may explain a bit better.

If I have a finite amount of matter and I convert it into an energy
form we observe the energy forms (kinetic, thermal, inertial,)
and are controlled by relativistic force forms ( EM,G,WN&SN)

If we consider the matter without relation to external matter and
convert the matter to energy without reference to external matter
(as is the case of a BB singularity) you have a unified yet to be
defined energy form that seems to have a infinite energy density
but was converted from a finite amount of matter.


posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:37 AM
In the case of a hypothesized Singularity ( I have a postulate I've posted
before on the view of the Singularity as a Quantum Point of finite
energy potential in base state of ciaos but its generally given the
plonk treatment from the outset) it cannot be defined by any existing
rules at this point and the laws of physics break down causing the
mathematically created illusion of infinite.

This was the Quantum Point of the BB ( I consider QP [Quantum Point]
as a better descriptor for my postulate for several reasons, it better relays
the concept after time 0+ , better explains the relationships of matter in
both micro and macro regions, better expresses base form of nature. )

The QP (Chaos Point, Singularity) was a finite amount of unified energy
of a yet to be defined nature. It would have been governed by only
two rule's that we can identify and that is probability and uncertainty.
Without matter all other laws fail... No mathematical construct can be
applied using the rules we today know... Not that there are not rules
that apply, only that existing rules cannot.

So I propose that the QP had the probability of converting a finite
amount of matter in the form of matter/anti matter base particles
of a finite size or not. And that the converted matter due to
uncertainty of conversion may tend to be of any finite amount
and in a finite ratio of matter to antimatter. This view of energy
conversion is fully in holding with Einsteinian conversion theory.
The only consideration is in considering the conversion in
the absence of related other matter external of the local event.

So I posited that the QP existed ( may be a multitude of QP in a
multitude of conversion conditions existing without dimensional
properties that apply from our set of rules in this Universe)
From this QP a finite amount of matter and a finite amount
of antimatter was converted ( a tad bit more matter than

At time 0+ the matter and antimatter annihilated each other
converting the matter and antimatter into energy and since
we now have the left over matter we can model the conversion
using rules that apply to matter in relation to other matter in
motion. This period of annihilation was the inflationary period
that is well written of. The energy was imparted into the base
particles left over, and makes up all matter in the universe
today. This imparted energy maintains the expansion that
followed the inflation with the imparted kinetic applied and
set the particles to ringing, this ringing is the EM signature
of each particle.

At this point I must define my "Particle" as opposed to
"point particles","Virtual Particles" and other surnames...

My SPP ( Smallest Physical Particle) is a real physical
ball of stuff (very small) that produces a EM wave of a
variable frequency with variable rate of decay of the
frequency and amplitude of the wave. I think it is
detectable and experimentally verifiable but not
with the technology and rules we have in use today.

I consider the string theories to be on the right track
but have yet to consider the bias of considering a
concept while embedded in the construct in question.
Consider the wave nature of a String as theorized
and then consider it a slice of a EM wave propagating
from a EM producing SPP. If a variation of the
view is applied to the String theory we see that variation as
another String at angle to out first construct and
have a new dimension to contend with. So I contend
that string theory describes the radiating EM fields
of the base SPP and equates out as a slice in the
field at a specific distance of the radiating SPP.

The uncertain nature of the wave is due to the "Medium"
the wave propagates through and other EM producing

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:39 AM
The "Medium" that I consider is not the medium of Maxwell's
Aether its a bit different and needs a bit of explanation.

After time 0+ there was a finite amount of matter converted
from the QP but it was not a 100% conversion. Probability
tells us it could have been a 99.999999%
conversion so we have a remainder of the QP that did not
convert its unified yet to be defined energy form into matter
or anti-matter.

