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Stuff to watch for in the future.

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posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 06:09 PM
I posted this on the old board and will repost it
here for the sake of new posters.

" This is for people who believe, so if you are going to bash then
do not reply "

Now chrsitains or people who believe in god, for the last time on this site let
me explain what you should look for in the coming years.

God has revealed to his sevrants what signs to look for so that
you are prepared. So here goes.

1. More attacks on the U.S.A.

More attacks will happen by the so called terrorist. This is all partt
of a world wide plan to destroy the free nation from within aloong with every free

Also this will sink our economy to the biggest depression in U.S. history. this
is why they targeted the WTC buildings. This depression that will hit
the U.S. will cause massive revolutions in our country, also huge riots.

You seriously may want to move out of the city if thats
where you live.

This is also being created so a man can restor peace and the
world wide economy. He will be looked upon as the most loved man in the world
for restoring the economy and peace.

he will proclaim all religions to join and that Christ was a mere fake. He will proclaim
himself to be God.

2. Weather changes and natural disasters

The government has been working on ways to disrupt the weather
in the country ( they will try to become God ).

More and more major disasters will be wide spread.

The accidents of plane crashess and accidents that cannot be
explained come from God. Slowly by slowly the west cost from earth quakes is
breaking apart and evantually will break off into the paacific ocean from a
huge qauke.

Scientists in our government for some time now haave been trying
to minipulate the weather for their own reasons.

They have been, cloning, trying to minipulate the weather, even
trying to time travel with their tecchnology that they have created.

Just remember to look for an increasing number of,
volcanos, earth quakes, and especially floods.

Florida will completely break off into the ocean along with most of the
west coast.

3. Nuclear bombs being used

These bombs will be used in the future sadly enough for a couple of reasons.

1. Population control, they need to kill off some of the
human race while they hide in the underground hideouts that they
have created.

2. of course pure hate.

God will not let many of these be used though, or else
if he did not intervene they would destroy the whole human race
and the planett itself.

This is in the bible...

""And if those days had not been shortened, no human on earth would
be saved ""

God will intervene before too many can be used. if he did not stop the bombs
going off in the future we would all die.

This was not possible even 50 years ago, but we *now* have the technology and the bombs
to destroy everybody. You cannot deny this.

4. Evil increassing

You will begin to see more and more evil increase and

evil acts you will see being commited that will increase with the coming times.

evil is real and must not be ignored.

5. Aliens

Boy i have said alot aboutt these things. These were created by satan
as i have said before. The governments of the world have created the ships
and will not reveal them for the devils purposes.

Please go read up on a scientist named Nikola tesla. he came up
with the ideas of these ships that run on free energy.

Also, they will not reveal the ships because of free energy. this
would destroy the major oil indusstries and would effect drastically the
world wide ecoonomy.

They do not want you spending 5 cents a year for your electric bill so they
do not let the public know about this.

Ufos run on free energy, that is why when a ufo flies over a house, all
of a sudden every appliance in the house either turns on or off.

These false lifeforms will come into play more as time goes on more. The
people who are behind the plan know what they are trying tto do.

You will here reports of light flashes on other planets, and stuff
like the face on mars more and more as time increases.

finally they will have a false invasion later down the road aat the time of the

Do you know why?

To bring the human race into a one world religion, one world baanking system (the chip),
and a one world order.

This new world order of the forming nations is forming right in
front of your faces.

The new religion will be, atheism, satanism, aand of course materialism, all
implimented by the antichrist.

This is why the pope has world religious meetings. hes working on the new age movement
plan to bring all religions into one. thus you combine truth with lies.

6. The Pope

The catholic church is in its great apostasy right now where heresy, apostasy,
and false preist and bishops abound.

The devil has constructed a plan to destroy the traditionl teachnings of the church.
This has been going on since vatican ll. Also he will try and demolish the name of
the church so less and less people would attend mass and the sacraments.

The pope is in apostasy and has commited major acts against
the churches teachings.

read chapter 13 of the apocolypse about the false prophet who was wounded and then healed.
The pope was shot in 1981 but lived. read the chapter.

