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Atlantis: resources and topics

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posted on Feb, 9 2010 @ 12:08 AM
.111.[R].Atlantean Chronos by Paulo Riven.[R].111.

Critias speaking ca.420.bC as preserved by Plato ca.360.bC;

“My great-grandfather, Dropides, had the original writing, which is STILL IN MY POSESSION, and was carefully studied by me when I was a child”

“For the fact is that a single night of excessive rain washed away the earth and laid bare the rock; at the same time there were earthquakes, and then occurred the extraordinary inundation, which was the THIRD BEFORE the great destruction of Deucalion.”

“On one occasion, wishing to draw them on to speak of antiquity, he (Solon) began to tell about the most ancient things in our part of the world-about Phoroneus, who is called "the first man," and about Niobe; and after the Deluge, of the survival of Deucalion and Pyrrha; and he traced THE GENEALOGY of their descendants, and reckoning up the dates, tried to COMPUTE HOW MANY YEARS AGO the events of which he was speaking happened.”

Egyptian Priest; “As for those GENEALOGIES of yours which you just now recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children.”

150,000-3253.bC...Large Island of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean about 300 miles before the Straites of Gibraltar at the Josephine / Torre Seamounts estimated some 2000 x 1000 miles in area. First Garden of Umans and Animals.

3795....Attica (Athens) founded 9000 years prior to Solon (years = GENERATIONS = 2.79 conversion compared to modern Egyptian kings lists from Menes)

3437......Sais, Egypt founded 8000 years prior to Solon

####......Atlantean War begins

####......Atlantean war ends, Greeks victorious, countries liberated (could also be a result of the following flood)

3253..(3rd) Greatest disaster before Deukalion's flood. Great Flood of Noah (biblical), Hathor Flood Egypt, Mediterranean event, Atlantis sinks, Athens destroyed, Euphrates valley flooded, countries become liberated afterwards.

3200......Egypt records Atlantis in the Temple of Neith and The Sacred Registers.

####......Phoenicia, (Tyre, Byblos, Sidon), Eridu, Nippur, Nineveh, Uruk, Akkad, Malta,Crete etc, cities arise.

1754..(2).Flood of Ogyges (Eusebius, Africanus)

1628..(1).Santorini,Thera Volcanic eruption, Flood. Zeus, Poseidon and Typhon Gods created by Greeks.

####......Actaeon 1st king of Athens

1582......Cecrops -an Egyptian king of Athens

1574......Deukalion-king of thessaly

1529..(0).Deukalion's Flood

1522......Amphictyon-king of Athens after deukalion's flood

1209.....Battle of Troy

1190.....Great Mediterranean Depression resulting from Troy battle, remnant armies invade stockpiled Egypt as the Sea Peoples.

800.......Homer writes The Iliad and The Odyssey

750.......Hesiod writes Theogony

570.......Solon visits Sais and Pharaoh Amassis II(ca.564)-Atlantis legend revealed by Egyptian Head Priest Uadjahor-Resne.

570.......Anacreon the poet writes, "west to Gades and east to Bactria".

470......Hellanicus of Mytilene (Lesbos), writes a work on the account of Atlas' daughter named Atlantis.

440.......Herodotus writes Histories that accounts for Atalantes and Atarantean cultures around Lake Tritonis and Mt.Atlas.

420.......Critias II orates Atlantean story to Socrates in the amphitheatre, also in posession of Atlantis writing from great grandfather, Dropides, friend of Solon.

399.......Socrates poisoned

360.bC.......Plato writes Timaeus and Critias account of Atlantis, possibly in Syracuse,Italy while imprisoned by The Traitor Dionysius.

..0.......Jesus Christ, The Son of God

350.aD....Chalcidius preserves Timaeus in Latin (St Augustine?), most likely in Syracuse, Italy. In his Timaeus latin manuscript, Chalcidius penned Augustos rather than angostos for a straite.

850.........John The Scot Eriugena, (inspired by St Augustine and Pseudo Dionysus the Areopagite) escapes to France with Plato's works

1110......William of Conche writes Glosses on Timaeus, perhaps even in the margins on the Chalcidius latin manuscript.

1263.......Master Henry of Langely "bound" the Timaeus with the Song of Roland apparently from an ecclesiastical (Christian church) book of Marie de Oleneyd.

1528-1598.....Henri Estienne (aka Henricus Stephanus or Henry Stephens),16th century Parisian printer. In 1578 Plato's Dialogues published. Thesaurus Linguae Graecae in 4 volumes 1572, (and a supplement in 2 volumes). He improved old translations, or made new Latin translations, of many Greek authors.

1624......Sir Kenelm Digby inherited the transcript and transferred it to the Bodleian Library of Oxford. (Ms Digby 23, Selden cupboard)

1626......Francis Bacon, 1st Viscount of St Alban, publishes fictional work The New Atlantis about an island in the Pacific.

1804......Thomas Taylor, a banker / philosophist translated the latin texts of Plato into English from his avid interests in Kenelm Digby.

1871......Ben Jowett, translations

1882....Ignatius Donnelly publishes one of the best scientific views of Atlantis in Atlantis: The Antediluvian World. A year after Atlantis he published Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel.

1903....John Burnet's Greek works of Platonis Opera

1925....W.R.M.Lamb, Plato in 12 volumes

1929....R.G.Bury translations

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 05:08 PM
Plato's Timaeus dialogue written ca.360.bC is his first account of preserving the Atlantis legend from Solon ca570.bC.

"There were of old, he said, great and marvellous actions of the Athenian city, which have passed into oblivion through lapse of time and the destruction of mankind, and one in particular, greater than all the rest."

That means that anything Solon could recall or mention about Greek history does not include the Atlantean war or era because it was also "Oblivious or unknown" to Solon or the Greeks.

"And what was the tale about, Critias? said Amynander.
About the greatest action which the Athenians ever did, and which ought to have been the most famous, but, through the lapse of time and the destruction of the actors, it has not come down to us."

Critias I,grandfather to Critias II, also supports the statement that the Atlantean legend was unknown to Solon,Dropides,himself or the Greeks and that none of them could recall the legend in their histories that were remembered since the first king of Athens, being Actaeon and then Cecropes ca.1450.bC or even upto Phoroneus ca.1800.bC or Deukalion's flood ca.1520-1450.bC.

So from 1800.bC - 570.bC, neither Solon or the Greeks had any knowledge of Atlantis.

Solon goes to Sais with the knowledge of everything that he knows about Greece.

"To this city came Solon, and was received there with great honour; he asked the priests who were most skilful in such matters, about antiquity, and made the discovery that neither he nor any other Hellene knew anything worth mentioning about the times of old. On one occasion, wishing to draw them on to speak of antiquity, he began to tell about the most ancient things in our part of the world-about Phoroneus, who is called "the first man," and about Niobe; and after the Deluge, of the survival of Deucalion and Pyrrha; and he traced the genealogy of their descendants, and reckoning up the dates, tried to compute how many years ago the events of which he was speaking happened. Thereupon one of the priests, who was of a very great age, said: O Solon, Solon, you Hellenes are never anything but children, and there is not an old man among you. Solon in return asked him what he meant. I mean to say, he replied, that in mind you are all young; there is no old opinion handed down among you by ancient tradition, nor any science which is hoary with age."

