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Diplomats and Executives Evacuate Libya as Former Government Takes Tripoli Back With Military

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posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 01:53 AM

Ali Özkök
‏ @Ozkok_
22h22 hours ago

NEW DETAILS: The #US army evacuated the US diplomatic mission stationed in #Tripoli. #Libya

#US army boats seen near Janzour coastal town, which is just west of #Tripoli. #Libya

Italian energy company Eni said it has decided to withdraw all its Italian national staff from Libya, confirming the evacuation of Italian employees from Al-Wafa and El Feel oilfields, as well as the capital Tripoli.

The Italian Foreign Ministry said that the step was taken in coordination between the two countries, while it has not confirmed yet the withdrawal of its diplomatic staff from its embassy in Tripoli, despite all European diplomats are present in Tunisia.

"The situation in the oil facilities in Libya are under control and the company is following development on the ground closely," Eni Spokesman said.

Here is an interesting conversation on the speculation of greater geo-political ambitions between TPTB on this event started by Malak777.

Just a refresher, Libya was toppled in 2011 when a coalition supported by the USA and spearheaded by France and Britain capitalized on a growing insurgency nurtured by foreign elements and overwhelming air support to diminish the late leader Qaddafi rule over the North African state. Speculatively, one motive alluded to has been Authoritarian's actions towards creating a competing gold-backed currency for the African continent.
Subsequently, the UN appoints a new government, a central bank is established in short order, and the country is plunged into anarchy for several years. Jurisdiction is split between the former government/military officers under the leadership of General Khalifa Haftar in the Eastern half of Libya, while the UN/IMF appointed government mostly holds the area around Tripoli and the reamining areas in constant shift between rival factions.

Forward to 2016, and the Russians sign a deal to re-open an old Soviet military base from the cold war on the Mediterranean coast along the border with Libya and begin to deploy assets and furnish by 2017. Shortly after these actions, literally the following day, General Haftar begins his mission to retake Libya.

Russia appears to have deployed special forces to an airbase in western Egypt near the border with Libya in recent days, U.S., Egyptian and diplomatic sources say, a move that would add to U.S. concerns about Moscow's deepening role in Libya.

The U.S. and diplomatic officials said any such Russian deployment might be part of a bid to support Libyan military commander Khalifa Haftar, who suffered a setback with an attack on March 3 by the Benghazi Defence Brigades (BDB) on oil ports controlled by his forces.

The U.S. officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the United States has observed what appeared to be Russian special operations forces and drones at Sidi Barrani, about 60 miles (100 km) from the Egypt-Libya border.

originally posted by: worldstarcountry
the Libya front of WW3 has opened up shortly after Russian assets deployed to Egypt.

I lose track of Libya for a bit due to focusing on Syria and limited free time, but I sniff something out in late 2018. The Russians are deploying military hardware and mercenaries to the state, as reported by their media.

originally posted by: worldstarcountry

The presence of the Russian military contingent in Libya was immediately reported by two publications - the British newspaper The Sun and the Russian portal RBC - each with reference to its own sources. The Sun newspaper claims that dozens of GRU agents and special forces detachments are already on the Mediterranean coast, with the support of the PMCs of Wagner. In turn, RBC reports that a source close to the Libyan authorities confirmed the publication of Russia's military activity in the region.

Russia is moving crack special forces, or Spetznaz, troops into the war-torn North African nation of Libya along with some of Moscow’s best weapons systems including the S-300 air defense system and Kalibr anti-ship missiles. The goal seems to be to gain control of the main migration route from the region into Europe, says a report delivered to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, reported Fox News.

Two Russian military bases are already now up and running in the coastal towns of Tobruk and Benghazi, using the cover of the controversial Russian private military company the Wagner Group which already has outposts there.

This was on the heels of the General Haftar meeting with some Russian Defense officials and Wagner CEO in Moscow.

originally posted by: worldstarcountry translated - The press service of the Libyan National Army on November 7 published a video of the arrival of its commander-in-chief, Marshal Khalifa Haftar, for talks with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu . Novaya Gazeta also drew attention to the video.

