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USA ready for takeover by Foreign Troops!

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posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 04:10 AM
And heres some more regarding the Chinese Troops mentioned in earlier pages-

Is This Real?

Re: 90,000 Chinese Troops on the U.S. Border?

sorry I dont have time at the moment to go through and take out specific quotes but hopefully if you are interested you can access the link and read up on it yourself.


posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 04:39 AM
I read it. I saw no mention of 90,000 chinese troops anywhere. It doesnt have any pictures of chinese troops anywhere. It doesnt even offer eyewitness testimony from some local resturant owner serving foreign troops or seeing them at a local bar.

Sorry, still zero evidence any foreign troops here. If Marshall Law is declared, it will be US troops enforcing it along with contractors like Haliburton.

Look at New Orleans after Katrina. US troops had no problem going door to door armed and demanding US citizens give up their weapons. When interviewed on TV, these troops said they didnt want to think about what might happen but NONE said they wouldnt do their duty.

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 10:28 AM
Finally , A person that see's what I have figured out years ago ! I have been telling people of this same thing , trying to get people to open their eye's to the fact that we are indeed going to be occupied by forign armies ,and that our so called "LEADERS" have planned this for decades! This country has been sold out and we have collectivley kept our heads buried in the sand for too long ! Look around you , What do you see ? Take the blinders off your eye's and REALLY look ! I for one will resist and if need be, Die for mine and your freedom ! Semper Fi ................

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 04:24 PM
Here is some more recent information I hope may make some of you reading this see the ligh and possible future dangers-

The following is a report from March 2006


But, then, Scott Gulbransen delivers the devastating news, toward the end of the article. After quoting Virginia Kice, a local spokesperson for the Immigration and Naturalization Service's Western region, where she officially denied any such shoot-out occurred, Gulbransen wrote that Asians and other non-Hispanics had been observed in the area! Listen:

"Kice would not comment on eyewitness reports that Asian soldiers and others of non-Hispanic descent were in the area as well ... answers to why this happened, and to accounts that claim Asian and perhaps other soldiers were also in the area, have fallen on deaf ears."

Asian soldiers were observed accompanying the Mexican soldiers? Could this possibly mean Chinese soldiers? If Chinese soldiers were accompanying Mexican soldiers in this shoot-out, then the Illuminist Plan for the Military Patrol of the United States is on track and on schedule.

How will this happen?

Foreign troops would be in total control of the entire North American continent. No sizeable American troops would be allowed in this country. Then, what needs to happen to the 1,146,959 American troops now stationed in this country? They will either have to be disbanded or deployed overseas. We believe this will occur rapidly as American troops respond to the combined crises in the Middle East, Korea, and China. Once American troops are emptied out of this country by these crises, and our cities explode in riot -- as is planned -- then foreign troops would be "invited" in.

When the United States gave up control over the Panama Canal, the Chinese moved right in to control it. Thus, we know the Chinese are in this general area given them to patrol the territory assigned them in this 1952 Illuminist Plan. But, now we know the Chinese are evidently in the Mexico area, right up on our border!

Now just a little about this 1952 Illuminati plan - just like the plan written out by Albert Pike that spoke of in detail on how to start 3 world wars to bring in a one world government, this 1952 meeting's results are all slowly unolfding.

In 1952, the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government decided which areas of the world would be occupied and patrolled by which troops. These worldwide forces would be commanded by a World Director, who would have an organization of 8 zone directors and 51 regional directors. No regional director would ever be responsible for his own country, and no military troops would ever be stationed within his own country. [This information taken from the National Economic Council of New York City, 1962]

As we reported in NEWS1270, American troops were assigned to six (6) areas of the world, including Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, Romania, and Bulgaria -- the Balkans Region [NOTE: Serbia, Bosnia- Herzegovina, Croatia, and Macedonia were originally part of Yugoslavia.] This territory was assigned the number 55. Now, you know that the "little" war in Bosnia, Serbia, and Herzegovina was a ruse to get Americans on the ground in that part of the world to which they had been assigned in 1952.

