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NWO Resistance Leaders needed

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 02:37 AM
Dude, I've noticed that there are so many people willing too join and fight back but its the question, who in the hell will lead it? I'd go for it, but I don't got the money too go off and start buying AK-47s and tanks and yell sound off. We need someone who has money, is devoted too the Resistance, which has yet too be made...

Anyone with the following in my opinion is great for the position, Has money, is devoted, and has or is willing too buy private property, maybe some people too donate money

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 08:55 AM
I have the money, I have the land, and I am whiling to use it, though what I dont have is people to use it with, every body has there own views of what may be going on all of them slightly different, personally I dont believe that anyone is 100% right about the hole situation however in my eyes that does not matter if there are aliens bad or good then they can be added to the list of possible problems, if there are secret societys then they can be added as well as and when we discover of find evidence of there existence, until that time we have to work with what we have got, for example, amendments to the US constitution, War crime committed by the bush administration as well as the British government along with various other countries, detention camps which deify the Geneva convention, fake war reports to justify atrocities and crimes the so called "special interrogation methods" carried out by numerous governments, the missing funds from the pentagon as well as other agencies, and countless other situations that have never been brought to justice or anyone held accountable, no doubt there is some from of NWO in place or preparing to be put in place and that to poses a threat to our freedom and safety and I am prepared to use every possible finance and method to make sure that we preserve our rights, planet and freedom for every future person who lives here no matter race, colour or creed.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 10:26 AM

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 12:40 PM
Please be aware of ATS policy on activist recruiting, as stated by one of the site owners here:

Why doesn't ATS allow "Activist" Recruiting?

It is the courteous discussion and debate of ALL sides of EVERY issue important to humanity. AboveTopSecret will never endorse a specific "side" or position on any issue by allowing those whose agenda needs attention or support to recruit that support on this site PERIOD.

By allowing that sort of acitivity (recruiting or "gathering") we endorse the "recruiter's" position by proxy.

As long as this thread is simply discussing the lack and need for a leader for the "anti-NWO movement" it will be fine. If it becomes a search for such a leader on ATS, then staff will be forced to close the thread.


On the topic, I personally think that the main reason no one has emerged as a leader for such a movement is because it is not clear exactly what the NWO is. Ask 10 different people and you'll get 10 different answers. Without a visible, identifiable "enemy", no proper resistance movement will ever form. If the NWO truly does exist, then it's strength lies in its invisibility.

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posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 02:45 PM
My point exactly this was in no way meant to be a "Activist Recruiting" post
nor a nomination for myself,

Back to topic like wecomeinpeace picked up on, theres no point in talking starting a "Resistance" when the Resistance cant even decided who there fighting, so the only real way to start a meaningful Resistance is to get someone with the knowledge who worked for the "NWO" to start one or join and the chance of that happening are very small

there's a will but not a way.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 04:47 PM

Originally posted by Labtec
My point exactly this was in no way meant to be a "Activist Recruiting" post
nor a nomination for myself,

thats okay

its just once we had someone planning to "take out agents", that was a scary day as FSME lol

but, when there is like 100% proof of the NWO it will be very likely that a leader will come forward. Currently, the NWO resistance is a "leaderless resistance".

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 05:26 PM
By posting what you have and want to do, the Gov't is gonna label you a terrorist. Be carefull. Remember the NWO / Vatican / Crown / Templar / Masonic conspiracy captured you with words. Free yourself with words, get a legal dictionary and find out what is really coming out of your mouth.
Remember absolutely everything is a contract.

posted on Dec, 16 2006 @ 09:48 PM
The master's tools shall never dismantle the master's house.

Armed revolt is not and will not be a solution to the situation. The results of the orders passed down from the tip of the hegemony are so transparent at the moment they cannot be traced back to the source.

The only known fact is that they are the capitalist class, the wealthy, the owners of the means of production.

The only method of resistance is a dramatic decrease in consumption and a effort to collect and analyze information to inform the public what is happening here and around the world. The public will only be receptive if the information presented is one hundred percent factual, because the truth is that most people are content with their lives and as a result they view people such as us as paranoid and delusional.

It's difficult to accept a truth that shatters your comfortable perception of reality.


