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NWO Resistance Leaders needed

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posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by golddragnet
You do seem to be saying that we shouldn't try to fight the NWO and just mostly accept it, and mostly just be peaceful. Well why should we? It could equally be seen as hypocritical of those who say they truly want Peace, yet they do very little that is of any consequence to stop their government waging wars in their names and paud for by their taxes. All americans who pay tax are partly guilty of the atrocities the US government commits, it is their money that is funding the killing of innocent Iraqis, or Afgani's.

I for one would support a group who did wish to take on the NWO, would even be willing to join such a group.

- First the last point.
The leader of such a group, more than likely, would actually be working for the other side. Those with the funding, where did they get it?
There was a post somewhere, ATS...BBC...both (?), anyway it showed that just a small percentage owns over half the worlds wealth.

You can only imagine that these people stick together, and if there is a "revolution" its supported by them. Thats what I would do if I was in control of a NWO and wanted to keep tabs of people...I would control both sides.

- As for the first paragraph.
I have a family of 6, (4 kids), if I dont pay taxes, I put my family in jeopardy.
Im not acting in the best interest for my family by going against the law, when indeed, the law is more powerful than me. Even Paul, I believe, said..."obey the leaders of the land so you may have peace."
Some people may go out and live in the forest with the families and eat berries...but they obviously arent at ATS as they would not have access to the internet.

But getting to the main point..why not fight?
We have been taught that silence is the same as agreeing with something bad.

Im not sure how to put this in words, for you see, words are mere pointers.
They always point beyond themeself. And whats more, we all have perspectives, based on our experiences, which colour how we interpret things, and how we present them

Im not saying, rejoice...the NWO is here.
If something comes, at that time, you will know what to do.
As Bruce Lee put it: "Be the water". There is no one right answer...for only in the present moment will you know what you need to know. (As it says in Acts: "Do not worry what to say, as the spirit will guide you."

This simply means, all furry, over future plannings, escapes, etc. are futile for the most.
Learn to live in the now. The Now, the present moment, is always, truly the only thing we have.
Future and past are always thought the present. We spend all our "time" in thought.
But the "time will come" when you are faced with something, and you will know what to do. Does this mean not to plan? No, that can be done "Now". But to the point of consumption where anxiety rules ones life, is not necessarily beneficial.

So what are we accepting then? Its not the NWO, its not an ideology of any sort...its only one thing. We are accepting what is, at this very moment. And if we are not happy with this moment, then we should actively make a change, or drop the it is not real, and is only a thought form of future and present fighting to make a "life" by consuming your present thoughts.

Thanks for you post.



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posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 02:48 PM

Originally posted by dAlen
And if we are not happy with this moment, then we should actively make a change


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Presumably the person who started this post is following the same advice you make there, he wants to actively make a change, he doesn't want to drop the gripe, so in this case should he now act upon it. He wants to make a change in how the world is run by corrupt a-holes, so should he not actively pursue it???

Of course you are correct about how so few do have the major wealth in the world. But I don't think that in itself is really so very significant in this particular situation. You see to take on the NWO would mean hiring mercaneries to do the job (well that is one way to do the job), now if people are leading such a mission they are not always going to simply go to the highest bidder. They would do the job they are paid to do. And they wouldn't be taking on an army where the superior numbers or powers would win. If that was the case a lone gunman could never cause an assasination of a wealthier individual, because he would be bought out by a higher price, but of course we know that clearly isn't the case. And if a group of individuals did attempt a mission to take on the NWO, it really wouldn't be a case of finances at all, much more a case of training and cleverness. There was even a reply to this thread from an individual who said he would be very willing to take part in such a mission, and he wasn't looking for payment (I think his post was later removed). Its not always a question of money. If that was the case then in any war the wealthier side would simply "buy" the troops from the other side, but we know that is far too simplistic.

Another point you make, about the NWO controlling both sides and having the wealth to control everything, and for sure I would agree on the most part. And today they certainly do control both the republicans and democrats in USA for example, the Tories and Labour in Britain. But they can't control absolutely everyone and everything, and it really would only take a small band of men to do alot of damage to the NWO.
I would also like to say that while a few do control the major wealth, their are far more people who are wealthy also, and who are certainly very jealous of those more wealthy than themselves and would be equally ruthless in gaining more wealth if the chance presented itself. But I do certainly take your point that they would infiltrate both sides. For example I am more than sure that CIA have infiltrated some of the 9/11 truth movements, with a mission to take it nowhere or steer it in a wrong direction.

I wouldn't agree at all that it isn't really possible to defeat the NWO. If to take a serious look at it, they are only men, and as you already said, only a relatively very small number of men, flesh and blood like the rest of us. They certainly can be got at, if someone wished it. Of course the NWO would have a huge advantage, with the wealth and power they possess, but with the right approach it would be quite an easy mission for people trained in such activities.

I am quite sure that there are people in the world who would take such a mission, and who wouldn't simply be bought out by a higher price, as their targets wouldn't know they are being hunted until it is too late. The biggest problem I would see is who would take over then. Who will reverse the laws to make a more free and open society. Will the next person be just as evil as the last. I watched the Ukrainian "Orange Revolutuion" in early 2005. The people stood against the massively corrupt government that was oppressing them, and the peopl won, the fraudulent election results were overturned and the President they really voted for got in. Problem was that the new President turned out to be even far worse than the previous guy. And he has even gone so far as to name the guy he defeated as his Prime Minister, despite the fact that the nation voted a different woman into the PM's position. If the despots are removed from the banks, goverments etc, how do we replace them with dependable people? Who would decide what is then acceptable or not?
Happy New year

posted on Dec, 30 2006 @ 03:59 PM

Originally posted by golddragnet
The biggest problem I would see is who would take over then. Who will reverse the laws to make a more free and open society. Will the next person be just as evil as the last.

