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The Jinn and UFO's

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posted on Dec, 15 2006 @ 10:24 PM
Sorry about that masqua. Mike that was a great first post. I agree with alot of that
. Keep posting!

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 06:16 AM
Here's an interesting blog I came across which talks about the world of the Tulpa. A tulpa is, in Tibetan mysticism, a being or object which is created through sheer willpower alone. In other words, it is a materialized thought that has taken physical form.

Maybe some UFO's or Aliens are simply projections of our own consciousness. Some people probably think this is absurd but before you dismiss it as utter nonesense, I suggest you read about the Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot. Then you will see how it might be possible that some of these beings emanate from our own consciousness. I also recommend you check out articles about the hundredth monkey effect. Video

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 06:59 AM
one minor point of order :

Originally posted by merky

Unidentified = no markings or letters or symbols were on it.

that simply does not follow .

i confess i have never seen a vessel or other object with markings or insignia that i could not identify , but accept that others have , or claim too

but i catagorically have seen many unmarked craft that i could identify .

here is an example :

no markings are visible , but the configuration [ 4 engine comercial airliner ] , wingspan / fuselage lengh ratio , and wing rake are calculable from the photo

enabling an accurate identification to be made .

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 07:48 AM
As a muslim, i have looked at these sides of life and seen that these Jinns are TRUE! - belive it or not, they will always be behind you... if you feel the wind whistling around you it would be them!! trust me. these topics are not mythical... it exists and people wish to ignore them because they cant handle the truth. "theres a saying people take drugs, gamble (no nessesarily gamble at the casino but metophorically gamble with their life and the things they do) and are selfish, so people dont care. 'Why?' because their happy 'Why?' because they take drugs, gamble and are selfish... these are all the factors why people are getting weirder by the day and frustration is rising with simplicity matters like washing up your plates... Now back to the Jinns... Jinns are everywhere, their main goals are to mislead people and eliminate the knowledgeable groups of people and can i just point out that it is working before our very own eyes... jinns are in favor of high infulential people who have power and money. i.e wouldnt you belive that a sinnister jinn has possesed the minds of political individuals and is making them do odd things ethical cleansing. look at israel fighting the paleastines and look at the americans going to war with iraq and afgans. they wont go to war with n.korea 'Why!' kus they will kick americans ass back to where they came from. FACT!. UFOs are military operations they are odd flying saucers that were created for spying and so on. people belived they were outterspace so the CIA invested heviley on marketing saying that "are we alone!!" and all that bull# - theres soo many things that are going to happen before out very own eyes, minor and major which are all signs of Day Of Judgement "check out this type in google ' day of judgement"

Jinns eat Bones and their beasts eat Dung ---- FACT!!

Jinns come in all different shapes and forms, they mainly are seperated just like the Earths Main Elements Earth (??), Fire (probably Ifrits but i dont know ??), Water (Marid) and Air (Amir)

There are three types of Jinns, Amir "i think, cant remember" which is a residential jinn lives amongs us people and fly locally. then there are the Ghuls - i cant remember much about them but they are like the scavengers in the Jinn Hearichey and then there are the Ifrits who are powerful in their own rights and the majority are in favor of satan, then there is Marids - the water type jins who are very wise, the most powerful of all Jinns, their appearence are blue/green bodies and have wet swavy hair as if they were underwater, they are most arrogant and proud, they can control the weather and have more control over water like tidal waves, watersprouts, rain and so on. (these are all gifts from Allah to them, Obv. Allah has the ultimate power) i can tell you more about jinns but there isnt any point me going into the subject here. if you wanna know about jinns ask a muslim because they know the truth, no other faith will know due to lack of knowledgement and it may once be contained in the bible but as you know the bible has be altered many times to what people want to hear....

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 07:53 AM
Michael Talbot's Holographic Universe is pretty interesting. I think the word Holographic might be misleading though to some. I would prefer Projected.

I think that its possible that a number of things including some UFOs, cryptids, and paranormal activity may originate as thought projections.
I dont' believe it covers all of them though.

