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Ahmadinejad to Speak at UN on 9/19

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 08:42 PM

Originally posted by Agit8dChop

Jee sorry westpoint..
but are you saying he shouldnt be given the chance to voice his side?

and he hasn't voiced his side to all the world already?... Oh yeah even people in his own regime said those words he uttered, say that he brought many problems to Iran because of what he said...wonder why they would say this if his words did not mean what most of the media in the world reported...

Originally posted by Agit8dChop
That he should just allow the US to dominate the UN against IRAN?

Sorry to barge in your dream but most nations now want to take Iran to the Security Council, except Venezuela, Cuba and Syria. I guess the U.S. is most of the world now huh?...

Originally posted by Agit8dChop
Simply because he isnt bowing to the US, he should immediaetly be BANNED from public speaking at the UN?

Why dont we just bomb him now, and forget about innocent until proven guilty huh?

Nobody said anything about "him bowing to the U.S.", but he has stated his intentions several times and most of the world knows that many of his intentions are not that good, so why would the world believe him when he claims his regime just wants nuclear technology for peaceful purposes?

A peaceful man does not talk about purging a whole nation from the Middle East.

By now those people who have followed what happens in Iran in government sponsored rallies, and what government sponsored bulletin boards and billboards say about Israel and the United States has nothing to do with peaceful intentions.

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 11:32 PM
No, in my opinion he HASNT voiced his side.
All we've heard are the media's SPIN on all his rantings.
Even on this site people go on abotu the PROPOGANDA value..
but when we are arguing AGAINST Him voicing his opinion.. this BIASED one sided propoganda suddenly becomes a valid side of reason.

You cant pick and choose when someones specahes are relevant or trash worth.

In a true democracy, in a true civilised state, your given as much opportunity to voice your side as possible.
Considering the turmoil in the middle-east, israel, lebanon, iraq, iran and all over... i think the western world NEEDS to give as MUCH space as possible to try and work this out peacefully.

Because we are all living in the consequences of using FORCE, before BRAINS.

The UN, what a disaster.
It was setup to stop instances such as WW2 occuring, so i think we should allow it to do its due course.
Wether it fails or not, we need to give as much opportunity to the voice of reason as possible.

China and Russia are both AGAINST force, hoping for the UNS sanctions and so forth.
The USA is the DRIVING force behind this action against IRAN.
Most nations want to TALK to iran, organise deals... the US Wants to slap them around straight away, so yes... I say the US wants to dominate the UN and impose sanctions followed by strikes.

OR do you see it differently muaddib?

Bowing to the US is exactly what is happening.
Its the US president declaring in speaches the axis of evil, the hitler comparisons and so forth to ahmajadine.
He was elected president, fairly and properly.
He's nervous that both of his neighbours have been invaded by his mortal enemy..
and nows hes being told to STOP researching nuclear science OR else.

That to me says '' bow to my demands or I will punish you ''

Isnt that exactly whats happening? he's defying the US's orders, in turn tthe US has taken the matter to the UN, looking for allies and backing behind its actions...

Why shoul the world trust the USA in working out the best possible solution for the worlds citizens in regards to Iran, with what we've just done to IRAQ.
You think the world should trust us 'this time'?

Your correct, a peaceful man doesnt.
And I in no way believe Irans president to be a 'peaceful decent' man.
I believeh e deserves the punishment he's getting.

He's talking about it.
hes talking about action aginst a country which.. honestly.. has invaded and occupied palestine.

But excuse me...
The USA did more than Talk about it.
We sent in our army, removed the leaders.. killed countless amounts of civilians and for what?
A bogus excuse, admittance of wrong doing... and now a major quagmire which has resulted in the entire region growing towards ANTI US propoganda.

Who's more the threat?
the man who threatens.. or the man who acts.. and then threatens again?

Iran deserves its chance in front of the UN, in DEBATE with the powers that are trying to remove it.
A Fair and decent world would allow this no matter how bad the man is.

