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ATS EXCLUSIVE! Jim Marrs comments on recent NY Times JFK "Letter/Advert".

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posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 05:30 AM

Originally posted by Crakeur

There are two things about the kennedy mess that always amazed me.
1. that not one single president since Kennedy has opened the vault and allowed the real story to be heard. Either the "vault" is falsified or nobody's saying anything out of fear of retribution from a decades old plot, which seems a bit silly at this point.
2. that they don't just come out and tell us since hardly anyone still believes the "official" version. This isn't like 9/11 where the "official" version is believable and plausible. The Kennedy assassination story is almost impossible to believe and at this point, why not spill the beans and pardon any of those involved who are still alive? This way the air is cleared and we can press on with cleaning up the mess that our country and our planet has become.

But a number of major players are still around, and the conspiracy was so deep and so high, a real coup d'etat, and has tentacles that reach so broadly, that you just can't acknowledge it. Everything that comes after would be illegitimate. Look at some of the major players: LBJ, Nixon, Bush I, Ford, Hoover, Dulles, Spector.

That's four presidents and a sitting senator, the FBI & CIA. Ties to the Mafia, Bush's involvement as an unacknowledged CIA operative in the Bay of Pigs, Oswald's involvement with the CIA and Cuba, the massive cover up, the dozens and dozens of witnesses who died untimely deaths, Time Warner's involvement in remaking the Zapruder film, Ford Motor Co's involvement in secretly rebuilding the limo, the Secret Service's treason in standing down, etc, etc.

It's just too big. It encompasses the entire power structure. It was like the assassination of Julius Caesar, everybody stuck a knife in. They're all partly guilty, and once you start to unravel the assassination, you open up a whole secret history of malfeasance and corruption that would rock the country to the core, even now. The average Joe, if presented with the full truth, simply would not believe it.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 07:14 AM

Originally posted by gottago
The average Joe, if presented with the full truth, simply would not believe it.

thus I ask, why not let the cat out of the bag? If they won't believe it, what's the difference?

The only reason I can think as to why no other president has opened the files is because they all have skeletons and they fear retaliation. I guess, when the last of the living accomplices die we might find out.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 10:25 AM

Originally posted by Crakeur
thus I ask, why not let the cat out of the bag? If they won't believe it, what's the difference?

Good question. And the flip side, if no one believes it, what's the point? This whole assasination thing has had ol' yeahright's head a spinnin' for a number of years. If someone really had the goods on the "true" perpetrators (assuming the conspiratorial angle is true), I'd have to think they'd be taken out. Unless the PTB are so convinced that the populace is so complacent it just wouldn't matter.

And there's certainly evidence to suggest that's exactly the case.

If this pans out to be true and provable, it'll flip everything upside down. We won't even be able to pretend that the news media haven't completely abrogated their responsibility, not to mention industry, the government, and the military.

Trust levels revert to -0-. Across the board. For and by everyone and everything.

And maybe that's just what needs to happen. But it's a scary thought.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 12:12 PM
it would turn the nation over. the immediate reaction would be total mistrust in all media and gov't but the changes that would take place would most certainly turn our country around, for the better.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 07:31 PM
There is good reason to believe that the trail to the top of the pyramid is quite a ways above the presidents.

Why reveal the truth? If only 10% bite at first it is still worth it as the enlightened will in time increase in numbers.

posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by Crakeur
The only reason I can think as to why no other president has opened the files is because they all have skeletons and they fear retaliation. I guess, when the last of the living accomplices die we might find out.

I don't think we'll ever hear the truth from the horse's mouth.
"They", short for Those Who Rule, have little to gain with telling us the truth. Why admit to what so many have figured out?

Retaliation is the reason I always come up with in connection to the silence of those im power who may know.

I always wondered why Ford, of the Warren Commission, was picked as Nixon's VP at such a critical time. Reward for his work on the Commission?????

Someone mentioned the Men Who Killed Kennedy, an excellent work abou the Assassination. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in its entirety. The final volume with talked about the possible involvment of Johnson was pulled soon after it aired on the History Channel.
Despite the official excuse, you hwve to wonder why.

Did I ever tell anyone that JFK's Murder is what brought me to ATS

posted on Apr, 2 2008 @ 09:28 PM
Mohammed al Fayed -> Zapruder -> Suite 8F -> the Fed -> JFK

Congrats on upcoming ATS Marrs book. See my, “The 3 top unknown conspiracies” post.