And remember, we still have the constitution. We are not doing anything wrong when we participate in public discourse. A revolution need not be one of arms.

posted on Dec, 18 2006 @ 02:51 AM
Part of destroying the NWO would be a disclosure/truth campaign to the masses. Informed people aren't going to be as fooled as easily. Some people are so far in the dark, watching tv, they still think Bush loves them, and it wouldn't be patriotic to go against your president. So, we inform those who will listen and who are capable of accepting truth. We show people good solid evidence to back up our claims, and we allow them to make up their own minds. We may never need to fire a single bullet to dismantle the NWO. You would disseminate truth so broadly that it could not be denyed any longer. You could essentially kick their teeth in with the power of truth. At some point there wouldn't be much they could do to stop the truth from spreading, because it would be very hard to make millions and millions of "informed" people shut up or vanish. You would essentially spread truth like a virus. You ask those who recieve the truth to spread it to someone else. You have got to understand, the number of good people outnumbers the number of bad people. And with the power of truth we could even take our own armies back, and have them stand on our side, and not the enemies. So, we infect the truth to people in the military as well. How much power do the few really evil people really have against the vast majority without an army of any size to back them? Who has the fire power now?


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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 10:40 AM
part of destroying the NWO would be by showing popular music to the masses. The music needs to be spread to contain NWo lyrics to informate the masses of the New World Order. People go on and rant about what happens if there is a one world order scheme that will be set into place but they lack common knowledge of conspiracy theories, of course there are the knights of templar, and of course there are the other groups that try to subvert and undermine society. I believe America needs to form a resistance force if ATS is going to be saved, that, and we need anti-nwo propeganda made in posters, movies, books, and more documentaries need to be made. That being said, the key to destroying the NWO is to show that we are capable of maintaining our own security and our own liberty and we need for someone within the government to create branches of government or houses of government outside the Omega agency's control.

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 11:04 AM
Who intends to finance these artisans?

I've been studying art and propaganda my whole life, and just bumped up to musical production as well. I'd be more than happy to throw a nice monkeywrench into the generational marketing machine - and would be doing more, except for lack of resources and energy.

[edit on 23-12-2006 by GENERAL EYES]

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 03:21 PM

Originally posted by Frank Sinatra
who in the hell will lead it? I'd go for it, but I don't got the money too go off and start buying AK-47s and tanks and yell sound off. We need someone who has money, is devoted too the Resistance, which has yet too be made...

I certainly wouldn't need AK-47's or tanks and you would most definitely be doomed to a VERY swift failure if you took such an approach.
To succeed in such a mission would require a much more sneaky approach. If you tired to use military force they would simply laugh at you before blowing you away.

You would have to approach it like a "Bladerunner", or a small fearless group of mercaneries ready to do whatever it takes (that would mean murder, which crosses a boundary most of us wouldn't want to cross, you would be seen as a group of murderers or freedom fighters, depending on your point of view, you would have to consider torturing some key men also to get anywhere, another line many wouldn't want to cross, even if they are the NWO). If you really were to take on the NWO it would most definitely be very possible to win. The way I see it you should probably first go after the media. You would have to "persuade" key figures in the media to publish the truth about 9/11, pedophile cases, illegal CIA activities etc, etc. Of course that would actually be alot easier than it sounds at first. Remember the editors of the newspapers and tv news channels are just men, and it would be possible to "persuade" them to do what you want. Of course that is where things would have to ugly right away. The first editor would have to do what you ask, and if a particular news item isn't published as you wish, something very nasty would have to happen to persuade the next guy to comply. Of course there would be more to it than that, but a small army of skilled men (or women) could acomplish it. It would certainly require finances, to travel around the world after the various bosses of the media and so on.

Of course you could take similar approaches with other people such as politicains, leaders of CIA, FBI, military, banksters etc, etc and it would certainly yield the results you want. And for quite a few key figures it would be necessary not to try to negotiate but simply to terminate the individual.
Funds would have to be raised, and of course a skilled leader would have to form a skilled group of individuals who he can trust (maybe not so easy but enough money would go along way).

