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Topic and Discussion Index for HAARP and the MOON LANDING

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posted on Jan, 1 2005 @ 03:17 PM
This index covers all relevant ATS related HAARP and the MOON LANDING discussions:
HAARP operators must get Fridays off....
An excellent page on HAARP
'___', Esalen, HAARP and the Cosmic Cointelpro
HAARP Moon Bounce for military reasons??
Environmental Warfare
Russian Parliament Expresses Concern About HAARP
HAARP Going Nuts (CONROL HURRICANE ISABEL) from Yellowstone and Increased Seizmic activity
Is This HAARP Related?
Weapons of Total Destruction (HAARP)
HAARP and Dallas Cool Front
HAARP, research or destruction??
Secret weather site In Alaska
HARRP And Chemtrail info
Haarp and Your Hearing Faculties
Thoughts on HAARP?
H.A.A.R.P. High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program
Weather Modification Topics on
United States Airforce 2025 9.2 Weather Analysis and Modification System
Owning the weather in 2025 - Military Applications of Weather Modification (appendix)
HAARP receives 35 million for further testing!
New HAARP info!!!!!
The sounds of HAARP
Owning the weather in 2025 - Military Applications of Weather Modification (intro)
Radar anomalies--HAARP?
Possibe HAARP use on Columbia?
Possible use of HAARP on Columbia
what is HAARP weaponry?
Enormous snowstorm caused by HAARP?
3-14-03: HAARP going nuts again
Is HAARP being used for the war?
The truth about HAARP
Reason for HAARP and the weird weather.
HAARP, terrorism, and the next 3 days...
HAARP? idiot guide required
HAARP and "The Core"
HAARP and the Heatwave
HAARP related to NY blackout?
HAARP's Family Tree
Coincedence? I'll leave it up to the HAARP junkies
HAARP!!! Blowing out the atmosphere!!!
Serials BLACKOUT : Terrorism ? HAARP ? Coincidences ?
Regarding HAARP
HAARP on Techtv's Unscrewed
Aftermath of HAARP: Lake Seattle?
Tesla and the Siberian explosion...HAARP?
Co-operative UK Twin Auroral Sounding System ( CUTLASS= British HAARP ? )
what is HAARP?? is it a weapon, intel listening, weather control or whatever device
haarp behind iran earthquake?
HAARP - A structured analysis.
Evidence HAARP is controlling the weather?
Project Blue Beam-HAARP and the NWO
HAARP "Steering" of Hurricane Charley
HAARP to install 516 More Antennas


Above average moon hoax site
Moon Landing
Moon Truth
The moon landings were not faked !
NASA unsure how to counter claims of faked moon landings
Hard Evidence against moon landing
The Apollo 11 Moon landing
Moon Landings, etc
Fake or real that is the question.
Moon Landing-Fake?
The US Never Landed on the Moon!!
Picture of flag on the moon
Consider this perspective on the "fake" moon landings
Moon scam program replaced at last minute. Why?
Moon Landing was NOT faked.
Landing on the Moon: World's Greatest Propaganda Victory
The Mars Landing- Who will believe?
Learning to walk (to the Moon) all over again.
Proof of lunar landings now in hand.
An End To The Moon Conspiracy!
The 1962 Mars landing
The most obvious flaw in the moon landings.

This index is to be updated and/or amended, as needed/required.


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posted on Aug, 26 2005 @ 12:10 PM

I was very glad to see the list of HAARP related websites. I have been interested in the HAARP Project since I became aware of it over 2 years ago.

In my opinion the HAARP Project is, or has, the possibility of being one
of the most powerful weapons ever devised. As an example; it is commonly stated that a hurricane expends the energy of 20-30-50 atomic bombs. If that statement is true, imagine the power of a device (HAARP) that can create, alter or direct that energy. It is nothing less than awesome.

Again, thanks for the list and I will look forward to other members thoughts on this subject.

posted on Nov, 15 2005 @ 03:07 PM
Haarp is into a few things from what I have gathered over the years. Also said to be playine with "ELF" (Exta Low Frequanceies). Hmmmm, wonder what they could be trying to do with that now. Maybe, some little "Mind Games" eh? Maybe some weather conrol? Dunno for sure, but sounds like HAARP is srewing around with stuff if ya ask me.


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