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Children of the Law of One: The Lost Teachings of Atlantis

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posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 01:26 AM

What is really what is laughable is all the armchair Kabbalah and Psychology "experts" on this forum.

This is not new age. It's a real tradition. Although, things in human society don't happen for no reason I think, so there is a reason "new age" things exist.

It would not be strange that the knowledge of Atlantis is not commonly known. It was a different type of siciety I am sure. It is only known of in a few traditions, which up until the last couple decades, never taught higher level principles publicallyl.

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posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 02:35 PM
Also, to claim , 3 thousand years of work and study is total BS. No spiritual teacher ever in history taught the real high level inner meanings of the mystic traditions of the world. The meaning of I ching, the Tarot, Kabbalah etc. were never known by any "scholor" in public.

What those were, was the principle and mathematic basis for qigong, meditation, ans spiritual cultivation schools. They are prehistoric culture not created by any current culture. This is corroborated by high level qigong masters in China as well.

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posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 08:22 PM
...from what I've seen the guy has basic psycholoy knowledge, which I learned during my GCSE's (14 to 16).

The whole conclusion that it; " [was a] powerful tool (for me anyhow) to recognize the spritual aspect to life. The beauty and love, and paradise we could create if we would tackle the big issues in our lives and become more loving and kind in the process." fairly clear to many people?
I don't see how something I knew as a child and my 4 year old brother understands, is a shockingly new concept and has anything to do with Atlantis?

For [insert swear word here] sake we do not even know if;
A) Atlantis existed
B) It was peaceful.

For all anyone knows it could have been a blood thirsty Nation, which tens of thousands of years ago was killing people and forcing them into its culture.

There are a million different possibilities and so far from what I've seen, only one such Civilization anything like this existed that was periods of the Indus and their culture.

posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 08:35 PM
I understand Atlantis destroyed itself and that there was a war between Atlantis and Lemuria. I think so anyways......maybe I shouldn't talk about higher things too much, being not totally sure on certain things.

Anyways, I think this is a well made thread! It simply presents the teachings up front in their pure form

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posted on Aug, 23 2005 @ 01:38 PM
I believe the fabled Atlantis turned out more or less like now except with more advanced understanding of reality, and more advanced ways to pervert it. There is a reason it went away, and most likely a reason we forgot about it. But there was a strain of Truth that survived and was nourished.

There are things we forget as adults that we understood as children, spirituality is basic and simple. I just happened to throw it into the wastebasket of time as my life went on. Struggles I was having in life culminated and I happened across this book (which I am most thankful for) and I went through a paradigm shift of sorts.

posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 10:24 PM
I just wanted to add this piece of text in regard to the YHVH name of God on the prior page. It may add a bit more to the idea.

Orbital Life - The Relationship Pattern of the Universe

... “The next great key can also be seen with atoms and solar systems. It is their orbital pattern, their orbital relationship. It is the one primary pattern that exists in the Universe. It pervades everything, and all else is built upon it. Peniel, it is what our human male/female relationships are based on. It is what makes soulmates, soulmates.”

“But aren’t orbits separate things amongst separate solar systems or atoms? How could it be what everything in the Universe is built upon? And how could it be what human relationships are based on?”

“Look into space at night. Each shining “star” you see is either a ‘Sun’ - an object radiating light, that is surrounded by and orbited by planets, or a planet, giving off light reflected from the light of a star. Study what scientists have discovered about the ‘solid’ objects that surround us - water, trees, buildings, stones, earth, plants, human bodies - they are all made of atoms. And what are atoms? Microscopic ‘stars’ being orbited by planets, but very tiny, and very, very rapidly - they are an octave of the stars and our own solar system. Read the ancient texts. We have had this knowledge long before the ignorant masses ‘discovered’ that the Earth wasn’t flat. Before they ‘discovered’ that the Earth wasn’t the center of the Universe. Before they discovered that the Earth revolved around the Sun, rather than what they previously thought - that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Before they ‘discovered’ atoms. Soon they will ‘discover’ more, and more.