In the bible it says he will have 42 months to work which comes out to 2003

Look to see if the pope dies or resigns in 2003 which the bible indicates he will.

When he dies or resigns huge events in the church and in the world will really pick up
and unfold. Only two popes are predicted to be after him, one bad, the other a good pope who will
bring many back to the faith.

7. The chip

When you see commercials for this remember what i said about it.

This is tthe mark of the beast which all will have to take in the new one world banking
system. Some will be killed and put in prison for not accepting it.

It will be forced on all for security reasons. Keep up on the news
about this and watch for missing people cases that will be so much
in the media that people will do anything to take something that
can be located at all times.

8. Sin

My god, look whats on tv and what music iss out today.

It gets worse each year ( the decline of morality ). Kids are being destroyed
from todays culture of immorality along with lack of parenting.

It will continue to get worse until god has had enough. We
are living in a time of mercy, where god is working as hard as he can to convert
people and to wake them up before his wrath descends upon a sinful human race.

I was not on this website a year ago, i have been woke up and am now on these kind of sites and
god is working through me to try to wake poepl up. Who knew
i would be called crazy for it?

(Two) years ago i did not know who jesus fully was nor anything about
what im writing.

i literally thougt two years ago that jesus was just a friend of god.

This is why i know it has been revealed to me and i must spread it. Thats why im on here
trying to wake up in time.

But when the period of mercy is over thats it, his wrath will fully descend
upon the human race and their will be no more chances to heed these kind of messages.

Who can deny sin and immorality is at an all time high??


9. The huge CROSS in the sky

This cross will appear at a time unknown and will last for three days. this
cross will remain in the sky for three days and every eye
will see it.

it will be the only means of light and at the corner of the hands and feet
of the cross huge lights will shine from them. This is the sign that will
be given to the human race that will convert many many people who
doubt jesus christ.

Some through ingnorance and pride will reject it as if it were nothing.

This comes from many of saints so it will happen, i just hope that
all of us will be living to see this.

10. The comet, the baptism of fire

Since the flood god has promised to never destroy the human race completely. we
will recieve a comet in the future that god will control. men with their
technology will try to stop it but will not be able to.

God will control this and it will hit the earth wiping out three quarters of the human race. it
will be a baptism of fire to cleanse the human race and to destroy the evil through fire.

God keeps his promise. this comet will only wipe out three quarters of the population.

Scientists have found this comet and it is headed here.

This is what it has come to. The human race has become so evil and sinful that
God has no other choice. Humans have brought upon them selves their own destruction through
their evil ways and sins.

God will actually be nice enough to intervene when the bombs start
to go off so we will not destroy our selves.

God wants some people to be left on earth for the restoration of the earth, this is why he will
intervene. The world is full of garbage aand is headed for destruction, we have brought it on our
selves and will pay for the evl we commit.

this is reality, what im saying is true.

If you think im crazy than so be it. I will pray that you all understand this before
reality hits the world.

This is no joke, look around you to see the filth of the
world and where we are headed. if you cannot see the world situation right now
then you will never see it.

Christians who read this, please nomatter the heresy and lies, stay FIRM in your faith and god
will show you the truth about him and his church. Just do not faall to lies that the world will feed you.
We are living in the age of *falsehood* and lies by the father of lies who has created
all of the heresy you see around you.

I do not go on websites to talk about wordly nonsense that
most people do, i have a specific task to accomplish here
for the sake of souls and i will do that.

This is why religion is in all of my post, don't get me wrong, i do eat, sleep,
breath, cry, get angered, sin, i am not a possesed robot as some of you think.

But i will to be perfected of all sin as god wants us to be.

I know what time we are in and am here to waarn you. i do not need to talk about
foolish nonsense out of the realm of reality. Not in these times.

This is why i go from website to website trying to warn in time before time runs out.


Because you are my brothers and sisters and i want you to partake in everlasting joy and hapiness.

This is the last topic ill ever give on this site, please
just understand what im saying.

Everytime i get rejected or called crazy i refer to this passage.