Is Peter Dale Scott’s work in Burnham’s article? Peter’s detailed research & focus is unmistakable.

What’s your take?

Mine: Suite 8F Group (that shot Johnson to the presidency) that Brown(s) belonged to (Brown & Root that begot Kelly, Brown & Root that begot &/or is owned by Blackwater ...all owned by Halliburton which was co-founded by privately-owned Fed directorate, for whom CIA was created as a private army.

Burnham’s: ~ "Abraham Zapruder …White Russian affiliation…32nd degree Mason …active member of CIA proprietary organizations, Dallas Council on World Affairs & Crusade for Free Europe. Membership in these operations included ...Abraham Zapruder …Clint Murchison, owner of Dallas Cowboys …Mr. Byrd owner of Texas School Book Depository …Sarah Hughes, who swore LBJ in as 36th President while Air Force One was grounded in Dallas …George ‘Sergei DeMohrenschildt, CIA contract agent & best friend of Lee Harvey Oswald …George Bush close friend of George DeMohrenschildt …Neil Mallon, mentor that Bush named son, Neil, after …H.L. Hunt …and, Sergei’s brother, Demitri.

"In 1953-1954, Jeanne LeGon worked w/Abraham Zapruder at fashion firm Nardis of Dallas. Jeanne designed clothing, Zapruder cut patterns.

"Zapruder’s obit mis-states he left Nardis in 1949. It was 1959 …when design partner Jeanne LeGon became Jeanne LeGon DeMohrenschildt, marrying Lee Oswald’s best friend, to-be CIA contract agent, rabid anti-Communist Sergei ‘George’ DeMohrenshieldt.

"Lyndon Johnson’s personal secretary, Marie Fehmer, flew to Washington on Air Force 1 w/LBJ Nov. 22, 1963, was daughter of Olga Fehmer who worked at Nardis w/Zapruder & Jean LeGon DeMohrenschildt.

“Zapruder's co-worker, Jeanne LeGon & husband Sergei DeMohrenschildt introduced Oswald to the daughter of one of Sergei DeMohrenschildt’s close friends, Ruth Paine. Ruth's husband, Michael, whose step-father, Arthur Young, worked w/Lyndon Johnson’s personal pilot, Joseph Mashman, to develop Bell Helicopter of Fort Worth … was employed by Bell when JFK was assassinated. 4,500 Bell helicopters were shot down in Viet Nam, Bell’s stockholders made a fortune replacing them.

“Sep. 1976, Sergei was given nine electro-shock treatments at Parkland Hosp under orders of Doctor DeLoach …first cousin of FBI Ass’t. Dir. Cartha DeLoach. Sergei’s doctor of record, Dr. Mendoza, ordered intravenous drugs for Sergei, being committed to Parkland Hospital for mental problems …but, DeLoach ordered electro-shock therapy. George Bush was DCIA …within weeks of DeMohrenschildt writing a manuscript, entitled, I Am A Patsy! I Am A Patsy! …naming CIA & FBI personnel who framed Oswald to cover their tracks in JFK’s assassination.

3/29/77... the day DeMohrenschildt will be interviewed by House Select Committee on Assassinations, he’s found by daughter, Alexandra ... dead of a shotgun blast thru his mouth …ruled a suicide. Jeanne said Sergei was once a Nazi spy.

Grodin & Livingston: “Sergei’s wife told Jim Marrs,, ‘He must have harbored guilt feelings for working for Germany in WWII, he told me, ‘It’s the Jews, they caught up w/me,’” Grodin said.

A 1964 CIA report says: ‘Alexandra was monitored by CIA’s James Angleton for having an affair w/Mohammed al Fayed just after JFK’s assassination.’

Angleton signed that report, along w/CIA asset Jane Roman, who monitored Oswald two months preceding the assassination.

“Sergei was partners w/Mohammed al Fayed & Clamar Charles in Haiti while working for Murchison’s Haitian interests & Three States Oil & Gas.”

Bush roommate at Andover & Yale was Sergei’s step-son, E. Hooker. Jackie grew up calling Sergei, "Uncle George" -- her mom Janet Auchincloss nearly married him after her divorce. Sergei was once engaged to Jackie's aunt, Michelle.

posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 05:35 AM

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