Consider: what if everything is orbiting something else? What if when you get smaller than atoms, and bigger than solar systems, the same, or similar, circular orbital pattern is found? It does - in some way or another, even though they haven’t ‘discovered it yet’ [Author’s note: much of this has recently been discovered by modern science]. What if it goes on infinitely like a never ending spiral? It must. It is the pattern of creation, of the Universal Spirit...

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 02:55 AM
i just saw a national geographic special on the minoan civilization(an ancient culture on the island of crete in the mediterranean) that suggested these people were the inspiration for the story of atlantis. it is said that a volcanic eruption sank a good portion of the island and sent a tidal wave that devastated other cultures in the area, astonishingly similar to the myth of atlantis sinking into the ocean without a trace.

the only problem is that plato said the island was west of the rock of gibraltar(the inlet between spain and africa)...then again...basically all knowledge of ancient history is word of mouth and educated guesses

posted on Sep, 10 2005 @ 12:19 AM
Jon Peniel (author of the book in question) claims to have studied at a hidden
monastery deep in Tibet. One in which the most ancient of teachings were still preserved in day to day life. They source this article on the website, as an example of an area were the monetary was located.

From The Chicago Tribune News Service


No record exists of people ever having seen the 100 foot-high waterfall and lush subtropical garden in the Tibetan Himalayas until now

WASHINGTON - Explorers finally have found Shangri-La.

It might not be quite the storied, verdant, Utopia Himalayan paradise of James Hilton's 1933 novel "Lost Horizon" and subsequent movie of the same name. But it is verdant, it is a kind of paradise, and it is hidden deep within Tibet's Himalayas in a monstrously steep gorge within a gorge. There is no record of any person having visited, or even seen, the area before.

...Tentatively named by the explorers the Hidden Falls of the Tsangpo and located in a forbidding region called Pemako that Tibetans consider highly sacred, the elusive site was reached by American explorers Ian Baker, Ken Storm Jr. and Brian Harvey late last year, though the society did not make its confirmation of their success official until Thursday.

In addition to a spectacular 100-foot-high waterfall- long rumored but until now undocumented- they found a subtropical garden between a 23,000 foot and a 26,000 foot mountain, at the bottom of a 4,000 foot high cliff.

According to Martin, it's the world' deepest mountain gorge.

"It's a place teeming with life." Storm said in telephone interview from his office in the Minneapolis suburb of Burnsville. "It's a terribly wild river, with many small waterfalls, heavy rapids and a tremendous current surging through. Yet there are all kinds of flora; subtropical pine, rhododendrons, craggy fir and hemlock and spruce on the hillsides. It's lush. Just a tremendous wild garden landscape."

The animals there include a rare, horned creature called the Takin, sacred to Tibetan Buddhists....

more here

posted on Oct, 8 2005 @ 02:41 AM
This is one of the meditation techniques given in LTA caled the Star Exercise

This exercise/yoga from personal experience works, the level of energy rush I experience varies but sometimes the fingers really are buzzing (as well as the body) really interesting stuff

Here's a descripton on how to do it

The Star Exercise enjoys renown in both the world of yoga and among devotees of Reiki healing methods. Modern Reiki instruction (for which you can pay big bucks) actually derives its teachings from this energy exercise. We provide it here for free and you won't have to endure any attunements! Among yoga enthusiasts, the Star Exercise is commonly viewed as the ultimate yoga exercise, and some say, the only one you need do.

Suffice it to say, the Star Exercise is an extremely potent avenue for triggering the Kundalini and generating, storing and transmitting Universal Life Energy (also known as bio-cosmic energy, Reiki, ki, prana, etc.) Doing this exercise not only fills your body with this energy, but it moves throughout you and enables you to give it to others by offering healing, as well as allowing for flowing ki within a group of people.

Universal Life Energy has characteristics which can be considered both physical and spiritual. While the energy is etheric, resonates at very high frequencies, and has the ability to penetrate anything, the mind and our emotions actually do impact and direct it as well. We even know now that Universal Life Energy can actually be photographed using "Kirilian" electro photography to capture "auras" and propelled energy beams.

We have emphasized and explained the characteristics of ki energy to improve your awareness during all your meditations and yoga exercises. The supply of Universal Life Energy is boundless and only your separate self inhibits it.


