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Defending Against Attacks/Harassment from High Strangeness Phenomena

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posted on May, 1 2017 @ 05:02 AM

originally posted by: Serdgiam
a reply to: blueyedevilwoman

I find it interesting that the animals haven't left the area entirely. My interpretation of the animal's behavior is that the "strange things" have been accepted into the local ecosystem in some fashion.

This is an area with many dangerous animals. Alligator's, 4 types of venomous snakes, bears, coyotes, panthers and humans. I would think the deer and other prey just consider them another part of the environment they cannot escape.

I wonder if the government could be directly involved.. Its hard to say, but it seems like it would take weeks or months before they became aware of the situation and decided to do something. Has anyone talked with the government folk?

Ive heard of things out of Texas involving U.S.Army and primate research. But the reports of these critters predate any tech that humans could use to create such a thing.

Ive also heard these things are tracked and monitored by our government. When reports of fractious behavior coincide with where these things are. Kill teams are sent in.

I have not spoke to any government folk as of yet. Those in my family with govt. or L.E. connections refuse to say anything about the subject.

Exception being my mother in law, she has instructed my husband to: "kill all of them, dont say anything about it, dump the bodies in the swamp"

I don't know which neighbor either!
it was the guy talking about how "He believes contactees are either already modified, and serving as a fifth column type force, or they are being used to create more modified humans." I was mistaken about neighbor though, seems he was associated with MUFON. That snuck by me.

Nice fellow, I was introduced to him, and he just laid it out. He is legit in his former mufon association. When he says a fifth column he seemed to be expressing that in a mundane form.

He stated the e.t. have the ability to communicate telepathically with contactees. They can download and upload information remotely. I may be incorrect, but I believe that is a symptom of schizophrenia. At this mans age, I highly doubt he is a undiagnosed schizophrenic.

As far as the modified humans. Ive heard plenty of that before meeting him. Apparently according to alot of experiencers, these things breed with humans, take samples etc. or at the least, give that impression.

posted on May, 1 2017 @ 04:50 PM
a reply to: Serdgiam

The simplest explanation is often best although not always.

We know that our government treats us like property when it thinks it needs to or when it can get away with it. There's no conspiracy or woo about this statement. Hundreds of documented cases abound.

Chaos ... implicate order. The key, as you point out, is "the initial conditions." I think if we ever truly understood what those are, our experiences would become more ... comprehensible at least if not tolerable. I hadn't really thought about the relationship of "randomness" to chaos in a while. I'll have to give that some thought and get back to you. (Is there a difference though is "truly random" and "seems random" ?)

I'm not feeling particularly hopeful for humanity of late, so I'll forgo carping and snarking.

Humanity, en mass, is a prognathous beast slouching somewhere inauspicious to be still-born.

Well, maybe just a little snark ...
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posted on Jun, 7 2017 @ 04:10 AM
a reply to: Gryphon66

Recently, I've run across two different threads on ATS that regarded attacks from HSP sources specifically interpreted by the experiencers as Sasquatch and "Grey Alien type" beings. In both these threads, the HSP entities were causing trouble to those who came to ATS a) to ask for help with dealing with the entities and b) to give warnings to others about the dangers associated with what is often thought of as innocuous phenomena.

What should one do when they're duped hook, line, and sinker by a HOAX? Should we employ protection rites or do our due diligence and call an obvious fraud a HOAX? Many of these stories/tales are blatant hoaxes and no amount of 'protection' can save one from their gullibility, no? Just curious what one should do when they're shown to have been lead around by the nose for 69 thread pages and duped by a prolific hoaxer...even when one puts their on integrity on the line to buoy a bogus claim. Is there a protection rite for "egg on the face"?
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posted on Jun, 11 2017 @ 04:28 AM
Good thread Gryph,i'm about to start reading so just bookmarking the thread,s+f.

posted on Jun, 11 2017 @ 07:43 AM

originally posted by: Gryphon66
A few folks have asked me about my personal involvement in the subject. I didn't include this in the OP because I didn't want this thread to be another version of "This is my story." However, I can understand that it's important to have context, and so, this is what I've got.