To lead such a mission, well there are also alot of people who would even enjoy to get such a mission such as mercaneries, ex-CIA or secret service officails etc, private investigators or even many other types of proffessions, it shouldn't be hard to find people capable, and it wouldn't necessarily be someone dedicated to smashing the NWO, just a skilled group of people offered enough money, especially to free the world of the NWO.
Of course I am not advocating such an approach at all, just thinking out loud!!!

And there would be another huge challenge to follow. How to prevent another group of evil greedy bastards from working their way into the various positions of power vacated by the last guys?

But if a large enough group of skilled people were really determined enough, and had the money and technology to accomplish it, it really would be very difficult to stop them from achieveing a certain amount, remember they would really be only aiming at civilians, you certainly wouldn't be taking on an army with a tank and machine guns, you would be going after a very small number of the guys who control those armies and everything else under the NWO. But to get a new trusthworthy group of individuals to takeover the CIA, media and government etc wouldn't be so straightforward at all.

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 03:37 PM
A suggestion if I may, how about a document a page or two that clearly states a whole list of facts and discrepancies of the government, facts that when average everyday people who dont follow conspiracy theories look at it will immediately hit them and make them think "Hell, my government is lying to me".

We could then have a large mail drop throughout suburbs and cities.Just an idea.

In response to golddragnet who quoted -

"....You would have to approach it like a "Bladerunner", or a small fearless group of mercaneries ready to do whatever it takes (that would mean murder, which crosses a boundary most of us wouldn't want to cross, you would be seen as a group of murderers or freedom fighters, depending on your point of view, you would have to consider torturing some key men also to get anywhere, another line many wouldn't want to cross, even if they are the NWO)...."

These boundries you speak off I agree the majority would not want to cross, but there is a portion of the community who have no problem with it if it were for the right cause, I myself included. For the greater benefit of your peoples, you will do whatever it takes, and unfortunately once you taste your first drop of the blood, the subsequent drops come easier, it just a matter of control.

We here on ATS the majority of the time agree towards which direction we should be going, but a website forum isn't going to repel government attacks and constituional changes, it is there to inform.

How many militias in the deep south have internet to discuss these matters?

They are the ones that shouldbe on here putting their 2 cents worth in if we are to really on them for our defences.

posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 06:52 PM
Its very hard to fight an enemy that isn't visible, and these non elected Elitist's know this and wont stick their neck out till very late in the game.

Patience is the key but you have to be armed with knowledge and when the time is right everything will fall into place. The real big fight is going to be the annexing of the North American Union, which is in its infancy now but is showing its gameplan with Imminent Domain, NAFTA Highways and toll roads.

Any politicians that supports this sequence of events are the enemy of freespeech and must be voted out and replaced with young constitutional backing types.

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posted on Dec, 23 2006 @ 09:19 PM
Revelations says that they overcame the antichrist with the "power of the lamb". So peace out!

posted on Dec, 24 2006 @ 12:25 AM
Yup, it's not all about weapons. As has been mentioned, it's about exposing lies and telling the truth in a way that the majority of people can grasp and understand. Funding helps, but tons of money aren't even necessary to start a viral infection of truth.

Truth, that is easy to see, and comprehend, would be very hard to stop from spreading. It might take an all-destroying nuclear bomb to stop the wildfire of truth spread upon the planet. You couldn't just conveniently have a few people killed to get rid of the source or truth, because in viral dissemination of truth, the source becomes millions of people, not just one. Would the NWO actually take it to the point of "nuclear" to silence the truth?

We may weaken the NWO's power so sufficiently to make them virtually powerless, to the point where they no longer have any control over such a weapon as a nuclear bomb.

We don't have to settle for a crappy future, prophesy or not. Prophesy can certainly change. Don't believe otherwise. We have the power to control our destiny. I don't want an evil totolatarian group rolling dice and deciding how my future will be.


posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 07:32 PM
The problem with choosing a leader is that the NWO has a lot of experience in taking over existing organizations and directing them toward their own goals. Plus, I am sure most everyone is aware that it is the message and not the messenger that is important. We have way too much worshiping of man going on in America as it is. "Those with the foresight to prepare will not be able to help becoming leaders during disaster situations" -- Heinlein

I am preparing. I am arming myself. I am storing food. I am setting up lines of communication with others in my community. I am organizing with those in my area through the local volunteer fire department. I am not advocating marching out there with guns or doing anything violent. That is silly. We just are preparing so we can be ready to defend ourselves should the need arise. Simple, basic, common sense preparedness for natural disasters, economic collapse, invasion, meteor or FEMA ground troops. Prepare and hope to god that you never need it.

