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Historian Webster Tarpley Analyzes Bush's Behavior on 9/11

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posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 01:22 PM
a reply to: JohnTheSmith

If you're confused as to what I asked, read it again.

No need to look any deeper than what I said.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 01:24 PM
a reply to: rossacus

I'm sorry but I don't see an answer to what I asked anywhere in your comment. What you're ascribing to me is not what I said. At no point did I say "a classroom full of kids is more important than the entire country."

So, since you not only failed to answer what I asked but then went on to assign ideas to me that I haven't advanced, I can only surmise you have no answer.

That's all you had to say.
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posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 01:51 PM
a reply to: Shamrock6
Are you serious. I have said many times now that him leaving allows him to address the nation in their time of need. You are placing more importance on him staying in the classroom, as though it is more beneficial. Why take that approach in your response "you didn't answer". You mean that basic basic question I have answered in every response to everyone so far. You're clearly the arguing type so I will have to leave it as that otherwise you will start getting personal. Terrible response. No progression.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 03:37 PM
a reply to: rossacus

He didn't address the nation until 8 that night, right? Or was there an address prior to that?

So again we're back to "what would him leaving literally minutes earlier" have accomplished?

And again, we're back to "nothing, really." Unless he did what YOU think he should have done. And that's what it all boils down to: he didn't do what you think he should have. Him leaving the school at 9:00 as opposed to 9:15 wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference beyond satisfying some people's idea of what he should have done.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 05:54 PM
a reply to: Shamrock6


posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 06:10 PM
Tar[ley is a follower of conspiracy fruitcake Lyndon LaRouche - everything he said is automatically suspect or
dismissed out of hand

When Chief of Staff Andy Card informed Bush of the attacks - Bush told him to round everyone up and gather as much
information as possible . He would meet with them in 5 minutes - probably to go over what was known and options

Most people dont know that the attacks triggered the Continuity of Government or COG

COG was designed during Cold War to allow the US government to function even during a nuclear war

Had a number of secret bunkers and command posts (including airborne ones) where senior officials can go to
and run operations

With attack on Pentagon Wash DC was off limits until scope and duration of attack could be determined

First thing was go to center of country away from coasts and targets in urban corridor along east coast of US

This is why went first to Barksdale AFB in Louisiana and then to Offut AFB in Omaha Nebraska, home of SAC

An E3B electronic warfare (airborne command post) was launched out of Andrews AFB outside of Wash DC

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 07:28 PM
There is no doubt it was strange for Bush to be flying around for 8 hours going to military bases from Florida to Louisiana, to Nebraska then finally Washington, DC.

This wasn't an attack on him at first they were going after buildings not individuals. they could have easily put him in the white house bunker with Cheney and the other officials?

There was no good reason for Bush to be flying all over the south until night.

I believe this proves there was a secret war going on and Bush was threatened.

Flight 93 was going for the White house...and THAT WASN'T A PART OF THE OP!

I believe flight 93 and the WTC building 7 WAS NOT IN THE PLOT.

When Bush was informed of this he may have been told ANOTHER PLANE WAS IN OPERATION THAT DIDN’T BELONG—FLIGHT 93.

They had to keep this going until flight 77 hit the pentagon at 9: 37 A.M., since 77 was part of the operation and that is proven by Cheney’s actions in the white house basement when the military officer came to him about letting flight 77 alone….a non shot down order!

After that and only after that did Bush give Cheney the order to shot down other planes which included the renegade flight 93 that was probably headed for Washington to get at the politicians there.

Bush was flying around the country indeed because he was in jeopardy, but not by any terrorists but the renegades who tried to sabotage 911

There last act was bringing down building 7 at about 5:20 pm

This signaled an end to the secret war and after that Bush came back to Washington.

The renegades on 911 were probably against the idea of all those people getting murdered that’s why they took down 7 to gather suspicion of the operation.


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posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 07:41 PM
The people who did 911 were related to the Zionist neocons and Cheney’s people in the MIC and PNAC, as well a faction of Saudi's and Pakistanis.

The ones who were the reneges are a faction of the military and CIA who had access and did their own op within the operation to one, Register their disagreement with the mass murder, and 2, shed deep suspicion to the American public on the operation. They are in-fact likely behind a great part of the 911 truthers.

For them to threaten Bush, as Tarpley says (though I disagree with his take on it since I think it was a division in the secret operation) they would have to be very high up not only in the government but also in the plot.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 07:49 PM

originally posted by: Willtell
is proven by Cheney’s actions in the white house basement when the military officer came to him about letting flight 77 alone….a non shot down order!

What silly conspiracy site did you get that nonsense from? What non shoot down order?

There was a order to shoot it down!

MR. HAMILTON: We thank you for that. I wanted to focus just a moment on the Presidential Emergency Operating Center. You were there for a good part of the day. I think you were there with the vice president. And when you had that order given, I think it was by the president, that authorized the shooting down of commercial aircraft that were suspected to be controlled by terrorists, were you there when that order was given? MR. MINETA: No, I was not. I was made aware of it during the time that the airplane coming into the Pentagon. There was a young man who had come in and said to the vice president, "The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 30 miles out." And when it got down to, "The plane is 10 miles out," the young man also said to the vice president, "Do the orders still stand?" And the vice president turned and whipped his neck around and said, "Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?" Well, at the time I didn't know what all that meant. And -- MR. HAMILTON: The flight you're referring to is the -- MR. MINETA: The flight that came into the Pentagon. MR. HAMILTON: The Pentagon, yeah. MR. MINETA: And so I was not aware that that discussion had already taken place. But in listening to the conversation between the young man and the vice president, then at the time I didn't really recognize the significance of that. And then later I heard of the fact that the airplanes had been scrambled from Langley to come up to DC, but those planes were still about 10 minutes away. And so then, at the time we heard about the airplane that went into Pennsylvania, then I thought, "Oh, my God, did we shoot it down?" And then we had to, with the vice president, go through the Pentagon to check that out. MR. HAMILTON: Let me see if I understand. The plane that was headed toward the Pentagon and was some miles away, there was an order to shoot that plane down. MR. MINETA: Well, I don't know that specifically, but I do know that the airplanes were scrambled from Langley or from Norfolk, the Norfolk area. But I did not know about the orders specifically other than listening to that other conversation. MR. HAMILTON: But there very clearly was an order to shoot commercial aircraft down. MR. MINETA: Subsequently I found that out.