I had experiences as a child of about 5 years old (1971) with what the type of HSP that is now called a Shadow Person. I "dreamed" about what I called at the time "Black Frankenstein" outside my bedroom window (which was 20 feet off the ground). At the same time I started having those "dreams" (every night) I also started sleepwalking. (I haven't walked in my sleep before or since, not even ONCE.) While sleepwalking I was trying to get to an area of the house that would have let me go either a) outside or b) down a long steep flight of stairs to the first floor which also led outside. My mom secured the door with a rope so I couldn't get it open. She told me (years later) that she did this after noticing my sleep walking.

This is an approximation of what I remember seeing at my window. (edited version of the typical "Hat Man" figure)

One night while I was trying to get the door open, my dad (who was not the most patient man in the world, LOL) yelled at me to wake up. I did, and started screaming. I was screaming and crying for 10 or 15 minutes, inconsolably. After that, I understand that I asked our pastor if Jesus could make "Black Frankenstein" go away, which of course, embarrassed my mom. At about the same time in the house, when Mom and I were there alone, we'd hear doors opening and closing, she'd find the back door (on the first level) unlocked and open when she knew she'd locked it ... and even heard footsteps on the long staircase I mentioned. Apparently, one early morning, we heard something downstairs and Mom started to cry. Apparently, I grabbed up a toy golf club (we actually got to have metal toys in those days) and ran to the stairs and down them before she could stop me. I guess I had finally had "enough."

Two other experiences later in life (one when I was a teenager about 15 or 16, one in my mid-20s) are the extent of my purely "confrontational" experiences with HSP ... one of which I've related regarding a bipedal something walking in the woods near my home.

My childhood experiences though ... left a bigger mark on me than I have realized until very recently. Even though due to my parent's vigilance and their setting boundaries I was never able to get outside ... I've realized that my young mind was infected forever with a sense of Strangeness. After that, even though the experiences stopped (perhaps because I stood up to it, perhaps because my Mom started praying everyday, perhaps because we moved away.) I was TERRIFIED of the dark.

Pathologically. And I didn't overcome that until 10 or 12 years later. All kids (and some adults) are frightened a bit by darkness ... but I was TERRIFIED of it. I remember many many nights crying myself to sleep in fear.

Things like that shouldn't happen to a child.

I've become aware that my memories and perceptions have been messed with. I've become aware that certain things were "hidden" from me. (I know this sounds vague as heck but it's the best I can do to relate it at the moment). My "vision" was blocked to certain things, even though, my natural abilities and "destiny" overcame some of that manipulation.

So, like I said, my Experiences are the Shadow Person as a child, an Invisible Sasquatch in my teens, and a Ghost/Psychic Memory when I was in my mid-20s. All of these have other Objective explanations, none of which explain the Subjective effect on me.

The anger comes in to realize that a) they messed with me when I was a kid and hadn't fully formed an ego to be able to fight them, b) they inhibited and exposed certain characteristics in me that I've spent my whole life working around, c) caused me and those around me in my life a whole lot of unnecessary pain.

The upshot of all this personal stuff is ... if there is any way I can help others defend themselves against these f-ing HSPs I'm going to do it.

Whatever it takes; whatever works.

Thanks for listening.

Due to our past exchanges, I had you pegged as a closed minded, hardline skeptic of anything and everything. Seems I was very wrong.

On topic, your experience is very interesting and similar to mine.
I was bothered by Shadow Beings in my teenage years and was able to fight back one night when, I assume, I interrupted it's process and became conscious of it's true form.
I attacked, quite viscously and was never bothered again, touch wood.

Maybe kicking arse IS the way to combat these things.

Someone mentioned a vibrational aspect to these harassments. This I agree with this as my episodes always came with a vibrational buzzing. Almost as if I or it was phasing into or out of something.

posted on Jun, 15 2017 @ 05:31 AM
a reply to: Gryphon66

Can you feel them?

*thump, thump, thump*

Go the war drums.

Not a typical war, not WW3.

The war for Earth.

I apologize for being cryptic, but ive been through the paranormal/synchronistic/supernatural/e.t. gambit to the nth degree and my overarching sentiment is humbly calm confidence, with a dash of infinitely divine rage.

Messing with us when we were/are young was, heh, stupid. So very intensely stupid. I cannot express this enough.

We are from helpless. Far from hopeless.

Just remember, there's always a bigger fish...


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