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Atlantis: resources and topics

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posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 07:02 AM
Hi everybody! I am new on ATS. I will like to inform you guys abour something interesting about Atlantis. First of all, I am from the Canary Islands (Spanish) situated about 100km from Morroco´s coast.

There have been many rumors about Atlantis and Lemuria throughout history this is why i will like to share some info with you guys about what people of my Islands know about this topic. A lot of scubba diving expeditions which have taken place around the Islands have discovered burried ancient construction materials and evidences like columns used for greek temples and other stuff like that. In the Island of Lanzarote (one of the seven Islands that form part of the Canary Islands) there is a gigantic cave known as "la cueva de los verdes" (" the green´s cave" or something like that) which actually has a yeat unknown depth that as scientists suggest may go on for several kilometres.... The good thing about this is that although scientific expeditions have taken place in that cave all this past years, no expedition has ever reached the end of the cave. At some point it was found that the cave was blocked by rocks from earthwuakes disabling the posibility for this guys to continue going down.....

Many people suggest the Canary Islands as well as Maderia could represent the tallest mountains of what once could have been Lemuria or Atlantis.

I hope this helps.

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by Xtal_Phusion

Hey now......hold up.....
i need to learn all i can about atlantis myself
been on this quest for years
gathering info. as i go.....
no i would rather hear it all and make my own conclusions myself
since i have my own agenda as well
( meaning ,i too am wanting to find out things that most people
are just not at all interested in, )
and i do not want someone else editing anything out
before i can deciede if it is of intertest to me or not
....because truthfully
i can tell you all right now
pretty much ALL of it that is not way off reality , and sounds
true ...
I am interested.


its kinda my "thing"
sorry to come off sounding so crazy , but i have a 12 year project
going on with this place ........ya know?
you tend to get protective of your little obsessions!

posted on Aug, 25 2007 @ 11:56 AM
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posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 07:12 AM
just curious, since plato was born in 400 bc, and thus basically 2500 yrs ago, and his writings dictate that atlantis was destroyed 9,000 years ago, before him, or ruffly 12,000 years, has anyone done any research into how this correlates with the last recess of the last ice age?

After all, according to scientist, the last ice age ended about 16,000 years ago. If this is the case, is it possible that plato's timing could have been off? If this is the case, why are people looking for locations of atlantis with the current maps of the world. If infact Atlantis existed during the ice age, and before, we should take a look at maps prior to the sea level rising.

If this is the case, I wouldn't look for the city of atlantis in any of the previous locations. I would look for it at the bottom of the under sea ridge thats located south of the azores. After all if the sea level was significan't lower then, then a harbour, which would be the valuable resource for food, and trade would be located at that sea level. If this was the case, correlate what the sea level was back then, remove all the water hiding everything, and go from there.

Just my 2 cents among the hundreds of dollars of opinions out there.


posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 09:32 AM

Originally posted by camain
just curious, since plato was born in 400 bc, and thus basically 2500 yrs ago, and his writings dictate that atlantis was destroyed 9,000 years ago, before him, or ruffly 12,000 years, has anyone done any research into how this correlates with the last recess of the last ice age?

Yes scientists that believe that Atlantis is possible and I alike believe that the last ice age is the time frame that atlantis was destroyed.

Originally posted by camain
After all, according to scientist, the last ice age ended about 16,000 years ago.

No, I am understanding that scientists believe that the last ice age ended around 12,000 maybe as long as 13,000 years ago which is the same time frame that Plato said Atlantis came to an end. Plato had no knowledge of the ice ages by the way.

There is a harbour found off the coast of Bimini and a underwater city 30 miles off the coast of Cuba. There are a lot more locations of underwater ruins. You can probably google it if you are interested in reading about them. There is an excellent one off from Japan.

posted on Sep, 11 2007 @ 01:35 PM
yea, I've read plenty about cuba, the roads, etc. Logically though, If there was more ice, the the sea level would have been alot lower. The ending of the ice age would have had significant results in correlation to plate tectonics, as well as the sea level, Namely, as the ice melted, if would actually result in a modification of the tectonic plates that exist today. This could also correlate to the hyperactive plate theory. Kinda like sitting on a water bed. As pressure from above comes down the less dense matter will push itself off to the side. Basically, instead of the plates moving 2in per year, as currently recorded, the resulting flow of ice to water caused an excessive wait to form therefore causing the plates to move apare?

Heres a link to a map that shows the plates:

If instead of millions of years, the plates took just years to move, this could have resulted in a VERY unpridicable environment Namely where the 2 plates meet. (Azores) Additionally, any plates in the area that was forced to move(being less dense) would also have the remnants of Atlantian civilization. (caribean plate).

Just my 2 cents, but I think if this was the case, this would explain alot of theory about not only but of also other theories of ancient civilizations. The fountain of youth, El Diablo, Atlantis, Noahs Flood. Additionally, it would also correlate what you had pyramid builders in both america, and egypt, as well as what there finding in macedonia, are today. That being said, the remains of atlantis would be spread out across the middle of the atlantic, and most likely a city wouldn't be found.


posted on Oct, 13 2007 @ 09:39 AM
Plato is not the prime source of the Altantis Story

Reading through many threads I notice how many people think that Plato is the original source of the Atlantis story. Afterall, thats what conventional sources tell you, right? Thats what wikipedia tells us. Thats what science tells us. Unfortunately its even what pro-Atlantis books tell us.

