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Death: About heaven and hell

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posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 02:06 AM

Originally posted by Graystar
What was that again that the serpent said to eve in the Garden?

Hmmmm, let me think. Oh yah, You will not surely die; God konws that in the day that you eat the fruit you will be like God.

By the way, you'll know it when you die; you won't come back!

You'll know it when you have died due to remembering past lives.
By experiencing the Astral planes you can see a part of the after life
You know in this live when you're dead when you're revived or simple to dead to be brought back. To dead to be brought back also depends on your will to live on a soul "level". And you'll come back in a next life. and this entire cycle can be done again

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 07:39 AM

Originally posted by Enyalius

Also you will probably NOT meet most of your family when you're dead. Why? Because they're already re-incarnated into a new body. If you do meet a family member it's because they haven't been send back yet.

Interesting story,

About the "family" bit - If you are re-incarnated you will be born again from a different mother and have a different family every time? so which family will be waiting for you? If your reincarnated your memory must be wiped so does family really matter if your not going to remember them ?


posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 08:07 AM

There are groups of souls that stay together and will be together in every life. These are small groups and can be referred to as soul families (deu to lack of better wording). However these souls can one life be your brother, a sister, a very good friend which you meet after your 30th and such. With them you will feel "connected" since you've known each other for a long time. When you meet someone like that you will know instantly due to the huge feeling of familiarity at first sight.

A physical family can consist of a few souls that are also in your "soul family", but most of the time your physical family will just be new souls which you've met for the first time. New family, New things to experience. In that case they can best be seen as people you can befriend like anyone else. Your physical family's purpose is to prepare you in a "sheltered" surroundings for the physical life untill you're ready and able to stand on your own.

I personally only have a bond with my father (soul family) and with the rest of my family I told them straight up that we can be friends at best. Seeing that I see nothing in my family which is usefull or helpfull to myself I don't connect with them at all. However I do meet new people in daily life and befriend them and experience them and what they have to offer such as friendships and other emotions and experiences. There are no ill feelings or such...things just are this way and they understood.

As for seeing your family at the time of don't and you do. We're connected with the All and it is us as we are it. When you're dead you'll be in a self-created environment, for some heaven/hell or whatever it is you belief in. Those that you see are images and representations that you create and which the All amplifies to make the transition easier. You won't belief how many souls are so scared after death that they DON'T go to where they should be. So any aid is nice, but everyone can still use free will whether to act upon the aid given or not.

I'd is not as important as people make it appear. The entire human race is your family so why only limit yourself to a handfull of people?

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posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 03:39 PM

Originally posted by Enyalius
Great knowledge...keep saying that and I will re-grow my ego again

Your memory gets "erased" in the sense that your biological personality gets rid of. Your soul will keep the ....

I just quoted this little so you know what I am responding too. Its night here now so I will go to sleep. I will read this seriously tomorrow.

So your saying that you always can choose your own actions and you are "in" the moment if you get re-incarnated ?

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 05:47 PM
Cool experience Enyalius. The details of your experience certainly ring true to me. I've never been clinically dead, but I've been with the "light people" many times, and they really are about order. Also, when I experienced those "visits", time was different. What seemed like hours or days was much less (ie. a matter of seconds). Also, coming back felt like dying... I guess it's the contrast between the two places.

I have to disagree with the bit about earth having to rebalance itself through disease/war, or some such. If rebalance were necessary, something would've been put in place long ago to prevent the so-called unbalance in the first place. It's just not practical to wait until it happens.

As for those who choose to do "Evil", they aren't necessarily weak-minded... they've just chosen a route they feel to be more fulfilling. Perhaps they'll realize later on that different choices would've been more fulfilling, but often times there's a point of no return, and they just continue to live out their miserable lives, trying to get as much as they can out of it.

As for reincarnation - take time out of the equation. Rather than coming back over and over, think of it as living multiple lives at the same time. Perhaps that's why some of us have post-life recollections in addition to past-life ones. Just because someone prefers death & destruction doesn't mean that they're a "fresh soul" who hasn't learned the ropes yet. I could've just as easily taken a much darker path.