You cant be a renegade, you need the world to agree this isnt a good situation and to act.
If you go it alone, AGAIN, the USA will fall.

For Americas own sake, I strongly HOPE... that the UN Allows Irans president, to voice his entire view on the matter.

He wil either shooot himself in the foot, or show a side of Iran the west refuses to publically achnowledge.

Either way, if u cut and run without giving him the chance, you run a major risk or turning this akward situation into a full blown crisis.

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posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 11:44 PM
You make many valid points Agit8dChop, and personally I agree with most of them.
However, I believe you are failing to see the good coming out of the Iraq situation. The individuals are being granted more rights and freedoms, and even the Iraqi forces are under Iraqi control now. there are elections, and there is full representation. AND all of that happened in what three and a half years only!? Come on now man if that is not a miracle I do not know what is. Only we could have done that. Sure there is violence, but there was extreme violence after every single war in human history of this scale. And three and a half years is a relativley short period of a countries timeline. Now that much of the country itself is under Iraqi control, our own forces can focus more on intelligence gathering and securing the country, until we withdraw the majority of our forces with a much smaller presence to maintain relations.

Sorry for derailing the thread now, but of course seeing as two whole countries were indeed toppled and occupied, with the rest of the nations being mostly allied with those very same people it is quite understandable why this man is slightly agitated. That is why I believe he has every right to speak in ront of the UN and even entitled to such a debate with our leader.I believe citizens can learn alot if we are given the opportunity to experience our world leaders talk to each other.

posted on Sep, 7 2006 @ 11:48 PM

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Well spoken. If President Bush had the moral high ground (and the ability) he would accept a debate with the Iranian President. Even if that option is idealistic, the opportunity for dialogue and negotiation should always be taken, rather than the language of force.

And lets not start talking about ignored U.N resolutions, because i think we'll find Iran is dwarfed in that respect by some it's regional competitors.

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 12:06 AM
Thanks Kojac! Thumbs up to ya

Dyepes, I agree that changing iraq from a dictatorship to a democracy is a fete in itself.
But it seems to me, that the support for this forced democracy is dwindling daily. And I wouldnt say IRAQ is allied behind the USA cause.. Id say the flakey government enforced into IRAQ is behind the cause.

Im glad women have more rights, and citizens have more opportunities open to them.

But Id like to ask them, if all this new found choice, all this western intervention is any better, than the stable yet limited life they had under saddam.
Saddam allowed you to live, to eat drink to as you please as long as you remmebered hes the boss. What he says goes, and if u didnt agree u were punished.
IT was ruthless and violent true.. but now.. if you dont agree with the western intervention, and sympathise with the resistance your considered a insurgent. Your raided and locked up.

And in the final years of his reign.. he seemed to be changing from a ruthless dictator, into someone who knew of the hardships put on his people through his weapons and his wars... so he stopped making weapons. he stopped his rhetoric.

But now, the people are forced to live under taliban style.. mass murders are carried out in the streets, daily bombings.. and this taboo that is civil war..
How many dead is it going to take for the US to finally admit the country is sliding towards anarchy. If It isnt already.

And the US Wants regime change in IRAN?

Proceeding along the same lines as we did in IRAQ, against IRAN.. is almost out of reach. Thats a large piece of land and a large population with a decent industrial base to use military force on.

If we force military action on them, it would be a dumb idea on Irans part NOT to develoup the bomb. SAddam knew he couldnt act against the US with any ' non convential ' arms, regardless of where they came from because the US managed to gain a lot of public support against the dictator.

But IRAN has managed to mass a decent amount of support FOR its safety this time, and there's probably enough of the world who wouldnt be outraged if IRAN used horrible weapons in there defence should the military angle occur.

Maybe thats the plan?
Force IRAN to develoup the bomb for defence.. then when its revealed, used or found... they can say '' see, we told you so ''

who really knows.
This whole situation really is a kick in the teeth for every human on the planet, because no matter what we say, do or request.. The US Administration is clearly in the driving seat.

