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TH3WH17ERABB17 -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART -9 -

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posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 02:02 AM
Its interesting hat Julian Assanges mother follows and retweets Stanley Kubricks daughter.


(considering that both Kubrick and Assange have worked to expose the same cult)

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 02:07 AM
Its also interesting that Assanges close friend Pamela Anderson follows and retweets anti-Illuminati accounts.


posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 02:09 AM

originally posted by: pheonix358

I suggest that Anonymous was always part of the team

If the world is ruled by pure evil, then the good guys would have to be anonymous.

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 02:15 AM
I didnt know the 1980s actor Demond Wilson wrote an anti-Illuminati book.

People are speculating that he is the Chan Poster "Renegade" who recently dropped stuff about Mexican-Border human trafficking.

The book was published in 1998, so he's been into this stuff all along.

The New Age Millennium is an expose of symbols, slogans and Hidden Agendas! An integration of traditional & contemporary wisdom enlivened by rich experience about this subject matter. One of the most illuminating books on the New Age movement, one world government, humanism, religion, the Illuminati and Free Masonry.

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 02:24 AM
Actress Robbin Young confirms Isaac Kappys Hollywood-Pedo accusations

Uh-Oh. The more speak out, the more speak out.

ETA Weirdness:

Robbin Young had an affair with Guccifer 2.0.
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posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 03:38 AM
a reply to: Skyfloating

an "online" "relationship", where she just sent pictures

this is the tweet in question

"Your #pedophile revelation, Isaac @IsaacKappy, about Steven Spielberg is accurate! I acted in the 1982 film ‘Night Shift’ along with Jaid Barrymore (Drew Barrymore’s mother). Spielberg brought (7 year old) Drew to the set, several times, and he was VERY friendly 😳 with her."

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 03:50 AM
Stick that slanderous rubbish in RATS sky, doesn’t belong anywhere else

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 04:54 AM

"Whether its origins are a black PR operation or trolls, this, and similar wish fulfillment fantasies like "storm" are spread by those seeking to manipulate Trump's voting base into supporting the U.S. government."

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 05:56 AM
a reply to: XAnarchistX

It well could have been you saying that on twitter.

The Comments are priceless, best ones yet.

Time will deliver the Truth and much jail time.


posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 06:33 AM
Good Morning ATS

I am intrigued with this new book code...can someone briefly summarize
The origins of it and what the Guccifrr/Florida code pertains to?

Much appreciated!!!

Enjoy your day!

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 07:19 AM
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

1774 & 1775 still not showing, .... a quick scroll through the chans and I don't see where Q posted these.


posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: AgarthaSeed

Anybody else noticed how Sarah Ruth Ashcraft (SRA) has the same initials as what she is speaking out against - Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)? Isnt that a weird coincidence? Makes me think she is not using her real name, or is playing a character. Could just be a coincidence I suppose.

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 07:32 AM
a reply to: XAnarchistX

Yes, but who exactly wrote that tweet? We know it aint Assange. For all intents and purposes Assange = Wikileaks. Since Assange had no capability to post anything, whos representing Wikileaks on Twitter?

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 08:06 AM
a reply to: AgarthaSeed


I really think this C_I guy is not the Vault 7 leaker.

I also question the cp tie in in reference to his case.

He stinks of fall guy.

Perhaps , hopefully, this is being done to bring some evidence to light.

The truth is getting really murky here.

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 08:09 AM
a reply to: PokeyJoe

Sarah says herself that they picked her name on purpose for the initials.

Her nicknames growing up were "roofie" and "boo" first after date rape drug second inviting others to scare her.

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 08:14 AM

originally posted by: dashen
a reply to: XAnarchistX

some evidence!



Monday, June 18, 2018
Joshua Adam Schulte Charged With The Unauthorized Disclosure Of Classified Information And Other Offenses Relating To The Theft Of Classified Material From The Central Intelligence Agency
Geoffrey S. Berman, United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, John C. Demers, Assistant Attorney General for National Security, and William F. Sweeney Jr., Assistant Director-in-Charge of the New York Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”), announced today that JOSHUA ADAM SCHULTE was charged in a 13-count Superseding Indictment (the “Indictment”) in connection with his alleged theft of classified national defense information from the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”) and the transmission of that material to an organization that purports to publicly disseminate classified, sensitive, and confidential information (“Organization-1”). The Indictment also charges SCHULTE with the receipt, possession, and transportation of child pornography, as well as criminal copyright infringement. SCHULTE, who is presently detained on the child pornography charges, will be arraigned by U.S. District Judge Paul A. Crotty.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said: “Joshua Schulte, a former employee of the CIA, allegedly used his access at the agency to transmit classified material to an outside organization. During the course of this investigation, federal agents also discovered alleged child pornography in Schulte’s New York City residence.

hey, i think this is the VAULT 7 wiki leaker

He's the Vault 7 leaker? Damn, they're gonna throw him into the deepest pit they can find.

He's the reason we know, as indisputable fact, that the spooks can fake evidence that Russia hacked the server.
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posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 08:19 AM

Oh boy. I know what I'm doing today!

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 08:20 AM

originally posted by: FlyingFox
Ok, let's put this to sleep.

A long range anti-air missile relies on a network of radar stations, which are unlikely to be available to a rogue force.

An IR based system needs to lock on, which means within visual range.

It looks like a pretty big bird on top of that missile plume, and it's trajectory is ballistic. It's hypersonic re entry is not suited to hitting a moving target for a number of reasons.... including a blocking effect of the plasma shroud during terminal re entry phase. Simply it's not possible to get target data updated to the warhead reliably within the ion cloud, like an EMP, a "blackout".

Te best way to shoot a plane down is to come in from behind at a closing speed that allows it to track along with any manuovers of the target. This launch was something completely different. Mark my words.

It occurs to me, even if the missile launch was not targeted at Air Force 1, you can be damn sure an unknown/unexpected missile launch would trigger every warning they have. They might re-route AF1 away from that location just as a precaution.

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 08:28 AM

originally posted by: Jusvistn
a reply to: RelSciHistItSufi

1774 & 1775 still not showing, .... a quick scroll through the chans and I don't see where Q posted these.


Posts 1774 and 5 aren't up yet. I think Rel must've misread the Qreasearxh board last night. In fairness though, 8ch gets polluted with disinfo by shills constantly with the purpose of confusing people.

If I had to guess, we'll see #1776 later today and it may very well be a Q+ post.

posted on Jul, 31 2018 @ 08:31 AM
a reply to: tiredoflooking

How did she got access to the DMs?

Can't find any information on that link.

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