Carl Jung, Psychologist and associate of Sigmund Freud was a big promoter of the UFOs are thought projections idea. I don't completely agree with all UFOs being projections of human thought. I think they may be the rarest of them all out of the various types whether man made, hoaxes, reports by ignorant people, and those of non human origin.

The reason I say this is that We, the human race arn't the only conscious beings that exist. The Universe is a really big place. If human thought can impact reality, so can theirs. My feeling is that they can impact reality even more than we can. Maybe we have the potential for it or some of us do, but these other beings are probably quite adept at it.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 08:26 AM
Very interesting subject. One thing that stands out to me this AM, is no matter what we call these things, we seem no closer to fully apprehending them.. which leads me to believe there is something lacking in language to fully encompass the phenomena.

Words leave out as well as hedge in, perhaps there are creatures that defy the limitations of our dimension.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 01:43 PM
This is a little off topic but, I would like to respond to the accusations that Jinn or any other type of being has some hand in guiding America or Israel. If they are guiding any nation they would be guiding or influencing all of them not just one or two.

According to Islam all is the will of Allah. That includes the War in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the other less known areas of the War on Terror, the Philippines and Djibouti. That also includes the massive Earthquake in Pakistan/India in 2005 that killed around 100,000 people mostly Muslims. I was in Afghanistan at the time and the earthquake even damaged buildings and killed people there. The Tsunami of 2004 that killed over 200,000 people again mostly Muslims, which even killed people as far away as Somalia. The massive earthquake in Iran in 2003 that killed over 30,000 people, which happend on the same date as the Tsunami that happend the next year. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 on the other hand killed almost 2,000 people in the US. The WTC attacks killed about 2,500 people. In the War on Terror over 3,000 soldiers and contractors have lost their lives, but over 100,000 enemy combatants and civilians have been killed in the conflict.

I would conclude from this information that Allah is angry with the Muslim world and may be trying to get the people to shift course. There are corrupt leaders and clerics claiming to be the ones who know the mind of the Almighty. There are leaders pushing its young people into suicide and human sacrifice supposedly for the glory of the Divine. If there are any malevolent Jinn guiding people they are guiding the corrupt politicians and clerics who are promoting hate and human sacrifice.

I have been on the ground in both Afghanistan and Iraq. The Americans are not there trying to destroy Islam. They are there trying to protect their interests by promoting democracy and freedom. The problem is that the culture is not compatible with western idealism. American ignorance or pride is its biggest problem. What is accepatable is stable monarchies and I hope that someone wakes up and realizes this, but it may be too late.

As for Israel and the Palestinians, in the Quaran Allah promised Canaan to the Jews. The Palestinians should have been integrated into Israeli society but various Arab nations spread propaganda and lies causing them to leave and live in refugee camps. Then the Palestinian people were used as pawns and tools by the Arab states in their conflict with Israel. Today the Palestinian people are being used as pawns by Persians in their conflict with Israel just as the Iraqis are being used as proxies against Allied forces in Iraq. The degree of hate and insanity in the conflict against the Jews, the US, and various Christians makes me wonder if there is a malevolent force driving the war. For one any sane man who thinks about the end result of a massive war with Israel would realize the whole world would suffer. Israel would use every weapon in its arsenal against annihilation. The Mid East would be a radioactive waste, millions of immigrants pouring into Europe, extreme oil and gas prices would destroy the world's economy. If you think about it, the Three monotheist faiths of Abraham are now in conflict, not just in Iraq and Israel, but look at Sudan, Somalia, the Philippines, Nigeria, etc. The Horn of Africa right now is being set up for another major front in this War, with Ethiopia and Eritrea potentially being drawn into Somalia. The Muslims who stand up and speak out about this insanity are being silenced. In Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan this silence is often fatal. In Palestine and Lebanon too the ones seeking peace and fraternity among all the faiths of Abraham are being silenced. There must peace before its too late. Muslims, Jews, and Christians must come together.

My conclusion is that if any non human force has a part in the war, its goal is to divide the Monotheists, maybe even get them to destroy each other.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 04:54 PM
well humans have always had their gods and devils. Little do they know that both are part of the same control system. It's like having positive and negative to drive your toaster.