JOHN 15:18

"" If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you beloong to the world, the
world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and i have chosen you out of the
world, the world hates you ""


posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 07:36 PM
More attacks=Saddam
Evil Increasing=Saddam

Well, first three taken out.

Weather Changes=Nature
Natural Disasters=Nature
The Comet=Nature

That also easy.

Big Cross=BS

Also easy, since we dealing with Truth.

Pope=This from guy who has god talking to him

Also easy.

Chip=Tracing technology

Easy, but truth sees all tech evil, so...

Aliens=Sonner or later

Aliens will come sooner or later. Duh!

Truth, you once again make me laugh harder then any chicken crossing the road joke, for that is what you are, a joke.

posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 07:59 PM
As one studies the totality of the human condition, and the repetitions of the societal equation, we can easily predict the occurrences of the "doomsayers." This person, "Truth" is but an infant-like sayer of doom. As such, he is not at all aware of history, it's repetitions, and cycles.

"Truth" says: 1. More attacks on the U.S.A.

Indeed, one need not theologic influence to understand, nor predict this will happen. Several dozen respected layperson historians were warning of domestic terrorism.

"Truth" says: 2. Weather changes and natural disasters
The government has been working on ways to disrupt the weather in the country ( they will try to become God ).

Scientists have indeed been working on ways to influence weather patterns. However, they will not be the cause of regional weather catastrophes.

"Truth" says: 3. Nuclear bombs being used
These bombs will be used in the future sadly enough for a couple of reasons.

Indeed again, one need not revert to theologic sources to predict this. However, "Truth's" reasonings are made of the most horrid science fiction plot lines.

"Truth" says: 4. Evil increassing
You will begin to see more and more evil increase and spread.

This, of course, is wrong. The human organism, as it evolves into a self-aware collective, is actually loosing attributes that one would call "evil." The concept of evil by its very nature is theistic in origin, and as such, theism is on the decrease among educated sectors of human society.

"Truth" says: 5. Aliens
Boy i have said alot aboutt these things. These were created by satan as i have said before.

The brief encounters this planet has had with extra terrestrials are a non-event in the grand scheme of human evolution.

Also, "Truth" should examine the realities of quantum mechanics and modern physics. Free energy exists only in works of fiction.

"Truth" says: 6. The Pope
The catholic church is in its great apostasy right now where heresy, apostasy, and false preist and bishops abound.

The societal equations indicate the organized "church" will indeed become less and less relevant, though not for the reasons "Truth" is espousing.

"Truth" says: 7. The chip
When you see commercials for this remember what i said about it.

Could you explain what this is?

"Truth" says: 8. Sin
My god, look whats on tv and what music iss out today.

Why is this different than your number 4?

"Truth" says: 9. The huge CROSS in the sky

This has no basis in reality.

"Truth" says: 10. The comet, the baptism of fire
Since the flood...

There was no flood.

God will control this and it will hit the earth wiping out three quarters of the human race.

There is no comet. Such an event, killing in such massive amounts, would destroy all, not 75%.

this is reality, what im saying is true.

You are absurd.

If you think im crazy than so be it.

You are a theistic prankster.

JOHN 15:18
"" If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first. If you beloong to the world, the
world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and i have chosen you out of the
world, the world hates you ""

How is this passage relevant? Do you know what it means?


posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 08:18 PM
RDO, you saved us all a lot of typing. Very concise, very to the point.

He's trying to equate The Chip (from Digital Angel) with The Mark Of The Beast. He thinks we're all going to be implanted with the thing and there's no getting away from it.

posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 09:37 PM
This is not that type of post.

if you do not believe in god than do not bash this for souls who

this stuff will happen. I get all of thsi from the saints.

laugh deny. this post is for those who come across it and believe in god.

just remember this post in the coming future.

daniel, i am not a theistic prankster.

Do you know me personally?

not even a little bit about me.

your judgement is foolish.

All im asking is that you atheist leave this topic alone if
your goingg to ridicule.


posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 09:40 PM
I am not atheist.