Again this verifies my above statement that Solon or the Greeks had any memory of Atlantis from Phoroneus upto Solon or 1800-570.bC. This timespan would also include Cecrops,the Erichthonios kings and Theseus who was around 1250.bC. This will support the statement in the Critias dialogue that Cecrops,Erichthonios,Theseus, etc, were mentioned DURING the account of the Atlantean war or legend to verify the Athenean GENEALOGIES to Solon by the Egyptian priest, not that those kings fought in the Atlantean war or that this was the Atlantean era.

"As for those genealogies of yours which you just now recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children. In the first place you remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones; in the next place, you do not know that there formerly dwelt in your land the fairest and noblest race of men which ever lived, and that you and your whole city are descended from a small seed or remnant of them which survived. And this was unknown to you, because, for many generations, the survivors of that destruction died, leaving no written word. For there was a time, Solon, before the great deluge of all, when the city which now is Athens was first in war and in every way the best governed of all cities, is said to have performed the noblest deeds and to have had the fairest constitution of any of which tradition tells, under the face of heaven."

The Egyptian priest confirms that Solon's GENEALOGY or GENERATIONS had no account of the Atlantean legend and that they only recalled the Deukalion flood. We should also realize that the years and histories were being COMPUTED BY GENERATIONS.

"The city and citizens, which you yesterday described to us in fiction, we will now transfer to the world of reality. It shall be the ancient city of Athens, and we will suppose that the citizens whom you imagined, were our veritable ancestors, of whom the priest spoke; they will perfectly harmonise, and there will be no inconsistency in saying that the citizens of your republic are these ancient Athenians"

"and then, in accordance with the tale of Solon, and equally with his law, we will bring them into court and make them citizens, as if they were those very Athenians whom the sacred Egyptian record has recovered from oblivion, and thenceforward we will speak of them as Athenians and fellow-citizens."

Plato's Critias dialogue is the Second and more detailed account of Atlantis by Critias speaking ca.420.bC.
It is very important to not Critias' closing statement in the Timaeus where he tells us that he is going to merger the old with the new for his audience and that he is recounting the progressive stages of the history.So when you hear modern names like Triremes,chariots, etc, they are a part of Critias modernizing the story and not that we should look for the history of triremes.

"Let me begin by observing first of all, that nine thousand was the sum of years which had elapsed since the war

The progress of the history will unfold the various nations of barbarians and families of Hellenes which then existed, as they successively appear on the scene

This I infer because Solon said that the priests in their narrative of that war mentioned most of the names which are recorded prior to the time of Theseus, such as Cecrops, and Erechtheus, and Erichthonius, and Erysichthon, and the names of the women in like manner"

There you can understand that the 9000 years was the "progressive" entire GENEALOGY or YEARS of the histories in which the war occurred and not that the war actually took place 9000 years ago but after Egypt(8000yrs) was founded.
We should also be able to relate why the mentioning of Cecrops, etc took place during the account.

The Generational Theory as compared to our modern lists of Egypt with Herodotus, reveals a 2.79 formula that places the Atlantean war during the Double Falcon era of Egypt or around 3250-3500.bC and also prior to the Great or Third Flood before Deukalion which is the same as the Biblical flood around or prior to 3250.bC.

The Generational theory is the ultimate missing piece of understanding the Atlantean legend for it's entirety.

The years are calculated in generations as compared to the Egyptian kings list of Herodotus that reveals an estimated 2.79 conversion. 9000 / 2.79 = 3225 + 570 = 3795.bC

Solon and the Egyptian priest were computing by Generations as they themselves related.

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis

posted on Feb, 10 2010 @ 08:14 PM

”She founded your city a thousand years before ours, receiving from the Earth and Hephaestus the seed of your race, and afterwards she founded ours, of which the constitution is recorded in our sacred registers to be eight thousand years old.
As touching your citizens of nine thousand years ago, I will briefly inform you of their laws and of their most famous action; the exact particulars of the whole we will hereafter go through at our leisure in the sacred registers themselves.”

Herodotus in his Histories books written ca.440.bC, tells us that 3 Generations were equal to 100 years or 33.33 years per generation.
Herodotus also told us that there were 341 kings up to Psammetic III ca.526.bC and that they totaled 11,340 years.

We can assume that the Egyptian Priest either remembered the number 8,000 years or he remembered the number of kings, divided by 3 and multiplied by 100 to give him 8000 years for his time of 570.bC.

8,000 / 100 = 80 generations x 3 = 240 kings recalled by the Egyptian Priest at 570.bC. Some 130 years later, Herodotus tells us 341 kings.

Here’s the notes from my Flight of A King’s Golden Sandals paper in my website to help you understand.

Turin Canon = 254 (Menes+10 prior) + 25 pre-dynastic missing (Turin Sec.I:1-25) = 279 Kings
279 / 3 = 93 gen. x 100 yrs = 9,300 yrs. 9,300 + 526 = 9,826.bC.
Herodotus: 11,340.yrs = 341.kings based on 3 generations = 100.yrs (33.33)

341/3 = 113.67 gen. X 100.yrs = 11,367yrs. 11,367 + 526 = 11,893 bC.

Psammetic III = 526.bC.

Amassis = 570.bC.

Menes = 244 kings = 81.33 gen. x 100 = 8,133.yrs

8,133 + 526 = 8,659.bC.

Modern record. 3200 (Menes) - 526 = 2,674.yrs / 244 = 10.96.yrs per king

Menes was originally dated to 3400.bc based on the Palermo Stone with an expected future drop of 100 years.*

Herodotus-341 X 10.96 = 3,737.36 + 526 = 4263.36.bC.

Turin Canon-279 x 10.96 = 3,057.84 + 526 = 3,583.84.bC.

Egyptian Calendar = 4241.bC*

2.79 error factor for Herodotus.(11,893 / 4263.36)

Plato Atlantean era Greece founding = 9,000.yrs./2.79 = 3225.81.yrs

Plato Egypt founding = 8,000.yrs./2.79 = 2867.38.yrs

3225.81 + 570 (Amassis) = 3795.81.bC...Athen's Greece founded (Athena)

2867.38 + 570 = 3437.38.bC...Sais, Lower Egypt founded (Neith)

Atlantean War (post greece and egypt's founding) = 3250.bC

Turin Canon - 10 missing kings prior to Menes = 3200 - 3300.bC.

Narmer Palette - 10 Fallen Kings,Double Falcon era(Twins) - 3250.bC

Egyptian Tomb 100 map battle - 3250.bC

Gebel el Arak carved ivory knife battle - 3250.bC

Eye of Ra Destruction of Mankind = Hathor worship = Flood - 3250.bC.

Greek Cycladic Islands Stone (frying pan) map of Atlantis = ca.3000.bC

Sumerian / Gilgamesh flood legend = ca.3000.bC

Aeon and Protogonus,first mortals of Phoenicia = ca.3147.bC

Chaldean /Septuagint flood = 3183.bC

The catch 22 is that it is acceptable for Herodotus to say that 341 kings totalled 11,340 years based on 33.33 generations each how ever, the answer is in the length of the kings reigns which is quite different than generations. A prime example of this is the Hebrew count for the 10 generations of Adam to Noah based on the ages that they had sons, which was 1656 years to the flood. But the life spans of the 10 patriarchs totaled 8225 years.

