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Top Topics: 30 Days

  1. Breaking: Fauci Caught In Bribery Scheme - Paid Doctors Off To Change "The Science" 68
  2. J6 Sedition Trial Halted, FBI Agent Said Her Boss Ordered Her to 'Destroy Evidence' 65
  3. U.S. House Confirms - Chinese Communist Party Money Wired to President BIDEN Family Accounts. 60
  4. RESTRICT Act Could Imprison VPN Users For 20 Years, Ban Free Speech - The Internet 'PATRIOT ACT' 60
  5. #LockdownFiles British MP Asks 'When Do We Deploy The New Strain?' 55
  6. Why Does News Media and Democrats Not Care That JOE BIDEN Sexually Abused His Daughter. 51
  7. How long has it all been bull #### 49
  8. Transgender School Murders in Nashville, seems to be a Trend and we were warned 49

Hot Topics: 30 Days

  1. Tucker Carlson releases the first wave of videos from Jan 6th 692
  2. Democrats Hid More Exculpatory Evidence That Would Have Set Chansley Free. 545
  3. Trump says 'illegal leaks' indicate he'll be arrested Tuesday 457
  4. Olive Branches 330
  5. Transgender Kills 6 in Nashville Christian School 329
  6. Letter Surfaces saying Cohen Never Got Reimbursed for Stormy Payments 235
  7. Silicon Valley Bank collapses after members make run, Other banks to follow? 232
  8. Transgender School Murders in Nashville, seems to be a Trend and we were warned 214

Newest Topics

  1. More MSM Logic -- Saying Bragg Is Backed by Soros Is Antisemitic 2
  2. Federal judge temporarily blocks Tennessee's anti-drag law 11
  3. X-47B deployed by US military enters Eastern Europe and ready to head Ukraine? 6
  4. First Novella Published! Advice? 0
  5. Safety concerns for Drag Youth Camp After Tweet By Maxime Bernier 2
  6. Villanova University hosts seminar on 'A Womanist Path to Ending White Christian America' 4
  7. Furious Oregon father slams school board over assignment asking teens to state sexual fantasies 8
  8. "Failed" Science - WSF2023 (just for fun) 1
  9. Anatomy of a Biden Family Business Deal 1
  10. LGBTQ groups warn of 'serious consequences' if police release trans school shooter's manifesto 24