I contend that the Quantum Point of the BB still exists as a
Quantum State between all SPP's. Its properties are that it
produces a inverse tensor (elastic mode variable) between
all SPP's. Each SPP produces a EM wave and those EM wave
mix, heterodyne, cancel out producing a composite EM signature
for each local grouping of SPP's. Due to the complexities and
uncertainty of the mixing end composite it tends to be a
probabilistic state. Locally when two or more SPP's are brought
in proximity they increase in tensor value in relation to
local other SPP's but dependent of the interplay of the EM waves
some will be attracted and some repelled and will tend to form
structure as harmonic nodes form in the EM interplays.

The crux of the problem is the position of the observer in
relation to the observed. sense the reader, writer and all
known methods to observe exist as conglomerates of SPP's
it contains intrinsic bias. We observe by detecting or producing
EM waves and sampling the wave at specific intervals of time.
Since we are connected to the observed by the Quantum State
our act of observing impacts the observed and the observed
impacts the design and method of observing.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:40 AM
As An Example I propose this:

A ----------------------B----C--O--D------E-----------------------Z

A= Furtherest SPP in some direction
B= Furtherest SPP in some direction relative to local SPP's
C= Closest SPP in some direction relative to local Observer
O= Observer
D= Closest SPP in some direction relative to local Observer
E= Furtherest SPP in some direction relative to local SPP's
Z= Furtherest SPP in some other direction
--------- = Quantum State

A ----------------------B----C--O--D------E-----------------------Z

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:40 AM
The whole of the universe is expanding at an
ever increasing rate as it expands... and the
best rational is that the mechanism that
displays as an effect gravity is the Quantum,
yet to be defined , energy that is the remainder
of the finite energy that produced by conversion
all the matter in our universe. That Quantum
State exist as a inverse tensor field (elastic
mode variance) where as the field strength
reduces with separation distance of bound
physical particles. As the universe expands
from the conversion of matter and anti- matter
into heat and kinetic during the inflation period
the field between all particles
is reduced causing the UGC ( universal gravitational
constant ) to reduce... this causes a lower UGC on a
universal scale and the universe increases its rate
of expansion...

Consider the old view of a Universal Balloon..
if you were at outside edge or close to it because it has no edge
like a balloon ( think of it as a balloon with the skin on the inside...
each particle connected to each other particle with the skin.. as
the particles move apart the strength of the connect is maintained
no matter the distance but its value is reduced between any particles)
The UGC is set by the overall separation of all matter so the baseline
Gravitational field is not constant but varies at a rate set by the
total separation of all matter so on our scale it would appear
as a constant due to it not varying in any degree that could be
measured on our scale..... But locally if the matter is dense the
local gravitational set is varied.. this causes the gravitational wells
of massive objects. The baseline gravitational field is an effect aspect
of separation distance of particles.

I truly think there are no constants or infinities in the universe.
We call a mathematical construct a constant because we cannot
ever note a change in it.. But if it changes on a universal scale
we would never be able to note it as a variable,,, and I submit
that the concept of infinity is but a illusion that occurs when
known mathematical laws break down.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:41 AM
As an example.. try this thought experiment.. you have a finite
amount of matter.. consider it the only matter in the universe..
Einsteinian rules say It can be converted into energy and energy
can be converted into matter.. If its the only matter and you
convert it into energy you cannot get kinetic form because
there is no other matter to impart to.. you cannot get thermal
because thermal conversion must occur to other matter also..
What you would end up with would be unified energy without
any matter for effect physical laws to apply. Now try as
you like, if you wish to calculate the energy quanta of this
conversion you end up with infinite energy.. because all
physical laws we know are only applicable to matter in motion...
and break down if you try to know the energy quanta
end up with the illusion of infinite energy even though
you know that it was converted from a finite amount of matter..

And I now postulate another kook concept....
The value of c is variable and is set by separation distance
of true Physical particles but the rate of variance of the
base value is set by total separation distance of all
particles on a universal scale and will not vary in the
life span of our solar system. But will vary locally
in closely grouped particle fields. I postulate that this
is the reason for the velocity of EM waves to reduce
while traversing a medium.

