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What Are The Orbs, Intelligence, Energy Beings Capable Of?

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posted on Sep, 4 2018 @ 04:24 AM

originally posted by: Prene
Has anyone seen a flying cube?

Do the cubes pretend to be round like natural orbs? Where are all the cubes?

The orbs can shape shift for sure. Seen an amber orange type morph into a bod builders dumbbell. Like something off Terminator. Also see one that was in the shape of a British fifty pence piece. That was a bright yellow type and seemed to have shoulder movement as it approached. But cubes? Nah never seen a cube

posted on Sep, 4 2018 @ 01:04 PM
a reply to: SourcePage

Then after a while they realised that nothing could frighten me & they came out of the parallel worlds & introduced themselves to me. They are just wonderful kind beings that are very vulnerable, & so they put on a frightening show to keep man away from them. But they will take you outside of time & space & teach you everything your mind can comprehend. They are truly marvellous & I don't think life actually begins until you meet them. Because suddenly your reality expands immensely & you realise you are not in the tiny 3D box of ignorance anymore.

I don't think its actually just a question of fear. In my second observation of them, I felt no fear what so ever, and in fact, quite the opposite.

The fear may be a entirely different kind of fear. They may fear we would look at them as Gods, as I suspect happened in the past (Lucifer). Another fear might be a person would start to expect "Them" to start doing friend favors. Can you please do this or that. And if they are what I expect they are, they are quite busy by nature.

But they will take you outside of time & space & teach you everything your mind can comprehend.

If, that is our fate on this plane of existence. I am aware a certain sector of humanity has been contacted and have been afforded what you described. And to a certain extent, because of that contact, their knowledge has and is trickling down to the general population. ("They" type at the speed of light, as if possessed)

But looking at the reverse contact, why are we ( all ) not already at that level of knowledge?? Well, yes, the multitude of the negative, controlling, matrix, that rules the world is one reason. But if they had power of contact all along, would it not have been just as easy to contact mankind in mass?? What are the limitations to contact, and why are they in place???

Or, are they, simply, messengers... Messages only meant for a select group???

The motto of these "Aliens" is very similar to another motto making its way around the internet. In short, "Unity".

I see Earth as a outpost that was overrun and taken over by negative forces that have enslaved mankind into ignorance. I see these "Aliens" are here to effect a "recovery" mission of sorts. The battles are being fought on many fronts and planes.

Now, in saying all I have, for me personally, I believe I know who and what they are. I have had many years to prepare emotionally, mentally, for a meeting. But, I also realize that I do not posses a position in life that would aid in their mission. It would be, a waist of good time. And If I were to need a favor, it would not be for me directly, but for a loved one. They have a wounded heart, and need divine help in healing it.

So, to that Divine Calvary, I have seen your approach and the bugles sounding out "charge". To you I say: Gods Divine Speed!


posted on Sep, 7 2018 @ 10:55 AM
a reply to: All Seeing Eye

I will pray for your loved one with the wounded heart 💜

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