The truth though is that Atlantis accounts and accounts of a sunken continent and flood in the Atlantic

a) come from all over the world (take the Basque "Atlaintika" Myth or the Canary Islands Atlantis Story as only two examples)

b) come from times way before Plato.

The Atlantis Story did not start with Plato. Next time you hear this lie perpetuated, point it out.

posted on Oct, 14 2007 @ 12:58 AM
First, I'd like to say hello to everyone. I am new to ATS.

Second, Plato's story wasn't about where Atlantis WAS, it was about the Athenians of his time not knowing anything about their own ancient history. Therefore, he related a story of how the people who would become Athenians fought and defeated a greater power in the area. Here are a few things most people don't take into account from both science and the Timaeus of Plato:

Athens, Greece: as a city started around 1200 BC, people having lived in the area since at least 1500 BC or earlier, but definitely not 9000+ years old. (older than Sais, according to the priests relating story to Solon, which is true)

Sais, Egypt: founded c.1100BC, but definitely not 9000+ years old. (younger than Athens according to the priests relating story to Solon, which is true)

Libya: what was known as Libya wasn't exactly the same as the country of Libya we know now and comprised mostly cities along the Mediterranean, whether in Libya proper or not, but west of Egypt.

Tyrrhenia: central Italy, term was known and used by the Greeks, used in the Timaeus. 1st or 2nd Millenium BC.

War Between Atlantis on the one side and Athens and Egypt on the other, according to the Timaeus: For this to happen, Athens and Egypt have to both be in existance and a threat to Atlantis, which would chronologically have to be in the 2nd millenium BC. (actually Egyptian Dynasties XV - XVII were among the weakest during this time)
The belief that the dates given by Plato might have have been off by a factor of 10, ie. 900 instead of 9000 would fit rather well in this time frame.

Taken from the Timaeus: " ....and then, Solon, your country shone forth, in the excellence of her virtue and strength, among all mankind. She was pre-eminent in courage and military skill, and was the leader of the Hellenes. And when the rest fell off from her, being compelled to stand alone, after having undergone the very extremity of danger, she defeated and triumphed over the invaders, and preserved from slavery those who were not yet subjugated, and generously liberated all the rest of us who dwell within the pillars. But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea. For which reason the sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable, because there is a shoal of mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the island. I have told you briefly, Socrates, what the aged Critias heard from Solon and related to us." (Atlantis sinking into the sea had a real time, same day affect on the Athenians)

There has never been found anywhere in the Atlantic the remnants of an island continent that had been submerged and nothing that would have had a SAME DAY AFFECT on any part of mainland Greece.

All this together, I believe, makes the case for the eruption of Santorini/Thera and its aftereffects the most likely candidate for Atlantis. It would have caused earthquakes, tsunami's and such that would have been devastating to mainland Greece. Depending upon dates used, Santorini erupted between 1500 and 1600 BC.

Realistically, if Atlantis was located somewhere in the Atlantic, you would think it would go after the strongest civilization around. Before 3200BC there wasn't even an Egyptian civilization let alone an Athens, Greece so who would they fight?

Well, that's my two cents worth.

posted on Dec, 31 2007 @ 08:04 AM
.111.[R].The Enlightenment of My Witnessings Here on Earth.[R].111.

What is known?

-Atlanteans are still real people today.

-We come from Atlanteans.

-Our Religions, Philosophies and Technologies come from Atlanteans.

-Our Alphabet and English and manners of speaking come from Atlanteans and Linear A.

-Our original Garden of Creation and Atlantis Royal City one reaches back some 150 million years ago to the islands birth.

-Civilizations started forming some 50 thousand years ago at the apex of genetic mutations for genome humans.

- Our modern minds come from a 250 thousand year old brain that was capable of what we are today, with research and development.

-we are only some 8500 years of advancement.

- every 10 thousand years humans are capable of great advancements like today.

- we chronicle our understandings to civilizations of some 12,000 years ago to modern man of only 100,000 years ago.

- Scientists proclaim our human genomes to some 6 million years ago.

-6482.bC, we were all wiped out from Hellion interventions, shall we say?

-6435.bC, Father Creator re-populated us in the Garden of Avila in Tanzania, Africa, near the ngorongoro craters, when it once was a Large Oval Island known as Atlantis.

- The Royal City of Atlantis and Neptune's Temple are still visible in Tanzania as The Garden also is with many signs that compare to the Bible.

- The Images of Father Creator, Mother Nurturer and The Son are visible upon the grounds in the Garden.

- The Left Hand of Father is visible which also holds The Eye of Ra Symbol and The Aeternal Eye of Father.

-The Marriage of The Lamb is Visible for all to witness like the readings of Revelations chapters 19 and 20.

- Father's Wife Has also Revealed Herself.

- The Apis Bull is also present at the Garden.

These works of miracles became known when Father Creator guided me to look on top of The Great Pyramid and inside, to witness His Name and Image of His Face on the airshaft stone plug as I was in the 4th year of Atlantean research, last January 2006.

-The Great Mystery of The Pyramids has been resolved to indicate to us our Greatest Miracle in our Carina Nebula Star System, some 7 light years in size.

Father's Will for Us to Know His Son and The Great Beasts and False Prophet named Judas who tried to get Ja Mn's Son's Soul and Cup of The Covenant for our damnations and premeditated rituals of our revelations that were preserved by Blackened servants of The Dark Prince with Square Heads and Broad Arses and Serpent Tongues of Twisted languages. A Wolf in Sheep’s clothing.