Btw, I was raised a Catholic also. While it wasn't the most enjoyable of experiences... I'm glad I experienced it. I think it helped spur me on to find better answers. I imagine that was the case with you also, Enyalius. No regrets here.

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 12:57 AM

Originally posted by gamerman

Originally posted by Enyalius
Great knowledge...keep saying that and I will re-grow my ego again

Your memory gets "erased" in the sense that your biological personality gets rid of. Your soul will keep the ....

I just quoted this little so you know what I am responding too. Its night here now so I will go to sleep. I will read this seriously tomorrow.

So your saying that you always can choose your own actions and you are "in" the moment if you get re-incarnated ?


The "moment" is a relatively large saying since time is relative as well. It's more like standing in the center of a crowded cross road where everything comes together.

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 02:04 AM
@Everyone who will read this, and for future memberance

I shall repeat myself only once more. Third time is the charm.

Originally posted by Enyalius
In the "past" (As if a year is so long ago hehe) I was overloaded with a lot of information and experiences in a short time span. Giving it all a place was difficult and during that proces several of my interpetations were inaccurate and simply put...flawed at times.

So basically forgot what was said in the first 4 pages or so and lets make a new start else I keep repeating myself and I get really tired when doing that, simply because it is a waste of time and energy which I could've put in something more constructive.

Prevention isn't there because it would reduce the experience of life and free will. Everything that has happened to the planet is our own doing, not just the planet but third world countries and other issues as well. One big unbalanced mess. The only intervention we can expect is that from exterterrestials who are willing to help mankind in order to get the world back into place.

I do agree, due to what I repeated myself above, that there are no gods or such that will intervene to get rid of the issues we have on this planet. They'd be interfering with free will and many other priveleges we've been given. Also why would they interfere when the world is just a physical object which has no meaning and that souls will just incarnate on another planet if need be. But people have it in their power to change the world in a heartbeat if they wanted, but mankind seems to be full of masochists.

What you say about reincarnation is indeed possible, but means I have to explain (globablly) how time works. The all split itself up, many multiverses were made, within that many universes, within that many time frames and. With divinary methods such as tarot and clairvoyance many people have the misconception of being able to look into the future. This is not true, you can only look in a possible future which is nearby...such as within 3 weeks. The further ahead you look the more inaccurate it becomes due to many variables that come into play.

There are people that say that their future and destiny is set and others say that they are in control of it themselves. Both are partially correct. Every thought leads to many different decisions you can choose and each decision/solution leads to new timeframes. Every possiblity has already been played out. Because there are an infinite amount of possibilities there is no need to make new ones, because they are already there. All you have to do is live your life, be concious of your situation and the many decisions you can make every second in life. By making certain decisions you will automatically enter a specific time frame and you can just as easily leave it by making another decision in another situation. Like switching lanes on the Highway.

It is also possible to have incarnations into possible futures and other possible pasts. Whichever allows you to experience what you wish to experience in the most suitable surroundings...of your own choosings.

Evil and weakminded. Well evil and good is subjective. Explained it before so not going into it again. Just go back another page and there is a link there with clear information about it. You just walk a path in life, what you do on it is your own choice. It's all about the experience and not how you judge it by using personal standards and designate it as a good or evil path.

My views on christianity and such are also mentioned on the page prior to this.

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 01:21 PM
Hi I have read all of the posting back and forth and I must say this is a very interesting discussion. I am a Catholic and I have my own beliefs but I always like to hear what others have to say in what they believe. It seems to me your experience is very possible but I have a few questions and I'm not trying to say anyone is wrong or right I'm just interested...

1. I was wondering, when we are reincarnated, do we get to choose where we go? Also how can we learn from anything and become spiritually wiser if we can not remember any of our past lives? It would make sense to me if there was some kind of way that we could hold onto some of our past experiences so that we can learn from our mistakes. Also what if I change my beliefs from Christianity to Spirituality in this life, will I remember my beliefs in the next life? Or will I have been born a Buddhist and then have to make the change and realization all over again? It just seems like I wouldn't be getting anywhere if I never got to hold onto some of my concepts from life to life. It would be like tripping over myself. I hope this make sense lol.