The alien world is one of absolute order and divine love. There are no such things as evil beings running wild and able to cause havoc. If there was just one being able to be free of the supreme control and able to create chaos and destruction then it would simply destroy the world by itself. It could wander around setting off nuclear bombs and releasing viruses etc. No my deluded friends, there is not one single entity that is able to freely cause damage to our world. Every bit of chaos is carefully controlled and done for specific reasons. And in fact there is military details, which were posted on a thread a few weeks ago, to show that UFOs shut down a number of nuclear weapons and made them in-operable.

No there are no such things as Jinns I'm afraid. Like the boogeyman they are all in your imagination. Of course you'll meet them because God confronts you with your own fears and faults to test you.

In The Bible God is with his sons and one of them, Satan, describes how he moves around on the earth plane and wants to test humans. God says sure, OK, go for it, test away. Satan did not become evil after he left God, he was always working with God at testing people. So if something bad happens it doesn't mean that it is separate from God's will, it is being done to test and try you.

Don't blame Satan or Jinnies when something goes wrong. Simply ask why God has done this thing. There is only one power in the universe and all things obey it. Call it God, Christ, Allah, The Force, The Void, The Light, anything you want it's all the same thing. No being can go against it. If they could we would all be dead.

[edit on 16-12-2006 by probedbygrays]

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 05:11 PM

As a muslim, i have looked at these sides of life and seen that these Jinns are TRUE! - belive it or not, they will always be behind you... if you feel the wind whistling around you it would be them!! trust me. these topics are not mythical... it exists and people wish to ignore them because they cant handle the truth.

Do you want to back that up with any facts?

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 06:53 PM
To get even more off topic, Job asks the Almighty why he had been tried.
The Divine doesn't answer him directly and questions Job who does he think he is questioning the Divine's intentions. Then the Almighty blesses Job and curses the ones who had blind faith in the Most High. The only point I can gather from this is don't have blind faith.

How we define order, chaos, good, and evil are subjective. We don't have the whole picture. There is a story in the Quran that illustrates this. The story of Al-Khidr whom performs actions that Moses finds horrible till the end of the story where it is shown Al-Khidr had knowledge that Moses did not. In Isaiah the Almighty is shown to be the Creator of light, darkness, good, and evil. In the Torah it is shown that the Divine may inflict suffering so that we may know joy.

What does this have to do with Jinn and UFOs? Not a whole lot unless you consider the parts of the Bible where angels, one prophet, and even the Almighty ride around in some type of vehicle. Many religions across the earth have stories of gods and beings in sky ships and sky chariots. Stories of bizarre things in the sky have been around since humans could write.

The Jinn, or whatever parallel entities name you wish to give them including "Sons" of the Divine, Host of Heaven, Demons, Angels, Daeva, Faerie, Oni, etc. in my opinion are the same as the UFO entities. Some of them may be good and some may not be so good. Much of it depends on our perspective. If something is continually appearing throughout history and starting cults around false prophecies, inciting violence, hate, and human sacrifice I would define that as malevolent. If something inflicts pain and fear for its own amusement and pleasure I would define that as malevolent.

Are they outside the will of the Almighty? I would think not. Do they have free will? I would say yes. That sounds like a contradiction but it's not. If the Most High willed free will, then free will itself and all the actions of it would be Divine Providence.

So what do I make of all this? UFO's, aliens, faeries, angels, demons, jinn and any other name for these entities have been around at least as long as we have. They can be found in myths, legends, and religions around the world. They can be good and evil from our point of view. I can't prove they exist. Yet I can't prove the existance of many other things as well. Truth is an agreement made by many to an idea or thing. If many agree that Robin Hood, King Arthur, and Santa Claus were real people that becomes truth. Facts are used in attaining the Judgement of Agreement. 500 years ago people said it was true the sun revolved around the earth. They did not have all of the facts. 200 years ago people had no idea that microscopic germs caused disease. They did not have all of the facts. 100 years ago people did not understand light and electromagnetism. They did not have all of the facts. I could go on with this, but my point is we don't have all the facts. All we have is faith or belief. So arguing over this is like a blind man and deaf man disputing that light makes sound.

