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Would they ever get rid of Cash???

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posted on Oct, 14 2016 @ 03:15 PM
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus
Wal mart makes the most sense

posted on Oct, 14 2016 @ 03:20 PM
a reply to: Brotherman

They start selling common sense there?

(and not the book by Paine)

edit on 14-10-2016 by AugustusMasonicus because: networkdude has no beer

posted on Oct, 14 2016 @ 04:12 PM
Quite honestly our corporations are sending us in a direction of little to no cash by transitioning back to a debtors society like in feudal europe. Best example of this is your Lowes/Home Depot/Walmart/Sears/etc...etc...etc... cards.

posted on Oct, 14 2016 @ 09:31 PM
For those who know, theoretical communism has "absence of money" as one of its attributes. I remember one Star Trek episode (Voyager) when Tuvok was explaining to someone that in their (federation) society money have become an obsolete concept. Makes me wonder...

posted on Oct, 19 2016 @ 08:16 PM
People invent currencies all the time.

In White rural Appalachia, it's flats of pepsi cans.

When you spend your EBT card ( replacement for "food stamps"). You buy what food you want, then take the rest in Pepsi. Most people don't drink the pop; but they trade it for what they need. You can buy anything with pepsi; from baby formula to 100 lb sacks of sugar.

They call it "the Pop Train". Google it.

People go into the urban areas around appalacia, and buy the soda. Then they haul it up the mountain and sell it to some mom & pop tackle shop and make money off the mark-up. It is so common that some people end up just trading the pop around, using it to buy goods and services. People accept soda pop as payment because you can always "take the pop train" up the mountain and sell it for profit.

My point being, currency arises to meet market needs. You cannot end it without completely satisfying demand. And the globalists can't, don't or won't satisfy demand.


I figure cannabis probably works like that now. Similar exchange economies have grown up around bullets in combat zones. 22lr bullets are that way in the rural Southwestern US.

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