I am of opinion that this is precisely what Plato wrote in Solon's legend of Atlantis, when the Egyptian Priest stated 9000 yrs, they were referring to generations rather than actual length of ruler ship as our records of Egypt reveal so far as is known intelligible. Compare 279 Kings @ 33.33 generations = 9,299.07 years or 244 kings (Menes) = 8,133. years, which clearly reflects the Egyptian Priest (Uadjahor Resne) stating that Egypt was founded 8000 years prior in Plato's(360.bC) preservation of Solon's(564.bC) Atlantis legend from Sais, Egypt in the time when Pharaoh Amassis was seated.

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 10:37 PM
A) The Biblical Flood was around 3253.bC.

The civilizations around the world basically "woke up" around 3000.bC. Egyptians, Minoans, Sumerians, Babylon, Mayans, etc.
The Bible tells you that the first city after the flood was Ur around Babylonia. Archaeology tells you that these cities appear around 3000.bC.
King Sargon is around 2700.bC.

Look at the evidence of artifacts and records I posted above like the Tomb 100 map, Narmer palette, etc, all around 3000.bC.

The Bible flood was not 2350.bC as thought by the Masoretic Hebrew theosophists, obviously.

B) Those kings consisting of Cecropes, Erichthonios, Theseus, etc DID NOT fight in the Atlantean War.

Ask yourself, would Solon have known about those kings?
The answer is Yes!

Did Solon mention those kings as being in the Atlantean War when he told the Egyptian priest everything he knew about the Greek History up to Phoroneus or 1800.bC?
The answer is No!

The Egyptian priest is quoted as “mentioning those names during” the Atlantean legend to verify to Solon that he was talking about a much older time for the Atlantean era and war. Remember, Critias stated that 9000 years had passed since the war, not 900 years.

If Solon knew about Phoroneus and Deukalion, then obviously he would have known about Cecropes, Theseus etc and about Atlanteans. What was oblivious or unknown to Solon and the Greeks was the histories that were prior to Phoroneus or 1800.bC. The Greeks also knew about the Eleusian Wars and The Battle of Ares between Italy and Greece that predated the Erichthonios kings, so why wouldn’t they have known about an Atlantean war between Cecropes or Erichthonios or Theseus who range from 1450 – 1250.bC. Were they fighting a 200 year war against Atlanteans? Highly doubtful.

The Hebrews "claim" that from Adam to Noah is 10 kings or patriarchs who miraculously lived some 900 years each!
The Genealogy is 1656 years to the flood while the life span is 8,225 years of those 10 kings.
If they say the flood is at 2350.bC and were writing the bible around 350.bC that would mean 2000 years from the flood to the bible.
The Hebrews around 350.bC could then "brag" that they were 10,225 years old from their time to Adam, when in reality they would be 3656 years old.
Problem is that the lineage or records are not correct.

Now look at the Egyptian record from Menes who is dated ca.3200.bC up to Psammeticus III ca.526.bC.

Modern scholars "restructured" the chronology of those 244 kings into 2,674 years that would average roughly 11 years per king.

But we can also claim that the 244 kings were 8,133 years old according to generations of an average 33.33 years or 3 per 100 years.

Menes = 244 kings / 3 = 81.33 gen. x 100 = 8,133.yrs

Modern record. 3200.bC (Menes) - 526 = 2,674.yrs / 244 = 10.96.yrs per king.

The actual record, no one can say for certain. Egyptian Scholars around 1920.aD were even dating Egyptian kings like Menes to around 6,000-7,000.bC!
The Hyksos record is also corrupted and enemies or envious rulers erased some King’s records while others could exaggerate longer reigns.

Then you have the bible corrupting and "institutions falsifying" everyone’s history and "fabricating" their “masoretic” histories so they could stay at the forefront with Adam to avoid “embarrassment” that is a great grief amongst Asians to the point of self extermination. Anyone who tells you that Mesopotamia or Sumeria or Babylon is older than Egypt is a “psychoSitchen” and “dis-info masoretic agent”.

Now 10 people at the most would live 120 years or 1,200 years total in succession.

However, when they overlap as Generations or when the next child is born, the length of years is less. In the following chart you can see that in a “perfect” life span of 120 years, 10 people can only live a length of 390 years. The next person outlives the previous by 30 years, so 9 x 30 = 270 + 120 = 390 yrs.

2---:---30---60----90---120 (150yrs)
3--------:---30----60----90----120 (180yrs)
4-------------:----30----60-----90----120 (210yrs)
5-------------------:----30-----60-----90----120 (240yrs)
6-------------------------:-----30-----60-----90----120 (270yrs)
7--------------------------------:-----30-----60-----90----120 (300yrs)
8---------------------------------------:-----30-----60-----90----120 (330yrs)
9---------------------------------------------:-------30-----60-----90----120 (360yrs)
10----------------------------------------------------:-------30-----60-----90----120 (390yrs)

In the ancient world, as Solon stated in Herodotus Histories, 75 years was a life span around 600.bC, and if we use 25 year generations then 9 x 25 = 225 years + 75 = 300 years for 10 people.

Therefore 244 kings for Menes would be 24.4 groups of 10 people totaling 300yrs per group = 7,320 years according to “perfect generations”.
We can therefore understand why someone would “guess” that Menes was around 7,846.bC or Egypt being founded 8000 years prior to Psammeticus III according to generations.

However, the years were recorded by the Kings reigns that varied greatly and the exact answer is unknown, whereas our modern record shows around 11 years per king. If we say that the Kings reigns were recorded every two years according to biennial cattle counts, then the 8000 years would be 4000 and dated around 4570.bC. If we say that the years was each season for the Nile culture of 3 seasons, then we would have 2,667 years or 3237.bC.
Using my 2.79 year conversion gives us 2867 years or 3437.bC for the 8000 years and 570.bC.

The average of those 3 would give us 3748.bC. The Egyptian calendar was invented around 4241.bC, so obviously we can say that the Egyptians had a civilization around this time to have recorded and written their calendar.

We can therefore envision that if someone claimed 9000 years that they were basing that on either the average of “ideal” genealogies or the life span of those combined in succession but not what actually happened since in antiquity people were fortunate to have survived for 40 years, some more some less.
And not every King ruled for 40 years, although some may lay claim to 50 or more years where we realize that our record reflects an average of 11 years per king.
In reality, anywhere between 10-20 years would suffice anyone’s Kings lists and we can see with the exception of biennial counts or half, that when someone claimed 9000 years, 1/3rd or 3,000 years would be closer to the truth, unless it can be specifically verified as an actual chronology.

Keeping in mind that 10 people could live for 300 years, and that according to archaeology, geology and ancient artifacts dating the Biblical flood to around 3250.bC, we can understand that the Antediluvian kings would date around 3550.bC.

Evermore of Evanor, the 10 Kings were twins or 5 sets, which would then give a mean genealogy of 175 years or a date of 3425.bC that falls precisely within the…

DOUBLE FALCON ERA of Egypt ca. 3250-3550.bC.

Twin Falcon Kings.
Narmer Palette, 10 fallen Kings, Twin Falcon standards.
Bull destroyed a city = Flood.
Hathor = Flood
King “barefoot” = procession “out of respect” for the 10 Fallen Kings.
Narmer palette = Commerative to The Atlantean Kings.