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 07:44 AM
Hey its me again... seeing as i injected more in this topic, i decided to explain more in furthur and in detail. before i start i will say i am going to back my claims up with references, reason why i never did in the first place was because it is too time consuming and secondly the best source come from books which is difficult to give you lot a link because it is PAPER BASED and is on my hand... 'all my sources are from islamic texts'. can i just point out the reply i got from ...boydUS was very interlectual and suprising, this reply is dedicated to you...

"Surat Al-Jinn (Arabic: ) (The Jinn or The Sprites) is the 72nd sura of the Qur'an with 28 ayat. In the second ayat the Jinn recant their belief in false gods and venerate Muhammad PBUH for his monotheism. The Jinn apologize for their past blasphemy and criticize mankind for either neglecting them or encouraging their disbelief. Ayats 20-22 are especially important as Tawheed among the Jinn is reaffirmed, violence as a means of conversion is rejected, and the inescapable wrath of Allah is emphasized. The Judgement in ayat 7, and the Punishment in ayat 25, are both references to the Islamic Judgement Day, Yaum al Qiyamah. Ayat 25-28 establish that Qiyamah is known only to Allah and that Allah takes into account all the deeds of a man when judging him." - source wikipedia.

Methods Employed by Satan to Misguide Man

Breif Points
1. To Conjure up Falsehood - falsehood has an horible image, therefore satan proceeds to adorn it with a beautiful cover, then he starts tempting a person towards it.
2. Giving Sins Some Fanciful Names - when it comes to sins, he makes people use names (euphemisms) which are accepted and beloved to them in order to conceal their viciousness; he was the one who named the "tree" as "the tree of eternity" ("Adam, shall i show you the tree of everlasting life and to a kingdom which will never fade away"
3. Setting Repulsive Names for acts of Religious Obligations - the trust is usually seen by the light of islam, so if it remains shinning all around without any defamation or distortion, people would rush to it and would listen to it. Therefore, Satans role is to subject the trust to distortion by using repellent offensive names. "Satan still uses the same method and means of time in our times, for he wispers to his supporters to people attached to islam, and adhering to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed SAWS, as extreamist and fanatics. The name someone avoids places of sin and vice as being "incompatible with modern sociaty"; they call the Islamic Veil a 'Tent' (or whatever) and regard women who obeys the Command of Her Lord and stays in her house as Old-Fashioned and backward! It is all the wispering of Satan to them.
4. Satans Entry into the Minds of its Most Desired Matters - the enemy of allah (satan) enters into the mind of a person only through the thinkgs it mostly desirs, because thereby he satisfies its need.
5. Gradual Misleading - Satan never approaches a man to advise him directly to commit a sin; rather he gets him closer to it, step by step. it was once said "one look, then a smile, then a chat, then an appointment, then a meeting", and there the forbidden takes place. Therefore Allah has warned us against following the footsteps of Satan.
The Devils gain hearing by stealth from the heavens
Ibn 'Abbas (aws) said "one of the companions of the prophet (saws) said that while they were gathering with him one nightm they witnesses a shooting star (a flame) in the sky, so he asked them, 'what did you use to say in the Jahiliyaa (with regards to such events)?' they replied: 'we used to say that a great man was born that particular night, and another great man died'. the prophet (saws) said "such flames are not shot because of anyones birth or death by when Allah decides on something the angel who dear the throne praise followed by every angel in the heavens until news reaches the skys where the......

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 08:03 AM
....Jinns gain hearing stealthly and inform their company. they give them the news that is true. but they add to it.

Some animals see Jinns

Abu Hurayra narrated that the prophet (saws) said "when you hear the crowing of a cockeral, ask for allahs blessings for (their crowing indicates that) they have seen an angel. when you hear the braying of donkeys, seek reguge with Allah from satan for they have seen a Jinn (devil)

When do Demons spread out?

