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Jesus/Horus/Krshna/etc=the same?

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 11:37 AM

Originally posted by Truth

Not interesting. The devil (satan) knew from the beggining
of the world what the son of man would be and how his life would be. so
what he did was creat all sorts of similar cultures with similar stories that
sound the same as jesus.

heres the one and only difference. you must recognize this. god
will give you the means to know what the truth is and show you the falsehood.

jesus worked miracles in the site of his apostles of healings. his teachings were perfect and
fit the word of god perfectly.

Moses and the prophets in the bible talked about jesus and proclaimed his comings.

the catholic church has all of the saints who bore his truth.

stigmatas have been upon people and they suffered his paassion. Tons of healings
came from the saints. healings cannot be performed by satan, he is limited.

the shroud of turan was proven authentic. if you want a video on this proof i have one.

jesus follows in line with moses and the god of the bibles teachings.

the flesh aand blood in communion has literally turned to live flesh and blood. this was a documented
miracle. This kind of miracles with the eucharist has happened more than once.

He gives you miracles to know the truth from the falsehood.

I have personally had dreams of this man walking in blood behind him.

he is the one, you may have doubts and qeustions but this is true. I literally know this to be true
because he has revealed himself to me when i did not know who he was.

But, you will be given a sign provided you are still alive. it will be the sign of the
cross that will stay in the sky for 3 nights and will be the only means of light for the world. Does
he really need to do this?? After all this proof hes given you??

he will though seeing at the arising falsehood of the world.

Go read on my post stuff in the future and read reply #44, i post what
saint talked about the great sign in the sky.


You know the more I read the more I realize that Christanity is NOT unique at all, you can deny all that you want but what about the stories complely mirroring Christ thousands of years before his birth,some people are so caught up in culturally imposed myths that they refuse to accept truth.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Truth

look, i have private stuff ive never told you guys or wil not. i just tell
you of some of the stuff i went through to increase your faith. you all are being
called into the church.

netchicken TC, christ did found an institution. I have tons of passages that
he did do so.

miracles have happened to members of the church where people could heal, have stigmatas, cure, raise the dead.

the church is the only church with an unpresedented amount of miracles from its beggining until now.

heres a passage

1 Timothy 3 14 please focus on the qoutes.

"" But if i terry along, that thou mayest know
how to behave thyself in the (house) of god, which is the
(church) of the living god, the (pillar) and foundation) of (truth).

"great is the mystery of its devotion"

But i dont even need these qoutes to prove to me what i already know to be true. Ive been led to this church
through events and miracles. So i cannot fall from it or denounce it, ever.

Also protestantism started in the 1500s by fall aways by the church. Some did not agree with a doctrine and spread horrible
falsehoods about the church attacking it at will (its doctrines)

God founded one church.

if protestaantism is correct than whos interpretation is right?

who seddles who right and wrong?

cant you twist any doctrine in any protestant church?

isnt this why we have 2000 different protestant denominations?

Go watch the protestant channel on tv, and watch the catholic channel.

You can tell a difference in grace.

protestants preachers dress in suits while preaching, they heal on tv for money.

catholics wear robes while preaching, a sign of true worship, they all look alike, meaning the preachers. they all worship
as humble men.

protestant churches rant and have fun events at church, while catholic church is "boring".

Its not to have fun but to worship.

It is the only church whether you or i think so.

Just watch the channels and see the difference. the protestants will pay dearly for healing actors
for money.

there is literally a grace difference.


Or one could say that a protestant pastor wears a suit in Church becuase it is indicitive of looking his best and givin his best to God, in the demonination I was raised in the pastors wore robes, so there goes your thoery, and why don't you try to look at things unbiased, and see that the Catholic Church incorprates more paganism in their church than protestant,but you bash protestants.Christianity is Christianity, and you "juding" protestants is counter of what jesus said. he who humbles himself will be exalted,he who exalts himself will be humbled,judge not lest ye be judged ,etc

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 05:09 PM

an incarnation of the hindu deity Vishnu
* was killed to atone for the sins of mankind
* was also the "full measure of the god-head" according to the Ramayana, ~300 years BCE
* was born miraculously by a virgin, his birth attended by shepherds and angels, according to the Bhagavad Gita and in accord with prophecy
* at birth was presented with frankincense and myrrh
* survived a command by Cansa, who ordered all the first born children to be put to death
* wrought many astounding miracles, including healing the sick, restoring the sight of the blind, casting out devils, raising the dead to life
* was baptised (ablution) in the river Ganges
* enabled his disciples to net large amounts of fish
* "transfigured" at a place called Madura
* spoke in parables
* taught that you should forgive your enemies, avoid sexual thoughts, love your neighbor, and condemn material wealth
* ascended back to Heaven in the sight of all men

Let me first start with a few corrections.....
1) The names Krishna and Vishnu are non different from each other. Krishna is the "supreme personality of godhead" and it is Vishnu who is the incarnation so to speak.