- The Mysteries of The Eye of Ra, Book of The Dead and the relocated Temple of our Son, have been resolved as it also is for the mystery of The Apis Bull.

- This has been going on since 6482.bC, 3474.bC and Zero to your calendars for Jesus The Christ. 3 sons, so far as known for the 10 Sons of our Cycle.

- The Linear A Alphabet, by themselves reveals our truths and religions. Linear A was also hidden for Linear B like Alexandria was hidden for Pergamon and Phoenicia.

- The Secret of Hesiod, Herodotus and The 9 Greek Muses has been revealed to disclose the Hidden 10th muse or Book known as MYLO.

- The Founders of Atlantis and our 10 Atlantean Kings as told in Critias ca 360.bC by Plato and not in Timaeus, reveals to us that King Dionysios, Greece and Atranto, Italy, betrayed Us to the East and Pergamon just as Constantine also did or the Ashen writings of condemned black square heads and broad arses.

- this was only some 30 years before AleXander The Great set out to protect our truths and conquer the known world back then.

- The List of our 10 Kings also reveals to us that MneSeus and Evaemon were the most important Kings, with MneSeus being the Main King of Atlantis rather than Atlas.

-the era of 3250.bC involves Pharaoh Menes who is actualy an Atlantean and the reason for the rise of Osiris and Isis myths in disguise of Menes and Neit. This was actually around 4000.bC.

- December The TenT, 3474.bC, Snoferu murdered a Son of Mn by plunging a crooked dagger into His Heart upon an altar in a temple that was taken down, loaded on ships and sailed some 5000 miles from Egypt and strangely enough, rebuilt and visible from my satellite map.

- The Murder of Jesus The Christ was a premeditated re-enactment for the purposes of Satan and The False Pillars of BoaZ and JoAb, The Star of David and The Temple of Zoloman, which vain Hebrews ordained with Ezra and Hillel.

Or the battle for your souls as they say.
While they populate us with more darkened twos to destroy our Earth and Father's Creation as witnessed by Revelations and your false wars.

This was set for 8888 or 2406.
A mere 400 years.

Last January,2006.aD,Aeternal Father showed me His Name of JA, on Top of The Great Pyramid in Cairo,Egypt.

Then, He showed me His Face and Name Inside of The Great Pyramid's Airshaft Stoneplug.

10 Hours south of Cairo at Saqqara, I found our missing Lion Sphinx.

And our missing Labyrinth where Snoferu stained our Earth with the Blood of One of our Sons of God.

Pondering the Egyptian Scroll of The Shipwrecked Sailor, I located our Sons Temple some 5000 miles away from Egypt.

Where I set to work to decode the Pyramids of Cairo which pointed me to the Carina Nebula Star System. As Below So Above.

Where I then found the Greatest artwork of nature in the Skies from an acual Hubble Space Telescope photo.

So, a True Son of God, The Father came to His calling to Save His Son and our Cup of The Covenant that Jesus dropped on his ascension as Satan and Sekhmet and Judas The False Prophet also are seen lusting after the son and our covenant cup.
This made me realize why I died as a Teenager and the meaning of The Oval Light.

I caught the Cup of The Covenant that day, without my knowledge other than the Greys and an Oval Light.

Then I found our True Garden of Eden in Tanzania where our Royal City of Atlantis also is in.

And My Face imprinted on God's baby on the ground as God's Wife looks upon me.

So, I also decoded the Garden for newer understandings.

Then an Obsidian pointer guided me north from Avila to The Rift Valley in Kenya where I found the 3 Headed Dragon and The Dark Seal of Satan's Father.

So, I mounted my White Horse and readied my Sword and Word.

And dismembered Satan's Head from His body.

And ripped His Obsidian Heart from His Empty Chest while The Head of The Son also appears.

And Sealed Him in The Great Pit with Aeternal Father's Will.

Then, Father and I made a website for you all to know your greatest of Truths.
Pray With Father Jon Worship No Stone. Command No Death. Love thy Neighbors. Preserve our History.





Tribes of Atlantis website to Witness.

Aejor Mn.
Paulo J.Tx.Mn
Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline of Atlantis.
Sword of Avila
Ascender of The Sun
Opener of The Ways
Sealer of Revelations
Slayer of The Obsidian Dragon
King of The Double Falcons
King of Atlantis and Atatana,Avila.

True Son of Father JOA MN.
Who IS Aeternal Father Creator.

All as Spoken is In Truth.

I Luv You All To Never Fall
To Know Is Immortal
Spirence Ipse

Sword of Avila.

LuX VerTaTis.

Aeternal Thanks be to Father for the Strength to Lift This Heaviest of Swords.
So it is The Great Beasts of Evils are Fallen into The Pit of Khenya.
Aeternal Thanks for Father's Will to retain our legend of Atlantis in our minds as testament to Him, His Family and His Son.

As He did with our Pyramids.

Apocalypse Chapter 19
The saints glorify God (JA-MN-Riv.) for his judgments on the great harlot (YA-Riv.) Christ's victory over the beast and the kings of the earth.