But what about America? Has this wonderful country -- the land of Liberty -- been carved up into "military patrol" sections? You bet it has, and every President since Eisenhower has known of this plan and has done his part in moving the country to this goal. America was to be divided into five (5) areas, with Los Angeles down to the the Panama Canal being part of another military patrol area, a sixth area.


Let us now examine the troops that are to be stationed in North America according to this 1952 plan. View map.

1. Northeast -- Colombian and Venezuelan troops

2. Southern America all the way to California -- Russian troops. The line begins at Virginia and goes straight West to the border of California.

3. Midwest -- Belgian troops

4. Northwest, including California -- Irish troops

5. Canada -- Mongolian [Chinese] and Russian troops

6. Mexico -- Mongolian [Chinese] troops. I find it highly interesting that the Mexico portion over which the Chinese are to exercise control includes San Diego, California! In fact, this area might extend all the way to Los Angeles.

posted on Jun, 12 2007 @ 04:35 PM
Would you like more inofrmation regarding how Chinese are slowly but silently moving in on the US?

Red China and Other Nations In The U.S. During The New World Order
By Gurudas - Copyright 1997

China is building a large facility including an ammunition plant in Adelanto, California to distribute its products with 1,000 Chinese workers expected to move in. There are plans to build similar facilities in Charleston, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. U.S. tax payers are subsidizing a $138 million loan guarantee to build ships for the China Ocean Shipping Co.(COSCO) in Alabama. This company is controlled by the Chinese military. In addition, Panama recently agreed to lease the port on each end of the Panama Canal to a COSCO subsidary, Hutchinson Corporation. According to the March 29, 1997 Charleston Daily Mail, "Panama peremptorily closed the bidding, secretly changed the rules, and simply awarded the contract to Hutchinson before the American or other firms could even know what was happening." Documents show that at least 3 more lucrative deals offered by U.S. companies were rejected. Obviously Panama would not have done this without U.S. urging.

Rep. Traficant complained in Congress that Red China is now going to manufacture boots for the U.S. Army. On April 1, 1997 the AP said for the first time since the 1950s Chinese ships can now dock near U.S. military installations with only a day's notice. And there are plans to bring Chinese troops to the U.S. for training exercises. Yet currently 450 Chinese businesses are under federal investigation for espionage, and China continues to be attacked in the press for illegal campaign contributions to the Democratic/Republican Party. As occurred in the 1930s when the U.S. transferred vast resources to the Nazis, in recent years the U.S. has transferred much economic and military technology to China. (http:///

COSCO has been attempting, with White House support, to lease the closed naval facility in Long Beach. Under the agreement U.S. Customs could only inspect one in 8 COSCO ships so it will be impossible to prevent illegal drugs and weapons from entering the U.S. Strategic Investments (May, 1997) said the Chinese military has agreed to distribute opium/heroin for Burma. Last year U.S. Customs in Oakland seized 2,000 AK-47s delivered on a COSCO ship. According to federal documents these weapons were going to street gangs in southern California. Wang Jun chairman of Polytech, the manufacturer of these weapons, attended a White House function in February, 1996. On April 14, 1997 the AP said two truckloads of illegal Chinese arms bound for Mexico were found in a San Diego warehouse. According to the evidence there were four other truckloads of arms from China.

Why is Red China interested in arming American street gangs with thousands of weapons. There have been numerous reports that street gangs are being requited to be used as shock troops by the government during a national emergency partly to disarm the public and to make arrests. In June, 1996 the Justice Department said it was going to hold a conference with gang leaders to discuss common problems. The White House on May 13, 1996 said there were 16,000 gangs with 500,000 members. The San Jose Mercury News last year explained how the Contras supplied illegal drugs to the Crips and Bloods in L.A., apparently with CIA knowledge. These two gangs have now spread throughout the country. CIA involvement in smuggling illegal drugs into the U.S. has been documentated for decades by numerous sources. As the Nazis did in Germany before they took control the ruling elite support street gangs so they can be used to terrorize the people.

Aint it funny how history seems to be repeating itself everywhere you turn?

