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Pentagon Photographs of Aircraft Debris - The Latest Deception

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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 02:56 PM
Hi - this is Mozart. I live near London, England. So this gives me good reason to avoid the 'Bush conspiracy ideas about 9/11'.

I believe that the Police, Army, Air Force, Government, Police and Fire Department of the USA have long been infiltrated by an organisation whose aim on 9/11 was to impose on the USA a virtual state of emergency. Thus, the 'Patriot Act' was presented to the American people before you hardly had time to read it.

I also believe 9/11 was a crime of huge scale and was a true conspiracy.

A recent poster to this site has shown us photographs from the Pentagon which he says 'proves' that a commercial airline struck that builidng on the morning of 9/11. These, he says, proves his case beyond reasonable doubt. I strongly disagree.

Here are the reasons I disagree -

1. Why has it taken more than 3 years for these photographs to be published ?
2. He says these facts were checked by the Purdue University. Who at the Purdue University has checked these 'facts' ? Please name names ?

3. Who gave these phototgraphs to Purdue University ? Please name names ?

4. When were these photographs given to Purdue University ? Exactly ?

5. Nobody denies that these photographs show aircraft parts. But the issue is whether these aircraft parts were 'planted' at the scene of the crime or not - which again begs the question of why these photographs have taken so long to be released ?

6. How did the poster of that 'evidence' to this website actually obtain these photographs ?

7. From whom did the poster obtain these photographs ?

8. When did the poster obtain this information ?

9. The Pentagon phographs certainly show various pieces of aircraft wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon. But how is it possible for any media people to have have had access to photograph them on the morning of 9/11 ? Did they have a special permit to do so - since the truth is that the area was cordoned off shortly after the destruction.

10. The poster on this website says the black box flight recorder from the Boeing is in the hands of the US government but its contents are still not in the public domain. Why not ? Surely, the greatest insult is to keep this crucial information from the public - who have now waited more than 4 years for definiitive information. This is simply not good enough. We want this information NOW. Not next year.

(Sorry, but the general public do not like being manipulated in this way. If civilians died at the Pentagon on the morning of 9/11 these authorities MUST now release the contents of the black box flight recorder. Why not ? You see, it is again the general public who are being manipulated. The simple truth is that the public know better than the 'men in grey suits' who keep this information secret. Don't presume to think for us. We are able to think for ourselves. We WILL and MUST know the truth.

11. The mainstream media have shown us what they say is 'video evidence' of terrorists boarding aircraft on the morning of 9/11. But this does not add up. Where is the video evidence to support their view that literally hundreds of innocent civilians also boarded the same flights on that same morning ??? Four years later we are still waiting, folks. Will that film ever be made available ?

12. Unless/until these questions have been answered I will continue to believe that NO aircraft came in to Manhattan air space on the morning of 9/11 - that what happened was a combination of missile attacks on the WTC and of pre-wired demolition of the WTC and of building 7.

Speaking of which, we have no less than 12 independent sources speaking of a missile attack from Woolworth Buidling and at least 4 witnesses who say that it was a missile (not an aircraft) which struck the Pentagon.

Therefore, these news photographs may have been intenteded, 4 years too late, to end the controversy. They have plainly NOT done so. They merely beg the question of whether the above questions will, at last, be answered themselves. Let us see if any reply is forthcoming.

I guarantee that none will be received here.



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posted on Nov, 27 2005 @ 03:10 PM
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