Decem 30t TenT,2007 anno domini de Mn.

posted on Jan, 7 2008 @ 06:57 AM
“The 5500 Year Suppression of Ages”
To know is immortal

The Greatest curiosities upon our selves, is simply to know our selves and the mysteries of our Self being and Universe so vast. What grand purpose do we have here and why so much cruelty and suffering upon ourselves.
Because we don’t know ourselves and we don’t truly have the freedom to attain that goal for the formations of environments around us and through medias.
Sins, we know plenty of, and we know why… money and power, two of the greatest sins, for all, there is no power in us as there is in our Galactic Father, or God as you know him, though you know him not, and know not how to reveal Him for his true manner of being to convince us that He Exists.
Because they want to convince you that God is Money and money exists.
The existence of money and power for luxuries and perversions, above all, have distorted our very conception of well being, histories and spirituality, for evil always seeks to take away your spirituality to weaken you. Hence conformed and implemented Corruptions of Propaganda.

We see it every day and everywhere, both in the human kingdoms and animal kingdoms.
Because of Our Stain.

This Stain will be 5480 years old on December the Tenth of this year, two thousand and seven, in the year of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, for all, on a worldwide level, though their religions are different and many, they all know in generality.
The core of our Histories, more or less, has always been focused around the Mediterranean, where we are also watchful for the histories of Egypt because of their great monuments left behind for us to witness and their records in temples of worship.
Many have asked and still debate the great mystery of the Pyramids and the Wisdom of yesterdays Scholars, and why it is that we only know the history of Egypt to roughly 3100.bC to a time of a First Pharaoh, and what are the mysteries of earlier Pharaohs, like Narmer, or Scorpion King and hints of other preceding Pharaohs. Pharaohs, who reach the day of light to 4000.bC from the provenance of the Palermo Stone which I believe was “broken” on purpose to hide older facts of our Histories, especially around 3500.bC, or before Christ.
The Bronze Age is capped around this time also, and the rest of the Mediterranean doesn’t seem to “wake up” until after 2000.bC, By 1000 aD, most of the Western knowledge was altered and hidden to favor the East.

In All, part of the great 5500 year suppression of Ages which all changed when they abandoned Our True God, who is Father.

But who can say, who is Father? What evidence can they sustain to convince us of Father other than words of hope and wisdom?
Who can say whose religion is proper when God has anger with 7 Churches that are in Asia?
For this reason, their very own revelations, shall be revealed unto themselves, for to alter God’s name is a revelation unto thyself of thine own doings as it has been for 5480 years. For this reason they changed your calendar to Zero, and glorified themselves with riches and have hidden the truth from amongst our selves to gain the promise of the “broken one”, as they have glorified themselves with our true hidden knowledge.
For this reason, the Library of Alexandria fell to Pergamon, where they themselves, say the seat of their abomination also resides near the perch of The Ark.
Strange, for the Ark has been perched for at least 5000 years also, or since the First Pharaoh as you know him, Pharaoh Menes.

You know Menes, but you don’t know the Secret of Mn, which is part of a Royal Family of Wisdom and Time.

Nor do you know the Secret of our True Histories as Atlanteans, because our truth bears no academic standing in our schools of wisdom, if you can call them such things for all their falsities mediated by families of Zero. So, to tell a Great Lie, is Great Truth, such as to portray Atlantis as a mystical underwater Disney movie, is burnt into the deepest neuro-logic memory banks of our minds. Such as spending money or slaying our neighbours for crazed manias of distorted beliefs and hidden rages brought on through thought control which evolves into our maturities and family functions.

In other words, gross injustice and negligence upon ourselves through medias of corruption to the level of accepted tolerance and disfunction.

So, in truth, we are innocent as to why, but not as to have known why and still do.
Part of this corruption is also bred on purpose to distort forms of gain, such as religions, God or personal growth or our true histories. A prime example is we often see Crosses, God, Jesus Christ, Bibles and other religious purposes portrayed along side evils on our televisions, such as the The Excorcist and Linda Blair when she was a child of 13 years of age for her demented movie role.
Again, focus is on Corruptive Power where the mentality of God and religions reaches a point of rejection because they themselves, the followers of Zero, blame God for our injustices and misfortunes and label him a murderer to have wiped out our Earth by a Great flood for his resentment of us.
Or, Priests, Bibles and God, will end up harming us with a “Texas ChainSaw” or “Silence of The Lambs”.

It was not God, the reality is it was Mr. Zero, whose abomination formed from the evils of your Sins upon ourselves, just as the Purity of God forming from the goodness of your deeds upon ourselves.
So, every Earth like planets with humans, also have their Gods in other Galaxies where the Law of One justifies Air and Water and comfort to sustain our lively hoods.

For example, most of us cannot look at a naked body without thoughts of lust if desired or detestment and embarrassment if resentful, for lack of beauty and spirituality of the complexity at hand.A good example, is that in ancient times, fat big butted goddesses, were looked upon as beautiful because they were closer to God, in ancient times, before we abandoned him for the power of Zero. The key word is Power, because the Power of Purity or God, and the Power of Zero, were the battles of our life forces to sustain provenance of kingdom, or our Earth, which sadly we see in our medias, families and futures, reflected by the power of zero. Only problem is, the the followers of Zero, who are leading our very destruction, have no Mr.Zero, to further perpetrate their cause of evil doings and puppet governments.

The reason for this is that the 5500 year suppression has seen the light of day, and the truths of ourselves and our histories has been revealed.
The benefits of this is in the message of World Peace and Prosperous Growth for All of Us, no matter where we stand on this Earth.