Its because they messed up in the past, learned the lessons and are trying again but doing it without fail. And you people here on this thread who criticize me, just read the evidnec and can you not beleive something is not going on?

posted on Jun, 13 2007 @ 02:59 AM
So a border shootout happens and this means NWO invasion ? Cmon folks, seriously there is no evidence to support such nonsense.

There are dozens of border conflicts each year. This doesnt mean chinese soldiers are planning an invasion.

It happens all the time. Corrupt mexican soldiers loaded with drugs cross the border. There have been conflicts with american ranchers. There have been fights with border patrol as well. This is nothing new.

So some witness thinks they might have seen foreign nationals near the border during one of these incidents ? So what. I could go into El Paso Texas right now and probably find 20 chinese folks there. Doesnt mean we're being invaded.

Here are the facts...

1. The US has the most powerful military in the world. And we arent stretched as thin as most folks think we are. We have hundreds of bases in the United States all packed with divisions of soldiers. We also have hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the national guard and reserve that havent been called up. In addition, there are literally millions more ex-soldiers on inactive standby that can be called upon.

We have 100,000 troops stationed in Germany and have had them there for 60+ years. We have 50,000 troops in South Korea. We have thousands more in Japan, UK, Italy, Saudi Arabia, etc. Too thin ? Not even close, we have hundreds of thousands still at home.

The United States has the power to maintain two Iraq type conflicts with zero loss of power at home. We could go to 3 iraqi conflicts if we called up all the soldiers in reserve and again still have a full defense at home.

Do you all honestly believe the most powerful country on earth would send out its whole military might and leave itself defenseless ? Drive by any of the hundreds of major military installations, do they look empty to you ?

2. Our satellites monitor ever single troop movement on this planet. If a military truck is loaded onto a barge in China and heading to SanDiego, we know before the boat leaves the harbor in China. Any realistic chance to invade the United States would require a vast army, 90,000 couldnt take over California much less the entire country. And such a large military would need massive support, food, water, ammo, logistics, housing, etc. Do you really believe someone could house 90,000 foreign troops anywhere in the world without us knowing about it ? And dont forget our intelligence operatives. If somehow 90,000+ troops managed to hide their activities, word would still likely leak to someone..a reporter, a spy, etc would open their mouth.

The days of surprise invasions are long gone. The Japanese couldnt surprise us (yes we knew Pearl Harbor was coming) and we didnt even have satellites back then. In today's age, its simply NOT possible. You cant hide from the eyes in the sky.

3. dont underestimate the civilians of the United States. Many of are hardened combat vets. Many of us have weapons and a ton of ammo. Folks here in Idaho have stockpiles of survival gear, think the show Jericho. Ive been told by my mormon friends here that their church tells them to have enough canned goods to survive one year with little else. We are ranchers, hunters, farmers, even the suburbanites could handle themselves if a major crisis hit.

If any army were foolhardy enough to invade, they'd have the fight of their life from the locals.

4. Ocean - the one thing that has always made the United States safe from invasion was the oceans. If somehow China were able to get 90,000 troops past the most sophisticated navy fleet the world has ever seen, they'd still need shipping to supply them. Any ship that left the chinese waters for America would be sunk quickly. Who else could feed the chinese or whoever invaded, mexico ? Lol, thats a good one. Again, our satellites would find where the gas, food, and ammo was coming from. A few B2 bombers would take care of that and the invading army would literally starve to death.

There isnt a Navy in the world that could possibly supply any invading army. Mexico cant even feed their own people, much less an invading army.

The only way the United States will fall is by nukes or some biological attack. And even then, I doubt anyone short of an entire world invasion would take us.

posted on Jun, 13 2007 @ 03:20 PM

Originally posted by admriker444
I read it.
Look at New Orleans after Katrina. US troops had no problem going door to door armed and demanding US citizens give up their weapons. When interviewed on TV, these troops said they didnt want to think about what might happen but NONE said they wouldnt do their duty.