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis
Sword of Avila

Thursday, February 11, 2010
8492.aJA MN.

posted on Feb, 12 2010 @ 08:59 PM
Osiris son of Kronos son of Ouranos (Diodorus Siculus.Libraries Bk I)*.html

Ouranos = first sky or heaven God
________= First God of Greeks and Egyptians
________= Greek / Egyptian = half man, half serpent
________= Father of Oceanus children (Atlantic)
________= Father of Tethys children (Mediterranean)

Ourea = Mountain God > Orichalkos = Mountain Ore

Mountain = high support (enduring) for the sky (Atlas / Shu)

Evanor = First Atlantean Father (Euanor / Ouanor)
_______= Mountain dweller of Atlantis = sky God
_______= Father of Oceanus children (Atlantic)
________= Father of Tethys children (Mediterranean)

Euanor = Berber God

Plato, Cratylus 400d & 396a (trans. Fowler) (Greek philosopher C4th B.C.) :
[Plato constructs philosophical etymologies for the names of the gods :]

"Kronos, according to tradition, is the son of Ouranos (Heaven); but the upward gaze is rightly called by the name heavenly (ourania), looking at the things above (horô ta anô),"

Comparing Orus or Horus to horo ta ano, we could say "He who looks up to Ouranos".

(Diodorus Siculus.Libraries Bk I)*.html

"Now I am not unaware that some historians give the following account of Isis and Osiris: The tombs of these gods lie in Nysa in Arabia, and for this reason Dionysus is also called Nysaeus. And in that place there stands also a stele of each of the gods bearing an inscription in hieroglyphs. 4 On the stele of Isis it runs: "I am Isis, the queen of every land, she who was instructed of Hermes, and whatsoever laws I have established, these can no man make p89void. I am the eldest daughter of the youngest god Cronus; I am the wife and sister of the king Osiris; I am she who first discovered fruits for mankind; I am the mother of Horus the king; I am she who riseth in the star that is in the Constellation of the Dog;58 by me was the city of Bubastus built. Farewell, farewell, O Egypt that nurtured me." 5 And on the stele of Osiris the inscription is said to run: "My father is Cronus, the youngest of all the gods, and I am Osiris the king, who campaigned over every country as far as the uninhabited regions of India and the lands to the north, even to the sources of the river Ister,59 and again to the remaining parts of the world as far as Oceanus. I am the eldest son of Cronus, and being sprung from a fair and noble egg60 I was begotten a seed of kindred birth to Day. There is no region of the inhabited world to which I have not come, dispensing to all men the things of which I was the discoverer." 6 So much of the inscriptions on the stelae can be read, they say, but the rest of the writing, which was of greater extent, has been destroyed by time. However this may be, varying accounts of the burial of these gods are found in most writers by reason of the fact that the priests, having received the exact facts about p91these matters as a secret not to be divulged, are unwilling to give out the truth to the public, on the ground that perils overhang any men who disclose to the common crowd the secret knowledge about these gods.

28 Now the Egyptians say that also after these events a great number of colonies were spread from Egypt over all the inhabited world. To Babylon, for instance, colonists were led by Belus, who was held to be the son of Poseidon and Libya; and after establishing himself on the Euphrates river he appointed priests, called Chaldaeans by the Babylonians, who were exempt from taxation and free from every kind of service to the state, as are the priests of Egypt;61 and they also make observations of the stars, following the example of the Egyptian priests, physicists, and astrologers. 2 They say also that those who set forth with Danaus, likewise from Egypt, settled what is practically the oldest city in Greece, Argos, and that the nation of the Colchi in Pontus and that of the Jews, which lies between Arabia and Syria, were founded as colonies by certain emigrants from their country; 3 and this is the reason why it is a long-established institution among these two peoples to circumcise their male children, the custom having been brought over from Egypt. 4 Even the Athenians, they say, are colonists from Saïs in Egypt, and they undertake to offer proofs of such a relationship; for the Athenians are the only Greeks who call their city "Asty," a name brought over from the city Asty in Egypt."

Plato's Critias;

Near the plain again, and also in the centre of the island at a distance of about fifty stadia, there was a mountain not very high on any side.

In this mountain there dwelt one of the earth born primeval men of that country, whose name was Evenor, and he had a wife named Leucippe, and they had an only daughter who was called Cleito."

We are all Atlanteans.

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 07:50 PM
__________________________________.111.[R].A Primer on Origins.[R].111.

Zodiac = 12 x 2160 years = 25,920 year voyage around the Sun.
23,908.bC – 2012.aD, Aquarius
13 x 2000 = 26,000 years
First Missing Constellation = Royal Crown of Mn
(5 stars form an M or Crown 90 degrees west and overhead of the Big Dipper when low on the Horizon.)
(Jesus + 12 disciples = 13)

(IMN > JMN > AMUN/AMON/AMEN > I-AM = JA_MN = Creator God)

8 Creation Gods – Ogdoad___18,190,000,000.bC____6,519,713,262.bC

Amen___Amaunet___Creation (Min)
Kau____Kauket____infinite darkness (Erebus and Nyx – darkness / void)
Hah_____Hauhet____empty space (Chaos and Mist – order / disorder)
Nun____Naunet____primordial seas (Astraeus and Astrea – Universe / Stars)

12 Greater Gods
Atum (Helius)_________23,332.bC____8,363.bC_ (D.S. Bk I:26)
Ouranos and Gaia (from Amen)
Oceanus and Tethys (from Nun)
Thoth (Hermes)
Neith (Athena)
Ptah (Hephaestus / Vulcan)
Buto (Leto)
Harsaphes (Hercules)___17,570.bC____6,297.bC

(Atlantean, Evanor, Greek, Ouranos, Berber, Euanor, Egyptian, Iry-Ny-Hor, Phoenician, Uranus, Arabian, Alilat, Sumerian, Anu,)

9 Lesser Gods, Ennead
Osiris (Dionysus)__Isis (Demeter)___15,570.bC___5,581.bC
Set (Typhon)_____Nephthys
Oros (Horus / Apollo)

Spirits________Anubis (Hades)

400_29 Kings “other”___13,859.bC___4,967.bC

371_30 Memphite Kings_12,893.bC___4,621.bC

Egyptian Calendar_________________4,241.bC

341_First King________11,893.bC___4,262.bC
(10 missing Thinis kings prior Menes, Turin list, Palermo Stone, Narmer Palette)

331_King Menes______11,559.bC*___4,143.bC^

Amasis II_____________570.bC
Psammeticus III________526.bC__last King


*3 generations = 100 years
331 / 3 = 110.33 gen. x 100 = 11,033 + 526 = 11,559
^2.79 conversion from Herodotus to modern Egyptian lists

Herodotus - 341 kings (331 to Menes)
Manetho - 330 kings
Turin Canon – 245 kings from Menes to the 17th Dynasty ca.1600.bC
Current modern lists 220-240 kings (psammeticus III to Menes = 526-3200.bC)
Turin Kings lists 227 name place marks from the 1st to the 17th Dynasties ca1600.bC.
(Many missing or lost / erased names)

Clearly you can see that our modern Egyptian kings list is incorrect and that I am of opinion that the list was purposely shortened to compliment the “masoretic hebrew bible and the “Mesopotamian fantasy”. Herodotus witnessed 345 wooden statues of generations counted in front of him by an Egyptian priest. On the “minimum” lesser side of 10.96 years average reign x 331 kings to Menes we arrive at 3628 + 526 = 4154.bC. There’s no doubt that the Egyptian king’s lists was well beyond 300 kings and that modern Egyptologist “historians” have reduced the lists by nearly half! A list that is a minimum of 1,500 years older than the Sumerians and compliments the Egyptian calendar ca.4241.bC and can also be substantiated to 5,000.bC. And you wonder why things get “broken or lost”. There’s no doubt in my mind that Menes should be around 4,200.bC! The strange thing is that on the one hand Herodotus correctly mentions the years of the Trojan war, or Homer or the Phoenician and Thasian Hercules, but yet maintains 17,000 years for the Egyptian Hercules. Thus the chronologies above contain a maximum and minimum dates. A record that the Palermo Stone would provenance, if they didn’t break it! To be or not to be?