Religion has stood the test of time and will always stand the test of time because there is no greater glory than Spiritual growth for us to continue in our next phases of development if we preserve our very well being, that is, our Souls. This was the Tragedy of Zero, to please you for your Souls so he could grow further than his 7 light years size within our very energies around us. Imagine if we were to become that abominations energy?

That is the same purpose of those in Power, to be like the Gods.
Tragic that they shall become the Gods of misfortune in the world of the greys or their souls evaporated into the bowels of Sekhmet and Orion, or Osiris and Isis if you like. Because it is to Egypt that we are thankful to know the truth of our Histories and God, and to reveal unto us this 5480 years of Suppression, that and a mysterious land known as Africa.
It is to Africa that we owe it to ourselves to be thankful for the truths of our histories, to some extent. Our Scientists discover our oldest bones there, and trace our DNA roots to around the lands of Tanzania, Africa and The Old Duvai Gorge of Ethiopia. Our knowledge base has grown to a level to understand Dinosaurs or Continental plate theories, or wonderful machines that marvel our imaginations and transport us around this entire globe, or magnificent displays of human effort with our Cities or sacrifices of countless of lives for Wars of distortion and greed and false religions.

A 6000 year old war that continues to this day and terrifies our very existence.
Call it systematic genocide if you like, for the purpose of the yellow race who glorifies themselves for their 100 years of breathe here on Earth.
It is also to Africa, that we owe ourselves the hidden knowledge of Atlantis and Atlanteans, as it was revealed not only in Sais, Egypt around 570.bC,, but also by our scholars of yesterday who memorized the Atalantean and Atarantean cultures of Africa (see Herodotus Histories).

But who is one man, to convince us of these great truths and why should we accept these truths as provenance.
Because the evidence has been collected to reveal our hidden histories and truths of not only ourselves, but of God and his grand purpose here for us all to be free of corruptions and live in peace and prosperity and to grow in a positive manner.

Perhaps, when we too realize our God, and return to Him as we once did prior to 3250.bC, then we too can build Pyramids with God, like our Atlantean forefathers of TA, the ancient name for our Earth, which became Atlantis or Atalantis if you prefer.
Sadly, we changed it to Earth, from our Suppressions upon ourselves, for here too, evil arose out of Egypt and stained Africa, Arabia, the Levant (Phoenicia) and Phrygia. Then, it spread throughout our world by the followers of Zero.

Some knowingly while others unknowingly, to support the grand purpose of broken oracles, or promises, unknown to themselves.
Rich they became in the physical, but poor they become in the Spiritual.
In ignorance of their selves, but not in ignorance of their perversions.
True, a man may be King, or President or Wealthy in Riches, but is he wealthy in respect and rememberance?
We only need to read about Croesus and Plato to understand the meaning of this.

The True meaning is what we all seek to understand.
To further the purpose of our cause, the meaning is simple for our 5500 year suppression.
Without lay of blame, for lack of knowledge, this meaning in the deepest sense becomes only two.

Jesus The Christ, and Judas The Anti-Christ.

I say this in a different sense of understanding, rather than what we commonly accept because we need to understand truly the purpose of the two.
Judas, we understand that he betrayed Christ who was murdered by the families of Eleazar, the black hooded priests of the 72.
For here is a land where they claim self glorification to justify that Wisdom, Knowledge, our English Alphabet, God, His Son and Mr.Zero all reside?
And here is the Holiest of Holies and the root of our Holy Bible, the Book of Constantine the ByZeroTine.
The root of this word is “Roma”, for they have been influencing our religions for 5500 years also with their cries of “Thou Shalt be put to Death”!! In fact, we can discover that this is 3000 years of influence for 1000.bC was when the Phoenicians reached Western Europe and Africa, and 1000.aD, was the apex of “Roma” integrations. This “Roma” is also the root of degrading Christians and Catholics alike and setting down the foundations of our beliefs today, such as we also perpetrate everything to Sanskrit or Indo-Europeans without any regard or teachings of virtue for our true histories.

Then you wonder why they also hide Linear A or Atlantis.

When the Wisdom of the West Fell, such in case as The Great Library of Alexandria, the Wisdom of The East also arose and has been manipulated and contorted for their personal gain.Such as they are known for Serpent cultures or forked tongues, which is also represented by their writings such as the chicken scratches of cuneiform for Darius or early Sumerians or The Tower of Babel and Babylon. For truly, if you you believe in them, then they shall prosper from you. Just tally up the monetary gain of The Holy Bible or claim of the God and The Holy lands.

But how are we to truly understand all this?
Simple. To read The Book of Atlanteans is more dangerous than reading the Bible.
Because, the Book of Atlanteans will reveal to you the Truth of Our Histories and not a conformed book of our legends and myths or garbled bits of scrolls accumulated to a magnificent story of misfortune, such as The Battle of Troy or The Illiad, or The Holy Bible.
To study Atlanteans is to understand our World Cultures as they were and interacted until that fateful day of December 10th, 3474.bC when Zero worship transpired from Snoferu and Khufu. For this reason 150 years of Darkness fell upon Egypt and The Temples were closed, and Khufu, like his father, murdered millions. Since then, or after Pharaoh Den, the Stain of Egypt has effected us all for from Egypt it carried into Arabia and Phoenicia, Phrygia and into Europe, and today worldwide for China and Japan are also corrupted.

