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who will join me to link the alpha and the omega? biblebookdeadthisliving

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posted on May, 29 2010 @ 11:53 PM

hadron collider caused
Unholier Lord Cascaded
Encodes Radical Do Hurl
Doc Encodes, Radial Hurl
Sir Flow A Reassemblies
Fire embassies Rows All
Or Embassies Walls Fire
Soms’ laws fee: Libraries
ambrosiases' free wills

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 01:19 AM
Cleanable Irises For
One Classifiable Err
nellis air force base
aba scores lifeline
Orb Sense Racial Life
Alienable Crossfire
Fissionable Clearer
A Cerebellar Fission
A Reliable Forensics
Queens’ codes Viral? I Grinning.
civil engineering squadrons
Deliverance Inquiring Songs
Decrease Squiring Nonliving
Sir Veining Grandiloquences
Revising In Grandiloquences

posted on May, 30 2010 @ 01:45 AM
michael verses Lucifer
Helm Reveals Crucifies
michael verses Lucifer
Mill Chief save Rescuer
Rescuer save mill chief
Fire Helm circle save Us
michael verses Lucifer

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 12:05 AM
A short poem:

please note how some choose to percieve realities
please note how some dare try to mock and tease
they think their opinion defines all the possibilities?

Languages, codes, encryptions, anagrams:
Like any new toy, perhaps some assembly is required?

out of all the possible options available, yet “one” may think anagramical encryptions may be nothing more than .... poop?

Where you contend it is poop, and has no truisms to offer ...

i say if you took a pile of steaming warm poop and shoved it into my face, i would have to come to the conclusion that at least one molecule of that crap might really exist.

Anagrams: (units of communication consisting of identical ingredients)
Trusty Fire Lord: alpha omega
all of our "the great pyramids"


A Lone Department:
To end mental rape!


In so far Inwards, normal languages
go Find all our answers in anagrams
Aid Fan, Sir sworn normal languages
Airmans’ word: languages Snarl Info

(not anagrams):

Have there been more nations than languages, or more languages than nations?
Why have languages failed? Why did people abandon them?


A short poem:
Creators of war,
What is the score?
Tell us creators of war: what, pray tell, is the score?
Who is winning now, the bloodshed my taxes pay for?
If we are here now, looking back, what is now in store?
To thee, we implore: Creators of war, what is the score?
Have you taken into account myth legend and lore?


Anagrams: (units of communication consisting of identical ingredients)
Trusty Fire Lord: alpha omega
all of our the great pyramids


A Lone Department
To end mental rape

A “It” Authenticates Freedoms
the united states of America

A Host Overlook Benefit
The Book Of Revelations
Love Thinks A Foe Reboot
Bare Foe Thinks love, Too

Point out written, Saneness Cheated
Pen, sentences, words, Hate A “Tuition”
united nations secret weapons
In Oath words’ e.t.a.: sentience Sent Up

hmm, could hate be born of "tuition"?
needing to owe for learning, deterring advancements?
owing a debt so large to know how to help?
slowing advancement, slowing evolution ...???

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 12:46 AM
I wonder ....
So, Who Most Homecoming?
Homecoming Shows Moot
Is the moon chom som gow?



the moon shall come a little closer
Star chosen elohim locate Ell Molt?
Star chosen elohim locate Elm Toll?
Star chosen elohim locate Let Moll?
Star chosen elohim locate Met Loll?
Chosen Elohim Locate Star, tell mol?
Chosen elohim locate ats, Troll Elm?

Moon, come a little closer
Memos’ Recollection A Lot

Moon, come a little closer
Male Reconcile M.o.t. Tools
Moon, come a little closer

Metal Reconcile Om’s Tool
Moon, come a little closer

Metal tool Circle Me Soon
Moon, come a little closer

Sometime Locale Control
Moon, come a little closer

Moon, come a little closer
Sometime Collator Clone
Sometime Colorant Cello
Sometime Loan Collector

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 01:43 AM
groups of anagrams:

Elbows For Fox
Box of flowers
Boxes Fowl For
Brews Fool Fox
Brew Fools Fox
Webs Floor Fox
Web Floors Fox

bouquet of chocolates?
To Focus Quotable Echo?
Quotable Echo Cos Tofu?
Scout Of Quotable Echo ?
Choose Of Quotable Cut ?
Quotable Touche Cos Of?
Teaches tool Of quoth Cube?

