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Indian-American Becomes First Turbaned Sikh Woman In NYPD

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posted on Jun, 5 2018 @ 03:01 AM

originally posted by: BEBOG
Non discrimination laws means just that... workplace, housing and banks carry basically the same nondiscrimination laws, although the cost is typically the real line used to divide.

That is until some old ugly steps in called hate... and flouts a note few care to hear.

So it is good the tune of this story. A true melting pot allows any recipe as an individual or group... of course laws are laws; and when church cannot stay out of state; then state should be allowed into church. Aside from tax shelters many of them are places to hide their criminal activities.

Speaking of cooking the books... salivation does not cause salvation unless the food is already prepared.

first what in hades does "salvation" concept have to do with a UNIFORM of the NYPD?

your trying to deflect and doing it badly with this...

Second show me where IN THE CONSTITUTION you have the RIGHT to wear or appear however you want and the EMPLOYER cannot hold you to a STANDARD?

you cheapen the concept and spirit of the anti discrimination laws as well as the very concept.

So I suppose if a school district has a "standard" that a kindergarten teacher must wear clothes you think its discrimination if they forbid a nudist to be naked while teaching class?

see how silly your logic is and how it falls apart?


posted on Jun, 6 2018 @ 08:59 PM
a reply to: scrounger

In yet another term for hell... I wouldn't know. Such a place is your own formation of existence. So why drag such a burden around? Of right to pass it along to others; I am not of the faith that the person in the article is; but she has every right to practice whatever she wants too; of course there is no straw-person argument being made in what I said; so why gaslight something that is a good thing for society; are you thinking she or her faith bad? Thinking it a bad apple to spoil the bunch? What about all the law enforcement that carry their faith with them?

What about all of those feeling the bunch is already spoiled and misrepresented by the very same? Having a bit of diversity eventually leads to even more balance; as exclusivity means nothing to even pick from much less share...

Starving in a dried up pond the crane has forgotten its wings.

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