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EXPLOSIVE: “Secret Society” uncovered at FBI and DOJ tasked with bringing down Trump

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posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 01:44 PM
a reply to: RickyD

just following the logic.... answer: ... the greater weight of the evidence required in a civil (non-criminal) lawsuit for the trier of fact (jury or judge without a jury) to decide in favor of one side or the other.
This preponderance is based on the more convincing evidence and its probable truth or accuracy, and not on the amount of evidence.
~ Bing law review item ~

well, a 'majority' would be 51% and therefore not a 'Secret' to the average person

in contrast ... a cadre of co-conspirators would not constitute a larger 'secret society'

so a 'Secret Society must Fall between 1% of a population and 51% of a population... hence my deducing that 25% of a population who were active & aware of a ' shared conspiratorial theme' would constitute a 'Secret Society' within that larger population

remember the Catholic Church Gay or Pedophile Priest crisis.... there were claimed 20% of them guilty -- so even that group did not reach the level of 25% to achieve a status of 'Secret' Society but were just a 'Secretive' Group

U democrat or Wot ?

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posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 02:15 PM

originally posted by: ausername
"Secret society" in this case actually means deep state, without saying "deep state"

It's as real as it gets now.

Correct, deep state is in reality Illuminati...

This is a far bigger issue than just local governments or nations.

The issue is global and it transcends all borders and all governments.

“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people. To destroy this invisible government, to befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day.”— Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States

"Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand." ~ Benjamin Disraeli; Prime Minister of England

Past presidents of the United States and other high profile political leaders have repeatedly issued warnings over the last 214 years that the U.S. government is under the control of an “invisible government owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.”

According to six of our former presidents, one vice-president, and a myriad of other high profile political leaders, an invisible government that is “incredibly evil in intent” has been in control of the U.S. government “ever since the days of Andrew Jackson” (since at least 1836). They “virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties…

From Washington to JFK: Former Presidents Warn About Illuminati

"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the fields of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." ~ Woodrow Wilson

“It was not my intention to doubt that, the Doctrines of the Illuminati, and principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more truly satisfied of this fact than I am. The idea that I meant to convey, was, that I did not believe that the Lodges of Free Masons in this Country had, as Societies, endeavoured to propagate the diabolical tenets of the first, or pernicious principles of the latter (if they are susceptible of separation).” ~ George Washington

George Washington's Warning About The Illuminati

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 04:21 PM

originally posted by: neo96
a reply to: vinifalou

Hahahah, can this year get any better?

Charges filed against Team Clinton, charges filed against the last president for illegally spying on a political candidate, and Mueller and company get charges filed for malicious prosecution, and Feinstein and company be impeached for ethics violations.

It can get a whole lot better.

Preach on my brother

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posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 05:43 PM

originally posted by: Byrd

originally posted by: DBCowboy
Just wondering how high the pucker-factor is in DC right now.

Not that I think anything will come of it, but what we've all guessed at for years is finally confirmed.

My guess is "not very" - at least over this.

That the FBI and intelligence agencies dislike Trump is no real surprise. He's been attacking them since he was a candidate. Not many human beings will cower and crawl and lick the hand of someone who kicks them and calls them names.

It's not like it isn't well deserved, now is it?

Who do the hell do they think they are, the Gestapo?

Most of the left have no problem with corrupt agencies running the country and undermining the rule of law.

Just look at sanctuary cities and states, open border fans and amnesty advocates.

Mueller just interviewed Sessions. I wonder what happened.

I'd like to see the US Marshals show up at the FBI and DOJ headquarters and start walking people out in cuffs.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 06:00 PM

originally posted by: MotherMayEye

They exchanged 50,000 text messages over the course of TWO YEARS. That's roughly 35 texts a day each.
There are an estimated 400 text messages, over the course of 5 months, missing.

You have a great imagination,
Unless you want to blame your C.I.C.