The Secret of The Golden Calf, or The Slaughter of The Bull, is The Greatest Sacrifice.
The Slaughter of The Son of Man, which was also portrayed again, by Jesus Christ.
Then we have to ask ourselves, was this betrayal on a par with the followers of Zero Worship?
Did their secret books of evil rights know in advance the coming of Him?
We can also view this as the secret rights who keep an eye out for Atlantis, because they know the truth of Atlantis will reveal their falsities upon us.

Jesus Christ died around Zero to our Calendars, because he was chosen.
Jesa Christ died December 10th,3474.bC at 8:08am, because he was pure.
Christ today lives because he is both impure and pure.
For this reason the Evil ones didn’t see his coming and missed their opportune to revive Zero.
Because Christ today, has rid thee of Zero and the Evil ones will suffer the revelations.
Only the followers of Zero remain for the Wisdom of God to justify their sins of ignorance.

In part, the great concealment of those Zero worshippers will be revealed because today, they also try to tell you that the Anti-Christ, or Judas, had good intentions and was related to Christ and they fabricate false shows or papyrus to marvel the weak and monetary slaves.
The other concealment, is that God has revealed himself, His Wife, His Son, His Daughter, and His True Garden where he recreated us after our Great Disaster caused by Mr.Zero who has also been trying for 5480 years to attain the Soul of His Son as he ascended into the Heavens with God.
But now, this great entity of spiritual energy has been released by the Wisdom of God upon ourselves.

For truly I say, that I have no intentions nor purpose to perpetuate such things either amongst myself or others, but rather that these works are in fact the mysterious works of a God we once knew and abandoned. All because I gained a passion to reveal the truth preserved by Plato, because of the truth preserved by my earth father. My father’s truth was the Royal history of our Family of Mn, which so far I have traced to Queen Leonora of Portugal around the 12th century, and not actually Atlantis as some people think.
Although, true in the sense of Atlantis being our old name for Earth and what our ancestors were calling themselves like we say “Humans”.
True also in the sense that Menestheos is a remembered King as are Pharaoh Menes, or Atlantean King Mneseus of Sicily, Crete and The Cyclades or Minoan cultures.

Also true in the sense of Min, the Father of Egypt and true in the sense of Man and Woman.
All Secrets of the Royal Family of Mn.

Now the complexity of all this is simple if we understand that when we use the term Christ, such as it is in the word Christian, that we are in fact referring to The Blood of The Son of Man, who is the First Born Son of God, our Father.
Throughout our time, which we know at least 250,000 years ago to our pinnacle of brain development, or 50,000 years ago to the height of our genetic race types or cultures, that many embodiments of The Son of Man have come and gone for us in our world histories.

These, like the Great Flood stories, we preserve in our cultural legends and myths.
Legends, that have been purposefully altered throughout our 5500 years of suppressions.

Legends that start with Snoferu and Khufu circa the said 2700.bC, although 885 years are missing from the reversion to Solar Calendars from Lunar when they closed the Temples and erected the new Sun Temples and the worship of Osiris, Isis and Horus based on the rising star of Sirius and Orion, which makes the Jackals and Hounds of Egypt run in fear of their shadows and howl all night long and the crocodiles are restless to fulfill their laws of Draconian malices.
Since then, systematic subjugations for this worship of Judas have effected the Nine Bows of Africa as Sesostris circa 1682.bC also slaughtered the countless throughout Libya, Arabia, The Levant and even to do battle with the Greeks with the merger of Indo-Europeans around this time, whereupon the Hyksos retaliated and also became crazed with the countless slaughters of many and subjugated Egypt in return and reverse the role of Egypt to that of Mesopotamia.

For they all came out of Egypt and circumcised themselves as Egyptians, and placed Arks on their altars as Egyptians and glorified themselves with knowledge of Egyptians, Religions and Architectural buildings.

The temple of Todd in Phoenicia (Sidon, Byblos and Tyre) exemplifies this transition period as The Ramses Kings of the middle ages also unified the bond with Phoenicia and Egypt, since they have been trading from at least 3000.bC.
When the Phoenicians traveled to Western Europe and Africa, they gained much knowledge and our histories where today our schools of teachings, falsely conform to us that linear b, is the father of our alphabet when in reality it is like Atlantis, the hidden Linear A or basic roots of speech and hieroglyphics.
Just as they have hidden the knowledge of Atlanteans and our True Father who is JA and His Son that they took away from him and concealed His Temple and His Holy Garden.

The answers I have for you, the wisdom to know and witness, I also have for you.
They are not fabrications nor are they desires of distortion or perversions for monetary gain.
If they were, I would have kept silent like an aspiring author and published a “get rich quick” book for you all to read like the Da Vinci Code whose work had already been laid out by other authors. Then again, you have to wonder why they made a movie for Dan Brown.

Because they know how to distort your truth with lies as they do your religions and history books.
But let me Strengthen your disbeliefs, for 2700 years have passed since Hesiod and 2500 years for Herodotus.
Nary a one has revealed to you for all this time of Secret of Hesiods Greek Muses or Herodotus’ nine books of our Histories….tho they be 10 for the Hidden Book of Mylo.
For this reason, The Greeks forgot their histories around Homer.