2nd column = 14_not listed 11
3rd column = 24__________1
4th column = 22__________4
5th column = 21__________4
6th column = 24__________3
7th column = 23
8th column = 27
9th column = 31
10th column = 25_________4
11th column = 16_________1

Total_____ = 227_______28____= 255 Kings + 30 = 285.

Eusebius' list corrected;

Demi Gods________________Horus
Shades and Demi Gods_____Spirits
other kings________________mythical kings
30 memphite kings_________mythical kings
10 Thinis kings

Turin King list

I,x - I,21: Ptah and the Great Ennead
I,22 - II,3 : Horus and the Lesser Ennead
II,4 - II,8 : the spirits
II,9 : a mythical group of kings (30 memphite kings;Eusebius)
II,10 : another group of mythical kings (10 Thinis Kings;Eusebius)
II,11 - Menes

The list should then be;

I:____1-8;___Gods________Ogdoad__ 8
I:___9-17;___Demi Gods___Ennead____9

II:__1-29;___mythical kings_______400 (29?)

III:_1-30;___30 memphite kings____371

IV:__1-10;___10 thinis kings______341

400 / 3 = 133 gen x 100 = 13,300 years + 526 = 13,826.bC


Zeus_________________Jupiter (Jove)

“Together the Ogdoad Gods built an island (ATLANTIS) in the middle (Atlantic Ocean) of the vast emptiness and the egg that was placed upon it.
From this egg, the sun god Atum was born, and he began the process of creating the world while the others withdrew.”

The Atlanteans built their city where they "first saw the light"…Plato; Critias.


Egyptian risen primordial mound of creation = TATENEN = ATLANTIS = Risen Fatherland or God's Risen Earthland.

Western = imnty = God's land from the west of Egypt = imn > Amun > JA MN

Khenti Amenti = Foremost of the westerners

Egyptian_________H-at____nt_r_iw (Ha.t ntr iw = foremost of God's island = At-lant-is.)
Greek /english_______At_la_nt___is (became feminine, foremost of Neith's Island, Ha.t nt iw)

The word Atlantis broken up into syllables Aa-ta-la-na-ta-ia-sa and translated from the 50,000 year old Basque language.
Translation by Riven;

”The main evergreen forest is born a joyous miracle at dawn, the abundant monument increases to unite the future arrival and remain loyal to the Secret of Creation.”

Egyptian Dynasties;
An introduction to the history and culture of Pharaonic Egypt;

Turin Kings list Wikipedia;

Herodotus Histories; English translation: G. C. Macaulay, (pub. Macmillan, London and NY) [1890]

Book II Euterpe:
43. In fact however Heracles is a very ancient Egyptian god; and (as they say themselves) it is seventeen thousand years to the beginning of the reign of Amasis from the time when the twelve gods, of whom they count that Heracles is one, were begotten of the eight gods.

100. "After this man (Menes) the priests enumerated to me from a papyrus roll the names of other kings, three hundred and thirty in number; and in all these generations of men eighteen were Ethiopians, one was a woman, a native Egyptian, and the rest were men and of Egyptian race: and the name of the woman who reigned was the same as that of the Babylonian queen, namely Nitocris."

142. "So far in the story the Egyptians and the priests were they who made the report, declaring that from the first king down to this priest of Hephaistos who reigned last, there had been three hundred and forty-one generations of men, and that in them there had been the same number of chief-priests and of kings: but three hundred generations of men are equal to ten thousand years, for a hundred years is three generations of men; and in the one-and-forty generations which remain, those I mean which were added to the three hundred, there are one thousand three hundred and forty years. Thus in the period of eleven thousand three hundred and forty years they said that there had arisen no god in human form; nor even before that time or afterwards among the remaining kings who arose in Egypt, did they report that anything of that kind had come to pass. In this time they said that the sun had moved four times from his accustomed place of rising, and where he now sets he had thence twice had his rising, and in the place from whence he now rises he had twice had his setting; and in the meantime nothing in Egypt had been changed from its usual state, neither that which comes from the earth nor that which comes to them from the river nor that which concerns diseases or deaths."

143. “They (Priests) led me into the sanctuary of the temple, which is of great size, and they counted up the number, showing colossal wooden statues in number the same as they said; for each chief-priest there sets up in his lifetime an image of himself: accordingly the priests, counting and showing me these, declared to me that each one of them was a son succeeding his own father, and they went up through the series of images from the image of the one who had died last, until they had declared this of the whole number.”

…”until they had declared this of the whole three hundred and forty-five statues,”

145. "Among the Hellenes Heracles and Dionysos and Pan are accounted the latest-born of the gods; but with the Egyptians Pan is a very ancient god, and he is one of those which are called the eight gods, while Heracles is of the second rank, who are called the twelve gods, and Dionysos is of the third rank, namely of those who were born of the twelve gods. Now as to Heracles I have shown already how many years old he is according to the Egyptians themselves, reckoning down to the reign of Amasis, and Pan is said to have existed for yet more years than these, and Dionysos for the smallest number of years as compared with the others; and even for this last they reckon down to the reign of Amasis fifteen thousand years."

The Library of History of Diodorus Siculus;

Book I:
26 "The priests of the Egyptians, reckoning the time from the reign of Helius to the crossing of Alexander into Asia, say that it was in round numbers twenty-three thousand years."

Eusebius: Chronicle
- pages 131-189

page 133;
“And now it is right and fitting for us to add to this Manetho's account of the Egyptians, which seems to be a reliable history.From the Egyptian records of Manetho, who composed in three books commentaries about the gods, demi-gods, spirits, and the mortal kings who ruled over the Egyptians, up until the time of Dareius the king of the Persians. The first man amongst the Egyptians was Hephaestus, who discovered fire for them; he was the father of Sol [the Sun]. After him came [(?)Agathodaemon; then] Cronus; then Osiris; then Typhon the brother of Osiris; and then Horus the son of Osiris and Isis. These were the first rulers of the Egyptians. [p135] After them, one king succeeded another until the time of Bidis, for a total of 13,900 years - calculated by lunar years, which lasted for 30 days. That is the period which we now call a month, but the men of that time called it a year. After the gods, a race of demi-gods ruled for 1,255 years. After them, other kings ruled [the country] for 1,817 years. After them, 30 kings from Memphis [ruled] for 1,790 years; and then another ten kings from Thinis ruled for 350 years. And then the shades and demi-gods were kings, for 5,813 years. The total for all of these is 11,000 years - which are lunar years, or months.The total time, which the Egyptians assign to the gods and demi-gods and spirits is 24,900 lunar years - which is the equivalent of 2,206 solar years.”