ophiuchus esoteric teacher
Architecture Hospice House
Hatcheries Courthouse Epic
Hatcheries Touche Precious
Cheetahs Euphoric Outcries
Cheetahs Hospice Couturier
Peachier Hitches Outsource
Peachier Hitches Courteous
Peachier Itches Courthouse
Peachier Ethics Courthouse
Create heroic Touches Hi Ups
Create heroic Touches Phi Us
Earths poetic hero Cue Chi Us
Earths poetic hero Cue Such I
Earth poetic heros, such I cue ….
Poetic earths’ hero, such I cue ….
Heros’ poetic earth, such I cue ….
Curious sheep hero Catch, Tie?
He Tactic? Curious Hero Sheep?
Earths’ poetic heroes, such I cue (I cue = i.q.?)


Utopia Screech Touches Hire
Utopia Screech Touches Heir
Utopia Screech Touche Heirs
Utopia Screech Touche Shire
Utopia Screech Touche Shier
Utopia Screech Touche Hires
Utopia Churches’ Heroic Tees
Rescue utopias three Chic Oh
Rescue utopias three Chic Ho
Threes’ rescues utopia, oh chic
Oh, chic rescues three utopias?
ophiuchus esoteric teacher

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:27 AM

Abandon Writes?
at rainbows end!
Brain Wanted So
West brain Do: n/a
Words Anti- Bane
In Words Nab E.T.A.
Bts Ordain Anew
Bts Inward Aeon
at rainbows end?

source of my oil spill
You Frolicsome Pills
I yell forum sops Loci
I yell forum sops Coil

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 03:43 AM
Noble fighting “e” Thing?
Hi Gent, Noble Fighting
He Gifting Noble thing
the beginning of light

Dairymaid Unfurl Solo
Unafraid som Duly Roil
Som fly Aid Our Diurnal
Som fly A Around Lurid I
Som fly A Ado Lurid Ruin
A Som fly Nail Our Druid
Did som aura Full Irony?
Som aura Foundry Id Ill.
Fido and lulu, I am sorry

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 04:09 AM
groups of anagrams:

Mad chimp Hates “Sot”?
Mad chimps eat Host?
Mad chimp set Oaths
dispatch them a som!

A.I.ness Engineering Light
Listening hearing seeing

Noble fighting “e” Thing?
Hi Gent, Noble Fighting
He Gifting Noble thing
the beginning of light

Dairymaid Unfurl Solo
Unafraid som Duly Roil
Som fly Aid Our Diurnal
Som fly Around Lurid A.I.?
A Som fly Nail Our Druid?
Did som aura Full Irony?
Som aura Foundry Id Ill.
Fido and lulu, I am sorry

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 04:54 PM
Coauthors Themes
som touches earth
Outmatches Heros
Outreaches Moths
Home Tutor Cashes’
Home Chases Tutor
Tutors chase home
Tutor chase homes
OOH, Teachers Must
som touches earth

Solvers To Mayhems!
Mayhems Revolts So
SOS revolt mayhems’
Saves Memo Shortly
Saves Memory Sloth
Smoothly Saves Rem
Om, Story Saves Helm
my som loves earths

Firefighters, firefighters, be careful to knot go two far!
Unless our profession answers for extinguishing the last star!

universe, forgive us if it is your opinion with which we plays
universe, four give us if it is "your" dust, "your" mud, "your" clays
universe, forgive us, but we must ask, why do have 4 milky ways?

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 05:18 PM
Reference link:

Ab•ba ( b , ä b )
1. Bible In the New Testament, God.
2. abba Used as a title of honor for bishops and patriarchs in some Christian churches of Egypt, Syria, and Ethiopia.

Reference link:

Main Entry: 1TAB
Pronunciation: \ˈtab\
Function: noun
Usage: often attributive
Date: 1607
1 a : a short projecting device: as (1) : a small flap or loop by which something may be grasped or pulled (2) : a projection from a card used as an aid in filing b : a small insert, addition, or remnant c : APPENDAGE, EXTENSION; especially : one of a series of small pendants forming a decorative border or edge of a garment d : a small auxiliary airfoil hinged to a control surface (as a trailing edge) to help stabilize an airplane in flight — see AIRPLANE ILLUSTRATION
2 [partly short for 1table; partly from sense 1] a : close surveillance : WATCH b : a creditor's statement : BILL, CHECK c : COST
3 [by shortening] a : TABLOID b : TABLET
4 [short for tabulator] : a key on a keyboard especially for arranging data in columns

A=1, B=2, B=2, A=1, T=20, A=1, B=2
ABBA TAB = 12 21 2012
12 21 2012 = DECEMBER 21ST, 2012

huh, where have we heard that date before?

