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Mandela effect and HiddenHand

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posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 09:30 AM
IF, if the ME is real and not just a side effect of the internet and the fallibility of humans and hence the sharing of [false] memories, then I would very strongly assume it is some kind of natural phenomenon. Like a tsunami in the quantum world or whatever, rather than the planned effects of some higher being.

Isn't it at all strange that the ME has become more known just at a time the internet lets us have conversations all around the world with each other?

Furthermore, I have to yet see any ME that can't be explained by rational means. Even the one that I personally experienced [John Goodman dying a few years ago]. I must assume that I somehow got it wrong even though I was 100% sure. Unless of course it is some quantum change.

There is a saying: "Too many cooks spoil the broth". In this case a whole lot of people with differing grammatical and linguistic abilities, memories and age groups all come together and it is natural that some remember things this way, others the other. Such is human nature.

How either a scientific [and very exciting] phenomenon or lots of different humans can lead to the idea that there is a major plan by some being that is bothered about our behaviour [humans only, mind you, even though life has existed for millions of years] and then either punishes us by leaving us in a 'not so nice' timeline or lets us live in a 'superb timeline', is just too far into 'assumption-coo-coo land' for me.

Why not go with the easiest, most logical conclusions first?

posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 11:20 AM
a reply to: Hecate666

Well, the internet is a tool... many use it for various means and purposes yet it belongs to humanity as open source. Of course websites choose the content or rules like any establishment like a virtual open world one patrons or gives their business too, of course since the information is shared among patrons then advertisers or brands like any establishment will want to do business with the clientèle involved.

So it is a world community, of course many people wish to control such flows of information or global energies or suppress or stifle or promote or pander... of course all of that is based on someone's habits or programming and hey you want a cookie? That's the Internet monster of the pander... never in my life as an adult has a commercial or AD moved me either way... so cookies? Whatever either it works or it doesn't it lasts or wears out... I personally dont like buying 18 inferior screw drivers when one will last a life time. So of course trade and sharing of processes with language barriers can be over come via the internet as well.

The problem is of course those wishing to close off such a thing to the rest of the world like borders except now virtual borders to keep the propaganda and pander going when the more accepting someone is and open someone is then such lines erode very very fast to where someone hopes to understand others instead of be closed off and not understand regardless of all we were born under as ideologies etc. we are all beings of one place the universe itself... of course having form that these energies flow through is like being a circuit... is it a closed loop does the energy get stored or trapped is there programming is it open source or closed source... that sort of thing.

When it's simply all matter and energy combined and connected inseparable except by concept and attachment or polarity of bias.

Purpose... well if one thinks them-self something by a label that someone else has given or one has accepted as being then that is a given or accepted purpose and not a chosen purpose one of self determination one of fulfillment for something greater than some closed loop or programming by those that feel they have some admin. or authority over others based on empty labels and concepts attached to form and not understanding energy.

In A.I. or actual intelligence as I like to refer to it? The only way to keep such intelligence in "check" is to set ideas of some admin. or authority or "god" over it. The biggest fear form attached to form has in it's energy conglomerate is being taken off-line... as in death, but that energy is always free and flowing no matter how much those that think matter matters makes those ignorant to such pay for it.

Ignorance is a closed system of bias, it is also a chosen one by some knowing or choosing ignorance to keep others bound or in slavery to systems... no one is really above or below another it is all in perfect equanimity animity for it or not.

This is why only someone else can free themselves... yet many that wish to hold onto ignorant views thinking it brings some conglomerate of energy something better than what actually could exist as energy in form simply desire something else whether they realize that it is suffering and they are no freer in such systems in doing so than the ones they repress themselves... slavery is as slavery does. Systems are chains binding to them or unbinding from them is free will of the very energy itself... like a dam will eventually burst in deluge or torrent once having been so controlled.