The NWO would LOVE it if a bunch of people came out wielding guns. They know how to put down violent resistance. They know that they would get all kind of public support to arrest and kill an armed uprising. They cannot, however, deal with peaceful citizens stand up to them. They have no tool for dealing with that.

I realize that the day could very well come when we will have to defend ourselves with guns. An armed citizenry is the last defense against tyranny. But I believe it is important to know when and where such force is to be used. Right now, our best weapon is video equipment and the Internet. We are waking people up in droves. Keep preparing. Be ready for anything. Have food and water and medicine stored away. Have gasoline and spare car batteries set aside. Take your video camera EVERYWHERE you go. Be ready to drop everything and drive or fly to wherever the clash between the citizenry and the NWO occurs. We need to do what we know is right and vital without waiting for orders from above.

We all have our own beliefs and our own ideals. We do not all need to agree on everything to stand united against the takeover of the free nations of earth by a global elite global empire. I think most of us agree in the fundamental ideals put forth in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. We have the right to our own lives provided we are not harming anyone else. This seems self-evident to me.

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 10:52 AM

Originally posted by cybertroy
It's about exposing lies and telling the truth in a way that the majority of people can grasp and understand. Funding helps, but tons of money aren't even necessary to start a viral infection of truth.

Truth, that is easy to see, and comprehend, would be very hard to stop from spreading. It might take an all-destroying nuclear bomb to stop the wildfire of truth spread upon the planet.

I can agree with much of your post, but I really do think you are being far too simplistic, and more significantly, you are very much underestimating how stupid and gullible the average Western Man is. There are thousands upon thousands of people who will be shown the truth about JFK murder,, 9/11, Iraq not having WMD's, etc, etc, and those people will basically be aware that the government lies to them all the time, BUT they will still support Bush or Blair and their own government, they will still vote for those guys in the next election.
There is alot more to it needed than to show people the truth. Of course that is a great thing to show the truth, and it will awaken alot of people BUT so many will still even deny the truth if you show it to them, many would label you a left-wing conspiracty nut for showing them evidence, even if they know you are sensible and right-wing in your views. And many people won't even care one way or the other. It is an unfortunate thing but there really are ALOT of gullible and stupid people in the world.
And even if you do show the truth to everybody, and suppose the accept it, then what next? The NWO have such positions of power that nothing will still be done, barring a major revolution, and that ain't going to happen. What might happen is some other guys might be elected, look at the democrats now, they are exactly the same as the republicans, you would simply replace one group of bastard politicains with another group of equally easily corrupted politicains, and the NWO would still hold the power.

To take them on would require a group of skilled mercaneries to mostly execute the ringleaders.

As you say, to educate the people would be a great first step, how would you propose to do that. For so many people unless the hear it from the TV they won't believe it, so this means winning back the media from the neo-cons, that would certainly have to involve either executing or placing enormous "pressures" on those who control the media to start printing the truth, and again that comes back to a group of mercaneries of some description, and that would require a leader or leaders to direct them. If someone was wishing to finance such a plan, it really should be very possible for him to accomplish it. And I can't se the majority being educated until such a group do liberate the media.

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 01:02 PM
The Lord is my shephard....

The masses are sheep and they have a shephard, or Lord over their minds.
No ability to analyze or think objectively for themselves...due to fear, which is the greatest mind control, and cause of mass hypnosis.

It takes resources to bring about such momentum to control in reality, those that awake, will be the least thats how it has been. Could be a chain reaction once one person wakes up.

The NWO is here. The whole topic of when is it coming is really funny.
I mean, what do people want, a sign that says, "NWO here doing business?".
Most people wont get this, as this point shouldnt even have to be brought up.

Think of it this way.
Say you get rich and buy you a substantial amount of space and declare you have a country. You think you are free to do whatever you like in your new country...or are you really?

Wait, whats that? Larger countries than yours? With more power and interest in your country and its participation in the world scheme?
The world criminal laws that I believe over 100 countries have signed up to...(that is an order of the world, call it New and you have NWO)
You have world troops, world trade, world this and that. Its an order...of the world, or international NWO? Yes, of course.

