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Questions about Fallen Angels ...........

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posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 02:46 AM
If you have questions about the nature and purpose of Aliens, feel free to ask your questions here. I am willing and ready to answer any reasonable question that is not profane. This is designed to expose their tactics, why they do what they do, and who they are. The time is short!!!

Thanks for asking.......

[edit to change thread title, it was a misleading "Questions about Aliens"]

[Edited on 23-12-2003 by SkepticOverlord]

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 02:54 AM
Ok, well how about a General Summary to start with.

Alien Types and Origins?

Purpose for Arrival?

How to See them or Find them on your own?

In your opinion what are the Top 10 Most important things to know?

What makes you such an expert?

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 02:55 AM
To what is your authority on aliens? Well, once you get out of the way you can answer these questions, and I sincerely hope your answers are immutable truths on this subject.

My questions:

- When will aliens actually give public disclosure?

- How long have aliens been coming to this planet?

- What purpose do aliens have coming to this planet?

- How many alien species are coming here?

- What, if anything, do aliens have for their religion(s)?

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 03:01 AM
If you could asnwer my previous questions from your introduction thread TRAINED, that would be nice. Also, how many of the UFO sightings are E.B.E's at the wheel? Was roswell fake or real. Does the American government have captured alines / alien technology?

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 03:13 AM
1. Alien Types and Origins?

Reply: Many types but only one origin. The attempt is to make you think there and many species!!!

2. Purpose for Arrival?

Reply: Mainly to be DECEPTIVE!!!

3. How to See them or Find them on your own?

Reply: You don't find them on your own. They know exactly where you are. If you think you have found one it is only because they want you to believe this!!!

4. In your opinion what are the Top 10 Most important things to know?

Reply: This information is too important for me to give my opinion; only the facts. The one important thing to know about them is that they are very deceptive!!!

5. What makes you such an expert?

Reply: I was TRAINED FOR THIS!!!

Thanks for asking......

Must go to bed to go to work in the morning. It is 1:16 am here in California. Will answer questions when I return from work tomorrow evening.

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 03:18 AM

Originally posted by TRAINEDFORTHIS
5. What makes you such an expert?

Reply: I was TRAINED FOR THIS!!!
When somebody is supposedly giving the 100% truth on this subject, we are going to need a lot more information on how you came to find this knowledge other than replying with "I was TRAINED FOR THIS!!!".

There are people who are actually out there giving their full names and ranks in groups like The Disclosure Project that give far more convincing answers than just saying aliens are deceptive over and over again.

In any case, it will take more for me to believe you know anything.

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 03:28 AM
With Heelstone on this one, you gotta give us more information then just 'they are decptive' and 'i was trained for this' or nobody here will be able to take you seriously. We often get people spreading bull# on the board. Will not instantly dismiss you, but we need more clarification of the authenticity of your information

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 11:33 AM
Sorry for the questions here, but as some have said...anyone can simply come on here and say they know this or that...

You put yourself in the hotseat by implying knowledge of all things alien.

So, I'll start.

1. Who were you trained by? Are you still with them?
2. Why should we believe you? (Not doubting you, but if you were in our shoes, what would you want to establish credibility?)
3. This goal of simply "deception". Deception is not a goal to and of itself. It is a tool, to further an agenda. So the question is...what agenda? If you'd like, I'll state the current suspected agendas...

a. Invasion, conquering (but we are currently at a stalemate)-my personal opinion...mixed with b.
b. Research, genuine curiousity (we're lab rats)
c. Resource accumulation
d. Benevolent aid to man (yeah, right)

4. You say they want us to think they are different species, but really only one source. Fine, I'll bite. What's the source? And what do these aliens look like? Again, I'll even give you some currently accepted examples speculated about.

a. Greys (Roswell type)
b. Tall Greys (or with yellow tinge, etc., Streiber like)
c. Bigfoot type
d. Pleidians
e. Nordic type
f. Reptoids
g. Mothman
h. Chupacabra
i. Robotic

5. What is the exact nature of their relationship with the government of the US, and the World? Hostile, Business-like, No Relationship, Agreeable Partners? Feel free to elaborate.
6. Why are you coming forth? (If indeed you are)

As one of the self-proclaimed alien experts here, I look forward to your reply...

Thank You.

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 12:00 PM
I repeat. It's a trick. Get an axe.

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 12:02 PM
Gazrok, you know stuff.

I've read about Summerian Statues of Reptiods.

Do you know of proof?

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 12:05 PM
I see lots of good questions here...

posted by Gazrok !!!!

Lots of weak answers... posted by Trained...

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 12:51 PM

Do you know of proof?

The only proof I know of is...

1. Numerous government documents, many of which have been thoroughly researched, and deemed genuine, many others, still being authenticated...