This indeed is the million dollar question. (with inflation, I suppose its now the billion dollar question. )

But that seems to be the point...if the same means is used, i.e. violence, then the end result will be the same as before..."corrupt".

We are used to coloring in the box. (even if its creatively, we still connect the dots...)
What is needed is thinking out of the box, that doesnt connect the dots, so to speak.

A good example is the view points.
Each individual must change their viewpoint. This is one reason it doesnt matter is someone else takes control. They have a mass of sheep, they have to reprogram...which takes time.

Makes me think of the Bible when the "gods" wiped out the earth with a flood.
Seems that the "advanced gods" deemed it more viable to start fresh then to re-program the thinking of all the sheep. To much of a "scrambled mess".

But, the point in the paragraph preceeding the former.
It is up to us to change our viewpoint.
Can we stop looking at life the way we are used to.
As of now its based upon money. Can we loose the viewpoint and dependence on the concept of money, and go about creating "our realities" with alternative means?
After all, money is the root of control (throuh fear, such as, "i dont have enough, I need more", etc.)...and if we can step out of the thought that we need money, for example, we are breaking concepts that are so breed into us, that we even fail to see that there are alternatives.

I know, the first thing that comes to mind is the movie Harrison Ford is in, where he tries to abolish having money, etc., and the late River Phoenix, I believe, pretends to trade some kind of currency, and says something like "dad wouldnt understand".

Of course Harrison Ford is to be made the mad man of the film...but in this not one concept that has us all hung up?
I must have money or I dont have a house, a car, a phone, etc.

Is there a way to live life, practically, with a new system of thought? Sure there is...but control would be lost...and i will be honest with you. The majority of people would love to have power. So the society would go barbaric.

Maybe a few people could evolve past the need for such a system of this integrates in a world that appears to need such a system...I have no clue. perhaps you or someone else can find out and let me know. Im interested.



edit: even "God" didnt want Israel to have a king...they need no king, but they chose to be like "everyone else"...were not ready for a level of maturity.
We are not meant to be ruled over, at least not some of us, by anyone...period

But again...people have a barbaric mentality, and truth be told, this system of control reflects the mass "consciousness" of people...and the possible need for control.

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posted on Dec, 31 2006 @ 04:08 AM
dog climbing ladder
The dog in this video clip would not climb that ladder unless it understood what the ladder is for.
The ladder is for humans. Basically - The leaders of this world have a constant interaction on Television. They pour out information to tell the human world - lies.
Right now I see you have no sollution to the new world order - as long as we believe in money - Money is part of our nervesystem and are the cause of peoples actions. Unless they get drunk or stoned.

Storing up food and medicine will only support life for the time being.

What comes after the Apocalypse or the stoorage is gone -
is people get into factories and start producing food without profit.
Start producing water without profit - and start producing electricity without profit.
Take over Television broadcast without profit - and release the information being hidden by those a-holes who keep it secret these days without profit.

Every action made by humans after the grand finale has to be with the knowlegde that you gain no profit what so ever. Money does not exist.

That is your guideline.

Now turn it around - What would people do for money - Can we buy what we call love and fun and happiness?


It's an illusion we believe - in these days.

Why do soldiers become such good freinds during wars?
They help eachother survive!

That is what peace on earth means.
That instinct is not yet in motion or happending because the new world order keeps those things running by itself.

Believe me - if money became useless - other parts of your being would be turned on - And we would love it to happend. No need of alcohol no need to be wild - it would be instant power to the people if they destroy us.

Belive that goodness will spread like a wildfire if the systemn breaks down or they send you to the camps.
I think on behalf of America - That some police departments and it's officers will understand and do EVERYTHING they can to help america survive if they understand what is going on.
In those days i think you will se this thing as patriotisme rise inside the souls of thse people - right now they are still bound by laws and paperwork. When those times come - They will get real about it - if it also will threaten the very existence of America I think you can count on it.

That is the spirit of America as far as i know - It cannot be broken down by paperwork. - There is a limitation to papers and clipart.

All those camps "they" have created will be broken down by bulldozers in cheer and shown on the new national television broadcast.
The entire system as you know it - will break down - money will be destroyed - and replaced with morale.
There is no other way.

and in this thread hilary_155 is the best bet on how things will become - i think. Work outside the net - contact eachother - no big deal - just in case.

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posted on Jan, 1 2007 @ 03:37 PM

Originally posted by dAlen

Is there a way to live life, practically, with a new system of thought? Sure there is...but control would be lost...and i will be honest with you. The majority of people would love to have power. So the society would go barbaric.

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Interesting post.... BUT if to follow your ideas of trying to live in a new way (without money or government, I think u are suggesting) would it not end as William Golding wrote it in the book "Lord of the Flies"

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 02:15 AM
We are fighting against the New World Order.
Go to and search: American Resistance Movement.
We are ALL Americans, Fighting the propaganda battle with The New World Order.

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