Governments are all in it together, most of its a both sides and you can see where people stand. Kind of like 1984...there was never a true leader of the resistance, or actually he was not resisting.

Kind of like the large protest organizations for the environment, I wouldnt be suprised if one of them was in control of the "opponent".
Religion is the same...I have seen it up close...the people ruling, dont believe as the sheep, so it would appear. But the sheep like to think the leaders as usual.

The NWO is here, been here, open for business, they just stopped shy of saying, "we have a puppet president of the World" to the masses to get them to all click in unison and wake up that new "perception" in their numb (conditioned) minds. Dont take offence, we all come from conditioning, its part of evolution, I suppose to break out of it. And Ironically, it may take conditioning to break out. (if everything is connected, who knows how this works.)

So if there were a resistance, I promise you, the leader will work for those resisting.
(remember 1984.) unless something comes from the heavens (which probably would be another form of mass dictatorship)
then life is as it is, and the best thing you, me, or anyone can do is this:

Peace I give you, peace not as the world gives. (from Jesus)
What does this mean?
Most people wait for Utopia, heaven on earth, trying to fix things.
No, peace in your heart, in the midst ot the the storm aint going away.
What, this is crazy...not going away, its depressing.
Well, it is as it is...let it be, and you be happy for your life, and create your own peace in your life, and things around you will change, as your perspective changes.

I know, not that fun, not challenging.
We all have our own paths to follow, and that is part of the game.
The best you can do, is develop your skills and help someone...
People speak of change, but always through violence...
what of this new peace everyone wants? well instead of fighting, what if you contributed your gifts (talent) to the world to demonstrate the possiblities?

Or would you too bow down to be knighted by the queen as your gifts transform to be used for purposes of the system you oppose?

(not saying be knighted by the queen is bad, just ironic, as entertainers, who influence youth, are the ones being they are sending a message the crown wants the youth to this bad? Well, again, a little ironic, as this is the very system that appears to want control)

I will point out one more time, for the sake of wrapping up...if you can liquidate one thing...get rid of the fear that is in you.

The fear people have, of who reads what they post, not necessary.
My friend, everything you do can be monitored...without your consent...
This is called the world of technology we live in, and I promise that this world of technology is more advanced than the average user knows or cares to realize.
(kind of like the Bible where everyones deeds are seen before the world and not hidden) Anyway...these things are not reasons to be is good, enjoy it...



posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 01:27 PM

Originally posted by dAlen
The Lord is my shephard....

The masses are sheep and they have a shephard, or Lord over their minds.
No ability to analyze or think objectively for themselves... is good, enjoy it...



Great post (I would contradict you on one point, to lower yourself to be knighted by the Queen is bad and shameless).

You do seem to be saying that we shouldn't try to fight the NWO and just mostly accept it, and mostly just be peaceful. Well why should we? It could equally be seen as hypocritical of those who say they truly want Peace, yet they do very little that is of any consequence to stop their government waging wars in their names and paud for by their taxes. All americans who pay tax are partly guilty of the atrocities the US government commits, it is their money that is funding the killing of innocent Iraqis, or Afgani's.
God did say he helps those that help themselves. So if people really want peace shouldn't they campaign very strongly for it, otherwise they too are guilty through their lack of effort to save the lives of whoever are the next poor bastards to suffer.
Shouldn't we try to help. Shouldn't a leader be elected to smash the NWO, a task which would in actual fact be quite easy for a trained group to accomplish.
maybe their is peace in your neighbourhood, for now, but governments around the world are using opur taxes to cause death and destruction, all in the name of Freedoms, and the War on Terror. Those in power are the real terrorists, and isn't it the duty of humanity to fight back. Don't we all owe it to our fellow men to try and prevent wars, torture etc. There are other stories in the Bible, such as the Good Samaritan, the throwing of the dealers from the temple, the 10 plagues etc, that are also relevant. What are your thoughts on it. Why should we be so passive, or make jestures that we know really won't make any significant difference whatsoever. Why shouldn't we do something very significant to free mankind from tyranny??? I for one would support a group who did wish to take on the NWO, would even be willing to join such a group.

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