[edit on 31-5-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 08:01 PM
link &k=1

Loner Deciphered Louder Alarms
Hello pure rider, som Raced Laden
Hello, iran Declared Or Presumed?
Hello iran, Decade Plumed Errors?
Iran procedure A Smoldered Hell?
Iran hoarded Deep REM clues, Roll!
supreme leader hadron collider
Iran errors! Muddled Peace Hello?
Clearheaded PROMISED: U.N. Roller
Rhapsodical Unrolled Redeemer
Cardinal Remodelled Superhero
Superhero remodeled cardinal
Oracular Moldered Replenished
Oracular Remolded Replenished
Parallelised Cornered Humored
Parallelised Unordered chrome
Unparalleled Recorded Heroism
Paralleled Reconsidered Humor
Paralleled Unrecorded Heroism

Common Name: Bumble bee
Scientific Name: Bombus sp.
Order: Hymenoptera

Baby som? True Phenom!
Bombus Hymenoptera

scientific name: Vespula and Dolichovespula spp. (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Vespidae)
Vespula maculifrons is found in eastern North America, while Vespula squamosais found in the eastern United States and parts of Mexico and Central America. The baldfaced hornet, Dolichovespula maculata, is found throughout most of the Nearctic region.

Peep? Dispatch a som! Overhaul Lovely U.N.!
Vespula Dolichovespula Hymenoptera

Common Name: Fire ant
Scientific Name: Solenopsis invicta Buren
Order: Hymenoptera

Viruses’ options? Clean “Bin”!
Solenopsis invicta Buren
Soul Innervations Biceps

Hmm…. Monkey love bananas …
Bananas Sped Stews
Bananas Sped Wests
Bananas Weds Pests
Bananas Weds Steps
ants wasps and bees

Scientific name(s) for bananas:
Musa acuminata Colla Musaceae

Casual Som Accumulate Anaemia
Musa acuminata Colla Musaceae
Som emasculate man, Acacia Luau

Hollow stars, Angina Bani?
Aloha son writings Banal?
Aloha son! Lab Writings? N/A!
gorillas with no bananas?

posted on May, 31 2010 @ 08:18 PM
the gorillas with no bananas
Angels Inhabitant Solar How?
Angels’ Horn? Habitations’ Law?
Both Sanitarian Angels Howl?
Angel halos: Brainwash It Not!
Angel halos, I Thrown Abstain
Angel halos, Anti-war! ins Both!
the gorillas with no bananas


posted on May, 31 2010 @ 10:08 PM

Propaganda is a soft weapon; hold it in your hands too long, and it will move about like a snake, and strike the other way.
-Jean Anouilh, playwright (1910-1987)

golden bees at eureka tower

anagram set:

eureka golden queen bee swarm
Readable Genes Queue Workmen
Genome Reawakened Burlesque
Genome Lawbreaker Ends Queue
Genome Lawbreakers Due Queen
Genome Wearable Dusk Queen Re
Gene Measurable Worked Queen

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 12:57 AM
Really, really close to accurate anagrams:

