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NAACP issues first-ever travel advisory for a state: Missouri

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posted on Aug, 6 2017 @ 04:11 PM

originally posted by: magnetik
call the police on me for breaking into my own car

Someone saw you breaking into a car and called the cops? Wow, truly terrible.

posted on Oct, 1 2017 @ 01:46 AM
This topic of "discussion" is really disheartening, to think that racism/stereotyping/discrimination and prejudices are still being encouraged for the benefit of the few as a discourse to the reality of the world and the issues that we as human beings should be focused on, rather than at each other for the way we look, the colour we was born, the country we come from, the religion that you have faith in and whether you are rich or poor. or in the UK the class system which is where I'm from.

It beggars belief that in the 21st century there are so called TEACHERS that have such prejudices based on the colour of skin a person was born with, and so in their minds is the reason and expectation for any deviant and disruptive behaviour, this is outrageous. Those children don't have a fair chance in life and you're part of it. Low expectations based on prejudices impacts on your reactions and behaviour which then impacts on those you are in contact with. LOOK at the way society has treated certain groups of people, what is EXPECTED of them by society for which you are programmed to believe. The COLOUR of a persons skin, DOES NOT TELL YOU WHETHER as an individual they are GOOD or BAD. If I believed all the prejudices I've been told or read then that would mean, for example, that all Americans that are born in the deep south, the bible belt area, that all the white people that live there are racists, KKK members, that still believe in lynching, are gun ho and any living creature of this planet if it dares to accidently stray onto their property they have a right to KILL, that they are interbred, marry their own cousins, believe that Jesus was born white and that God is a man

We are intelligent people with our own minds, (to a certain degree...), yet we are still falling for the same BS instigated to encourage fear. We had the Catholics against the Protestants, Scottish against the English and vice versa, different colour skin, different culture, different tribe or gang or just from being a little different from the NORM. Encouraging discriminatory behaviour and racism against others for being different from ourselves or the answer to our problems is an age old red herring used to distract, input fear, then to follow and believe in the solution your being told. Racism morphs into whatever they want it to, against people you've never met or had a conversation with, yet you are told they are the cause of the problems, and that if you don't agree then you're on their side and must be feared and hated, blah, blah, blah. Come on, I have no fear against any person that's different to me etc; I am an individual and I like different.

The problem in my opinion is that the gun-ho police in America haven' t been dealt with correctly, and the institutional racism that is still prevelant today needs to be stamped out. Generational ignorance is abused, and not for the good but waits patiently ready to be fanned to spread again when society feels weak and helpless.

Why is there a fear?, a presumption that because someone who has different colour skin to yourself is a sign that they are going to attack you, rob you or rape you etc; to have your mind programmed this way to look at a colour of skin or a religion they follow for example which then determines in your programmed and brainwashed minds on whether they are a threat, to be feared, ridiculed and thus behaviour adjusts accordingly.

Each and everyone one of us is an individual, there is good and bad in every one of us, depending on upbringing, environment, parents values, the norms of that society, genetic make-up etc; is the basic ground matrix or blueprint for that individuals growth in life.
REMEMBER THAT EVERYTHING WE READ OR HEAR HAS A BIAS, LEANING THIS WAY OR THAT WAY, DEPENDENT ON MANY FACTORS one of which is the political party that that newspaper, programme you're watching etc; supports or sponsers.

Stereotypical behaviour in society towards certain groups of people as the reason for their problems has been abused and used for way too long. We should not feel fear of someone or people because we are told to, that look or sound different or assume that they are good or bad based on the colour of their skin. Wars caused by different religions based on the fear of difference are man-made, constructed and embedded in societies all over this planet. Fear has been used throughout the ages to control the masses; fear is an emotion that is a precursor to the fight or flight action, a basic survival instinct. We should not fear each other, fear has to be changed into curiosity and an open mind that sees every human being as an individual with their own thoughts, likes and dislikes, life experiences that may or may not be different to yours, to see an opportunity to learn and grow from communicating with others with an unbiased mind.

posted on Oct, 1 2017 @ 02:12 AM

originally posted by: magnetik
so basically the naacp should not have warned that people of color may find trouble when they travel to a particular place. ok makes sense LOL. Such a horrible thing to do

The NAACP issued the Missouri travel warning out of fear. There was no "goal". From the Missouri state NAACP annual conference last week...

After state NAACP chair Rod Chapel opened the floor, multiple people questioned the aim of the travel advisory issued by the national NAACP this summer. Essentially, the question was this: We have the travel advisory, but what is our goal?

Chapel didn't have an answer, but he encouraged discussion to see where the group would like to go with the travel advisory, which encourages visitors to exercise "extreme caution" when coming to Missouri. 


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posted on Oct, 1 2017 @ 02:25 AM

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posted on Oct, 2 2017 @ 10:14 PM
a reply to: riiver

I never realized the NAACP was there own Government.

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