THEOI Greek Mythology

Tribes of Atlantis website;

Paulo Riven (AeJor_Mn)
Sword of Avila

Pray with our Creator JA_MN
Worship No Stone
Command No Death
Love Thy Neighbor
Preserve Our Histories

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_____Uranus______Titaea (Gaia)
45 Sons_______|______Basileia then Rhea(Pandora)
__|____________|_____Helius and Selene (from her brother Hyperion)
Hesperus.(son)__|______Maea, Electra, Taygete, Sterope, Merope, Halcyone and Celaeno
...........…………..|.……..Hermes(Thoth)..from Zeus*(Jove,king of Crete,brother of Uranus,)
...........……...|.........................10 Sons (Curetes) from Idaea(Juno),Jove's wife.
..........……..Zeus gains control merger with Egypt = Zeus Ammon.
.............…….......Battle of The Titans > Atlantean War?

Those people were all mortals whose names were preserved by placing them amongst the stars.

Atlantean Uranus common Father of ALL NATIONS = Umans.


*Uranus' brother would have been named Jove or Jupiter and not Zeus.

Basileia-Cleito? (She raised Uranus' sons, Great Mother=Cybele=Neith=Maat)

Atlanteans by Diodorus Siculus;Book III

Genesis of The Gods originated in Atlantis.

First King;

Uranus (Evanor / Euanor / Ouranos )
First Lawgiver/ Teacher
Agriculture, Astrology
Introduced the Solar year,lunar months and Seasons
Deified as a God and King of the Universe

45 Sons from various wives including 18 sons(Titans)from Titaea.
Titaea deified as a Goddess and called Ge (Gaia)

2 Daughters. Basileia then Rhea(Pandora)
Basileia raised all her brothers earning her the title "Great Mother".

Basileia became the Royal Dignity and married her brother Hyperion so as to leave heirs to the throne.

Basileia has 2 children Helius and Selene.

Envious brothers slew Hyperion and drowned Helius as a child in the Eridanus river. Selene threw herself down from a roof.

Basileia,searching in grief for her son Helius, experiences a divination of Helius' spirit telling her not to mourn and the Titans would be punished.

Helius deified as the Sun and Selene the Moon.

Basileia wondered the lands banging kettledrums and cymbals (her children's playthings) and was much pitied by crowds, when during a storm she vanished and her and her children were placed among the stars like Uranus.

Basileia also known as Cybele to the Phrygians who have their own version with Meion and Dindyme, king of Phrygia and Lydia who left Basileia on Mt.Cybelus where she was suckled by wild beasts. Cybele later had a child with Attis.

The kingdom was then divided amongst the sons of Uranus, mainly Atlas and Cronus.

Atlas retained the Atlantean coast, calling the people Atlanteans and giving the name to Mt.Atlas after him. He was also an Astrologer and first to publish the doctrine of the sphere which earned him the title of bearing the world on his shoulders.

Numerous sons born to Atlas of whom the most distinguished was Hesperus who climbed Mt.Atlas and was said to have been taken away by the wind.Brightest of the Stars were named after him.

Atlas also had seven daughters called Atlantides, namely;
Maea, Electra, Taygete, Sterope, Merope, Halcyone and Celaeno. (later deified and placed among the stars as the Pleiades)

These daughters lay with the most renowned heroes and gods resulting in the largest part of the human race.

Maea and Zeus bore Hermes.

"Atlantides also gave birth to renowned children, who became the founders in some instances of nations in other cases of cities. 5 Consequently, not only among certain barbarians but among the Greeks as well, the great majority of the most ancient heroes trace their descent back to the Atlantides. These daughters were also distinguished for their chastity and after their death attained to immortal honour among men, by whom they were both enthroned in the heavens and endowed with the appellation of Pleiades.32 The Atlantides were also called "nymphs" because the natives of that land addressed their women by the common appellation of "nymph."

61 Cronus, the brother of Atlas, the myth continues, who was a man notorious for his impiety and greed, married his sister Rhea, by whom he begat that Zeus who was later called "the Olympian." But there had been also another Zeus, the brother of Uranus p283and a king of Crete, who, however, was far less famous than the Zeus who was born at a later time.34 2 Now the latter was king over the entire world, whereas the earlier Zeus, who was lord of the above-mentioned island, begat ten sons who were given the name of Curetes; and the island he named after his wife Idaea, and on it he died and was buried, and the place which received his grave is pointed out to our day. 3 The Cretans, however, have a myth which does not agree with the story given above, and we shall give a detailed account of it when we speak of Crete.35 Cronus, they say, was lord of Sicily and Libya, and Italy as well, and, in a word, established his kingdom over the regions to the west; and everywhere he occupied with garrisons the commanding hills and the strongholds of the regions, this being the reason why both throughout Sicily and the parts which incline towards the west many of the lofty places are called to this day after him "Cronia."

4 Zeus, however, the son of Cronus, emulated a manner of life the opposite of that led by his father, and since he showed himself honourable and friendly to all, the masses addressed him as "father." As for his succession to the kingly power, some say that his father yielded it to him of his own accord, but others state that he was chosen as king by the masses because of the hatred they bore towards his father, and that when Cronus made war against him with the aid of the Titans, Zeus overcame him in battle, and on gaining supreme power visited all the inhabited world, conferring benefactions upon the p285race of men. 5 He was pre-eminent also in bodily strength and in all the other qualities of virtue and for this reason quickly became master of the entire world. And in general he showed all zeal to punish impious and wicked men and to show kindness to the masses. 6 In return for all this, after he had passed from among men he was given the name of Zên,36 because he was the cause of right "living" among men, and those who had received his favours showed him honour by enthroning him in the heavens, all men eagerly acclaiming him as god and lord for ever of the whole universe.

"These, then, are in summary the facts regarding the teachings of the Atlantians about the gods."

"This Dionysius, nicknamed Skytobrachion, "of the leathern arm," lived in Alexandria in the middle of the second century B.C. and composed a mythical romance from which Diodorus drew the following account of the Amazons and his description of the Atlanteans (cc. 56, 57, 60, 61), of the Dionysus born in Libya (cc. 66.4‑73.8), and of the Argonauts (Book 4.40‑55)."

(Book V, continued)

p145 19 But now that we have discussed what relates to the islands which lie within the Pillars of Heracles, we shall give an account of those which are in the ocean. For there lies out in the deep off Libya an island1 of considerable size, and situated as it is in the ocean it is distant from Libya a voyage of a number of days to the west. Its land is fruitful, p147much of it being mountainous and not a little being a level plain of surpassing beauty. 2 Through it flow navigable rivers which are used for irrigation, and the island contains many parks planted with trees of every variety and gardens in great multitudes which are traversed by streams of sweet water; on it also are private villas of costly construction, and throughout the gardens banqueting houses have been constructed in a setting of flowers, and in them the inhabitants pass their time during the summer season, since the land supplies in abundance everything which contributes to enjoyment and luxury. 3 The mountainous part of the island is covered with dense thickets of great extent and with fruit-trees of every variety, and, inviting men to life among the mountains, it has cozy glens and springs in great number. In a word, this island is well supplied with springs of sweet water which not only makes the use of it enjoyable for those who pass their life there but also contribute to the health and vigour of their bodies. 4 There is also excellent hunting of every manner of beast and wild animal, and the inhabitants, being well supplied with this game at their feasts, lack of nothing which pertains to luxury and extravagance; for in fact the sea which washes the shore of the island contains a multitude of fish, since the character of the ocean is such that it abounds throughout its extent with fish of every variety. 5 And, speaking generally, the climate of the island is so altogether mild that it produces in abundance the fruits of the trees and the other seasonal fruits for the larger part of the year, so that it would appear that the island, because of its exceptional felicity, were a dwelling-place of a race of gods and not of men.

