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Hi-res Meier pictures

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posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 06:41 PM
Ya wanna see how "peace and love" the Meier people are? Their message board recently had a post saying not to send any money to the Red Cross for help with Hurricane victims. Not to mention this:

"Michael & PAR Members,

It would be a good idea to donate to the victims of New Orleans by
sending them a small booklet of the The ENOCH PROPHECIES + 251st
Contact including an introduction as to why it is important to
understand the Meier case in relation to the many Hurricane related
events around the world & implications of why the lands of New Orleans
should be given back to the planet. How is this for a wakeup call to
those out there who may be willing to listen.??"

Theyre more worried about sending Meier's bullcrap prophecies and writings and furthering the Meier infection (well maybe not infection...maybe a boil) then actually helping these people down south.

Further proof to me the accusations made by many that the Meier case results in a "cult" type mentality.

posted on Sep, 11 2005 @ 04:54 PM
I agree, if this is the sort of weird, unreal chatter they have on their site.
It shows how 'cults' can become so egotisical, that they lose their grip on
The images have worked their magic and convinced some people that
Billy is the conduit to another society, a better plane.

It may be that one day, a civilisation from another age/time/planet will
come to gaze on our savagery, but I don't think that their emphasis will
be showing their flying skills around conifers or dazzling us with foil suits.

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