Why do you assume that pointing out error in your message is ridicule?


posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 09:45 PM
because error to you guys is a supernatural belief.

ive seen many miracles in my life.

im in error.


posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 09:54 PM
I wass talking about seti who always
bashes with hatefull remarks.

he is an atheist.

Rdo the only problem with your response is the assuption that
im a theistic prankster when you do not know me.


posted on Sep, 16 2002 @ 11:52 PM
Since this thread is about things to happen in the future,here goes.....

Prophecy//Saint Kosmas 16th century////
Constantinople will be invaded by Russia...
The invasion will last 5 or 6 months......
There are more but not easy to interpret from the greek ........(i have posted about this before)

Anon///(1053 A.d )
Major european war
death of 7 cities in Constantinople(istanbul)3 nights of slayings..Russia defeats the 6 of the seven cities..
the world is at a loss .
Roman Catholisism will fall...
There are more but again not an easy interpretation....

This european war will use atomic weapons ...This will also involve Palasteine.......

Saint Tarasiou(806 A.D)
Constantinople is invaded....similar prophecy above.....

These are only a few of the things that will happen but concern will be what will mankind do to be able to save themselves!
It is a concern because this war will be the biggest and most terrible that mankind has ever seen......

posted on Sep, 17 2002 @ 08:11 AM
Mr. "Truth"... my opinion of your motives as a prankster only factored into one of my responses. What is your opinion of the remainder of my responses?

posted on Sep, 17 2002 @ 08:46 AM
do you type these posts from an institution truth?

posted on Sep, 17 2002 @ 08:56 AM
are you an evangelist?

posted on Sep, 17 2002 @ 09:40 AM
lol Evangelists suck.


posted on Sep, 17 2002 @ 10:03 AM
the giant locusts are coming

posted on Sep, 17 2002 @ 11:25 AM
Okay, I'll give some prophecies... I figure I'm as good as any of the ones listed here (and, by the way, I'm a professional psychic (no, I'm not kidding. I read Tarot, runes, do astrology charts, palmistry, and teach some meditation techniques.))

Prophecies according to Byrd:

Bush will continue to rattle his sabers as the world gets more and more disgusted with the US. His ratings will rise here at home, but our ability to negotiate with other nations will fall lower and lower.

Osama will lie low for several years, as the US and other countries continue to chip away at his resources. His organization will try two more large events but won't be successful. He dies before he turns 60.

In another 2 years, environmental concerns and the general neglect of them will start to turn into voter issues in the US. The rest of the world will pressure us on signing the Kyoto treaty, but this won't happen until after Bush leaves office. Once he's gone, we make significant forward steps in environmental issues.

Poor Pope John Paul's health will continue to decline. His heart is courageous, but the body can be pushed only so far. His decline and death will be gradual enough so that the cardinals will have a "short list" of candidates when he dies and the transition will be smooth. The next Pope will be somewhat more liberal and will help the church move toward acceptance of birth control and other issues that the laity have been screaming about for years.

It will take at least a decade to restore Afghanistan to any sort of stability. Warlords will assasinate two more high-ranking officials in the next three years, and Harmid Karzai will have another close call. When the multinational troops finally withdraw from the country, the warlords will be back to their old tricks again and the situation will get out of control (again) until a warlord arises who basically kills or cuts the power of everyone else. And we're back to the Taliban type situation again.

The Middle East (and Israel/Palestine) continues as it is right now. The Temple wall will become an issue of concern as it bulges further and eventually collapses. This triggers hysteria but nothing other than that.

Al Qaida cells become more active and Indonesia becomes the next center of global terrorism.

Oh... and the next 2 presidential terms will be filled with bumbling. By the 2012 election, the tide will be swinging toward more liberal views. Then we get a DIFFERENT kind of bumbling.

The shrieks and squabbles over the EU will calm down in the next 5 years and more countries will be joining in the next 10 years. The EU as a market force becomes stronger than Japan (which will continue to struggle) and the US (the "recession that really isn't happening" will continue throughout the Bush administration.