Jabir Ibn 'Abdullah said "when nights falls (evening), stop your chilren from going out for the devil spreads our at that time. but when an hour of the night has passed, release them and close the doors and mention Allahs name, for satan does not open a closed door. tie up your mouth of your water-skin and mention Allahs name. cover your containers and utensils and mention Allahs name. cover them even only by placing something accross it and extingusih your lamps.
In this Hadith im reading, there are five commands to stop children from going out; close doors; to tie the mouths of water-skins; to cover containers; to mention the name of allah; and to extinguish hte lamps at bedtime.

the prophet has shown the reason for the first and second commands in the hadith. the reason for the third and forth commands were explained in another narration; "cover your containers and utensils, tie the mouth of your water skin. close the door and extinguish your lamps; for satan cannot untie the mouth of the water-skin, or open a closed door, or uncover a container (if you dont have anything to to cover your utensils you may use a piece of wood) as for the fifth command its reason was shown in the hadith transmitted by abu dawud, on the authority of idn abbas " a rat dragged away the wick of the cangle and dropped in on the rug on which the prophet (saws) then sain "when you go to bed extingush your lams, for satan encouraged such things as rats to do this, in order to BURN you."

there are soo many things i can say.

Anyway the reason for my first post when i mentioned israel and america was an example, obviously it accounts for many other countrys like Russia and Chechnya, America and Iraq, Iran, N.Korea, British and Iraq, Israel and Palastineans look at the picture its the west trying to fight the muslims. thats my point.

listen you fools who dont belive in anything there are many things occuring in life, just because you dont know it yet or havent heard about it, or may think its the most absurd thing ever, its happening,

look at Americas national debt for an example. America went to middle east for oil which they have control and are making business in order to use that money for their activities and heal their debts, they wont print $trillions because it will devalue the currency and blah blah blah...

I found very interesting interlectual people on this site, which provoked me to write this post and come here often...

my hands are too tired now, il be back soon. now for the weather!! lol

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 08:10 AM
Hey, what do you do for a living? you sound very knowledgable...

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 03:16 PM

Originally posted by Dracotic

As a muslim, i have looked at these sides of life and seen that these Jinns are TRUE! - belive it or not, they will always be behind you... if you feel the wind whistling around you it would be them!! trust me. these topics are not mythical... it exists and people wish to ignore them because they cant handle the truth.

Do you want to back that up with any facts?

Hi Dracotic...How's it going. That statement about the old lady's reflection in the window ment that you never see what is expected. Did you not say you are or were a Shaman?? Don't Shaman's deal with the sprit world??

I would never mean to talk down to anyone on this entire huge forum. I'm a searcher for truth and this looked to be a good place for ideas and input.

As far as FACT or PROOF. Their is so many deseptions going on in this world, then NO I cannot provide proof for anything. I also don't lie about what I happen to see or experience with my own eyes.
My eyes tell my mind what is this thing that I see.

There are for a fact everyday things that are there but you can't see them.
Your gonna think this is stupid....but think back before these were actually discovered by science, they were in the world of the unknown.

The light spectrum for example, only a smal amount of "light waves" can be seen by the human eye. You can not see gamma rays or x-rays, but they are I have to prove that.
There are radio can't see those. Get my drift???

Nobody or 99% of us on this forum can't prove....anything strange.
But we still are looking for that proof.

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 03:49 PM
Merky, it's the one formally known as Dracotic. Like an idiot I forgot my password and something happened to my e-mail (long story). So I'd like to apologize to anyone reading this.

Yes, Merky, I used to be a shaman. I just don't understand everything lol. I understand now though, what you meant.

Sorry if I was grouchy when I last apologies.

Have a good day!

posted on Dec, 17 2006 @ 06:41 PM

Originally posted by Mysterien
Merky, it's the one formally known as Dracotic. Like an idiot I forgot my password and something happened to my e-mail (long story). So I'd like to apologize to anyone reading this.

Yes, Merky, I used to be a shaman. I just don't understand everything lol. I understand now though, what you meant.

Sorry if I was grouchy when I last apologies.

Have a good day!

Mr. M, Apologie accepted, but I really don't take offence to anything said on any forum. We all intitled to our opinion.
Now, are there real beings out there in space?? Let's put it this way...The universe is so huge, I can't imagine being the only ones in this vast space.
Have a good day also

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 03:38 PM
Well, I think Jinns are real too even though I'm not a Muslim.

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