The theory of velocity being reduced by absorbs and
retransmission was only conceived because of the bias
that c was constant and a mathematical rational had to
be formed that explained why the measured value of c
was reduced in a medium. If you apply the same
formula to the concept and consider that the value
of c is less between particles you end up with the same
end results as the absorbs and retransmission

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:42 AM
Using this postulate I make a few predictions

1. The Rate of Expansion will increase as the Universe expands.
2. The UGC or CC will vary at the rate of expansion.
3. The Value of C in a vacuum will vary at the rate of expansion.
4. The Value of C will vary in a local close grouping of Particles
( Medium)
5. The Value of G will vary locally with separation distance
of local matter.
6. All particles that display the aspect of duality are only
EM waves sampled in a short time frame by a method
and design that is intrinsically biased.
7. The concepts of infinity and paradox are illusions created
when existing rules fail due to scale or incompleteness.
8. Gravity is the effect of varying the separation distance of
SPP's ( Smallest Physical Particle)
9. Magnitisim is the effect of EM waves through natural selection
forming a heterodyne interplay that is detectable as the
attractive force.
10. the WN and SN forces are effects aspects of short range
EM interplays finding equilibrium as SPP's group.

And have as an experiment to show the effect is the Brown effect
of applied static field which Tesla considered in his 1937 static
motion demonstration.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:42 AM
In closing let me repeat... This is not a theory...
I have not the Mathmatical ability to provide
modles that can be examined but I do think
the modle can be created and varified. For the
most part I see no point where I disagree with the
existing standard modles and all existing math
remains intact for the most part. My Postulate
explains many of the issues that have plagued
physics for ever while maintaining that for the
most part all existing physical laws are correct and
viable. My postulate also address's the Zero Point
Energy theories that float about and fills in the
problems that exist in that area. It follows String
Theory to a great deal but gives predictions and
asserts that there is no need for more than 4 dim
to define any point in the universe. The postulate
explains the Brown Effect which has yet to be defined
to a point the definition in in aggremment with GR or SR.

I look for anyone to debate my view in detail
and destroy it by showing me where I deviate
from the existing theory to a point my postulate fails.

Feel free to ask any question on any aspect not understood
and I will gladlly explain my concept of the details mentioned.

I cannot prove my postulate so don't ask for proof but I can
explain the construct and how it fits the existing observation
of the reality around us. There is many aspects I do not
fully grasp so there of course will be holes in the postulate
and thats why I'm here looking for intellegent people
to point out the holes and poke new ones so I can better
express the postulate.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 06:55 AM
reply to post by Shambles

Thanx for the kind words but I have no delusions. The chance that I'm correct in my postulate is bout the same as me picking the lotto numbers tomorrow. But so far in the last 10 years I have yet to have anyone knock any really big holes in it. I tend to cause some to dismiss me when I try to get a bit of humor involved like the time I posted the concept with the Heading " THE Secret of the Universe" or when I make some way off the wall statements just to get folks to actually read it..

But glad to see some find it interesting and even if I'm way off base maybe someone will think a thought they had never thought before and to me that just as good as the Noble considering the Jimmy Carter got one for peace...

Have Fun..

Paul R. Mays

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 07:03 AM

Its backs my idea of traveling faster then light, but not travel into the future
And you tell it in a way I never can. I understand enough to "understand" what you telling about the subject

I really cant discuss into detail such matters in english or even in Dutch (my native language). But what do you think of my very short mind crowl about going faster then light in relation to a human soul?
(I posted it in another thread too btw.).
I always like to fit (earth)science and (para)physics into the greater context.

Ok, this is my mind crowl:
You cant travel into the future. I mean the "conscience future" or your "soul future" for example. Your soul just IS.
Maybe you can travel faster then time would go. But time is not conscience, its relative. It's "invented" to measure change of a soul or your conscience!
Going faster then light? You will just arrive faster then light. The journey will be black likewiseley'? You will be traveling through "Hyperspace" or a "Worm hole" or whatever you want to call it?