The video shows how the delegation headed by Haftar arrives for negotiations. Marshal is met by the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov . They enter the building and then pass into the hall past the restaurateur Eugene Prigogine , who is the alleged owner of the so-called private military company (PMC) Wagner, who is standing near the door.

As Interfax reported with reference to the Russian Ministry of Defense, in the course of the negotiations issues of combating international terrorism and solving the crisis in Libya were discussed.

Now there are slow trickles of media reports about the march on Tripoli by Haftar's Libyan National Army (LNA) coming under Government of National Accord (GNA). Reports are the airstrikes and counter-strikes may have already cost the LNA over 100 lives lost.

I will keep this updated as best I can.

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 02:05 AM
A journalist you are.
A credit to ATS.

Great Thread!


posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 02:08 AM
Thanks for the update, I find this an interesting move given whats going on this week with Israel, and some of the other movements "happening" in the region.

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 02:33 AM

an interesting creation, probably from the GNA side.

There is video of clashes near the airport here. The airport, as of Today, Monday April 8, 2019 is under LNA control. The old non-functioning airport. The operating airport is still safe inside the city.

The LNA seems to have some kind of Naval operation in the plans as well. Guess the cats out of the bag for that being a surprise!

#Libya- among the vehicles the LNA is pushing towards #Tripoli are boats, some with texts referring to "frogmen", implying that the LNA may attempt some sort of naval special operations around the Tripoli front

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 03:02 AM

Michael A. Horowitz
‏Verified account @michaelh992
2h2 hours ago

#Russia blocked a UN Security Council statement calling on forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar to halt their advance on Tripoli #Libya

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 03:21 AM
I would hazard a guess that Russia is acting with US interests ... at least the ones in the White House.

This could be a move by Q on the world stage.

Severing the illegal immigrant pipeline into Europe is critical.

Lastly, Russia does not want an unstable Europe on his Western flank and stopping the immigration problem at one of the start points will effect the flow.


posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 03:32 AM
The Indian mission to Libya, which is based in Tunisia for some reason, evacuated its staff from Tunisia, and the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya also snuck his way out there on April 4, 2019.

Leaked Photos: The governor of the Tripoli-based Central Bank of Libya, Al-Siddiq al-#Kabeer, left Tripoli this evening on a @LibyanWings flight to Tunisia.

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posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 03:35 AM
The darlings of the Obama administration (Muslim Brotherhood) are currently in charge at Tripoli.. The city's government and the military recognized and installed by the west and backed by the U.N..

When they killed Mohammed Gaddafi and installed the current regime it is proof that the west and their backers could care less about the people of a country and their lives. Sickening

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 03:51 AM
a reply to: 727Sky
I read the damndest thing I am trying to find it again. They have Turkey, Italy and some other party supporting the GNA and the UAE, Egypt and France supporting the LNA. Im not really sure what the statement fully implied, I will try to find it again.

TonyS, if we are talking France, your my guy in the know. If you see this, please update us on French activity or interests.

Ok I found the statement, which came with a series of images focused on some planes at the Misrata airport. Seems speculative though to me more than anything else.

Babak Taghvaee
‏ @BabakTaghvaee
Apr 6

#Libya National Army is now fighting against #AlQaeda affiliated & #MuslimBrotherhood backed militias of #GNA in #Tripoli. Gen. #Haftar has support of #France, #Egypt & #UAE while #AlQaeda affiliated #GNA is being supported by #Turkey, #Qatar & guess what?! #UK, due to this 👇

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posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 04:20 AM
those in power want to wage war among the weaker nations, its always been that way

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 04:49 AM
The LNA is deploying an 2K12 Kub/SA-6 Gainful towards Tripoli in an effort to create a NO-FLY Zone over the city as both factions have hit each other with air strikes. Likewise, Rumors of an Egyptian/UAE airstrike on Misrata airport in the next 24 hours could also be why the GNA has activated their own SA-6 air defense systems.

Danger in the libyan Skies Haftar LNA' SA-6 "Gainful" SAM system moved toward Tripoli.

Considering that both air forces are using older jets, and this system has a track record of taking down just such jets, there may be a handful of planes falling out of the sky this week over Tripoli.
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posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 05:18 AM
Nice to see another of Obama and Hillary's # ups being reversed.