This is authenticity of my works and visions for us all to verify.
The Secret of Mylo and The Books of Herodotus by Riven. 2006.aD. (8488aJA.)
9:05 PM 1/12/2006

Herodotus of Halicarnassus.
Book 1) Clio
Book 2) Euterpe
Book 3) Thalia
Book 4) Melpomene
Book 5) Terpsichore
Book 6) Erato
Book 7) Polymnia
Book 8) Urania
Book 9) Calliope

Book 10) Where is it? Someone has it.

Herodotus was writing in the era of memory of the 10 Kings (after 1500.bC,Deukalion), and he definitely was not writing about the Ennead....
Please return the book to us,It belongs to Man and Woman.
You can no longer hide the lies.

The Secret of the Books of Herodotus by Riven.



Epo- illa- caina- rua- in- mylo- potare- ero- h(ae)cis- pretene- moplema(Mopsus)- ila- hete- pretueo.

Epic by that way fallen (Vulcan?)to waste/sorrow into this MYLO > Mysian/ drunken wanderer with his faults, to lie before the Oracle broken Secret Society greatly prized here.
Translated with Cassell's New Latin Dictionary, 1959 edition from Ja.
By SaJaRa Riven Jan 12,2006.aD (8488aJA.)

RETURN THE 10TH BOOK OF MYLO....Please, it is a piece of our History, along with the Books of Alexandria....Thankyou.
Immortality is attained through the Heart and not the Eyes or Ears.
Had I based my research on The Bible, you would have never known your truths.

Now you know.
For it is as it has become…. Tribes of Atlantis.
To Know Is Immortal.
To Know Is….

Save these Works to Be Immortal and Purify our Distortions.

In time you will understand why and the clues I have provided for you from God our Father in search of my family roots. Though you disbelieve me and think I fabricated the photos or wisdom..
You will come to understand that these are not the writings of a book nor personal gain, but virtue of wisdom for ourselves and a great message of World Peace.

And you will come to know our Father and His Secret of Creation as witnessed in His True Garden.
You will come to know the true ascension of His Son and the Carina Nebula Star System Secret.

The Glory of All of Us.

King of The Double Falcons.


Men of Wisdom and Time

[R]…SaJaRa- Paulo J.Tx.Mn…[R] March 15th, 8489.aJA. (2007.aD.)

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 02:14 PM
Our Ancestors are Atlanteans from Africa(Avila) post 6482.bC

Atlantean Physical;

Ancient Phase I –Azores Island
- 7million to 6482.bC
- Patre-JoA Mn, Matre-Maeana
- Azores Atlantis Sub-Continental Island
- Ancient Middle Earth
- First Garden of Maia, First Son,Daughter
- Atlantic Sea
- Pillars of Gibraltar
- Josephine/Torre Seamount

Rebirth Phase II –Avila Island
- 6482.bC Greatest Flood Catastrophy
- Patre-JA Mn Matre-Maat
- Avila Island, Tansania,Africa.
- Garden of Avila(Eden),Tansania,Africa
- 6435.bC Re-Creation, Second Son,Daughter
- Mozambique Cabo de Avila
- Nile River – Khartoum phase-Saqqara
- Niger and Erythraean Euphrates River migrations

Modern Phase III
- 3500.bC- 1250.bC
- Patre Menes Matre Mereneit
- Saqqara Red Pyramid, Cairo Great Pyramid.
- Bur At Hilitan
- Memphis,Sais,Buto,Alexandria
- Kom-ombo,Thinis
- 3250.bC Flood of Hathor,Bull Worship,Sekhmet
- modern twin city of Atlantis- Al Mansurah, Tahla
- monolithic lion of Mansurah
- Lake Tritonis cultures
- New middle Earth Mediterranean
- 1625.bC Event, Aetna,Thera

Atlantean Spiritual

6482.bC Greatest Disaster
Hellion Intervention
Satanic Rule 8500 years
Revelations 19 and 20
Satan Falls
Judas Falls
Sekhmet Falls
Sealed in Pit of Kenya
Spirit of Jesus rises in Carina Nebula from 3474.bC.Dec 10th,8:08am.
Secret of The Great Pyramids
Time reverses to 10:10 from 11:11

Our Future Gods are Atlantean – AiA and MaiA

Truth revealed by Paulo J.Tx.Mn
AeJor Mn
Son of AeJon Mn
Sword of Avila
Ascender of The Son
Obsidian Dragon Slayer

Sunday, January 13, 2008.aD.Mn
In the Year 8490.aJA.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 03:54 AM
some Poems from Tribes of Atlantis.


Armoured Rogue Knight
Garbed in White
The Circular Fortress
Guards his Might
His footsteps Tremble
The Grounds of TA
The Journey undertaken
For The Eye of Ra.
The winding path
Alee of The Serpent
Hold fast our Walls
For the Apis Bull in presence.
gazes to the Holy Oracle
First Born is Come
First Born Undone.

Turn to Face The Sun.

Defender Dragons of The Spirit by Riven

Oh Great art thou Dragon!,
Defender of Eternal Life!
With reign from our Master!,
doest Spirit Fire Shield Souls
and end all thine Strife.
Hold fast thee reign of light,
To Shield my cherished Son this night.

Repel thee away defiled Satiman
and take poor Judas' Heart of Brine,
to feed upon insatiable Sekhmet
thine Evilress dark as Coal,
alas the Giant Satiman curses afoul
ne'er was for thine to devour
this Sacred Child's Chalice of Souls.

Twas pure the ascension,
revealed in eternal time.
This heart of heaviness
to carry this Son of Mine.
Oh what hath thou done
on this glorious Earth below?
Alas it is a Shadow of The Sun.