My simple statement: You can travel faster then light. Maybe via Hyperspace you can go to a certain point at instance! So, you can in this theorie go faster then 10000 times the speed of light, just point a destination further away.
Its about Moving from to one point to another, it has nothing to do with travelling into the "real" future.

thanks for some comments.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by Shambles

After thought... I do that a lot it seems... Look Up the Brown Effect and you will better see the basic concept that has stumped most who study SR and GR

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by schuyler

I sent it to You.... I'll be waiting for the world to change sitting here back in the sticks of Kentucky watching my melons grow so if you see any changes drop me a line or two...

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by Lunica

Well I'm not a good person to ask about that as I do not think there is such a thingy as a soul... no boogy men, spirits and angles flinging against the sky. No God or Gods throwing lighting bolts. Just a thinker of thoughts and a liver of life in the here and now , with all its gory details..

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 09:45 AM
Let me try sumthin....
I assume ( I know about doin that ) you all have read of Quantum Nodes, entangled quantum particles, Quantum Bound particles pairs, Duality ect. (I dropped in a set of links below but not sure they are all still active)...

So... While I've been told I am way off base on my postulations let me see if I can explain my view so as to be actually understood. I'm lousy at math and cannot formulate much of anything but any theory must start at some point with overview concept and postulation that fits the existing observed universe and rules. That’s all I am trying to do...

Here’s the postulation.. In the Beginning (of our universe)... There was a Singularity. Another guy coined it a Ciaos Point.. I call it a quantum point. All you math wizzzes have looked at the singularity at one time or another so you guys tell me your definition of the singularity.. I say its a point of energy that contains no matter/antimatter and occupies Zero space and have no 3 dim metrics. Which to me says it cannot
be physically defined because no physical measure can exist so you have only 1 number ..and that is the energy value of the point .. So no physical laws can apply... I'm I incorrect?

Now... along comes Einstein and tells us that matter/antimatter can be converted into energy and energy into matter/antimatter. So If I have only energy there is only one law that can apply to a zero displacement energy form.. Probability,,,,

So... we have a energy packet of some finite energy level and probability says the matter/antimatter MAY be converted out of the energy .. Or Not..

And until you have matter/antimatter you cannot have a physical universe. You cannot have physical laws..

So lets assume (yea again) that a finite amount of both matter and antimatter was converted out of this Quantum Point. And there was a slight bit more matter than antimatter. Do the math... as matter and antimatter made contact in the micro seconds after the BB the matter/antimatter was converted into other forms of energy.. kinetic
and thermal primarily.. which produced the short inflation period and provided the universe with all the matter in it now. Plus provided the kinetic energy to power the later expansion.

Now to my postulation cause many have written very close to what I just did..

I postulate that not all the energy of the Quantum point was converted into matter/antimatter. That remainder Quantum point of energy that cannot be defined by physical laws still exists. ( I'll get to the connection to this thread before long)

After inflation we are left with matter powered by kinetic energy at very high temp expanding out as a bubble. Sorta like the energetic bubble you see if you look at a nuke blast stopped at say 1 micro sec after detonation.

And the remaining quantum energy of the BB connects every physical particle to every other physical particle as the expansion continues. We would be faced with the same issue as with the singularity.. Any mathematical model can only describe the matter in motion and its relationship to another particle of matter. So to me this says that we
can only model the effects of the Quantum State (expanded Quantum Point) never the causation because you, I and any device used to observe would be intrinsically connected to the observed. So gravity, magnetism and nuke forces are but the effect of matter interacting with other matter. I also postulate that all matter exists as local groups of a "smallest physical particle" and each of these particles produce a EM wave that interacts with other "smallest physical particle’s" that mix, heterodyne and connect each to each.

Now.. to the thread... If I am connected to an object being observed and I build a model I might very well not be able to ever actually know what I'm observing is real or a product of the interplay of the observed and the observer

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