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Archaeologist finds 7,200 year old pornography

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posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 11:26 PM
Anyone else notice that this thread has over a thousand views?

Yowza. I mean, yeah, I'm looking at the thread too, but thats because, er, I'm moderating. Yeah yeah, thats the ticket!

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 04:46 PM
Actually Ken Allen,
You have a definite point..well done..

However, My point is that staring at a womans danger zone is not a career opportunity. It is absolute misery ..if not handled correctly. Many a experienced man can clear this up for you ...without a doubt.
Once again read my post and Tech Goddess's post . I pretty much agree with her. She spoke well.
Living in the glandular zone is fine and dandy ..but it isnt Life. A concept that some in this forum can easily understand.
Any experienced male or female can clear this concept up for you.....the concept that if you dont handle your gland level correctly will handle yo in the long run...even the ancients knew this..though alot of them fell victim to cheap merchandizing ..just like today. This is not a concept to glorify as do some or as did the ancients. Orangetom

posted on Apr, 21 2005 @ 04:51 PM
Not really .I hadn't noticed that this thread had over a thousand views.
What I noticed is that it had basically two views..expressed differently by many peoples. Usually pro or is the case in may threads.


posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 04:08 AM
I like your views tom. Its evident to everyone theres a, I dont know if it'd be right to call it a lower "standard" for beautiful women or if i'm just disgruntled

its so very hard to find an attractive girl with a decent head on her shoulders

posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 06:24 PM
I dont think are not disgruntled at all. What you are doing is thinking outside the standard settings on the dial that most people think or want to think in. You are asking yourself the question there anything of real intrinsic value out there..long lasting intrinsic value beyond the flesh.Beyond physical things....something that will last when the biology runs out ..or even before it runs out.
This is the same thread that runs through different boards on this site..people who can think outside the box to speak. Curious minds who can recognize a pattern or even the lack of a pattern.
The key is understanding that with women and the effeminite males there is the same pattern operating...defining ones self by ones sexuality .and also the products or consumption levels to support this sexuality. Women by and large understand this on a level..with more subtilty and at a broader spectrum than do most males. The effeminate male ..or the gay m ales understand it too on a similar levels. This because sex and sexuality is everything to them. The common thread.
Take the standard woman .out here ...take away the sexuality and see what talents are left which to work. What skills are left ??
Im not just picking on the women and the gays ...because many men today cannot handle this line of thinking. However throw the sports page and the ch eerleaders at them and they are right at home. I never read the sports page or watch sports on tv or radio. Not intrested.
You are not are just capable of t hinknig and asking questions not allowed much today by default..except in forums like this one.

Thanks for a good post..Orangetom

posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 06:34 PM
Ok Azza,
Look at it this way. A man who is in fact a man ..should never have a oil shortage such that striking oil or getting to the pump before the next "oil shortage" is the number one priority in life. Its not that difficult to get women to come over and take care of it. What is difficult to get is a woman who is well integrated into skills useful to a man long term..not just the settings on her dial as is so fashionable today upon many ignorant men.

The true long lasting commodity women bring to a man Peace...not piece. Got it...Peace will outlast biology...piece will not.
Peace is the last thing ever spoken about in any magazine articles...or programs on the tube..etc.. Only piece and any hint of what you need to embellish this. The trappings and consumables for piece is what is marketed to most people now days..and they dont even know the difference. Peace often goes out the window because most men and women know nothing about it. Male and female..they wind up consuming each other...without knowing the difference.

Peace..Azza...not piece.. You are correct..choose wisely!!

Thanks Orangetom

posted on Apr, 22 2005 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by toolmaker
Actually Marg, they did.

Prostitution has devolved ( lack of a better word) into what it is today.

Used to be a Sacred act, with prositututes an avenue to be closer to God. Sex was a Holy act, to unite yourself with Nature, and the forces that make up the Universe. This is going back many thousands of years, but this was the way things were. Then the patriarchal society came into being, and its been downhill ever since..