2. Numerous eyewitnesses, photos, videos, similar accounts and descriptions.

3. Numerous government officials publicly stating the reality of alien visitation.

4. The FACT that there are laws on the books, making contact with EBE's illegal.

5. Numerous insiders, coming forth to tell their stories... While some have been discredited, there are still lingering questions, such as obvious evidence of history tampering....

6. The fact that worldwide sightings and accounts, are similar, even though separated by culture, language, and distance.

7. Numerous deathbed confessions (admissable in court as evidence I might add), by government officials involved in coverups.

8. The government's repeated flip-flopping over Roswell, and especially, the fact that at one time, the US military publicly acknowledged, through their own press officer, the capture of a flying disc.

9. The continued disinformation campaign by the US and other governments, to ridicule UFOs. And, for those who don't know, there is at least one nation (Brazil), that has gone on public record as acknowledging alien visitation.

10. My own experience and sighting, witnessed by dozens of witnesses (though all children like myself at the time), of numerous UFOs, at very low altitude, in Kodiak Alaska, in the early 1980's (can't recall exact year, always been bad with dates)...while living there. This was in a service housing compound (USCG), and when we asked our first they told us never to speak of it... Then, they seemed unable to recall the incident at all. Oddly enough (and this is something I've never read in any other accounts), all of the parents were in like a sleep paralysis state during the incident. I'm not saying we saw spaceships...but in all my years as a military brat (including seeing the SR71 before it was public), I've never seen any craft of ours like it before, or since....and there were almost a dozen of them!

That's the only "proof" I have. For's sufficient...

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 01:03 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok

Do you know of proof?

That's the only "proof" I have. For's sufficient...

the question is- were you "trained" for this?

Thanks for setting this thread on track

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by Gazrok

That's the only "proof" I have. For's sufficient...

That's where I am. I've been looking into the ancient aspects, historical interpretations and origin myths (why I mentioned Summerians) but you remind me not to forget the current battle for public awareness.

I'm so engrained, I take the current visitations as a given. This is still not so for many.

It's just when I see (like you mentioned) the Brazil, Mexico City, even French accounts...I assume we have proof. Wasn't there a city in New Mexico with a recent mass citing of a HUGE ship, where the govenor at first admitted/promised serious investigation; then backed off?

I think the Israeli Air Force accounts are compelling. Isreal is definitely being 'spooked'...but they react publicly like an arm of the US. Denial.

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 01:21 PM
I've said it before, but what infuriates me most is the prospect that CIA Director turned President Bush 41 was potentially the first President that had proof and means to reveal the Truth, and didn't.

Now we suffer from the fruit of his loins. It just stinks of conspiracy.

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 02:02 PM

Originally posted by RANT
Gazrok, you know stuff.
I've read about Summerian Statues of Reptiods.
Do you know of proof?


Mossi statues

Hemba Singiti ancestor

Dogon ancestor


Dropa discs in a museum

I don't have got statues of the Sumerians but it may be clear that the above also is about aliens... just search for tribes, there you will find most information.

Also look at the things on the head which all the ancestors actually have... and compare it to the Egyptian Gods... yes most of the statues and stuff have got those weird things on their heads... and that's not because they are human...

I hope this information helped a bit even though it isn't about the Sumerians, I am sorry

[Edited on 9-12-2003 by LeenBekkemaa]

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 02:19 PM

Wasn't there a city in New Mexico with a recent mass citing of a HUGE ship, where the govenor at first admitted/promised serious investigation; then backed off?

Phoenix. However, to me, this has been sufficiently proven to be military flares...(likely a psi-ops test). I'm not one to believe any and every little saucer story... However, the Phoenix Lights case, as it is known, did spark their senator...Barry Goldwater, to ask for investigation. He didn't back off, he was stonewalled... Since then, he has been a rather prominent figure in the battle to release UFO info...(also after numerous cattle mutilation cases...)

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 02:56 PM
This thread is intriguing.

But the thought of the aliens being "deceptive" makes sense to me. The fact that only a select group of individuals are made privy to their existence 1st hand is suspicious. These people were obviously chosen because they are considered to be the ones who the aliens feel could be "manipulated" more easily than others.

I'll add a question (what the heck). Are there alien-human hybrids?

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 03:07 PM

In the MODs moving the Intro thread here, looks like some funkiness happened....

posted on Dec, 9 2003 @ 03:07 PM
This is easy stuff guys come on.

Here are some questions:

What caused splits among certain alien races in regards orientation service to self and service to others when they had unified intent previously?

When the new order is constructed on earth what alien races are expected to assist service to others humans in this endeavour?

Are there plans to attack or impede or stop or even advice humans on lizard transports by postive alien groups?

What is it that aliens find so interesting in humanity besides the godspark? anything?

Why are the aliens no closer to god then we are despite their better efforts and greater reach?

What percentage of souled humans can extricate themselves from the lizard reality even if willfully joining them via soul reincarnations? Will positive aliens assist in providing the 'option?'

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