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Stuff to watch for in the future.

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posted on Nov, 8 2002 @ 02:30 AM
Well, ok. But remember, I'm not going to be responsible for feeding it or cleaning up after it. But don't come crying to me when you guys neglect it and I shoot it and bury it in the backyard; I don't have time for any extra pets!

posted on Nov, 8 2002 @ 10:36 PM
Is this where Daffy Duck is supposed to pop in & yell, "Shoot him now! Shoot him now!"

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 12:16 AM
have to update it.

I have a really bad fealing about this upcoming year.


posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 12:28 AM
Frankly, it's due to your religious expectatoins that are leading you to look at the worst in life. Try looking for the good in things and celebrating that and letting the bad go.

Okay... I know... Pagan heresy. But you'd be suprised how good the world really is compared to what it was.

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 12:53 AM
No not pagan heresy.

also i see the sin in the world and it is devistating to me to
see creatures build up technology to lead then from god.

It devistates me to see women treated like animal all over tv and movies.

it devistates me that kids have to grow up in this culture.

it devistates me that we have nuclear war heads in the hands of evil humans.

it devistates me that lust is out of control and that i seem like the only man in the world who respects souls
as souls.

you have to admit that even when tv first came out into the 70s and 80s it was not this sinfull and lustfull.

I hate a culture that only thinks about lust. thats all they are about.

its all over the place.

and so basically i can see the drastic change in the sin of the world, not just the vilence.

heres one prophecy ill give you..

St rembort 18th century.

"" God will punish the world when men have devised marvelous inventions
that will lead them to forget god, they will have hourseless carriages, they
will fly like birds ""

and so this was aa prophet to me whom seen the technology growth in a prophecy, and today its come true, because
we do now have marvelous inventions that do infact take us from god.

And so bird, these future events are not just my crazy thigs that "i" think will happen. but
they all come from the saints and what teachings god has led me too..

the worlds much more sinfull due to technology.


posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 11:55 AM
Truth, its Byrd, not bird. he isn't related to big bird or anything.

Also, T.V. was called the devil when it first came out. Same with radio, airplane, car, and everything else. heck, Jazz music was the devil.

Also, T.V. isn't bad. Is jepordy bad? Or what about History Channel? TLC? Or cartoon network? Cartoons aren't lust, they are funny. You wascally twuf, t.v. is good.

I guess books are bad to. Daniel Steel has those lust romance crap books. Nora Roberts the same thing. So I guess they bad to.

Then billboards, some use lust or a sexy babe in a bikini to advertise, so I guess they bad to, right truth?

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 12:49 PM
Women today are treated a hell of alot better than in the past...You know...when god was more active. Those women you see, the half naked or totally nude one's CHOSE to do that. Men today don't treat women like animal's, although there are some jerks who do, but more that don't...

Lust out of control...Blame that on god..
he told us to be fruitfull...and we are....

The inventions that take us from god are the very same one's that show a universe without god. This is why they take us away from god. This is why religion inhibits technological growth. Most of these inventions you see have more positive than negative sides to them. The weapon's protect us, in a time that god sit's with his thumb up his a$$ and does nothing. The very technology you hate, you use, hipocrite.

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 12:51 PM
Actually MD, was always "el que sabe"

If anything goes wrong TC I'll take him the vet and have him defrocked of his personals, that should calm him down.

MD keep in mind there is always Newspapers.

Truth!!!!! The sky is falling, the Sky is falling!!!!!

Common truth get of the attitude, relax. Look at James a whole post and not once did he insult you (that's got to count for something). Think of it this way truth if we really hated you or really wanted to bash you we would ignore you.

Truth its a really big Universe out there and God is really incredible. My impression that its best to simply not deny that his intent in beyond our understanding.

Truth technology by the early 18th century included submarines, steel hulled ships and steam driven engines. Flight was actually possible in relation to kites made to support the weight of men and as far as Nuclear Technology that could have been around a lot longer than most think. (just an opinion).