2. Once we die, what will we do then if there is no Heaven? I was just wondering cause I always thought that if I went to Heaven after this life I would be in God's glory eternally. But if there is no God then what do we do when we're dead? What would be the purpose of dying?

3. Is there a way to tell if you had past lives? I always wonder if maybe I was someone else in another lifetime but there's really no way I can tell that I know of. Or maybe I am a fresh soul, and if I am where the heck did I come from and why was I made new if souls just get reincarnated?

I know that's alot to answer and you don't neccessarily have to answer all of it. It was just a few things I was wondering while reading this thread.

Thanks for any response I may get from these crazy questions lol.

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 02:08 PM
What do you define as learning? We're not here to learn in the sense most people assume. How can we learn if we already know it all. All that is left to do is put our theoretical knowledge into practice so that we understand that which we know and thus become wise. If you know the past and know the solutions you used to similiar issues then you'll reduce the chance of experimenting with new experiences, because if one solution worked out the way you want then you won't explore and experience other possiblities. There are no mistakes, only experiences. By making so called "mistakes" you will understand what it means and thus also gain insight what the opposite of that issue means.

Your religious and spiritual means mean nothing. One life you're a buddhist, the next a Christian, the next a Taoist, the next an atheist. It doesn't matter because you'll experience life anyway. People require faiths in order to have some foundation to fall back on, but in general it means nothing. And following one path rather then another isn't a big deal either because at its fundaments they are all the same. You'll be born in different surroundings (society), different beliefs and moral systems, new won't be tripping over yourself in any way.

Why the need to go anywhere? Are you in a hurry to get somewhere? The destination isn't important but the experiences while walking a certain path are. Your life's experiences define who you are, not the goals you have set to reach.

After death you will go where you wish to go. You can form a heaven or a hell, a nirvana whatever your belief system is. God (christian one) is only one aspect of the ALL. So you can be in "God's glory", but why seek God's Glory when you're "god" yourself? After all we're all one yet individual and posess the same qualities on an energetic lvl as "god" as well as all which it is capable of.

What's the purpose of death? Let me counter that "what is the purpose of birth?". You're not "dying" because you will be transcending your physical form. You'll just be moving on to another place and experience that, evaluate your life and go find a new one to experience or just hang around where you'll be and enjoy your stay there. Form a heaven and do as you like. Just as the Astral realms show to many...there are little to no rules and you can adjust the energies to do your bidding. I personally see "death" as a break in between lives in which I go back home, meet up with old friends, be free of dualitic issues and be filled with bliss and balance, talk about my journey and then leave again on a new journey.

There are ways to tell you had previous lives. Enough regression techniques available these days. Also feeling very familiar with certain places where you've never been in the current life is a clear hint.

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 02:35 PM
Interesting. I would suspect that this transition is different for everyone though.

One thing Im having trouble with is how does someone who is in control of their body with the use of energy work and meditation, one who is clearly aware to the etheric side of things have so little respect for their physical self and drink themselves to death?

posted on Mar, 17 2006 @ 02:48 PM
Because I wasn't as aware as I am today. You live and Experience

Thing is. Usually I'm in control of what I do and am aware of it. When I drink, it is rarely, and do it in moderatoin. These days one or two glasses of mead a week at most and the rest I drink water or tea. At the time of my alcohol poisoning...I don't know, but it felt I was not in control at that time. I hadn't drank too much at that time eiter. Afterwards couldn't shake the feeling this was ment to happen.

And honestly...I had very little respect, also to myself. Was undergoing one mean "Dark night of the soul" which ended then.

During my scholarary studies I found that this was a type of "rebirth and cleansening" which everyone undergoes one way or another at a specific time. Most noticable in Shamanic textures.

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