You're a virgin aren't you (nothing wrong with that, honestly)? Fact is, gettin' busy is gettin' busy. I don't care what freaking year it is. Fact is the first man looked at the first woman and said " well, hello threre" and vice versa.

posted on Apr, 23 2005 @ 01:45 AM

Your kidding right???? You dont think that women are "hunter gatherers" today or even yesterday???

You're a virgin aren't you (nothing wrong with that, honestly)? Fact is, gettin' busy is gettin' busy. I don't care what freaking year it is. Fact is the first man looked at the first woman and said " well, hello threre" and vice versa.

You really need to rethink that statement. It may not be obvious on the surface but take a closer look. Peel back the default settings of your mind. You will find out that it is often the women who is the "hunter gatherer". Just because it is not bold or obvious on the surface doesnt mean they dont hunt and gather. This buisness hasn't "evolved " that much in time.


posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999

Your kidding right???? You dont think that women are "hunter gatherers" today or even yesterday???

You're a virgin aren't you (nothing wrong with that, honestly)? Fact is, gettin' busy is gettin' busy. I don't care what freaking year it is. Fact is the first man looked at the first woman and said " well, hello threre" and vice versa.

You really need to rethink that statement. It may not be obvious on the surface but take a closer look. Peel back the default settings of your mind. You will find out that it is often the women who is the "hunter gatherer". Just because it is not bold or obvious on the surface doesnt mean they dont hunt and gather. This buisness hasn't "evolved " that much in time.


Sounds like you got issues. As far as your man problems go, I can't help you. I'm allready taken.

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 10:23 PM
Now there is well over 2000+ views. Sex sells as they say. I don't find it surprising that porn relics date back to the time when mankind was first able to capture them in that way. Sex is our nature. It is the desire that spreads life. I agree with another poster that mentioned the importance of "controlling the gland" as he put it. We do have to monitor how much, or to whom, we expose ourselves. On that note, I read Playboy for the articles.

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 10:35 AM
This sort of thing has been around for a long time there's a museum in england that has tons of the stuff locked away from the public eye.Some of the pieces are graphic am sure some of the Uker's on here might have seen the documentory on tv about ita while back. They had plates paintings statues and all sorts from diffrent ages quite intresting to watch really.

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 10:46 AM
yeah this is a very ncie find brillinatly amusing
hopefully they won't find anything else older than that ewwwwk

posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 12:29 PM
Yes I agree..there is so much more in artifacts locked away in museums and storerooms than can be showed to the public in this areana. Alot in private collections also. The public couldnt handle it. Also ..for the thinking among us...a few ..a very few will be able to make the connection ...with the ancient mystery religions ..which were so plentiful among most nations at one time. And that is to many. This information can be learned by carefull reading and thinking comparing with the records in the Bible of what was going on.

I dont have issues with my masculinity ..period..I'm just not intrested in what passes for male and masculinity today..its as big a cheap default setting as with the women. I look for people male or female who can think outside the standard settings...very rare now days. Quite exceptional.


posted on Apr, 26 2005 @ 12:34 PM
I almost forgot...on page 1 of this thread...check out Supremetechgoddess"s posting. She posted well and clearly ..I applaud her clear thinking on this matter. Quite rare. She did well...not worrying about her femminine issues...but spoke plainly and clearly.

Thanks again,

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 03:42 PM
Ancient porn, huh...

I don't give a damn how old it is, it gets a thumbs up from me!

This shouldn't really surprise anyone...look at how big the porn industry is today! It's bigger than sports (not sure, but I heard it pulls in more bread a year than the NFL, NBA, and some other stuff combined), so somebody has to like it!

I wonder if there was some ancient Hugh Hefner...

posted on May, 2 2005 @ 04:06 PM
And men complain today because they have to hold the dirty magazine with one hand............................... imagine having to hold stone or clay figurines with one hand!

the virtues of glossy paper and airbrushing....................

I disagree with your assesment, orangetome, regarding large numbers of products in stores geared toward women as a sign of women being sacred in this society. Quite the opposite, its plain greed and exploitation of big business, who gear entire marketing campaigns against women to implant the need to buy their crap. They also do it to men. Just look at beer, car, and sports commercials, all loaded with sex to cheaply play upon male brains to convince them to buy their crap. Its an exploitation of both sexes by big business, and has nothing to do with any respect of either sex.

