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H&M clothing chain latest target of racial hysteria

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posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 01:37 AM
a reply to: Tempter
Nope, your an ape. Deal with it. We all are.

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 01:39 AM
Oh God, it's spreading...

(Warning, NSFW language)

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 01:40 AM

originally posted by: worldstarcountry
a reply to: Tempter
Nope, your an ape. Deal with it. We all are.

I know I act like a dumb ape a lot. So says my wife.

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 02:21 AM
a reply to: Tempter
LOL, wow that guy may have been an idiot, but it was pretty damn funny. I am going to buy this for my son. He is a big curious george fan, and would absolutely love it.

I couldn't help myself, I had to upload this guy.

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posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 02:27 AM

originally posted by: Edumakated
Again, you are not comprehending the severity of how apes/monkeys were used to denigrate black people. Yes, the shirt is harmless by itself. However, on a little black boy, it creates an image that is offensive to those of us with even a passing knowledge of how black people have been portrayed using apes and monkeys.

I think for most black folks, it doesn't warrant marching or some speech by Jesse Jackson. However, it is clearly an offensive picture and whoever approved it should have had more foresight into how it may have been perceived.

Black people are easily triggered by these types of things because believe it or not, it was a big freaking deal and we aren't that far removed from it. My mother drank out of colored water fountains. Sorry, a black person calling you honky or cracker does not carry the same weight of the systematic and legal oppression that the black community faced. This is why you aren't triggered by such things.

you're 110% right on this one... i feel that sentiments like the OP are similar to 'well i didn't own slaves so why should i feel bad about anything'. attempting to say 'oh if this is offensive it's because you have low self-esteem' is an incredibly cheap shot, and ignorant of history and context to an appalling degree.

no, it was probably not meant to be deliberately offensive... but as you said earlier, i wonder if they have a single person of color in a high enough position to have flagged this as a potential problem. some parts of europe are still amazingly casual with this kind of thing... and i can't help but recall in recent years the black soccer player who was taunted by italian (i think) spectators with bananas. it's not like this slur has dropped out of currency at this point...

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 02:47 AM
Only ones calling it racist are the racist,anyone else would take it for what is was an advertisement,sick people think sick things

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 03:17 AM

originally posted by: Tempter
Blacks will NEVER rise above their own mental slavery in this country until they truly want to.

I'm sure it must be a powerful thing, trying to deal with what they believe is institutionalized racism but no white is going to put it behind them for them.

I wonder how long blacks need to get over it. Another 50 years? 100?

It's sad to know that the collective can't get over this. It really is. Kinda pathetic, honestly.

How can you really fault a person for believing blacks are inferior when they constantly treat themselves that way?

Honest question.

Also, white supremacy isn't exactly a crazy idea to me because I understand history. Whites found blacks in a near prehistoric state of society. They were sold as slaves. They oppressed them for over one hundred years. It should be no suprise if whites feel superior. They've had the upper hand forever!

But in spite of all that we fought to give them their freedom. We ensured equal protection under the law. We made them citizens. Today we embrace them in our factories, diversity meetings across businesses nationwide, and they have woven into the very base fabric of our society and culture. We even elected a black man to the Presidency, giving blacks the highest honor in the land. Whites did that. White people did that for Blacks, too. They didn't even do it themselves.

But they still can't get over their own mental prison. Why?

Can they ever? We haven't seen a truly successful black population, ever. And don't try to tell me Egypt. Blacks were slaves in Egypt, too.

How many more years do you need to get over it, Black America? How long will you imprison yourselves?

It's tiring and I'm sick of waiting. And I'll save my own rant of having to deal with modern black racism, particularly against white males. You know why? Because we can take it.

~White guy.

The Irony of white supermacy is that whites as in Europeans are not even the dominant race on earth, that will go to people from south east Asia (Korea etc etc).. This is not VooDoo science the IQ and overall general concensus tells us that. They will also not accept multicultral rhetoric forced on them, polical correctness does not exist to be used as a tool there...

As a white person that spends months at a time in Asia (here now) I can say that the "average" white person could not really compete, esp at a academic level. They are not only smarter but have far more disipline and that is where I believe the Crux of the matter is regarding certain cultures failing at the most fundemental level of society..

When every oppurtunity is given for it to fail time and time again for even more excuses to be dragged out it is simply time to come to the logical conclusion.

Japan had two f#ckung nukes dropped on it and suffered the disgrace of having to surrender during WW2, yet they are now a powerhouse, they did that from a absurdly bad position that makes some current whining farcical..


posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 04:28 AM
a reply to: Edumakated

I understand what you're saying
You have my respect as one of the most sane,sensible members of ATS,and i always pay attention to your posts on any subject.As to this specific topic,i shall defer to your opinion on the matter.Btw in my country,we whites are referred to as Mhlungu,which i think means dirty yucky sea foam
I don't care.But growing up as a poor white,i was screwed under both the apartheid and current regimes,so i had to find my own self esteem in my virtues and strength and creativity.Still not gonna buy my kid a hoodie that says "Dirtiest seafoam in the ocean" though
So i get where you're saying totally.

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 05:18 AM
The advertising expert of H&M hit the bulls eye!
That was my first thought when it started to make the round on every MSM news channel and in every newspaper, online magazine here in germany, two days ago.

And now i can even find a thread on ATS about that issue...

Well done, advertising expert, well done!
Now even people, that maybe never heard of H&M yet, know the cheap clothes corporation(kind of a clothes ALDI, with the difference that ALDI often sells qualitative good stuff) too...