And now the city of New Orleans is being sued for violating the rights of its citizens. Notice that the same trick wasn't tried during Hurricane Rita a few weeks later. Those same troops can't legally enter anyone's dwelling without a search warrant if the resident tells them to go away unless the completely suspend the 4th and 5th Amendment which isn't even allowed under the fascist Patriot Act. One of these days, there's going to be another Katrina level disaster and when Blackwater moves in they're going to get it worse than they did in Iraq.

posted on Jun, 15 2007 @ 04:13 PM
On the first page Russia was mentioned as a danger for USA. For me it sounds funny. I live in Russia and some brainwashing media sources always trying to do the opposite thing. They always want to show America as a No1 world danger. Now they always talk about anti missile system in Czech republic etc...
Nobody has any idea why and what is this anti missile system will be really installed for.
Later I read some other American news site and it said that Russia supports terrorists sells arms to them and puts the whole world in to danger...
All this sounds like a brainwashing game to control people minds and attitudes.

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 01:41 PM
The Dubai Ports World deal is waking Americans up to a painful reality: So-called "conservatives" and "flat world" globalists have bankrupted our nation for their own bag of silver, and in the process are selling off America.

Through a combination of the "Fast Track" authority pushed for by Reagan and GHW Bush, sweetheart trade deals involving "most favored nation status" for dictatorships like China, and Clinton pushing us into NAFTA and the WTO (via GATT), we've abandoned the principles of tariff-based trade that built American industry and kept us strong for over 200 years.

The old concept was that if there was a dollar's worth of labor in a pair of shoes made in the USA, and somebody wanted to import shoes from China where there may only be ten cents worth of labor in those shoes, we'd level the playing field for labor by putting a 90-cent import tariff on each pair of shoes. Companies could choose to make their products here or overseas, but the ultimate cost of labor would be the same.

Then came the flat-worlders, led by misguided true believers and promoted by multinational corporations. Do away with those tariffs, they said, because they "restrain trade." Let everything in, and tax nothing. The result has been an explosion of cheap goods coming into our nation, and the loss of millions of good manufacturing jobs and thousands of manufacturing companies. Entire industry sectors have been wiped out.

These policies have kneecapped the American middle class. Our nation's largest employer has gone from being the unionized General Motors to the poverty-wages Wal-Mart. Americans have gone from having a net savings rate around 10 percent in the 1970s to a minus .5 percent in 2005 - meaning that they're going into debt or selling off their assets just to maintain their lifestyle.

At the same time, federal policy has been to do the same thing at a national level. Because our so-called "free trade" policies have left us with an over $700 billion annual trade deficit, other countries are sitting on huge piles of the dollars we gave them to buy their stuff (via Wal-Mart and other "low cost" retailers). But we no longer manufacture anything they want to buy with those dollars.

So instead of buying our manufactured goods, they are doing what we used to do with Third World nations - they are buying us, the USA, chunk by chunk. In particular, they want to buy things in America that will continue to produce profits, and then to take those profits overseas where they're invested to make other nations strong. The "things" they're buying are, by and large, corporations, utilities, and natural resources.

Back in the pre-Reagan days, American companies made profits that were distributed among Americans. They used their profits to build more factories, or diversify into other businesses. The profits stayed in America.

Today, foreigners awash with our consumer dollars are on a two-decades-long buying spree. The UK's BP bought Amoco for $48 billion - now Amoco's profits go to England. Deutsche Telekom bought VoiceStream Wireless, so their profits go to Germany, which is where most of the profits from Random House, Allied Signal, Chrysler, Doubleday, Cyprus Amax's US Coal Mining Operations, GTE/Sylvania, and Westinghouse's Power Generation profits go as well. Ralston Purina's profits go to Switzerland, along with Gerber's; TransAmerica's profits go to The Netherlands, while John Hancock Insurance's profits go to Canada. Even American Bankers Insurance Group is owned now by Fortis AG in Belgium.