It is recommended that when possible, socks and shoes be removed prior to beginning the Star Exercise. Positioning yourself for this exercise involves standing with your feet approximately a yard apart and holding your arms straight out to your sides like this:

Facing your right palm down and your left palm up, start breathing deeply and strongly. Depending on your preference, at times you may wish to breathe rapidly, while at others you may prefer slower breathing. Either way, be sure you are inhaling and exhaling deeply and intensely. The intent of this breathing is to pull Universal Life Energy from the air into your Solar Plexus Chakra since included among the many functions of the Solar Plexus Chakra is its ability to store energy. (Similar to how batteries store power).

more here at the link (for the rest of the descripton)

posted on Nov, 8 2005 @ 05:47 AM
I also read this book.
I am a great fan of Atlantis and because of it, I went to a spiritual store to buy an Atlantis Ring. Once I had found the ring, the store owner told me that I should read this book.

So I took the book from her and once I started reading it, I was changed by it profoundly.

I recommend this book for reading.

This book rang a bell of inner truth in me. I am glad to see that it has done the same in others. There is not much about the Childeren of the Law of One on the internet, so if anyone can provide me with a chatroom of something, please do.

posted on Nov, 10 2005 @ 03:05 AM
It's encouraging to know others have read the book, and had similar experiences.

You said it changed your life? I know mine has changed, and improved allot

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 02:49 AM
The Past Lives of Jesus

....Cayce also identified the Biblical personality named Joseph (son of Jacob) as an incarnation of the Jesus-entity soul. Accordingly, Joseph's escape from the pit was not only a literal event, but a symbolic anticipation of Jesus' resurrection. Cayce's identification of Joshua, the notorious genocidal leader of Israel in the Old Testament, as an incarnation of the Jesus-entity is a little more difficult to believe. But Cayce viewed Joshua's claim to fame as being the scribe for Moses who "psychically" dictated much of what is attributed to Moses. This interesting bit of information explains how "Moses" wrote about his own death. Another Biblical personality named by Cayce to be a Jesus-entity incarnate is the high priest named Jeshua who helped organize the return from exile and the rebuilding of the temple (see Ezra and Nehemiah). According to Cayce, this Jeshua is the one who compiled and translated the books of the Bible. In essence, Cayce identifies all these Biblical personalities to be psychic revelators.

An interesting fact is that "Joshua", "Jeshua", and "Jesus" are really the same name. The name "Jesus" is a Latin version of the Aramaic name Jeshua or "Yeshua." And Yeshua is Hebrew for Joshua or "Yehoshua." Thus, Cayce has assigned the soul-entity Jesus to be incarnations of the three Biblical characters having the same name. Cayce also mentions that Jesus was an Essene who was registered by his Essene school under the name of "Jeshua".

Concerning the so-called "Second Coming" of Christ (which is really not the second, but many) Cayce sometimes interpreted it to be an internal spiritual and psychic event within the individual (see Cayce on the Book of Revelation). On other occasions, Cayce interpreted it to be an actual return of Jesus Christ in physical form. When Cayce gave his prophecies about the massive geological changes predicted to being around 2000 AD, he stated that:

"These will begin in those periods from '58 to '98 when these will be proclaimed as the periods when His light will be seen in the clouds" (3976-15).

more here

posted on Apr, 10 2006 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by Byrd

Originally posted by slave
"Within all of us is a "lie detector", a silent "inner voice", that offers us the greatest potential to discern truth and reality.

Students of psychology (and folks who read books on psychology) will tell you that this is just rewritten basic psychology mixed with the "think and grow rich/accomplish things" that's been around since the 1800's. The part you cite above, in fact, was detailed in great depth by Freud and Jung nearly a century ago.

The three things they describe are the id, ego, and superego.
And yet people who have never studied any of them come up with these ideas on their own. Just because someone states something that many inherently know as instinct does not mean that they own that idea or that anyone else who states the idea has stolen it from them.

No man owns any idea.. some truths are just waiting to be realised by us.

posted on Jun, 26 2006 @ 09:53 PM
>Let's see... Cayce predicted...
>Atlantis would rise from the Atlantic Ocean in 1969

Bimini Road? Wonder if land is on the rise in the Atlantic, too, off the coast now as predicted? We don't know much about what is going on under the seas and oceans right now.