Christianity has destroyed the place of women in society, for 1500 years of its widespread existance, it has destroyed relations between males and females. Since the bible makes special effort to mark women as unclean in the old testament, only to tell them to submit and remain silent in the new testament, we only need to look to Christianity's mother religon, Judism, to see where this started. Even today, examine Judism, and youll find the roots.

We are still a long way, however, from total equilibrium of the sexes, with militant femminism threatening to destroy women and men alike, along with right wing religous extremism attempting to do the same.

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 12:52 PM
Thanks for your post.

I must disagree with your assessment of my assessment concerning ..I think the poster was Marg in board number 1 of this thread.

First off the original premise of this thread about pornography...I dont believe this was pornography at all but someone trying to look at ancient traditions and customs through twentieth or twenty first century eyes.
What most people today do not know is that throughout most cultures and sexuality was open..part and parcel of the very religion of these people and reflected in art..and daily culture by most peoples..with its own attendent priesthood and priestesses to help perpetuate this religion. This was common through out most of the world. It is not however taught to most people today as a part of their normal course of education. Not shown openly in museums for what it is. People are just not taught the essence of the ancient mystery religions for a purpose that has little to do with the conclusion of thier formal education. Certain aspects of the ancient mystery religions are kept secret and not discussed with the public at large they just couldnt handle it. Nor would many in some cases even believe it....once again ...judging from twenty first century eyes..and thinking.

As to your point concerning the merchandizing ..i tend to agree..about the merchants...they are in a modern way by seduction ..the same pattern of seduction used in the ancient mystery religions...merchandizing the women for years...much more than the men. Most of the men I know are way to dumb to catch on to it or even concern themselves with it. The women however ...catch on to it in many ways not known or understood by the average male as they are much more subtle in their thinking than most males ever can be. And they do this from a very young age...when most men are still playing at being men. The women understand and respond to it ..much more by far. This however does not disagree with you that it is a the merchants. The bible of which you speak is full of this thread ..of seduction by merchants in the olde and new testaments if you know where to look..and disapproves of it. To my knowlege the pagan mystery religions and their doctrine do not ..they encourage it in their nuances.
The fact that you see it for what it really is...means to me that you have not been totally seduced by it and can think outside the default settings that pass for excellence now days. For this I salute you ...well done.

From what I know ..most of what passes for Christianity is totally ignorant to this ..emphassis on "passes for Christianity". Most non Chrisitans in America too. I am surmising or assuming that you know much more than you post here. I pray that I am not in error in this.

As to American men and sports..I is marketed to them heavily in this arena. Mostly in this arena. In most other arenas it is is marketed to women and keep them from a young age on this seduction treadmill. I dont agree with it..either with men or the women and children.
By the way..I dont watch sports ..for this very reason...and a few others..I am insulted by the commercial appeal..especially in this area..and I am not intrested in the gods of sports or the sports religion. It is just a continuance of the dumbing down of the American Male. Most of them..not all but most.

On the womens front however...they understand this sexual importance and what it means as far as access to goods and services...much better and more intimately than most men can even fathom. Many buy into it as a lifestyle..part of the religion..not all mind you ..but many. It is popular enough in its devoutness that it breeds whole corners of the marketplace along with the mechanisms to keep up the merchandizing ..which goes to women ..and by them ..their kids...not to the men per se. Attempts to merchandize the men this tredmill are along the lines of supporting this system...for the women and kids. Sports are a way of gearing up men to perform to the max to keep this up. Excellence in performance..not thinking or subtilty. They are all on the different ways male and female....on that I agree with you. My point, however, stands...women understand this from a different level..more subtle ...and from a younger age..than men understand for most of their lives. Way to dumb and performance oriented to understand it ..most men. Sports conditioning.
Talk about a dumb bunch of guys.