A lot more violence was around in the past than is now truth.

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 03:44 PM
you see that the women dresssing like garbage is very sinful to God.

it lead men to sin all the time.

also i think you are forgetting that we now have technology so massive that
it can spread sin in a huge amount.

lust makes me sick, women dressing like animals with nothing on makes me sick. it may not make
you sick but it does to me because they are degrading themselves and causing massive sin.

not all technology is bad james, god uses good out of bad, like how i get on the
internet to speak about god.

he uses good deeds out of bad inventions.

you guys keep saying there was more violence back then.

well we now have something called, nuclear warheads.

many, many, saints predict a final world war including mary prophecies.

what do you think this war will consist of??

massive nuclear, biological threats.

which causes??

massive "violence"

cant any of you see this?

are you telling me that this will not happen when prophets and the mother of god said it will??

look, sin is way more out of control now than ever. how do i come to this conclusion?

because technology spreads sin to the highest levels ever.

of course in your eyes, lust all over tv, music thats pure violence is not considered sinfull to you.


who know.

but to me, it is out of control, humans are acting like animals today, there is nothing but lust, hate, technology, and it
will all cause our demise.

not god. we will.

als james G. that was so wrong when you said.

"" Its gods fault, he said be fruitfull ""


he also institued that sex out of marriage is wrong.

he also instituted marriage.

he also said that if one even look at a women with lust he has commited adultury in his heart already.

He is very againts what you just said is his fault.

No, its our fault because what you see today is a result in going "against" gods word.

toltec, i dont hate james, james g, you, i care for you guys as literal brothers and living
breathing, walking, talking ,crying ,laughing, eating, souls
of the lord.

and i want you to know what god has shown me through the saints.


posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 04:02 PM
truth i don't agree with you on many things
but on one thing i do about the popullation control
don't really think that is going to be like you said it would but it's already happening like in China for example people are not allowed to have more than 2 kids
in which i totally agree with this because some women have like 6 kids and are just living off welfare to support them when i see no use if you know u can't support ur kid then don't have that many
well that's all i have to say bye

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 07:39 PM
Truth whatever conditions have existed in the here and now have been asserted as evidence. Of the coming of Christ and the coming of events of revelations since the year 1611. In 1611 they said it was going to be 1612, in 1612 they said wait it will happen in 1613. Then of course there was 1666 (which probably would have been a great year for wine but it was 1666).

I will remind you "truth" of a post which presents three verses in the Old Testament, each one resulting in 666.

And one in the New Testament which discusses the behavior of the apostles in response to Jesus, committing an act which to the most conservative of the Judaic faith is one of Heresy. Heresy should be a four letter word "truth."

The Fundamentalist Ethic killed the Son
of God "truth"

posted on Nov, 16 2002 @ 10:58 PM

Originally posted by Toltec
Actually MD, was always "el que sabe"

Don't blame me, the only source I have for that phrase was *spoken*, not written...That & the old Lone Ranger TV show...But it was quite a few *years* before I found out that it was supposed to mean "trusted friend".

Okay, I goofed it up...But I still *tried*!

Originally posted by Toltec MD keep in mind there is always Newspapers.

The only part of the papers that I find aren't *bad news* is the Comics section...I treat TV news the same way.

D@mmit! I want some *entertainment* when I come home, not more bad news that I come into contact with by merely *existing*!...Why should I intentionally *look for* more bad news?

...And then I say something like that while hanging around here...

Originally posted by Truth you see that the women dresssing like garbage is very sinful to God.

Funny, I always thought that God covered what He considers to be "sin" was covered in the Ten Commandments...I don't recall seeing anything there about nicely-shaped legs in a short skirt as being *offensive* to God. Where did you get that idea?

Originally posted by Truth
it lead men to sin all the time.