>The Lindburgh baby would be found alive

Free will always played into Cayce predictions.

>Gave several "prescriptions" for people who were already dead

...and said he wanted these types of readings studied.

>And the pole shift to happen before 1999

He said it would "begin" with problems in the South Pacific. It is best to read the actual text rather than what was written "about" Cayce in a book and then an editor who wanted to sell books might just tweak it a bit for sales.

Text Of Reading 311-8
(Q) How soon will the changes in the earth's activity begin to be apparent?
(A) When there is the first breaking up of some conditions in the South Sea (that's South Pacific, to be sure), and those as apparent in the sinking or rising of that that's almost opposite same, or in the Mediterranean, and the Aetna area, then we may know it has begun. [See 5752-3 in re creation, etc.].

>And Western America broken (fragmented) in the 1958-1998 period
>And tropical weather in Antarctica...

Once again, all this would "begin" when the South Pacific started to have problems. Antarctica does seem to be having changes going on due to global warming. Wonder how much is due to volcanoes under the oceans? I haven't ever found any reference in the Edgar Cayce material about the period from 1958 to 1998 yet is almost like he said it himself isn't it?

>THAT infallible Edgar Cayce? The one who predicted in 1998 that a secret >underground chamber would be found between the paws of the Sphinx and that the >documents in it would trigger the Second Coming that year?

According to the book on the Children Of The Law Of One the three monks from Tibet went to the Sphinx in 1998 to open it and were killed before they could do that. Cayce said that certain people would have to open the Sphinx and would have to have a sound (like a trumpet) to do that, too. Once again, go to the readings rather than the books. Several groups have determined there is a man made room below the Sphinx but it is my understanding the gov't won't let anyone dig. The producer for Star Wars, Robert Watts, did a doc on the Sphinx and he couldn't get permission either. He said it would be easier to get the keys to Fort Knox then get permission to dig up the Hall Of Records.

>Who predicted that Japan would fall into the sea (not be defeated... would >physically slip off the continental crust and go SPLOOSH!) before 1998?

There is a lot of weird stuff going on right now in terms of earthquakes. See: and look just in the United States for the odd earthquakes in the middle third of the country this week. I don't think Japan is out of the woods yet but hope they are. We all need to get our spiritual life in order and I think the Children Of The Law Of One book helps even if it is all fiction.

>Even his supporters have a hard time believing his prophecies.

I really liked when Joseph Campbell used to lecture on myth and he would look at his watch for a little bit. Then he'd say something about history based on what we knew that very minute. He said in a few minutes history might change because of a new discovery. All of my life, I was born in 1955, it seems like one discovery after another seems to prove the world view that Edgar Cayce had on world history. I keep looking at my watch and history keeps getting clearer and clearer.

Love this way to live from the Children of the Law Of One book:
We respect and are kin/friends of anyone who believes in and
fosters truth, freedom, tolerance, compassion & harmlessness

posted on Jun, 27 2006 @ 08:38 PM
Now if we could just get the Atlantean grid back online things would get better.

posted on Aug, 22 2006 @ 09:45 PM

Originally posted by slave

I didn't mean to imply that 'Atlantis must exist' I read this book and it says so. I just wanted to let others know I felt the book was worth the read (It does go into some ancient history of it own). I feel those who study on topics such as Atlantis normally do so for mixed reasons, I myself just wanted to know what was going on, and had some spiritual quetions I didn't know I had.

If someone wanted to get a historical persepective on Atlantis myth and the roots of Western Occult belief 'The Dying God' by historian David Livingstone is an excellent read


With concern to the author of the 'Lost Teachings of Atlantis' Jon Peniel the name did pop up in a Edgar Cayce reading in 1934. (This may definantly rase some red flags for some people, but I happen to find Cayce's life very interesting)


  10. Who shall proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord in him
              that has been born in the earth in America?  Those from that
              land where there has been the regeneration, not only of the
              body but the mind and the spirit of men, THEY shall come and
              declare that John Peniel is giving to the world the new ORDER
              of things.  Not that these that have been proclaimed have
              been refused, but that they are made PLAIN in the minds of
              men, that they may know the truth and the truth, the life,
              the light, will make them free.