One more most societys in ancient times...most people excet for royalty and the priesthood...lived at a substance level or lower. They did not enjoy the products we enjoy today save us time and labor in or daily lives. In most of these Non Christian societys..even the royalty and priesthood lived much poorer than we do today. This is not taught today. The religions of the day did nothing to help the plight of the ordinary peon..but kept them at this substance level or lower.
Only in certain Christian societies did this ever change. Remember ..paganism is of a much older pedigree than Christianity ...and much more wide wide...and had a opportuinty to change things by virtue of the pedigree but did not. This is a historical fact..
Any progress in this world in products and labor saving devices that made life more productive and convenient for ordinary people came from Christian societys and were exported to the rest of the world over time. Women and kids have been the untimate benificary of this progress. This is obvious when you see the world today..and measure the change taking place. My point is that Paganism and the ancient mystery/fertility religions did not do this. This is historically demonstratable..

As to the femminist movement .I pretty much has been hijacked by the more radical elements and has shot itself in the foot...badly. The more radical elements are in fact..very Non their religious beliefs..this is obvious to anyone who thinks outside the standard default settings. They are in fact..radically Pagan. Most Americans will never buy this from them unless it is forced down their throats by the force of law and government....which is exactly what they intend to do...sneak in the back way matter what the pubic wants or thinks. On this most American are asleep at the wheel. This is not accidental.

Thanks for your views..

posted on May, 3 2005 @ 01:59 PM
I just realized what you I was posting on another board.

"We are still a long way, however, from total equilibrium of the sexes, with militant femminism threatening to destroy women and men alike, along with right wing religous extremism attempting to do the same. "

Are not women today doing everything the men are doing and doing a better job of it.??" Is this not the mantra. Dont women multi task..and men dont??? Under this mantra.and the force of sneaking in the back way and forcing this upon a unwilling public...dont women win by default.????

Since women are doing so much and leaving men so far behind ..multitasking and such I not free to expect more from women than ever before ...much more??? While I reap the benifits of thier labor and "love".
Did I get something wrong in my analysis. Are not men the weaker sex ..the victims under this mantra.????
Since we are headed for a Matriarical know..what was there before Christianity.... if not there already...shouldnt I exect to be taken care of ..more by a womans labor and moneys and call it love??? Socially a default setting??? It automatically goes debate possible or acceptable????
Should I not expect to be the recipiant of their time and labor and moneys ..under a system like this...will women be wont to do this carte a lifestyle..maintain and take care of men and make men the benificarys of thier Love ...while men explore their "Options"..expressed in so many new ways. Or does the real social agenda allow for this kind of thinking and exectation ..under "equalibrium"???
Do you really think this is going to happen under equilibrium??? Or will it be a continuation of the olde shell game.
Equalibrium is a woman wants to be that equal when socially she can work both sides of the line and not be held accountable...or even noticed by a ignorant genre of Christian societys.
I am very curious to see whether this woman in Georgia will have to be held accountable...for her actions...or get a free pass...the social free know ..the Runaway Bride!! Why would women under equilibrium and equlity want to be held to this standard ..when traditional free passes will get one through life....especially in "Christian " societys.
Watching this event carefully.
What do you think would happen to a man who drowned his children for the reasons Susan Smith did in that automobile in that lake. Or the women who drowned her ..five children in the Texas..if it was a man.
What would have happened to him????

Suggest you rethink this one..carefully ....especially about Christian Societys.

Thanks Orangetom

posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 04:46 PM
Hey, i was reading the posts and thought id put in my opinion. I'm a female senior in high school and i have to agree with how our generation is behaving. I consider myself you be of good intelligence and also good looking, but there are few. I have met so many girls that find their looks to be more important then their education, flicking their hair and getting by on their looks. I think that women are freer then they ever have been but not in necessarily a good way.

Anyway as for the sex and religion, someone made the comment of saying that pagans have suppress women, that is not entirely true. The majority of pagans are women. I am Wiccan and it derived from the pagan religion. More then half of the Wiccan population is female. These are just simple observations. Where i think that the person on the first page meant that Christianity put a bad view on women, because of Eve making Adam pick the apple. At least that's what i got out of it.

posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 04:49 PM
I dont agree with the term pornography. Its just a man made (probably church made) term for what in essence is the meaning of life. We have sex, get used to it. Without it none of us would be here.

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