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Top Topics: 30 Days

  1. My Jaw DROPPED when I Tested Someone's Immune System After the 2nd Jab 95
  2. Secretly Recorded - Pharma Officials Gravely Concerned About Covid-19 Vaccines LT Dangers. 94
  3. You are the aggressor 93
  4. The Plan to Kill and Sterilise Humanity Deciphered 75
  5. Here's a simple explanation as to why America is in the situation it is. 74
  6. Pregnancy and the Vaccine 72
  7. NIH ADMITS Fauci Lied: ‘We DID Fund Gain-Of-Function At Wuhan Lab’ 72
  8. 100 to 200 Congress Members and Their Families Receive ivermectin COVID Treatment 69

Hot Topics: 30 Days

  1. Alec Baldwin SHOOTING 755
  2. Southwest cancels 1000 flights We all know why 352
  3. Democrat Gov. Hochul Says Un-Vaxxed Christians ‘Aren’t Listening To God... 328
  4. Millions watch as Biden fakes his booster 295
  5. You are the aggressor 287
  6. Tested positive for Covid again. 254
  7. Main California Shipping Port is Shut Down - Is President Biden Doing This To America on Purpose?. 245
  8. Alec Baldwin Shooting Victim was wife of Latham-Watkins Lawyer, Clintoncide? 241

Newest Topics

  1. Blackstone CEO warns aggressive climate policies will cause energy crisis and social unrest 2
  2. Commercial pilot spots a UFO over Mexico 0
  3. A new climate change report shows the NWO is about to kill a lot of people 7
  4. "Drunken revolver" USSR and cartridges with vodka 7
  5. Area 51 the western gateway and complex non-linear dynamics 7
  6. Rape in the school bathroom 10
  7. My idea on preventing another Alec Baldwin-style tragedy 12
  8. The common cold... for when you can't get covid... 9
  9. Extremist leftist ex CNN employee arrested for threatening to murder Rep. Matt Gaetz and his child 39
  10. VA will now recognize some veteran's illnesses associated with exposure to burn pits 0