Good luck to general Haftar 

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 05:42 AM

originally posted by: osoespacialpoco
Nice to see another of Obama and Hillary's # ups being reversed.

Good luck to general Haftar 

I am not up on all this stuff but I do believe if you check, General Haftar lived in Virginia for several years and was or is a known CIA asset.. The whole situation is so pretzelised and convoluted we would all be extremely surprised if we knew who the real players were.

Regardless the common people will die and a new strong man will come into power. Who he will owe and have allegiance to is yet to be seen.

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 08:18 AM
a reply to: osoespacialpoco

Obama did love his drone strikes and proxy wars

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 12:42 PM
General Haftar's operation in Libya is being conducted by NATO-EU. ... nothing more than gasless EU !

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 12:46 PM
a reply to: worldstarcountry

This is a good thing (for freedom loving patriots, including Trump and his political ambitions) unless I am mistaken...?

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 12:59 PM
Victory to Marshal Haftar. Hopefully he can oust the corrupt government and reverse the chaos caused by the Obama-Clinton Intervention that destroyed the nation.

Marshal Haftar controls the overwhelming majority of the country and has driven the Islamic State and other extremists from the nation, the same extremists who operate with impunity in the corrupt government-held areas.
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posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 01:07 PM
Honestly, this is for the best. Allowing one government to consolidate power in Libya is essential to stabilizing the country, and by extension stabilizing Northern Africa.

As someone else mentioned above, the Western-supported government is essentially the Muslim Brotherhood, so really anybody who isn't an Islamist wants the Russian-backed government to take over anyway.

I saw a report claiming the UN monitors have now fled Libya (via Tunisia), so it appears the Tripoli government has been more-or-less officially written off.

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 02:55 PM
The GNA retook the old airport and currently maintain custody over it after the LNA made a 'tactical retreat' . Several LNA fighters were captured, adding to well over a hundred LNA POW's in GNA custody since the weekend. An airstrike by the GNA on an airfield West of Tripoli followed an airstrike by the LNA using what appears to be a Mig-21 against Mitiga airport in north Tripoli. Neither strike seemed to actually do anything other than leave a hole in empty ground. The LNA were targeting two CH-47 Chinook helicopters (missed both), but one of them did get hit with shrapnel. As a result, the authorities have shut down the airport to civilian traffic and have begun evacuation of the location.
Also the LNA are seen here fighting for control of streets on the Western Flank of Tripoli around a town or neighborhood called Ayn-Zara.
Footage of LNA al Rada Unit break- in Ayn Zara, Tripoli (Libya).

Stay tuned for more. Haftar is dead set on doing this, and judging by the exodus of people with money and connections, they expect him to be serious about going all in.

posted on Apr, 8 2019 @ 04:28 PM
A video (first minute) has emerged of a GNA airstrike allegedly against an LNA convoy. However the geolocation puts this at 60km West of Sirte where LNA forces were not expected to be. I was actually looking at the maps yesterday too and saying to myself if Haftar was wise, he would surround Sirte, but not siege it. It would give the GNA the impression of an imminent siege, opening up a vulnerability at Tripoli when forces are dispatched East to confront he threat against Sirte.

With respect, it does seem the GNA were caught off guard on this one, but they clearly made up for it with a heavy missile bombardment.

‏ @aldin_ww
Video claiming to show #Tripoli based #GNA Air Force bombarding positions of Tobruk based #LNA earlier today. Airstrike seems to be carried out by L-39. Interestingly location that is bombarded is 60 km West of #Sirte
2nd part of the cockpit video shows convoy of sort being bombarded at this location - 31.284894, 15.956636
Third location that was apparently hit is located - 31.223073, 16.285552 Coastal Road west of Sirte.
If video is authentic and it does seems to correspond with reports from today, than LNA is much closer to Sirte than expected, in the are where according to maps shouldn't be any LNA presence.
According to reports, confirmed by video and location on the ground it does seem like #Sirte was getting surrounded today, that forced GNA Air Force to intervene. #Libya

Maybe this is the location the frogmen were going to launch from with their boats. Did i spill the beans? whoops

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