The last paragraph provides ample evidence that is strongely comparitive to the island of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean as mentioned by Plato's preservation in Timaeus and Critias.It also clarifies that Atlantis would have been a few days journey past the pillars and westward towards my location at the Josephine/Torre Seamounts when they were above water, some 400 miles past and in front or before the pillars of Hercules at undeniably,Gibraltar straite.
Not that the island mentioned by Diodorus Siculus is Atlantis, but clearly a remnant of the larger Atlantis island and perhaps he is referring to Madeira island first and the Canary islands second choice, which was made known by the Phoenicians upon settling Gades, Spain ca 1100.bC.

We are All Atlanteans. Follow the Ouranos trail from the West as recorded by Egypt.

In the Egyptian Am-Duat or the Sun’s Journey, the lands west of Egypt were called ironically…Uranes on the way to Khenti-Amenti or Atlantis. J

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis

Source;Diodorus Siculus at Lacus Curtius*.html#ref7

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Book II Euterpe

142. "So far in the story the Egyptians and the priests were they who made the report, declaring that from the first king down to this priest of Hephaistos who reigned last, there had been three hundred and forty-one generations of men, and that in them there had been the same number of chief-priests and of kings: but three hundred generations of men are equal to ten thousand years, for a hundred years is three generations of men; and in the one-and-forty generations which remain, those I mean which were added to the three hundred, there are one thousand three hundred and forty years. Thus in the period of eleven thousand three hundred and forty years they said that there had arisen no god in human form; nor even before that time or afterwards among the remaining kings who arose in Egypt, did they report that anything"

The History of Herodotus,tr. G. C. Macaulay, [1890], at

3 generations = 100 years

According to Herodotus writing ca.440.bC and prior to Plato 360.bC, 341 generations of men = 11,340 years from the first king (10 + Menes = 3500.bC) to Psammeticus III.(526.bC)

Herodotus explains to us that the Egyptian priest and himself calculated the years by generations.

Either the Egyptian Priest would have had to remembered an exact number of years according to a record of kings reigns, biennial (twice yearly) cattle counts, seasonal years @ 3,or lunar months to claim 11,000 plus years, or he could simply remember the number of kings and opt for the generational theory of 3 per hundred. We are not told about any of the former, but we are told that the Egyptian priest counted 345 statues in front of Herodotus. So the generational theory was the simplest method of determination. Like us, I doubt that the priests in that era of 440.bC could say for certain what the actual yearly reigns of the kings were, but they could account for the number of kings.

As we will see, Plato obviously is using the same strategy as Herodotus when he writes that Solon recorded 9000 years and 8000 years prior to Amasis

Bear in mind that Solon was almost 200 years before Herodotus that explains the lesser number of years and kings. If Herodotus was the one to hear about the Atlantis legend like Solon, he would have told us 11,000 years prior.

Pay close attention to Plato's writings;

From Timaeus;

"On one occasion, wishing to draw them on to speak of antiquity, he began to tell about the most ancient things in our part of the world-about Phoroneus, who is called "the first man," and about Niobe; and after the Deluge, of the survival of Deucalion and Pyrrha; and he traced the genealogy of their descendants, and reckoning up the dates, tried to compute how many years ago the events of which he was speaking happened."

"As for those genealogies of yours which you just now recounted to us, Solon, they are no better than the tales of children."

"And this was unknown to you, because, for many generations, the survivors of that destruction died, leaving no written word."

Phoroneus = 1800.bC
Deucalion flood = ca.1500.bC

It's crystal clear that Solon computed the years according to generations and no mention of Atlantis up to 1800.bC.
Solon was one of the 7 Wise Men for his era around the Mediterranean!

Plato's dialogues, Timaeus and Critias only relates that the records could be viewed in the Sacred Registers that were probably in the Temple of Neith, either in Papyrus or Hieroglyphic inscribed walls. There is no detailed account as to the years other than generations as being the "common factor" of both Plato and Herodotus.

"She founded your city a thousand years before ours, receiving from the Earth and Hephaestus the seed of your race, and afterwards she founded ours, of which the constitution is recorded in our sacred registers to be eight thousand years old."

Herodotus also told us that the Egyptian priests collected wooden statues that should also have been available for Uadjahor Resne to show to Solon, aside from papyrus scrolls or inscribed walls.


"All these and their descendants for many generations were the inhabitants and rulers of divers islands in the open sea; and also, as has been already said, they held sway in our direction over the country within the Pillars as far as Egypt and Tyrrhenia.
Now Atlas had a numerous and honorable family, and they retained the kingdom, the eldest son handing it on to his eldest for many generations;"

As you can see, we are left with no choice than to accept the "common factor" that the years are being related according to generations.

We know that the Atlantean era is being told during a 9000-year span and that it is also before Phoroneus and Poseidon built the concentric circles on the Atlantean island before Ships and voyages were even heard of which predates 3000.bC.

One thing we can be certain of is that there were at least 341 kings recorded for Egypt and to base the records in Egypt as "ideal generations" of 30 years each is an overshot at best when our archaeological records show us that they were computed by kings reigns that are difficult to compile for us today as it would have been in Solon's, Herodotus' and Plato's time.

Menes = 331 + 10 prior Lower Egyptian Kings of the Maerea province (not Thinis) = 341 kings.

341 / 3 = 113.67 gen x 100yrs = 11,367 + 526 = 11,893.bC

modern records account for some 220 plus kings from Menes to Psammeticus III.

modern = Menes-3200.bC - 526 = 2,674yrs / 220 = 12.15 years per king.

Turin Canon = 244 from Menes to the 17th dynasty ca.1600.bC

1600.bC - 526.bC = 1074 years missing where 10 kings = 300 years = 35.8 kings + 244 = 279.8 adjusted.

(10 kings = 25 year generations and 75 year lifespan each, 25 x 9 = 225 + 75 = 300)

2,674 / 280 = 9.6 years each, Turin Canon
2,674 / 331 = 8.1 years each, Herodotus.

Herodotus reported at 440.bC 331 kings from Menes to Psammeticus as did Manetho 330.

331 - 244 = 87 missing kings for the Turin Canon. (plus 10 prior = 97)

Minimum = 341 x 12.15 year average = 4143.15 + 526 = 4669.15.bC or 4547.65.bC for Menes (331)!

Maximum at 25 year generations and 75 year lifespan = 340 x 25 = 8500 + 75 = 8575.bC!

8570.bC was exactly what Solon stated for Egypt being founded as 8000 years prior himself!

Herodotus also told us that Solon stated 75 years for the average lifespan!

This seems to confirm that Solon accounted for around 340 kings @ 570.bC just like Herodotus 130 years later!(+/- 10 kings)

As I stated before, the problem lies in knowing the exact length of king’s reigns where we can clearly see a minimum of 4200.bC for Menes!

Keep in mind that I had already claimed 885 missing years due to the mystical date of Dec.10th, 3474.bC for Philitis The Shepherd!

Egyptian Calendar - 4241.bC

Clearly shows us how our "conformed" historians blatantly lie in the face of evidence where their excuse will be to discredit the ancestors.

Psycho Sitchens....woo woo anunnaki for those from heaven to earth fell.

So it is they fell from their lies.