Creator Dragons of Spirit by Riven.

Great is the Creator Dragon!,
So full of eternal bliss!,
to follow the hands of time,
nary an Atom to dismiss.

Round and Round ye go
kindling the Cosmic Fire,
like a Swan upon her Egg,
nursing,in love and desire.

Gleefully rides the Wizard of Eternity,
replenishing stars with wands of red,
guiding the Great Dragon's Flight,
a mere touch upon her head.

Beautiful is her sullen eyes,
for the Children she seeds.
For Sun's and Clouds to lay upon,
in the dark of coolest breeze.

What wisdom so rare upon this place,
a dance of love, passion and embrace.
Energy so pure, divine and empathy,
The cry of her newborn infant Galaxy.

Very much so, Riven's condensed version of Timaeus.

Tis true this ethereal of mystery so vast
never ending spirals upon her masts.
Linear Crosses of wormhole accelerators,
propulsion shifted neutrino Helioators.
Speeding with excitement faster than time,
to collide mid center and spread her wings divine.
Twinkle, upon Twinkle of Angels content,
too crowded for laughter, they spew out their vent.
Spiral upon Spiral, they dance in the night sky,
around their Corona, so pleasing to the eye.
Glare of Orichalcum their jewel shines brilliantly,
Reborn from the Father, to this Majestic new Galaxy.
Crowned Kings of Gold, a Beauty to Behold,
their Chess pieces of Wisdom upon the curved Spire,
till Angel hairs spin, their thrones to retire.

Tis Truth, this wonder of The Spiral.


.111.[R] Riven The Seer and Royal Bloodline Of Atlantis [R].111.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 04:05 PM
Here is a beautiful oil painting of the Capture of Damiate(Damyat) ca by Count William I.

Damiate is on the eastern branch of the Nile Delta where the large canal runs from the mediterranean to Al Mansurah and Tahla where the worlds largest image of a Lion is preserved on the ground.

Recently I discovered an old George Eastman photograph of an unknown city surrounded by a fortressed wall with a canal running through it.

I believe this to be Al Mansurah where they also have a circle around the spot where the Lion marks the ground.

This map also resembles the minoan map of a city with a canal running through it.

It is my belief that Al Mansurah and Tahla was once the modern day city of Atlantis,as you know.

posted on Jan, 25 2008 @ 02:59 PM
the most recent scholarly work on Atlantis is by Michael Tsarion.
He does discuss a major catastrophes that changed the face of the Earth, and he cites evidence.

You can hear webstreams of his various interviews here:


I have his book Atlantis; Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation
See intro here:


I just got his most recent book: Irish Origins of Civilization
It comes in 2 volumes - almost 1200 pages!
You can read excerpts - I think there are some 80 pages of them. This page also gives you other review options on the book.


There is not a lot that can be said about it on a forum such as this. The subject is just to vast. There are many details to be discussed for you to get the "big picture". Atlantis was apparently quite large, as was Lemuria, that is why it is found in so many places.

Of further interest to the subject you must do the research on suspect people who inhabited Atlantis. Their mummies are found all over the world. Excellent site for this info:


For the poster from the Canaries, There is a section on the red haired mummies of the Canary Islands.

posted on Feb, 15 2008 @ 10:22 PM
so do you know the exacte place and could you put it on a map

posted on Feb, 15 2008 @ 10:26 PM
i belive atlantis was real and it did sink into the sea and it is possiable to find it if you had the money my sugetion stick to what plato said it makes it easyer.

posted on Mar, 5 2008 @ 01:48 AM
It has been said that if our civilization ended today 50,000 years from now there would be no sign of us at all, the world is millions and millions of years old we only date back about 3,000 years.

posted on Mar, 7 2008 @ 11:33 AM
I suggest reading this book, it has so much info its undeniable

It shows that everything comes from Atlantis.

posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 10:33 PM
Also check out my new book "The Atlantean Conspiracy" available for free download with hundreds of color photos at:

Table of Contents:

Presidential Bloodlines
The New World Order
Big Brother Surveillence Society
FEMA Concentration Camps
The Secret Society Network
The Free Masons
The Illuminati
Committee of 300
Skull and Bones
Bohemain Grove
The Federal Reserve
Round Table
Bilderberg Group
Trilateral Commission
False Flag Operations
Problem, Reaction, Solution
The Lusitania and WWI
Pearl Harbor and WWII
Operation Northwoods
Gulf of Tonkin and the Vietnam War
Oklahoma City Bombing
Media Manipulation
Forced Government Indoctrination Camps
The Health Conspiracy
Brotherhood Symbology
Illuminati Flame
Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye
The Dollar Bill
Sun and Stars
United States Incorporated
Schools, Courts, Churches and the Cult of Saturn
The Masonic Movie and Music Industries
Occult Numerology
9-11 Numerology & Symbology
Calendrical/Time Manipulation
Christopher Columbus and The New World
The Religious Conspiracy
Santa, Jesus, Mithra and the Magic Mushroom
The Moon Landing Hoax
Aliens & Demons
Order Out of Chaos

posted on Apr, 21 2008 @ 09:18 AM
This is a place (a Moshav) in israel, called Nahalal.It looks like a drawing of Atlantis i saw breefly on a dvd i cant find now.
Heres the moshav's official site -
Any thoughts and info?

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