Does really anybody believe that this was a mistake?
I am pretty sure the advertising expert knew exactly what he did there, and did it to attract attention, on purpose.
That´s their job, they don´t know moral or anything like that.
They just want to make stupid people buy stupid things and know stupid corporations that produce those stupid things!

No mistake was made here!
Because, the whole world is talking about H&M now.
And nowadays, negative advertisement is worth more than positive advertisement, because with negative attention you reach much, much more people as with positive, as we can see it live right now!

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posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 05:36 AM
a reply to: worldstarcountry

Wow, this guy is doing the image of black people the power of good eh? Definitely dispelling the notion of black people acting like animals; going into a store behaving in an intimidating and aggressive manner, shouting # this and # that and N**** at the top of his voice and then smashing stuff up.. way to go man... at least he stopped short of throwing # at the employees...

I can see how people might take offence at the ad but the key word there is take offence.. the ad itself is not offensive, it is the interpretation.. I think it's fair to offer an apology to those offended but it certainly doesn't warrant the kind of behaviour displayed in that video...

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 06:17 AM
Must agree, its inferiority hysteria.....or is that Histeria?

Sarcasm On.......

What did all the African AMerican people think back in the mid 60s, when a "pop" group was singing....

"Hey Hey, Were're The MONKEES, where just playin around !! "

Or How about 69/70......

"Im an Ape Man, Im an Ape Ape man, Im an Ape Man......"

I dont recall, Negro people demonstrating in the streets, because people sang about Monkees and Apes....?

Oh thats right, theys was White, dem whites is allowed to bees monkeys and apes....but weez Black folks aint!!!!

Now Dats Racistisms!!

Sorry: but you got to make a joke of this stuff.....after 50 years, its still going on??

Ifn ya dont like it, there is a big beeautiful continent, just made for black folks, where yous can go an be black to your hearts content.....

(trouble is, all the black folk want to get out of there and live with white folks????? Whats up with that?)

Sarcasm off.....

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 06:45 AM
a reply to: trollz

My take: since the intention was not racist, the only racists are the ones who saw race in the image.

My oldest was called "Monkey" as a term of endearment. I have designed him half dozen monkey shirts to print on customink for gifts over the years.

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 06:59 AM
Anybody here remember Howard Cosell?

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 07:31 AM
a reply to: Tempter

For those of us who don't have Twitter,what is being said?
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posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 07:54 AM
Back in the civil rights era of the 1960's I used to go to a store named Montgomery Wards with my grandfather to test and buy vacuum tubes for his radio and television equipment. Learned more about the Halley's comet era, NWO and radio equipment than a 7 year old needs too know. A Nickname like Monkey wards is no more rascist than boob tube is Misogynist.

What comet are they singing about in this video, Hale Bopp?

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 07:59 AM
a reply to: Edumakated

Look at your own response.

"Completely numb" ... maybe the OP was, and isn't that what we should be striving for? At some point, shouldn't it start to be no big deal to see that kid in that shirt because most people are "completely numb" as you put it?

I get why people are up in arms, but when do we begin to let it go? Isn't that when this all will begin to heal?

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 08:23 AM

originally posted by: ketsuko
a reply to: Edumakated

Look at your own response.

"Completely numb" ... maybe the OP was, and isn't that what we should be striving for? At some point, shouldn't it start to be no big deal to see that kid in that shirt because most people are "completely numb" as you put it?

I get why people are up in arms, but when do we begin to let it go? Isn't that when this all will begin to heal?

It won't heal as long as people continue to carry and use their "race card". Even though I did grow up in a racist town, I was born and initially raised in St. Louis. All my friends there were black, so I spent a lot of time at their places. One of the most common things I heard was "It's because you're black". My family was no different. Whenever something would happen at school, at work, or in life in general, I would commonly hear "It's because you're brown". Many minorities are taught from a young age that anything that happens, happens because of our skin color.

I understand that many of our parents/aunts/uncles grew up in times where that sort of statement rang more true than not. I also understand that there are still times when the statement still rings true today, I mean, there are examples in my life where I will most assuredly agree that it was because of my skin color. The majority, though, I do not believe is racist.

If anything, many minorities are becoming more racist than the people they seem to hate, yet they claim it can't be so. Want proof?? Read articles on theroot over at gawker media. I try not to read their stuff, but many times I fall for their clickbait while I'm reading up on kotaku(gaming). The articles themselves can be pretty bad, but what's worse is the comments section. They pretty much hate white people, and even have their own racist terms they use like it's perfectly ok to say them. If you're white and have black friends, then you're called a "Becky". If you're white and actually fight for racial equality, they have no real respect for you. I've even seen them call other black people that don't agree with them "Uncle Tom's". Yet, they have an actual article about how black people can't be racist.

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 08:26 AM
a reply to: trollz

They did it on purpose to get people talking about their product.

2 cents

posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 08:34 AM

originally posted by: trollz
The people who constantly see racism where none exists are often the racists themselves. I'm white, and all I see is a little kid wearing a shirt. I don't care what color he is, and I'm certainly not thinking "Ha! That black child is less than human because his shirt has the word 'monkey' on it!".

Lol. Whitsplaining racism to black people. Now THAT takes some arrogance.
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posted on Jan, 9 2018 @ 08:35 AM
Maybe the outrage is intentional as part of an elaborate marketing campaign?

If so, well done to H&M

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