I could put that in terms of mystic symbols, if you like... but there's some prophecies for ya.

...and you don't have to join any particular faith to believe in them.

posted on Sep, 17 2002 @ 10:10 PM
Ok rdo i will respond to your responses.

rdo ""Truth is like an infant sayer of doom""

Well i will refer you to this passage from the bible.

"" I do not reveal this to the learned but to the child like ""

rdo..... "truths reasoings are made of the most horrid
science fiction plot lines ""

Absolutely not true. go reaad up on population ""control"".

There is a plan to exterminate a certain amount of humans to keep the so caalled population under control. this
is 100% true. Our government has created the (AIDS) virus.

rdo... evil does exist and it comes from a deep feeling created by satan in human will.

those who do not even care for their own family members or would kill at will are evil.

it has nothing to do with what you said rdo. It will destroy the world. the world is run by evil.

rdo... "Free energy only exist in fiction ""

Do you have any proof of this??

these ships were created back in the 40s and have been kept secret from the public to
conduct satans plan through free energy.

rdo..... "" The cross in the sky has no basis of reality ""

Only in your mind rdo. this is absolutely 100% true. many saints have predicted this and it
will happen.

i know jesus is god because of the miracles ive seen but i do not need proof.

only those who want to reject need proof. the huge cross is reality and will happen. I hope your eyes
will be planted on this when it does.

then heed this message.

rdo... "there was no flood"

very wrong. Im not even going to get into an evolution type thread.

Are you 4000 years old rdo? 95 % of the worlds ancient culture gave account of a flood that did happen.

Don't say something did not happen when you have no clue nor evidence.

please do not get into a evolution post with me. ive had too many of those.

this post is not for that.

rdo... " A comet would kill all and not 75% ""

Again the non belief of god comes to your conclusion.

God can and will ccontrol this. he wants there to be an error of peace after the chastisment.

God controls the entire universe.

All of this came from the saints so it will happen.

laugh until you turn blue but it will happen.

i will not be luaghing and saying i told you so. I love you souls and do not want anything
to happen to you guys.

please just prepar for this stuff.


posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 04:50 AM

Originally posted by Truth

Scientists have found this comet and it is headed here.

Do you have some proofs ?

Scientific web sites ?

Astranomy reports ?

May be you can give us some links.


posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 05:08 AM
Do you have a red telephone to god or something cuz I would really like to use it too. There is evil in this world and self-righteous pricks like you are part of the problem. Rather than preaching what god is going to do, why don't u try being pro-active.

Evalangelist, Catho, Methodist wutever, Christianity and religion in general is full of FALSE PROPHETS like yourself. Why don't you read that bit of the bible?

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 06:16 AM

Originally posted by Fantastic_Damage
Rather than preaching what god is going to do, why don't u try being pro-active.

When you say " pro-active ", do you mean that we have to be like you ?
If it's yes, you can go back at home man, I'll never be "p.p.p.ppppro-active ".
Pro-active is just another stupid politically correctness word.

[Edited on 18-9-2002 by ultra_phoenix]

posted on Sep, 18 2002 @ 06:34 AM
im a prick huh?

Why would you say such nonsense when you do not even know me?

You have NO clue about how ive been woke up to whats happening.

Why don't you read the part about judging thy neighbor.

FD, i never once claimed to be a "prophet". You simply labeled me that
because of the kind of message im writing.

I am a sinner likke all you guys who god has woke up to reality through miracles and a strong
desire to give up sin for him and be perfected.

One more thing FD, false prophets proclaim them selves. I proclaim jesus as god and the lord of lords.

You have no clue about anything about me. Your judgment is horrible baised upon
((your)) assumption of me.

If i get sent to hell than i will deserve it. gods punishments aare always just.

UP. The reason he said be pro active is because we are supposed to not reognize reality.

I will not come on here and lie to you guys about these times and say everything is just fine.

I will give you what the saints have said will happen as i have done.

Were the saints false prophets who had no pro activeness???


God wills people like me to spread whats happening so that you may awake and realize that his wraath is
not far off.

Non the less, think what you will.


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