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Hot Topics: 15 Days

  1. Stop using the term 'Anti Vaxx' 347
  2. This is it, ATS 341
  3. Cop fatally shoots wheelchair bound man 9 times in back 247
  4. 108 FIFA players died from cardiac events in the last 6 months 221
  5. Antifa Urges Members To Take Up Arms After Rittenhouse Verdict 182
  6. CNBC Calls For Military Enforcement and Arrests For The Unvaxxed 175
  7. Yet another conspiracy confirmed. Potential source of blood clots identified 165
  8. Parents of Oxford shooter on the run 159
  9. Head Of EU Commission Wants To Ban Nuremberg Code. 150
  10. So my wife is double jabbed.. 137

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Top Topics: 45 Days

  1. Verdict Rittenhouse Not Guilty 109
  2. Kyle Rittenhouse Is A Hero - and apparently his judge sees it 105
  3. Dirty,Rotten,Good For Nothing Rats ...sad update 91
  4. The Biggest Story Not Being Talked About - The Pfizer Whistleblower 90
  5. What is with the left and its defense of pedophiles 85
  6. Last Words of a "Vaccine" Victim 84
  7. Head Of EU Commission Wants To Ban Nuremberg Code. 78
  8. Tucker Carlson: Patriot Purge (Pt 1) 77
  9. CNBC Calls For Military Enforcement and Arrests For The Unvaxxed 76
  10. So my wife is double jabbed.. 75
  11. So I was Covid vaccine hesitant... 74
  12. FDA asks federal judge to grant Till year 2076 to fully release Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine data 74
  13. SUV plows into christmas parade in Waukusha WI. Shots fired too. 1 hr north of Kenosha. 72
  14. This is it, ATS 72
  15. Ganymede: Dead Man's Switch? 71
  16. It's time to face facts 71
  17. Three thousand medical profesionals sacked in Adelaide 67
  18. FBI and SDNY raid Project Veritas 67
  19. More Biden Family Crimes - Joe Showered With Daughter Ashley - FBI Confirms. 67
  20. When Kyle's own life hangs on the line - again! Jury too scared to rule. An UPDATE on Deliberations 67

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