Foreign companies are buying up our water systems, our power generating systems, our mines, and our few remaining factories. All because "flat world" so-called "free trade" policies have turned us from a nation of wealthy producers into a nation of indebted consumers, leaving the world awash in dollars that are most easily used to buy off big chunks of America. As notes, US Government statistics indicate the following percentages of foreign ownership of American industry:

· Sound recording industries - 97%
· Commodity contracts dealing and brokerage - 79%
· Motion picture and sound recording industries - 75%
· Metal ore mining - 65%
· Motion picture and video industries - 64%
· Wineries and distilleries - 64%
· Database, directory, and other publishers - 63%
· Book publishers - 63%
· Cement, concrete, lime, and gypsum product - 62%
· Engine, turbine and power transmission equipment - 57%
· Rubber product - 53%
· Nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing - 53%
· Plastics and rubber products manufacturing - 52%
· Plastics product - 51%
· Other insurance related activities - 51%
· Boiler, tank, and shipping container - 50%
· Glass and glass product - 48%
· Coal mining - 48%
· Sugar and confectionery product - 48%
· Nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying - 47%
· Advertising and related services - 41%
· Pharmaceutical and medicine - 40%
· Clay, refractory, and other nonmetallic mineral products - 40%
· Securities brokerage - 38%
· Other general purpose machinery - 37%
· Audio and video equipment mfg and reproducing magnetic and optical media - 36%
· Support activities for mining - 36%
· Soap, cleaning compound, and toilet preparation - 32%
· Chemical manufacturing - 30%
· Industrial machinery - 30%
· Securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investments and related activities - 30%
· Other food - 29%
· Motor vehicles and parts - 29%
· Machinery manufacturing - 28%
· Other electrical equipment and component - 28%
· Securities and commodity exchanges and other financial investment activities - 27%
· Architectural, engineering, and related services - 26%
· Credit card issuing and other consumer credit - 26%
· Petroleum refineries (including integrated) - 25%
· Navigational, measuring, electromedical, and control instruments - 25%
· Petroleum and coal products manufacturing - 25%
· Transportation equipment manufacturing - 25%
· Commercial and service industry machinery - 25%
· Basic chemical - 24%
· Investment banking and securities dealing - 24%
· Semiconductor and other electronic component - 23%
· Paint, coating, and adhesive - 22%
· Printing and related support activities - 21%
· Chemical product and preparation - 20%
· Iron, steel mills, and steel products - 20%
· Agriculture, construction, and mining machinery - 20%
· Publishing industries - 20%
· Medical equipment and supplies - 20%
Thus it shouldn't surprise us that the cons have sold off our ports as well, and will defend it to the bitter end. They truly believe that a "New World Order" with multinational corporations in charge instead of sovereign governments will be the answer to the problem of world instability. And therefore they must do away with quaint things like unions, a healthy middle class, and, ultimately, democracy.

The "security" implications of turning our ports over to the UAE are just the latest nail in what the cons hope will be the coffin of American democracy and the American middle class. Today's conservatives believe in rule by inherited wealth and an internationalist corporate elite, and things like a politically aroused citizenry and a healthy democracy are pesky distractions.

Everything today is driven by profits for multinationals, supported by the lawmaking power of the WTO. Thus, parts for our missiles are now made in China, a country that last year threatened us with nuclear weapons. Our oil comes from a country that birthed a Wahabist movement that ultimately led to 14 Saudi citizens flying jetliners into the World Trade buildings and the Pentagon. Germans now own the Chrysler auto assembly lines that turned out tanks to use against Germany in WWII. And the price of labor in America is being held down by over ten million illegal workers, a situation that was impossible twenty-five years ago when unions were the first bulwark against dilution of the American labor force.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote of King George III in the Declaration of Independence, "He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitutions and unacknowledged by our laws, giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation…" he just as easily could have been writing of the World Trade Organization, which now has the legal authority to force the United States to overturn laws passed at both local, state, and federal levels with dictates devised by tribunals made up of representatives of multinational corporations. If Dubai loses in the American Congress, their next stop will almost certainly be the WTO.

As Simon Romero and Heather Timmons noted in The New York Times on 24 February 2006, "the international shipping business has evolved in recent years to include many more containers with consumer goods, in addition to old-fashioned bulk commodities, and that has helped lift profit margins to 30 percent, from the single digits. These smartly managed foreign operators now manage about 80 percent of port terminals in the United States."