No wonder Socrates called them "Broadarses who study the Heavens"! J

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The kings of the Assyrians
36 kings 1240 yrs

The kings of the Medes
8 kings – 298 yrs.

The kings of the Lydians
9 kings – 320 yrs

The kings of the Persians
11 kings – 226 yrs

Moses - Solomon (until the building of the temple) – 17 kings – 480 yrs
Solomon - Mattaniah, also called Zedekiah – 21 kings – 432 yrs

sicyon - 26 kgs - 959 yrs

argos 14 - 544 yrs

athens 29 - 780 yrs (Cecrops to 1st Olympiad 776.bC

corinth 12 kings 328 yrs

spartans - 15 kings - 615 yrs

macedonia - 24 kings - 475 yrs

asia and syria - Antigonus - Philippus - 19 - 274yrs

rome 22 kings - 675 yrs

Total – 263 kings = 7,646 yrs = 29 years per king

Egypt - Manetho
book I - 192 kings - 2300yrs
2nd book - 92 k - 2121 yrs
20 – 26 --37 kings – 626 yrs

321 –kings – 5047 yrs, Menes - Psammeticus 526.bc = 16 years per king

Total All – 584 kings and 12,693yrs = 22 years per king

Source; Eusebius Chronicles.

Herodotus – Menes – Psammeticus = 331 kings x 33.33 = 11,032 years

Grand Total; 915 kings and 23,725 = 26 years per king.

Therefore as Solon stated, 75 years is the average lifespan of a man, and 25 years would be the average generation that we can realize from the above data.

10 kings = 9 x 25 = 225 + 75 = 300 years.

10 kings = 300 years

Whereas a count of 331 kings from Menes to Psammeticus is a span of 8,325 years plus 526.bC = 8,851.bC for Menes.

In Plato’s Timaeus and Critias dialogues, the Egyptian Priest, Uadjahor-Resne, stated that Egypt was founded 8,000 years prior to himself or Amasis II @ 570.bC = 8570.bC.

Exactly what we can perceive from the above kings lists.

Modern Egyptian kings list, Menes to Psammeticus = 3200.bC-526 = 2,674 yrs @ 220 kings = 12 years per king.

8,325 / 2,674 = 3 or 1/3rd
Average = 5500 + 526 = 6,026.bC for Menes.

Redemption for Plato, Herodotus and Manetho?

Ridicule for Zawi Hawass and Egyptologists who suppress Egypt’s histories?

Are we back at my original flood date of 6482.bC and re-creation @ 6435.bC?

Evermore, 25 years should be used for generations and Kings lists.

Paulo Riven
Tribes of Atlantis

posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 11:50 PM
The great realization is that all the cultures around the Mediterranean,including Phoenicia,Egypt and even to the Sumerians of the Euphrates valley all shared the same King.

Namely Ouranos(Uranos) who is the father of Atlas and Cronos(Gadeiros)and originated from the Atlantic Ocean as the daughters of Atlas or the Atlantides also clearly identify to women from the Atlantic Ocean.

Ouranos is obviously Evanor(Euanor)the first King of the island of Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean.

However we must also be careful to understand that Evanor was "one of the earthborn primeval men" which identifies to the island of Atlantis being older to a maximum 150 million years,although even far older when we consider it a central piece of land that broke off into an island from Pangea.

So the identification of Evanor is when the Royal City was first forming.

From Atlantis, all the Gods and Goddesses came into being where Leucippe,Cleito and the Atlantides or daughters of Atlas were the source for the other cultures like Neith,Athena,Maat,Isis,Ishtar,Cybele,Diana,Demeter,etc.

Not to forget Rhea who is said to have been the wife of Cronos who portrays Gadeiros as a brother to Atlas.

In regards to Noah and his sons,the one who most closely identifies to Atlas is Japeth who relates to Iapetus (Japetus) of the Greek myths and Japeth also had a son named Javan who is identified with the mediterranean islands.

In the greek myths,Iapetus and Clymene are portrayed as parents to Atlas,Menoiteus,Prometheus and Epimetheus that also identify to twins like Apollo and Artemis or Agamemnon and Menelaus.

The sinking or final destruction of the Atlantean island also identifies to the time before the Biblical flood and as a result of that flood.

If we suggest that Noah's ark originated from Atlantis island due to the foreseen destruction, then we would be saying that the wives of Noah and his sons are Atlantides also just like the men would be children of Oceanus or Ouranos.

We can also realize that Greece,Phrygia,Phoenicia and Egypt once belonged to the Kingdom of Atlantis and revolted for their own independence and new theologies as I always maintained.

The Phaecians like the Pelasgians were also children of Ouranos.

The further you are from the truth of your origins the closer you are to a great lie.

Which is why languages and racetypes changed as they left Atlantis.

"One day, "Oannes" the fishman appeared to the Sumerians,taught them everything they know and went back into the Sea."

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 11:19 AM
free ebook:

resources for : Lost Gospels : Book II :: Atlantis ::

Critias by Plato
(pg. 3)
(pg. 13)
NEW ATLANTIS by Francis Bacon
(pg. 66)
(pg. 87)

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 12:45 PM
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Please enjoy and research these resources. I have. PEACE. - Jon

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 03:10 PM
Atlantis is a fascinating subject indeed!

When I get time off I could assemble a list of sources, possibly or certainly, refering to Atlantis.
To begin with is a link to a nice english (also available in greek) translation of Platos Critias and Timaeus.

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reply to post by Davood

hello peoplei have a interesting topic is all about atlantis island in ancient times atlantis a powerful island that is rule by they called it elder one past down to generation to generation it was discovered by aliens from mars it was in the out skirt of portugal this aliens of today are human beings they consist of 44 delegation from different planets like in the modern of today UN nations they come in peace from different sectors of the universe they are called alliances of faith this discovery was after the dinosaur period the island was described like this in the center of the island there was a pyramid like in the aztec period and in the north ern part of the island mountain ranges and then valley then beach head in the southern part there are villas and pier and terrain and the western part there was villas and beach head and in the eastern part of the island there was a pier and villas smooth terrrain and its capital atlanticos city the first elder one was pamparicos and last elder one was aman rarenticos that was when atlantis sunk to the bottom off the ocean the cost of destgruction of atlantis was the explosion of the power sources of the island that created huge tremors that made thew island like a jugsaw puzzle before it sunk it sunk in the period of ramsesII reign after plato died this here are the part of the list of the 44 delegates from different sectors in the universe

mars white , light brown people
venus red skin
saturn yellow skin
mercury russian, latvia,estonia,georgia,lithunia
platikos african,aborigines people
tronataka malayan races
bynum middle east
nokrapata bulb head races
jupiter white caucasian
agelican winged people
gumbaticoka reptilians
palemade greek race

in atlantis this was the center of commerce at ancient times and delegation meet giving diamonds and gold and precious stones for the elder one from there planets there corporation to make buildings like babylon and tower of babel ziggurat and pyramids in south and noth america and to it a secret not to teach to much technology to decendents like us today others escape the blast of atlantis and others fly there spaceship out to other planets to seachers again the people left here in planets earth struggle to survive with lack of technology andd the stone blocks half of it came from the stone cliff of mars from pyramid s of egypt and ziggurat
and the universe is divide in to sectors the known sectors are 500 million sectors and estimation of sectors are 900 zillion 20 times by people from mars the look like us and there are millions planets like ours we belong to the sectors 5 group that are compose of 250million planets

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