No, those lusts are what men lead themsleves to...God knows that we cannot control what we actually *think*...But He *does* know that we can't chose whether or not to take action based upon those thoughts. If you notice the Ten Commandments, everything that God has stated was a sin, it was based upon what *actions we take*, not the thoughts behind those actions. God knows that we are a stubborn, willful species...And He allows us to *think* what we will...But He has defined sins to Him as what *actions* we perform that offend Him.

Originally posted by Truth
also i think you are forgetting that we now have technology so massive that
it can spread sin in a huge amount.

It's not the technology itself that spreads the sin, it's the sinful ones who use it as a tool that are at fault. No matter *what* the technology is, the sinful ones will find a way to use it. Even when there was no technology much further along than "use a stick for a weapon", there have been those who would use it for their own interests instead of God's interests...These are the same type of people who *use God's name* itself to spread their sin (IE: Inquisitions, Crusades, Jihads, etc). You seem to put the blame on the *inanimate objects themselves* instead of putting the blame where it truly belongs...In the hands, hearts & minds of the *individuals who use the objects*.

[Edited on 17-11-2002 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Nov, 17 2002 @ 12:37 PM
Well MD, god doesn't want you to think. He wants you to be a sheep. And blindly follow the shepard. Follow the herd.

Hey, sounds like the government. They want their sheep(citizens) to follow blindly the shepard(them, NWO, so forth)

posted on Nov, 17 2002 @ 06:21 PM
IMO, it's not God who wants blind followers, it's the *organized religions* that want you to blindly follow them...I took off those blinders & found God standing back there behind them & just pushed them out of the way for a better look at God Himself.

Granted, I still haven't *learned* everything about God (Who can?), but I'm still looking...

posted on Nov, 17 2002 @ 06:52 PM
Ah, someone has learned the truth! Not to follow religon, but to follow god! Good job MD, one down, 6.5 billion to go.

posted on Nov, 17 2002 @ 09:55 PM
Actually "El que Sabe/ him who sabe/ Qimosabe/ Means "Him who knows" (no I do not mind
). As far as what it was that the Lone Ranger knew, it was in relation
to his Indian Sidekick (possibly that he was a descendant of Indian Royalty)

"Tonto" in Spanish means stupid or dumb. Apparently he (Tonto) was not versed in the English language and as a result spoke very little.

As far as the Newpapers they were meant for TOT

posted on Nov, 24 2002 @ 11:55 AM
truth, i need to know, do you actually hear yourself talk. No, not just hear, but listen and comprehend....I didnt think so.

posted on Nov, 24 2002 @ 12:07 PM
As you'll have gathered, R & S is not constrained by courtesy, knowledge, references, logic, good taste, spelling or punctuation.
But, as I caught you here, I'm intrigued by your cod-Hebrew cognomen: why "Zonah" and " Meshugah" (OK it could just about be Yiddish)?
I ask this because we have had nefarious cod-Hebrew posters in the past who, when challenged upon Semitic triliterals or Massoretic pointing, seemed somehow just to fade away.
This is not a challenge to your Hebrew philology. I'm just interested as to why you chose to conjoin "crazy" with "Zonah" - a sensitive word I'll leave you to elucidate.

posted on Dec, 14 2002 @ 02:59 PM
thx u man for this good stuff ur posting

posted on Dec, 14 2002 @ 03:41 PM
well, a nice man who responded with kindness.


thanks falcon, as i only post for those who are not aware of
what is happening to the world.

And keep that politeness, build on it, and you surely will become a saint, dont hate anyone
even your enemies, even jame lesser.


i do here what im saying and know what im posting, do you?

"" follow god and not religion ""

God created christianiy which is the sole belief in (christ) which is
a (religion)..

basically you willl see all religions join in the new world order, and at last
there will be peace, but a peace without truth of god, a false peace under antichrist.

Christ ( is ) the lord and i will defend him forever, and he will show himself to the world, and the antichrist
will fight agianst him, but not prevail.

Im telling you, ive witnessed miracles of christ personaally, ive dreamt of this man severa times before i knew him
completely, he is the lord.

( peace )

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