So as you can clearly see there was a shoot down order.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 07:51 PM
a reply to: hellobruce

I'm afraid you have the distorted version of this tale

Do some real research

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 08:16 PM
a reply to: Willtell

How is it "distorted" ???

Have direct exchange between Lee Hamilton, Vice chairman of 911 Commission, and Norman Mineta, Secretary of Commerce
responsible for FAA over shootdown orders

Only one distorting anything is you......

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 08:24 PM

originally posted by: Willtell
a reply to: hellobruce

I'm afraid you have the distorted version of this tale

Do some real research

I did the real research - you apparently think real research is believing silly truther conspiracy theory sites, and ignoring the facts!

Or believing a

I give credence to the theory by an Indian mystic astrologer

Believing in asstrology in this day and age!
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posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 08:34 PM
Okay here it is. I was hoping you would back off but here it is...I posted this a long time ago.

John Farmer just posted a document from the 9/11 Commission files that strongly supports Norman Mineta's public testimony before the 9/11 Commission. Here is the link:
The document is a Secret Service log from 9/11, and confirms that the Secret Service was tracking American Airlines flight 77 as it approached Washington on September 11, 2001.
Farmer, who pursued the FOIA request for the 9/11 RADES radar data (released in October 2007) explains in his post that the radar data from 9/11 agrees perfectly with the Secret Service timeline. Farmer has the 9/11 radar data in his computer and has made it available to other 9/11 researchers.
The document was first made made public in January 2009 by NARA, along with many other 9/11 Commission files. Erik Larson posted it to Scrib in April 2009, where it may be downloaded:
However, at the time, Erik overlooked the document's importance. Amazingly, it escaped notice for many months.
It may also be downloaded here (this is an easier download):
I have just received confirmation that the handwriting is actually that of 9/11 Commission staffer Miles Kara, who was granted access to the original Secret Service documents during the commission's official investigation. Kara was not allowed to remove the SS document, however, so he copied it long-hand.
Notice, this means that the 9/11 Commission had this information but chose to bury it, Why? Maybe to cover up for VP Dick Cheney? If someone has a better explanation, I'd like to hear it.

I should mention, based in emails, that Miles Kara believes that Mineta arrived at the White House much later, and mistook United Airlines Flight 93 in coast track mode for AA 77. Kara also thinks that the Secret Service did not move Cheney to the White House basement until around 9:37 AM. I do not agree with Kara's timeline. In 2002, Karl Rove told MSNBC that immediately after GW Bush left the Florida classroom (i.e, at 9:16 AM) he attempted to reach Cheney by telephone, but could not because Cheney was at that moment being hustled to safety. Rove's timeline concurs with that of Richard A. Clarke (Against All enemies, p.2-5.) Clarke also has Mineta arriving at the White House sometime between 9:20 - 9:28 AM.

It is ironic that Farmer elected to post the document on the RANDI site - of all places - in the Lion's Den. From what I have heard, there has been a lot of gnashing of teeth over there, since it went up. In my view, it's about time that the RANDI cynics were made to eat their own ridicule. May they chow down and be transformed.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 08:39 PM
Remember its you guys with all the insults.

I produce research and proof even
though I’ not dogmatic and claim my theories are the absolute truth…just my opinion in which are based on logical deductions

But when you deal with the facts with Will Tell

Have your stuff together

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 08:44 PM
a reply to: hellobruce

It was an astrologer, so what. The theory has nothing to do with astrology but occultic sacrifice and if you don’t know that many of the elite indulge in this then it is your lack of knowledge that is the problem

Particularly Skull n Bones conspirators such as George Bush who happens to do occult rituals within Skull n Bones such as with the skull of Geronimo, all documented stuff

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 08:47 PM
You got to go deep in your research guys…don’t just Google a couple of sites and then just read those sites, go deeper…

Seek and ye shall find!

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 09:09 PM

my reading of Bush eyes shock at that moment was "f##k me they've actually done it"

I had the same exact thought. He looks stunned like he had heard something about the plot but didn't take it seriously.

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 09:47 PM
a reply to: tsurfer2000h

"excuse me, teacher, children. as the president, you know i am a very important person with a really big job. i just got some news that i need to take care of. there would be nothing more than i would enjoy that to stay with you and finish reading. maybe later on, when i am not so busy, i will come back and we will spend more time together. thank you for the time we did have. i had a very fun time.."

posted on Jul, 13 2015 @ 10:01 PM
"I am sorry, children. Something very important has come up, and I must do my job, as the President. I have to leave, however I will certainly come back, as soon as I can, and we will continue where we left off. It may be a few days, because this is really important, so please trust me with my word that we will all get back together soon. ( Calmly get up, and walk with the Secret Service people out of the room.)"

This is what I wished would have happened. This is leadership.

posted on Jul, 14 2015 @ 02:10 AM
a reply to: charlyv
Thankyou. You and blackthorn. So basic yet many people can't see the simplicity in a thousand different ways he could have left without causing fear.

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