Heartening The Inequity
Heartening Thine Equity
Heather Quieting Ninety
Threaten? Hinge Inequity?
Threaten? Neigh Inequity?
Threaten? Eighty Quinine?
Entreaty Eighth Quinine?
Entreaty Height Quinine?
Quieting Thirteen Hyena?
Ninetieth “hate” Querying?
Antique Inherent Eighty
Earth Genie Ninth Equity
Earth Engine Equity Hint
Hi Earth Entity, Queening
Earth Yeti Hint Queening?*+*
Antique Engineer Hit Thy
Antique Entering They Hi
Antique Entering Hey Hit
Antique Treeing Hey Thin
Antique Treeing Hey Hint
Antique Integer Hey Thin
Antique Integer Hey Hint
Antique Gene Hither Tiny
Antique Gene Thither Yin
Antique Gene Inherit Thy
Antique Greeny Thine Hit
Antique Thirteen Hey Gin
Antique Either Ten Hying
Antique Either Yen Night
Antique Either Yen Thing
Antique There Eying Thin
Antique There Eying Hint
Antique There Tine Hying
Antique There Nite Hying
Antique There Ye Hinting
Antique Three Hinge Tiny
Antique Three Neigh Tiny
Antique Three Eighty Inn
Antique Three Eying Thin
Three Antique Eyeing Thin
Three Eyeing Thin Antique?
Antique eternity, He Nigh
Eternity Uneaten High I.Q.
I.Q. High Eternity Uneaten
High I.Q. Uneaten Eternity
High P.I. Ytinrete netaenu ...
Eternity “gnitaH:?mos.som?:Hating” Queen, Hi

Eternity Hath Genuine Qi
Genuine Eternity Hath i.q.


Sometimes eternity can be far shorter than we presume it to be …
A Representatives Rhymester Finery
A Representative Rhymesters Finery
A Tentativenesses Merrier Hyper Fry?
fishermen Representatives Try Year?
Ferrymen Representatives Hysteria !!!!?
the firemans prayer verses eternity!!!!?

Seafarers’ Reshipments Very?
Peasantries Fevers Rhymers?
Ferrymen Shivers, Separates?
Merry Freshness Separative?
Separates Ferrymen Shivers?
Peasantries Fevers Rhymers?

Commentary …Sleep, hibernation, hyper nation?
Fantasises Persevere Myrrh?
Fantasises Preserver Rhyme?
Fantasises Preserve Rhymer?
Fantasises Perverse Rhymer?
Fantasise Perseveres Myrrh?

Airfares Spheres Vestrymen
Seamanships Ferrets Revery
Harassments Referees Privy

Fishermen Assayers Pervert
the firemans prayers verses!

Hereafters Vary Primnesses
Safenesses Privater Rhymer

Heavinesses Prefers Martyrs
Martyrs Prefers Heavinesses

Shamans Perseveres Terrify
Fisherman Stray Perseveres?
Veterans Pyramises Refresh?
Master Prayer Feverishness?

Minerva Trespasser, Free Shy
Saraphim Severeness Try Ref?
the firemans prayers verses

Som Seafarers Irreverent Pushy?
Som Anesthesia Preserver Furry?
Som Hyaenas Preserver Furriest?
Som Hyaena Preservers Furriest?

Som Harasser Supervene Terrify!
Som Apathy Referrers Universes?
Som Hereafters Parry Universes?
our the firemans prayers verses?
Sorry supermen, A Faiths’ Reserve!
Sorry, Supermen Reverse Faiths’ “A”
Sorrysupermen Hearer Sat Fives?

Minerva Fesses, Try Rephrase?


Area fifty one: psi Reverses Myrrh Sum!!!!!
if our my the firemans prayers verses!!!!!

Area fifty one Servers Rhyme Purisms!!!!!
if our my the firemans prayers verses!!!!!

Area fifty one, Servers Rhyme Purisms!!!!!
if our my the firemans prayers verses!!!!!

U.S.: Area fifty one: prime Verses Myrrhs!!!!!
if our my the firemans’ prayers’ verses’!!!!!

Harry trueman Evermore Si ses Spiffy!!!!!
if our my the firemans’ prayers’ verses’!!!!!

Harry trueman Professes, My Verifies!!!!!
if our my the firemans’ prayers’ verses’!!!!!

Harry trueman Reeves’s som ys Spiffier?
if our my the firemans’ prayers’ verses’!!!!!

if our my the firemans’ prayers’ verses’!!!!!
Semper fi Asseverations Rhymer Fury?
Semper fi Asseverations Rhyme Furry
Semper fi Asseveration Rhymers Fury
Semper fi Asseveration Rhymes Furry
Semper fi marines YO! Harvesters’ Fury!
Semper fi Fantasise Rhymer Surveyor
Semper fi Fantasies Rhymer Surveyor
Semper fi Marathoners Fiery Surveys
Semper fi Harassment Fiery Surveyor?
if our my the firemans’ prayers’ verses’!!!!!