The Justice Department’s inspector general is investigating why the FBI did not retain text messages for five months, including those exchanged by two senior officials involved in the probes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
In December, the Justice Department provided Congress with 375 text messages dated between Aug. 16, 2015, and Dec. 1, 2016, including those between Strzok and Page, according to a letter that Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd sent to Congress on Friday.
Trump on Tuesday called news the FBI was missing five months' worth of texts from the agent, Peter Strzok, "one of the biggest stories in a long time." Strzok was removed from Mueller's team following the discovery of anti-Trump text messages exchanged with an FBI lawyer, that is incorrect. Trump suggested incorrectly the number of missing messages was "perhaps 50,000." The Justice Department says that's the overall number of messages found on FBI servers.

The last sentence says it all, even though, regardless of the phony Foxnews story and the phony Foxy should have been patently obvious to all anyway.

(post by chris_stibrany removed for a manners violation)

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 06:15 PM
a reply to: [post=23073207]Wayfarer[/post

Lol I'm sure there where what you thought "echo chambers" to convince people trump had a chance to the win the presidency. Perhaps this is an instance where history repeats itself and the end of drumpf isn't near?

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 06:21 PM
a reply to: Wayfarer
Lol yea he is going to do something in the next 8 years in the most heavily scrutinized position he has ever been in, that he hasn't done in the last 30 as a business Mongol.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 06:31 PM
a reply to: smurfy

The number of texts between Strzok and his mistress are approximately 50,000. I have already posted a link to a story on Politico that confirms that number.

His tweet appeared to confuse the number of missing texts, which is unknown, with the overall 50,000 texts between FBI agent Peter Strzok and bureau lawyer Lisa Page that were discovered on Justice Department servers.

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posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 06:32 PM
You are always good for a giggle.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 06:35 PM

originally posted by: ManFromEurope

Wait for it.
If there is some substance, there will be judge and jury.
Or at least some kind of cleaning the ranks, as per usual for every new ruler.
Haven't seen anything of that kind, yet.

Funny you should mention that. It seems whenever it is asked why there is no evidence presented against Trump as of yet, the typical reply is these things can take years. Cross the T's and dot the I's, etc. You should make an effort to be consistent since us 'deplorables' are less smart.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 06:50 PM
Top Senate Intel Ron Johnson says there have Intel
On this group and they are actually being watched !

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 07:22 PM

originally posted by: burntheships
Top Senate Intel Ron Johnson says there have Intel
On this group and they are actually being watched !

Johnson is the Senator that Triggered Hillary into her "What Difference does it Make" tirade.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 07:41 PM

Rep. Ron Johnson, the chair of the House Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said Tuesday Congress had developed intelligence on a group of FBI officials holding clandestine meetings away from the Bureau’s Washington D.C. HQ, according to his interview on FOX News

Video of Johnson at link!

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 07:58 PM
With that and his S&W 500 he's got some serious zombie taming gear

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 08:17 PM

An FBI informant has apparently informed Congress that a secret society at the FBI was holding secret meetings off-site after the election of Donald Trump.

On Special Report with Bret Baier Tuesday evening, Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) called it "corruption of the highest levels of the FBI."

"That secret society — we have an informant that's talking about a group that were holding secret meetings off-site," Johnson said. "There is so much smoke here."

This comes after text messages between FBI counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok and senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page, his paramour, revealed that a "secret society" of officials within the FBI met the day after the election of Donald J. Trump to plot against the president-elect.

"A secret society?" Baier asked." Secret meetings off-site of the Justice Department? And you have an informant saying that?"

"Correct," Johnson answered matter-of-factly

The accusations just keep getting worse.

Now this is not proof of anything to me, as it is an anonymous source.

But if true, an investigation needs to begin immediately.

The implications of this are horrifying.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 08:28 PM
a reply to: Grambler

Just to be clear, there is now allegedly an FBI informant saying that this "secret society" is not just strzok blowing steam, but that it actually existed and met off site.

Its based off of anonymous claims, so I dont take it as gospel, but if this informant is real, an investogation into the entire head of the fbi should begin IMMEDIATELY.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 08:29 PM
a reply to: Grambler

And those idiots are still employed!

Hannity is going off on this stuff now.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 08:30 PM
a reply to: Murgatroid

Great quotes thank you.

posted on Jan, 23 2018 @ 08:33 PM

Capping the pyramid of lies is easy, just tell the truth

Large size:
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