And those 30 percent profits from American port operations now going to Great Britain will probably soon go to the United Arab Emirates, a nation with tight interconnections to both the Bush administration and the Bush family.

Ultimately, it's not about security -- it's about money. In the multinational corporatocracy's "flat world," money trumps the national good, community concerns, labor interests, and the environment. NAFTA, CAFTA, and WTO tribunals can - and regularly do - strike down local and national laws. Thomas Paine's "Rights of Man" are replaced by Antonin Scalia's "Rights of Corporate Persons."

Profits even trump the desire for good enough port security to avoid disasters that may lead to war. After all, as Judith Miller wrote in The New York Times on January 30, 1991, quoting a local in Saudi Arabia: "War is good for business."

Thom Hartmann is a Project Censored Award-winning best-selling author of over a dozen books and the host of a nationally syndicated noon-3pm ET daily progressive talk show syndicated by Air America Radio. His most recent books are "What Would Jefferson Do?" and Ultimate Sacrifice.

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 05:29 PM
I agree with you 100%. The same thing is happening in Australia here - everything, and I mean everything has been sold off to multinational corporations. its basically a rich mans playing field now. The governments dont want to own anything anymore and have privatised all services.

Just looking at the US with the issue with Blackwater - they are slowly privatising the military, giving them experience in Iraq and other places, then bringing them back to the US to possibly use in a martial law scenario.

They dont have the same strict protocols that the military have to adhere to, so they would be possibly more dangerous as they wouldnt have to account so much for their actions and in particular, the government isnt responsible for what they do so any dirt they cough up they cant pin on the president.

The North American Union is another risk, not with Canada I dont think, but by amalgamating Mexico into the Union, how do you know who or what has gotten into their in recent times?

Say a whole bunch of terrorist have been sitting pretty in Mexico, knowing this NAU was coming, then when in comes in, they are officially NAU citizens free to go around and do what they want, instead of risking crossing the Mexico/US border and getting busted, as porous as it may be.

The whole western world, not just the US now, is selling its asses for a dollar and the middle classes and average joe and his family are the ones that are suffering.

posted on Sep, 29 2007 @ 03:18 PM
Im not sure how much I believe all this....but its all very interesting to read and ponder.

Shoot, I just found this site and am reading so much stuff that makes me
LOL!! I know this thread started years here I am in Sept of 07 wondering something...

Anyways, im curious as to your opinion on Dubai purchasing a large amount of the Nasdaq:

posted on Oct, 29 2007 @ 06:15 PM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

one fact you guys forget is that there millions of americans armed to the teeth. an invasion even with chinas numbers would be a longshot

posted on Oct, 29 2007 @ 06:40 PM
what the media dosent show is there are houndreds of milita groups around the us that train every week,many exmilitary,most armed with assault rifles.the cost in money alone would be to much for anyone to handle,not to mention lives and resources

posted on Nov, 21 2007 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by Melbourne_Militia

[edit on 21-11-2007 by rockets red glare]

posted on Nov, 29 2007 @ 02:17 PM
Hmm. While I'm a supporter of the war in Iraq (tho' it should have been completed back in '91) one thing it does illustrate is the difficulty in subduing a population with military force.

We have nearly 175000 troops, top of the line troops, to be exact, in Iraq. If our force wanted to, we could pacify the entire country very quickly. Only our national honor and decency prevents us from doing so.

My point (yes, I have one) is that even if the Chinese were somehow able to land 1.5 million troops in the United States (teleporters? Chinese Buffet Restaurants?) it wouldn't be nearly enough troops to occupy this country. Someone do a map overlay, comparing Iraq geographically to the US. People often refer to our military (inaccurately) as "thinly spread." Image 1.5, even 5 million troops trying to occupy an area as large as CONUS. Then keep in mind the number of natural barriers there are here. The mountains, the rivers, all of it would conspire to frustrate an invader.

China lacks the sealift capability to invade Taiwan, across the dinky little Strait. How are they going to move anything even close to an occupation force to the US? Hide them in Mexico? Drive across the Windsor bridge into Detroit? "Hey, there, my name is Han Zedong. I mean Trevor ey?" Right.

