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Shadow people and sleep paralysis

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posted on Jun, 6 2016 @ 12:47 AM
a reply to: CosmicSmack

In my college years, one night I woke to pressure on my body (I was on my back and the mattress was new firm mattress). I was able to open my eyes, but saw nothing; the room was lit by a nightlight. I tried to get up, but couldn't, so struggled more… no luck. I wasn't sure if I was locking my body up by psyching myself into it, so tried to look through the corner of my eyes and saw the time (desk clock to my right); I don't remember the exact time anymore, but it was around 0330… and my head turned a slight bit! Ah, so it was all in my mind then! I reasoned that, logically, where the head goes, the body will follow. So, I just have to "logically" break out of this. Simple, right? I felt this pressure increase on my body (whole front of body, not just chest), pushing me down. Think logic! I struggled against myself to turn my head to my right. Logic, had to think logic!

Then, I realized something odd. The top of the mattress was now above my face & eyeline, which meant I was being pushed into the mattress. I felt something was holding me down, but didn't know what and nothing was visible. I decided to try and throw it off by torquing my body to my right. I struggled a few times, but wasn’t able to turn to my right. Finally, I’m guessing the entity decided to let me up (or did the following movement to me). My body spun to the right, then quickly twisted up into a sitting position. I looked around and realized the pressure was gone; I moved my arms and bent my legs to test… no pressure. I flicked on my light and looked at my mattress. There was a deep depression of where my body just was. I stayed awake with the room light on for the rest of the night.

After waking, later that day, my family wanted to talk to me. My room door was open in the daytime (the usual) and they’d noticed the deep depression in the new firm mattress, so asked what I had done to do that. I told them what happened and slept in the living room for a few months. That was my only experience with sleep paralysis.
As for shadow people, my full stories are a bit long, so will cut them short. I’ve seen them twice, but it when I was awake and both times had another person (different people both times) that saw them, too. I didn’t tell them what I saw, when I saw it, as I didn’t want to influence them into seeing anything. We discussed it later and I had them tell me what they saw first; it matched what I saw. One was in daytime, but indoors– this one struck my friend and immediately left a visible red mark (handprint of palm & partial fingers; on the other side of his body were “fingertip” marks which lined up with the palm mark on is back) near the location of his heart, which the marks stayed red for over a week. I’ve heard that if the marks had been over his heart, he would’ve died right there. The other shadow experience was at night, but indoors.

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posted on Mar, 24 2017 @ 05:18 PM
Ok so newbie here...first post.
My sleep paralysis story goes like this. I live in the Bible belt buckle so to speak and try my best to adhere to Christ's teachings. We live out in the country and one night I was star gazing and as silly as it may sound to some giving God the glory for stars individually in the night sky. I came accross a set of triangular laid out stars. Thinking nothing of it I began to thank Jesus for them when the bottom right corner star after twenty minutes or so of being motionless began to break off and go right in the sky away from the other two. It moved equal distance away that it was originally distanced from other two when the light dimmed half brightness and paused its movement for about ten seconds. It then repeated the movement away and simply vanished. One night later i experienced my first and only sleep paralysis episode to date. I was lying on my back which is a sleeping position I simply never use when my bedroom door flung open and the brightest light was coming through it from my hallway. Immediately 6 three to four foot tall shadows sprinted in at a unreal speed and surrounded me on "my bed". I could not as hard as I tried fight them off me, I wanted to scream etc..etc.. Then I decided to close my eyes and pray. As soon as i said "Jesus help me please" in my head I was released from this situation and able to move freely. I personally believe aliens do exist, God created them all, the fallen angels so to speak are carrying out the opposers will. There are probably many types with the majority on the Heavenly Fathers team...

Anyways was reading this site and felt compelled to share my experience. Thanks for giving me a outlet to do so.

Sincerely and truthfully,


posted on Mar, 30 2017 @ 11:15 AM
Hi all. This is the thread that finally pushed me to join ATS as it immediately struck a chord with me. This has happened to me on 2 occasions. The first time was around 2005. I woke up somehow but couldn't open my eyes. I was on my back and fully aware in my mind and thinking coherently, but for the life of me I could not open my eyes or move a muscle. Then all of a sudden after I'd realised I couldn't move I felt a crushing weight on my chest. It was so heavy that I could literally not breathe. The weird thing is that I'm not religious but feel that there is more after death, and upon feeling the desperation to fill my lungs with air I started to call for my grandfather who had died some five years earlier. As memories of him started flooding to my thoughts the crushing sensation eased and an almost static electric type feeling flooded through my body followed by a surge of adrenaline. I woke up fully and my senses were fully heightened to fight or flight levels.

The second time was actually during the summer of last year. It was a few weeks after I'd seen a guy get stabbed outside my house and went to aid him. Unfortunately he died right in front of me and I was looking him in the eye as I could see the life fade from his eyes. It was and is the most traumatic experience I have ever had and wonder if it could've been linked to what happened to me. Anyway, my second brush with sleep paralysis was far more terrifying! After having 8 hours uninterrupted sleep for weeks following the said events above, my mind was stirred by the sound of footsteps coming up my stairs. The Mrs and kids were away at Grandma's whilst I stayed home to redecorate. As I heard the stairs creaking (and believe me in my mind and ears I could hear it) u started to panic as the vision of the recent killing started flashing through my head. I was screaming in my loudest voice in my head to "Wake the f+@& up, you are going to die!!"

I came round soon after but only after willing my body to wake. The same feeling of static and adrenaline also occurred with the fight or flight feeling again. It was truly the single most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me, and I wish it upon no man!
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