          11. I have declared this, that has been delivered unto me to
              give unto you, ye that sit here and that hear and that see a
              light breaking in the east, and have heard, have seen thine
              weaknesses and thine faultfindings, and know that He will
              make thy paths straight if ye will but live that YE KNOW this
              day - then may the next step, the next word, be declared unto
              thee.  For ye in your weakness [pause] have known the way,
              through that as ye have made manifest of the SPIRIT of truth
              and light that has been proclaimed into this earth, that has
              been committed unto the keeping of Him that made of Himself
              no estate but who brought into being all that ye see manifest
              in the earth, and has declared this message unto thee:  "Love
              the Lord thy God with all thine heart," and the second is
              like unto it, "Love thy neighbor as thyself."  Who is thine
              neighbor?  Him that ye may aid in whatsoever way that he, thy
              neighbor, thy brother, has been troubled.  Help him to stand
              on his own feet.  For such may only know the acceptable way.
              The weakling, the unsteady, must enter into the crucible and
              become as naught, even as He, that they may know the way.  I,
              Halaliel, have spoken.

If anyone wants to know more about Cayce you could do much better than to look at this website

This is a very solid presentation. I know this thread is probably long dead but you should have gone into Cayce's beliefs a bit more. He was a devout Catholic that was brought up to adhere to the law of the church. He was deeply disturbed by his readings on this and reincarnation. Both taboo's. Anyway, he also only had an 8th grade education and thus grammar. Yet, he came up with geographical sites throughout the world and words that he most likely never spoke before in his life.

Just something to chew on.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 03:20 AM

from what I know of Cayce he had a real problem with the readings once they started to get kooky, but they forced him to grapple with the taboos of reincarnation and many of the occult sciences. Which gave him a greater understanding of the bible, and God.

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 05:53 AM
he ripped pretty much everything from the theosophist movement anyway
he was a convicted criminal and some of his supposed cures were laughable
the A.R.E. being a multiple million dollar a year business spend all their time trying to make him look like a saint when in reality he was just a con man who traded on the gullibility of people that needed genuine help

[edit on 29-12-2006 by Marduk]

posted on Dec, 29 2006 @ 03:58 PM
There is definitely some valuable information contained in these writings to a point, but when I see the TMtrademark insignia by the words "the law of one" I can't take it too seriously.

Would you really trademark and market Truth in it's pure form?

posted on Jul, 2 2007 @ 06:34 AM
When they Trade Marked CLO (Children of The Law Of One) they did so because of the following reasons on this site.

"It would be one thing if people doing this had legitimate claim to the name, and were doing it to help people, or redirecting them to our site, but if they aren’t, it’s not only wrong and immoral, it’s illegal, and we need to use the modern legal system to protect those seeking us.

These alleged masters or "near masters" have nothing to do with us, are not our friends or supporters, and in fact are creating a bad/misleading image of us by using our name and speaking as if they are one of us (actually, not even just one of us, but some kind of master or "near master"). Perhaps they think they are one of us (but then why havn't they contacted us in friendship - they know of our existence), perhaps they have an agenda against us, perhaps it’s an ego trip, perhaps… In any case, people who are searching for us, may end up illegitimately being routed to these false so called masters instead.

And the methods they use to “get” other people - that we have big issues with, especially representing themselves as us, using our name, and getting search engine hits for themselves from people looking for us. Since this reflects on us to those who believe they are dealing with us, it is intolerable.

Our advice to these self proclaimed "masters" or "near masters", is to seek a dose of humility and the Golden Rule to cure their greed, and self-centeredness/self-aggrandizement.

If you think you have met an individual or teacher using our name or claiming to be associated with us in any way, and want to verify their authenticity, please do contact us for verification. There are many imposters out there with a good line that can mislead the innocent.

We are a registered non-profit, the name has been used before the public for decades, the name is trademarked, etc.. (what a state things have come to! – having to “register” to be a recognized spiritual organization, or keep our name from being abused!).

We wish such people would just apologize, and stop illegally using our name.

But anyone who doesn't is essentially saying “go ahead and sue me” and their wish will be granted, by their own actions, because they are forcing our hand.

Thank you and love to you all"

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