The USA have labeled irans president an evil resemblance of HITLER.
I belive the world has a right to question the US's motives/actions here.
And to deny IRAN access to publically voice his side at the UN, is basically removing the laws of the land. Every man is innocent until proven guilty.

posted on Sep, 8 2006 @ 12:57 AM
by the way muaddib, you speak of his mortal enemy. just say it. we know, ww2, yeah the jews , when hitler invaded england they went to palistine and so forth. so what, if i were there i probably would have done the same thing. hey, we got bombed by the way, we were just stopping hitler. be mad at hitler not the jews, and so what if they are jews they are people too and it wasnt jus the jews either, so stop being a racist. your president already picked his side already, lets see if the other nations agree, shall we. he is just another hitler. i hope we have the debate. i know his plan, its called,( to bleed) and kill everthing that does not agree with him. open your eyes,listen to yourself, agit8dchop, you compare our ways to theirs, irans wimen have no say. they are just like slaves, ever try a leash. god forbid if they ever speak out of turn. western intervention any better, yeah. lets get people out of the slave era, but they do not want to. change for them is evil. they do not want to loose their old ways and if thats in threat, well then its a holly war. they are trying to hold on to the dark ages with the new age around them, it is not going to work. this iranian president will stop at nothing to keep it that way however he plays it.

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posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 07:21 PM
Was he supposed to go on David Letterman while in the US?

But things are looking bad. I still haven’t got my Visa for the Great Satan. #ing Bush. And now there is a petition being circulated by some zionists saying that I should be denied a visa.

posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by WestPoint23
Who in the US government gave him a visa to enter the United States? I ask this because this seems to me to be a bad move on our part, why give him the chance to speak in front of the UN or even step foot on one square inch of US soil?

Go back to school Westpoint, obviously you missed the Class on Diplomacy.

How old are you?
I am guessing very young.
23 maybe?
Or are you a MJ fan?



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posted on Sep, 17 2006 @ 10:13 PM

Originally posted by Agit8dChop
Thanks Kojac! Thumbs up to ya

Dyepes, I agree that changing iraq from a dictatorship to a democracy is a fete in itself.
But it seems to me, that the support for this forced democracy is dwindling daily.

One chance to vote does not make a democracy. And I think the Iraqi people came out in full force...hoping the US would leave as promised.

You think you live in a democracy?
The last two elections held are evidence you do not.
Either do we in Canada.
How can it be a democracy when a government gets a majority of the seats...but loses the popular vote?

Not to mention voting machines that did not give 'reciepts' and these same machines were destroyed immedialtey after the election.

It is my democracy that is dwindling daily dummy.
Say that 7 times quickly with a mouth full of American lies.
Wake up and smell the death America now exports to the world...having nothing left to offer.



posted on Sep, 18 2006 @ 12:44 AM
I think the Iraqi community came out in full force because there was absolutley nothing left to cling hope too.

Understanding that there are numerous individuals within the possible elected persons, they wanted to ensure that the resistance and foreign ' iranian ' agents didnt influence the vote for there own cause.

But how do you vote in a president, when you never knew any of the candidates?

Thankfully I dont live in America, beautiful country awesome people but the leadership ruins any chance i have at being morally one with my country.

We are in agreenence, Bush lost.

I believe it to be ironic.
Karma has punished mankind with this imbicile.
Our Greedy, Oil dependant, corporate scamming world polluting ways came back and bit us on the hinney.

We had two choices.
Elect a man who's sole priority was saving this planet and ensuring a globally acceptable means to remove oil and replace it with something more economically and enrivomentally friendly.. who also has a c grade on politics

Or elect a man so curropt by greed within his own party, his own family and his own past, whom doesnt care about enviroments as long as his friends become rich of there coprorate budies, and one which favours WAR, over peace.

George Bush is payback for all our years of polluting, corporate greed and foreing intervention.

Humans gave mother nature nothing but grief.
So mother nature in turn gave us George W Bush.

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