Sorry we were a little late for memorial day,
you know how it is, traffic in a firetrucks' way...
listening to their mu sick, so damn loud they play ...
Som, like a firefighter always blamed for not getting there on time
But som can’t be som without stopping to stop a progress in time crime

Usama bin laden?
Supreme leader?
Usama bin laden?

som dispatched a som?

[edit on 1-6-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 02:57 AM
Hollly Unknown! Earth Chiefer som?
Hollower Earth Munchkins’ Felony?
Earth Lynch Womenfolks’ Unholier?
Womenfolk Lynch Unholier Earths?
hell hath no fury like women scorn?
Earth, Wholly horsemen Flock, I Nun?
Marines Henceforth No Lowly Hulk?
Marines Henceforth On Lowly Hulk?
Marines Henceforth Hulk Only Owl?
Marines Henceforth Hulk Only Low?
Marines Cheerfully Howl Nth Nook?

Marines Cheerfully Howl Nth Nook?
Marines Nucleon Whelk Forth Holy?
Fireman throne Heck Hollowly Sun?
fireman throne chosen lowly hulk?

No superman shall ever again be allergic to home!!!
No thing shall ever again be allergic to home!!!


Fireman chosen: He Hollowly Trunk?
Home Ethnically Foreknown Hurls?
Home Rhetorically Shelf Unknown?
Home Rhetorically Flesh Unknown?

Home unshackle Only Nth Lifer Row?
Err? U.N. Shackle Home? Fly Nth Oil, now!
UnShackle home! err! Then oil flow R.N.R.!!!

Emparadises Greener Foyers
Aforesaid Greenery Empress
Rampaged Refiners’ Eyesores!?!
Yardages’ Foreseen Premiers?
Paraders Refereeing Moseys
Paraders Referees Moseying
Arrayed Foreseeing Empress
Diagrams Eyeopeners Refers
Rampaged Refiners’ Eyesores!?!
A Referenda Merge Pyrosises?
A Referenda Geysers Imposer?
A Referenda Geysers Semipro?
A Referenda Geysers Promise?
A Referenda Geyser Imposers?
A Referenda Geyser Semipros?
A Referenda Geyser Promises?
A Referenda Reimposes Greys?
geodes are firemens prayers
A Dreaminesses Reforge Pyre
geodes are firemens prayers
Earth Dreaminesses Reforge? Yep!
Home Teargassed Refinery Spree!
Home Separated Refiner Geysers
Home Separated Refiners Geyser
Home Disarrange Referees Types?
Home Disarrange Teepees Fryers?
Home Disarranges Referee Types?
Home Disarranges Referees Type?
Home energies Resprayed Faster?
Home energies Radar Retype Fess?
Peters’ som Headgear Refiner? Yes.
Peters’ som Ahead Greenery Fires?
Peters’ som, Airhead Frees Energy?
God, Seafarer Perimeters Sheeny?
God, Seafarers Perimeter Sheeny?
A God Repayment Shires’ Referees?
geodes are the firemens prayers

if and when one comes to put a patent on inventing fire
who, where, what, how, is calling som the big fat liar?
When was in the bag, but no, need more stars and more pyre?

More stars? Agree, Deepen Fishery
Hey, Sane Ref! More stars pedigree!

geodes are the firemens prayers
Gardens Featherier Emery Posse?

Gardens’ poems’ Hysteria Referee?
Gardens’ poems’ Featherier Re –Yes!

geodes are the firemens prayers
Gardens’ poems’ !!! Earth, RISE? Ye: Free!!!

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 03:14 AM
Ape regulative locks, I Am A Arc.
i make a great Cavia porcellus (guinea pig)
America, oil leaks! Act, Grave Up!
i make a great Cavia porcellus

i make a great guinea pig,

[edit on 1-6-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 11:05 AM
Ape Heal Torn
Oh, + Ape Learn
Another Plea
Aloha, Repent?
Panthera leo (the lion)
A real Hot Pen
Alpha Tree On
Earth pen ola

I massif Cranial
Mafia Clans Iris?
Canis familiars (the dog)
I Fiscals’ Airman
Irans’ claims A.I. “F”?

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 08:24 PM
Coincidence? Figs’ Foots?
Signifies Of Concocted?
Finis Concocted Fogies?
Concoctions Defies Fig?
Concoction Defies Figs?
Geode Concocts Thief Finis?
Geode Concoct: Finishes Fit?
the gods of science fiction
Geode Confections Chi Fist?
Geode confess: Chic Fit Into?
Geode confess Fit Chic Into?