Now, the idea does make pretty good fiction (read Invasion, by Eric L. Harry). However, even this book has one flaw. Harry neglects to mention the response the Russians would have to a powerhungry China. If China is going to invade anyone, it would be Russia. No water to cross, weaker military, large untapped natural resources, lots and lots of elbow room.

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by 2stepsfromtop
Another thing to be sure of is that in the United States, where guns are in practically every home, Foreign Troops and a Bush Martial Law takeover will be so seriously greeted by the use of those guns and other weapons systems that are in private hands.
[edit on 23-12-2006 by 2stepsfromtop]

Wishful and unrealistic thinking. Most gun owners have no military experience and will lay their weapons down...choosing life with tyranny over death.

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 09:18 PM

Originally posted by GrndLkNatv
First off who is dumb enough to get on a box car for the government? You people don't understand that more than half the population here are scots irish. We would rather die fighting than live on our knees. Trust me, 1 million troops with guns are not going to keep 250 million people with guns firing at them at bay. The citizens of this country will not lay down, let along the gangs and the para military groups here in this country. As I said, let them come to the mountains of Colorado or Wyoming, they will die and be eaten by the coyotes, bears and wolves.

Sorry, the citizens of this country have already laid down...have you been paying attention? We are being run by a corrupt, evil fascist dictator currently...where's the rioting over that? Oh yeh, gotta get the kids to soccer and make the mortgage payment...nevermind.

posted on Dec, 2 2007 @ 10:11 PM

Originally posted by FreedomFighterGrL

I got these from someone who was investigating this stuff. There was a link and a web site I printed them off of but now that link doesn't work and I can't find my source. I have no way of posting these unless I get a scanner or something.

The person investigating all this stuff wouldn't happen to be named Pam Schuffert would she? That lady is nuts...

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:25 PM
Wow where do I start with this...I've read this whole thread and it is now 1 full year later since this post started and my Aussie friend who started it has called this from a year ago...he stated how 2007 the economy was going to head down and that China was going to be selling American currency in which both things have happened. China has had a 100 year plan in place for quite a while now I think everyone knows about it but yet doesnt know about it. Other small subtle things going down like China turning away the American ships during thanksgiving and all of the one sided trade talks that are going on now as I write this. I tried contracting Freedom via U2U but it says I have to have 20 posts I wanted to share thoughts with him but ill throw it out in the open. I am a believer that there is a New World Order out there that is being ran by the same people who run alot of our big businesses today and I dont think these people are from here I think they are based somewhere in europe. I think this dates back to well before Christ was even born. I think alot of the things that happen do not happen because of some weird coincidence I think it is a plan. When you look at the past few major wars that we have had IE Gulf war 1 Gulf War 2 Vietnam WW1 & WW2 look at the reason those wars were started.....(really for no reason at all) some leader from some country getting killed (ww1) north invading south (korea, vietnam, american civil war) kuwait getting invaded..which really cmon what significance is kuwait to us as a country on and on and point is what have we gained from any of these wars.....overall nothing it seems we have traded one scumbag for another...I mean wasnt a country like Iran a democracy before we overthrew it and put one of our cronies in there and now. Iran a country that really poses no threat to us anyways ok so they get a nuke weapon they use that nuke bomb you think they would do that knowing that if that bomb had an iranian postmark on it we would turn Iran into a parking lot? So why focus on that when we should be focusing on Russia and China who combined really have im guessing half of the worlds population and technology that does rival ours how the heck are we not focusing on these guys. Well the reason why its because someone out there has a plan and as our government gets more and more corrupt I think it is inevitable that we as the nation we have some to know and love will not be the same in 10 years...keep in mind the roman empire and many before and since has fallen ...and i dont think they fell out of sheer coincidence. These secret societies and money and world policy and war all are connected. Please give me feedback I want to know where i could be wrong so I can learn.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 02:28 PM
Oh yeah and the guy I was referring to who is quite a wise wise man or he just made a very lucky call is Melbourne Militia...But I think he just knows his s***

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