2)He was not killed to atone for humanities sins..... This would actually go against everything he taught.

3)He was not actually born of a virgin. Ill explain below.

4)Kamsa was his paternal uncle who had been told through prophesies that Krishna would be born to his brother and would kill him. So he locked up Krishnas paternal mother and father. Everytime they made a child (yes the old fashion way) Kamsa would kill the child. When Krishna was born to his paternal parents he immediatly disapeared and appeared with mother Yasoda. Im not shure if she gave birth to him or if he just appeared but this is the story of Krishnas birth.

5)Im not shure where you get the fish story but again this would go against everything he taught. Although one of his major 10 incarnations was as a giant fish.

The biggest thing you missed however was this.
Krishna is sanskrit word for all attractive or god..... it trnslates into greek as kristos or christos and that word translates into hebrew as christ....
Also many of the old Vedic text can be traced back to 5,000 B.C. or even earlier. Krishna makes refference in the Gita that he spoke this same knowledge to the sun god 5,000 years earlier. Now the Gita was spoken in the beginning of Kali yuga which started around 5000 years ago. This is very old knowledge and it predates even the egyptians.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 06:32 PM

Originally posted by Netchicken
Ther eis a verse ... which I can't locate at present ... that says "Man is born to live once and after to face the judgement"

Hardly speaks of reincarrnation....

There is no place for reinacrrnation in the christian theology....

Actually at the end of the bible in revelations it is said that you get a spiritual body like Christ which is a form of reincarnation. Now I know you will all take my words and twist them, but this does fit the Vedic definition of reincarnation which is where we get the idea of reincarnation.

posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 07:05 PM

Here's one of the best books I've read, after the bible.
Forget DaVinci code, Forget Zeitgeist!!!
The Two Babylons

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 07:03 AM
reply to post by Illmatic67

There are similarities between pagan gods and Jesus Christ. But the difference is that while Christ emphasise the aspect of sin and the means for salvation from sin, the pagan gods do not give importance to this aspect. They are only a sort of supermen who try to do superhuman feats but do not fight sin and neither offer a way out to mankind from the trap of sin laid by Satan. The pagan gods offer immortality to mankind without redemption from sin which is not possible. Jesus Christ gave himself for redemption of sin and valiantly fought Satan in his earthly life as Full God and Full Man.

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 10:19 AM
reply to post by Illmatic67

Do people actually believe this stuff? Has anyone here actually read a version of the Horus/Krishna/whatever story in which they did these things? Or are you just gullibly accepting whatever these lists say as being the truth? These comparisons lists are bogus, made up in recent times by people assuming their audience will be unfamiliar with the stories, and thus gullible enough to believe them. If there really is evidence for these lists being valid (such as pre-Christian stories in which they do these things), I'll pay up to $1000 for the evidence. Go to this site:

Thanks, David

posted on Aug, 2 2008 @ 10:27 AM
Wow....this thread is like back to the future. lol

I guess the zeitgeist has becoming a cult here. lol

posted on Oct, 2 2008 @ 06:01 PM
This thread interested me for one reason alone, and I have read all 5 pages. My purpose for this was to reasearch the connections that might be implied or made between jesus and horus, as I had a rather unusual experience 8 years ago the night my 1st of 3 sons was concieved (Dec 7th, 1999; which was a new moon). At the precise moment I finished making love to the woman I was with, I felt a strange sense of disembodiment... as though I was actually floating above myself and my lover, and I felt an energy flow through me and come to rest within my lover simultaneously. I instantly knew we were with child at that moment, and informed her as soon as I was again one with myself and capable of communicating verbally. She laughed uncomfortably and said she doubted it, dismissing it entirely. Moments later, I fell into a deep sleep and had a strange dream in which I was led to a shoreline and introduced (quite dramatically, I might add) to a Deity that spoke only one sentence to me.

"Behold, my child: By the fist of the year your child will be mine, for He is The One."

I became intensely terrified and a group of witnesses in the dream, of which were all nationalities and positioned at my rear, said in unison to me:

"You must honor The Light of Horus."

I awoke after that, extremely disturbed, and woke my lover. I relayed to her the details and intensity of the dream. She was also afraid... but not of the dream. She was afraid of me.

Two weeks later, on my urgings, she submitted to a pregnancy test. She was indeed pregnant. She broke up with me at that point, and sent me back home to my mother's house. I only saw my son once, for 15 minutes the night after he was born... August 31, 2000. He is now 8.

I am currently exploring and considering christianity as my faith, but am still disturbed the seeming prohecy I was given that night nearly 9 years ago. I am trying to understand what this all means, if anything, and how I can incorporate this occurence within the bounfdaries of the new faith I am attempting to embrace.

If anyone has any feedback on this, I would be grateful for a response. Seriously, any ideas are welcomed.



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