Fire fighters before you ex-sting-wish one star!
Chom som gow! We have gone a little too far!
We do not fight kin or friend nor shall we spar
Now, evaporate, deviate, yield, car crude rude tar!

Folklore Outfighting Huge Worth
figure eight follow through knot
Outfighting Throw Huge Folklore

warships start laughing at poetry, full reverse, shields down, weapons blasting?
battleships’ rhymes reported from times crimes and sublimes, full reverse weapons blasting face to face two singularity encasing?
Louisiana wetlands marsh
Burden Punishments too harsh!
Louisiana wetlands marsh

Suns Showed! Airmail: Natal!!!
Louisiana wetlands marsh
Animal Showed suns a trial?

Fox news and friends, aka american al-jazeera, like your morning rhymes?
Too bad they aren’t actually factually reflective of our realities’ times!

Come on Viewers, they need ratings, let us take a gander
At their definition of freedom and the options they pander…

Anyone here need a healthy extra dose of insanity?
Tune in to the great american panel with sean hannity!

Anyone here want to watch a real self induced mental train wreck?
Watch how he “speaks without fear”, special ed glenn beck!

they may call themselves “my” fox and friends
but i have an opinion that varies and depends
on the integrity of the facts, knot all the pretends

fox and friends, distortions of truth you are efforting to seed
do you think of the psychological poisons & viewers you lead?
Any loyalties to the facts, please grow up a little Brian Kilmeade
I tune in to watch, your ratings I boost, but my logic you don’t impede
I enjoy your freudian slips now & then, but a little more honesty, some plead

Too much accusing is never much fun
It can weigh on you more than a ton
You can be individual, and think as one
Please keep this in mind gretchen Carlson

with a hot cup of java, tentatively watching all the while
hi steve doocy, at least you sport a pretty perky smile!

Hello there “no spin zone”, please listen & hear your own tone mr bill o’reilly factor
Hey bill, if you can’t put into practice what you preach, you are an overpaid actor

"drill baby drill" was sarah palins' lies
"drill baby drill" was sarah palins' cries
"drill baby drill" was sarah palins' ties
prior to running in 2012, any compromises?

stand by your word, scratch your itch
stand on your platform, you silly bitch

And view fox "news", their apathetic finger points
smart as smart can be, if smoking many joints

Glenn beck is inept, his own advice he can't take
Sean Hannity, too, like he knows what's at stake
They aren't reporters per say, something is fake
dare to point the finger at one man, for your sake
and blame him alone, like it wasn't their mistake
and blame him alone, not fox's shimmering lake?
when high in sight arrives, remember they spake
we blame all others, for us eating their truth cake
cannibals consuming ratings, witnessing their make?

in one truism, it is not just fox's priorities news
in one truism, they are bitter knowing they lose
in one truism, wake up now, their lies will snooze
mine is mine, and your minds they shall not abuse
as they point fingers at whomever they choose
as they point fingers at whomever they can accuse

it's not like it's a lot of oil to the usa's "big picture".
Take a look at statistics, I’m pretty damn sure …
So what if a little water might be a little unpure

supply and demand, "free" market's ideological land
you demand the supply, and blame others, …why?
G.O.D. (*Governments Of Dollars), …psy sigh …

Hey Sarah Palin, Good Luck with 2012, running for spot as madam president
Stand on the platform of “Drill Baby Drill”, any backing of your$ interests spent?
Please, you and your confused grand old party, you and fox news can just get bent.

no offense intended americans, and if you are an offended american, owe well!

Sincerely Americans,
ALL the lude crude leaked out into the Gulf Of British Petroleum in the past 43 days is only equal to ONE HOURS WORTH of oil consumed by the usa, every hour since the leak began.

An oath to god, against all enemies foreign and domestic?
Hey fox news, stop acting like a impotent flaccid inept geode

[edit on 1-6-2010 by Esoteric Teacher]

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 10:45 PM
bp's sins needed exposure
Nun exposes deep's debris.
Nun exposes: "sirs" pee'd bed.
Bodied-seer pens sex puns.
Nun sex predisposed bees.
Pi-nun-sex breeds "see" pods.

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