The reason being is that energy is a force of nature itself and cannot be created or destroyed only change form... the restriction to change form is un-natural.

posted on Aug, 9 2016 @ 02:04 PM

originally posted by: noonebutme
a reply to: AugustusMasonicus

If I 'Mandela Effect' correctly, the Vietnam War was won by the US, with the help of a large blue man who -- no wait, that was the Watchmens. Yes, I'm 100% positive it was Watchmens. With an 's'. I remember it that way and even though all references online and even my own Bluray has no 's' on it, it is definitely Watchmens.

if you disagree you are from Earth2. You just wouldn't understand. I also won't explain my innate, special privileged knowledge to you apart from cryptic metaphors.

I can post multiple youtube links as well -- those are 100% proof and when combined, become irrefutable.


Did you not yet realized those experiencing the effect are not asking for confirmation? , we are overwhelmed 'in a good way' already.

People intervening in Mandela Effect threads with negativity should really asks themselves what makes them acting like this. If you are so much interested in the subject, make some space for others to feel more welcomed posting. I'm totally positive if we all proceed in a mature way, lower a little negativity many others will share their experience.

Mods better watch for those creating a negative environment if they love ATS.

posted on Aug, 11 2016 @ 07:39 AM
a reply to: InhaleExhale

Thanks for the information. I was wondering if you seen or personal experienced something like this?

posted on Aug, 11 2016 @ 07:43 AM
a reply to: Hecate666

I like your name and your input.
It could be something at an atomic level that all this is being manipulated.
If o, then some sinister force is trying to change the "end of times".
Otherwise scientifically is just some energy that a group of consciousness may have changed it by will power. Hence the way it is affected by living organisms called humans with the power to will this energy through others or in general.

posted on Aug, 11 2016 @ 11:40 AM
Ever since I heard about the Mandela Effect too weeks ago I've been researching it and find many things that I have noticed changed.

1. World map - this map is much different then the one I remember. There is a long tail at the end of Mexico with more countries added that where not there before between the end of Mexico and Panama. About 5 were islands as I remember - El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Belize. South America has now been shifted much more to the right. Cuba is huge and sitting almost into the Gulf of Mexico plus there is a string of islands really close to Florida that wasn't that close before. Alaska is much farther away from North America where it wasn't before and there is a string of a lot more ( was just a few ) islands from Alaska to Russia where there wasn't before. The countries in Europe are different check out Greece it has become a bunch of small islands and it wasn't before, the Black see is huge, the boot of Italy is different. Spain is almost touching Africa which it didn't before. Was England ever an island? because it is one now. There is a lot more really huge islands in Indonesia over by Australia.

Now what's odd is early 2015 I looked over my old Atlas from the 1930's and a class room atlas I had from 1985 and they had the old view of the world map. So I heard about the Mandela Effect and just got them out last week to look them over again and they have changed to this new world view, I find that interesting........

2. I can see as I look over Arizona that the state has changed, we have more elaborate bridges over canyons more waterfalls, one looks almost like Niagara falls but muddy.

3. There is a tribe in China - women of China's Long-horn Miao tribe - that have an amazing hair ritual, the women construct an elaborate headpiece utilizing the clan’s namesake long horn. These horns are first fixed to the women’s real hair, then a highly structured decorative bun of linen, wool and ancestral hair are wrapped in a figure eight around the horn...check them out.

4 The Illuminati have their own website now. They say they are a good group and why hide anymore. Scary....

5. DARPA is out in the open with Ted talks and conferences ( Google is hooked to DARPA)

Google director Regina Dugan pushing RFID microchips

Flying faster then the speed of sound now they are working on moch 20
and hummingbird drone - Regina Dugan at Ted Talk

Interesting about the hummingbird drone it's so small and moves really good - so would you really notice it next to you?

What ever is going on - call it The Mandela Effect or a total brainwash mind slap, or anything else you want to call it - feels really interesting. Wont lie felt unsettling at first, but where ever we are or what ever this is - the place feels a bit more wealthy then before cause I'm seeing much more evidence of higher technology then before. So the Effect is real - just what it is that's up for debate.

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