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ATS Website Unlogged Experiences

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posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 08:19 PM
To whom it may concern at ATS Headquarters,
I have made a couple of substantial contributions
in the hopes that you may correct some negative experiences
that a non "logged In" ATS viewer can experience.

So that you are aware,

1. Jumping around of video "ads" causes one
to be unable to read a posting without the
reader holding the cursor on the vertical toolbar
on the right of the screen. Even then, it is a challenge.

2. A "Piggyback" webpage loads automatically
when a viewer picks a subject from the topics to connect
to the subject headline. The random website that appears
(only noticeable if you minimize your main window or check your toolbar),
appears to be completely unaffiliated with ATS and is generally offering
some sort of Windows upgrade, Free Spyware, or a prize.

3. After Visiting ATS, I personally experience issues with my Firewall being
Turned Off. This has happened on numerous occasions over the past 10 days.
To be fair, these experiences could be attributed to my ISP, or current Browser.
However, I frequent many other sites without these issues occurring. Ever.

To conclude,
If I were a new visitor to ATS experiencing these issues,
I would probably not return eagerly. Neither would I even consider
becoming a member.
I can only assume that this would not be the experience or choice
that You would like nonmembers/surfers to make after their first visit.

Best Regards, W

P.S. There is a big auto ad that takes up the whole screen forever
while the ATS page loads.

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 08:22 PM
a reply to: Wildmanimal

Oh yeah, signing up is the ticket! I remember when I first joined and all the avatars came to life, and the reading was so much easier.

Log in. Problem solved. : )

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 08:33 PM
I log in and still get the page redirects
i log in and still get scrolling ad banners at the bottom of my screen, in bright red.
i log in and i still get full page ads and popups.

NO OTHER SITE I VISIT DOES THIS really starting to wonder now...

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 08:50 PM
Contribute to thread and converse, the more you bring to the site the less the ads will show up. Make threads, reply to threads, post pictures and videos.

Clean isn't it?

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: shaneslaughta

Yes. Mine looks like yours. Very clean.

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 09:37 PM
a reply to: Wildmanimal

I promise you...its you. Some of us have no such issues. Everything you mentioned can be traced back to your settings. Its have to reset your settings, log-ins and ad choice...all can be made to disappear.

Dont blame ATS....or it would be all of us with these issues. Its not. Good luck....

posted on Sep, 11 2015 @ 09:52 PM
Yes, thank goddess, the people who use the site more get less of the ads and clutter. Maybe there should be more consideration to the "potential" long term users, and to many of the intelligent people who may run like the wind after a second or two of seeing the non-logged in screen here. ATS is a wonderful and informative site, but the reader has to stick around to find that out. One thing which may help: the white screen of non-logged in members maybe should be turned to the gray option, which the vast majority of regular users prefer and use once they are logged-in.

ATS is a goldmine of scientific data, space information, and other newsworthy threads and posts - and that's on top of everything else that it "is" to people. Those who know it first had to run the course, and cared enough to endure through the ads and other thingies of the net. I guess those who persevered should be commended, and they are rewarded with the continued experience of learning from and sharing with others - hallmarks of ATS. Build it and they will come. The trick is to keep them for more than a few seconds when they do come, and a little less clutter might go a long way in attracting more fine and friendly editors.

posted on Sep, 12 2015 @ 12:40 AM
a reply to: neomaximus10
I get a few persistent pop ups--the car ad. But this happens on NO other site you go to? Is this internet thing new for you?

posted on Sep, 12 2015 @ 06:37 AM

originally posted by: neomaximus10
I log in and still get the page redirects

Doesn't happen to me, never has.

i log in and still get scrolling ad banners at the bottom of my screen, in bright red.

I only get an ad at the top and one or two at the right side.

i log in and i still get full page ads and popups.

No extra pages or popups when logged in.

NO OTHER SITE I VISIT DOES THIS really starting to wonder now...

It depends on what other sites you visit, I have visited many sites that do that.

posted on Sep, 12 2015 @ 09:42 PM
Na reply to: reldra
No I'm not new to this, and it doesn't happen on any other site, I promise my life on that, i have checked, ddeleted, scanned, rechecked, and I still have this issue. I'm almost at the point of doing a factory reset, as all I do is check my email, view ATS, text message, and phone calls once in a blue moon. I don't play games, or visit any other websites, as hard as that is to believe, I really don't. I have an old droid with slide out keyboard, works great, no need to replace it.

posted on Sep, 12 2015 @ 09:50 PM
i think these are youre issues with whatever browser you use.
i dont experience this whether loggod in or not. i
'd sayy yoour aats experince is what you make it


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