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Benjamin Freedman and Zionism

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posted on Apr, 22 2006 @ 02:30 AM
Amazing webpage! Many audio files to listen too.

This Ben Freedman speech very frightened me about zionist intentions.

I hope it's not true but I cannot sleep now

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 03:57 PM
Have anyone been of opinion? I need your ideas to sleep better - sleeping pills are not too good for me.

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 04:13 PM
Great stuff keep it coming.

What I wanna know is this: how many nukes does Isreal have and where are they?

Will they blackmail the first world in future if they do not continue to keep getting what they want like they do now?

Any ideas out there.

posted on Apr, 24 2006 @ 04:17 PM
Cinosamitna, feel free to search for my threads relating to zionism, there's a wealth of information I have put forth as well as others. Creepy stuff.

posted on Apr, 25 2006 @ 03:57 PM

Some great posts you made. Few will listen and nice posts on Kosher.

Ted Pike has a new audio on Zionism today:

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 07:21 PM
These guys are really starting to have an effect.

They even have Alex Jones speaking on Zionism now!

Once you hear Benjamin Freedman, you can never go back to sleep.

posted on May, 4 2006 @ 06:21 AM

I came across this thread, and thought you might be interested in a detailed analysis I have compiled at

This covers the deceptions employed by the Zionist mafia in tricking the world into giving them their own sovereign state (Israel), and false-flag attacks up to the sinking of the Egyptian ferry in February, a few days after the cartoons controversy had resulted in Egyptian officials refusing to obey Israel's demand to designate January 27 as a "Holocaust Memorial Day". I have included plenty of links for the researcher, such as the Ben Freedman speech. There are also my calculations that put the combustion efficiency of the fuel-rich WTC fires at around 68%. Daryl Smith's site is good, too; although he does sometimes seem rather too suspicious of other researchers. I am afraid the scenario does appear to be broadly true; on the positive side the internet is hindering the crooks' desperate attempts to prevent the truth from getting out.

posted on May, 13 2006 @ 06:58 PM

I found your page very well researched. Thanks you very much for contributing to the tuth movement.

I should add thus far, i wonder how anyone who listens to a high intelect like Ben Freedman and who were un-aware of the conspiracy would be able to sleep for the first while.

Once more, for those who have not heard the 3 part speech - * please * do take the time to hear it now. This speech will blow any skeptic away and not a single person alive today can sucessfully deny the claims of Ben Freedman. Ha! Like say *IE*, if the Black Nobility or Rothschild himself came onto our side, exposing much of everything and filling in many missing links; how could many skeptics dare challange him? How many skeptics even would know who Rothschild is?

Do Bilderbergers reveal much about Zionism? I suggest, you grab a seat than and take a listen to Ben Freedman, instead of only focussing on boys clubs; at least for those of you who feel video conferencing cannot do as much justice as a Bilderberger meeting.

Ben Freedman is one of those rare men and I have passed his speech around with outstanding results.


Book: ** Please ** you must read this!!


posted on May, 15 2006 @ 06:28 AM

Thanks for the comments and for contributing by promoting Ben Freedman's speech. One of the pages that I link to deserves a special mention:

Note how the conspiracy appears to originate in 1770 when Mayer Amschel Rothschild drew up plans for the creation of the Illuminati and gave Adam Weishaupt the job of organization and development. The page contains some very good research; some of it can be checked out by online sources such as the Freedman speech, for confirmation of other elements it is worth getting some of the books listed at the bottom.

Another audio file worth listening to, which covers Rothschild / Weishaupt's setting up of the Zionist Illuminati and its development into an international crime network, is at

Here is a piece I wrote about nuclear blackmail by Israel

which includes links to a Mordechai Vanunu interview.

posted on May, 15 2006 @ 01:50 PM

A Great man, Fagan was and although he may have had a slight few of his facts incorrect, I think he was still right on the money.

I've been looking at the Sabbatai Zevi movement and also this Chabad Lubavitch group. As I started looking into the Illuminati, I was not at all surprised to read that Adam W. met with Jacob Frank and thus, the Illuminati could be said as originating straight out of the **corrupted** Sabbatian doctrines including some of the Talmud, which was more anti-Christian by this time than in the early renditions. But no doubt, the financial support came directly from the Rothschild's. Frankists also seem to be mystery men hidden behind the veil of the Modern day "Donmeh" of Turkey, (reminds me of the Armenian genocide). Also, Hitler was funded by Paul Warburg who supported the Donmeh and was a Zionist himself.

It appears that if we allow all the dots to fall into place, everything points backward to the beginning of the Messianic movement which started with Sabbaatai Zevi and carried forward via Jacob Frank and further to the Illuminati, Marx, Communism, Donmeh etc.

What do you think about the Illuminati connections to the Frankist movement?

posted on May, 17 2006 @ 07:28 AM

I see 1770 as the moment when all the pieces fell into place. The achievements of the followers of Frank and Zevi, who were common or garden con-merchants, would have fallen well short of world domination or even major control of the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and Palestine, without the help of the Jewish international bankers. Similarly, it could be said that the bankers would have been nowhere near as successful had they not been influenced by the Frankist Luciferian anti-Talmud anti-Torah anti-Ten Commandments philosophy of win-at-all-costs.

In books such as William Bramley's Gods of Eden, it is admitted that Adam Weishaupt started an Illuminati, but the claim is that his Illuminati was "bogus", and the "true" Illuminati dates back to 1100 or earlier with branches such as the Rosicrucians. These claims are made by Zionism's apologists, disinfo agents who are trying to divert attention from the most significant Rothschild - Weishaupt conspiracy.

The Young Turks included Donmeh who were cryptoJews posing as Muslims. Now Turkey has fallen out with France and Canada over plans to make denial of the Armenian Holocaust a crime, whereas in Turkey one must pretend that the genocide never happened. The fake "Jewish" Holocaust (as opposed to the actual deaths of some 100,000 to 300,000 Jews mostly from natural causes in labor camps) dates back to 1900, when Rabbi Stephen S Wise touted the "six million" figure". He was also heavily involved in trying to get the "gas chambers" tale off the ground in 1942. Wise (Weisz), who was a president of the American Jewish Congress, was said to be a Sabbatian and fervent communist who supported the massacres of Christians in Russia and priests and nuns in the Spanish Revolution.

The current hierarchy would be along the lines of: (1) House of Rothschild and Jewish world bankers (2) US Zionists including the Bronfmans (3) Israeli government (4) US government (5) Governments of UK, Germany, Australia, etc. In any case, the true powers-that-be are several levels above the "puppet upon the throne".

So I have not reached any firm conclusions about the pre-1770 period. The conclusions about the last 100 years are shocking enough: WWI and WWII were fought so that today we could enjoy events such as 9/11 (with pathetically faked videos of the Pentagon), London 7/7, Egyptian ferry sinking, etc. In other words, the House of Rothschild has its own global terror network and facilities for nuclear blackmail administered from the Rothschild's very own sovereign state. The Mossad act as the enforcers for the Rothschilds' protection racket, with the clients being the nation states.


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