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Bob Lazar Video

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posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 02:23 PM

If I KNEW them to be real, then we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Yea thats right,
But are S4 and Area 51 do difrent facility or is S4 a part of Area 51??? Like peolpe that are working in Area 51 can work in S4??

posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 03:24 PM
S-4 is allegedly a part of the Area 51 complex (but not the base proper). It's basically on it's grounds. According to Lazar, he would go to Area 51, then take a blacked out bus to the S-4 facility just miles away. Only people cleared to work at S-4 went there, and there were very few personnel really (I believe he mentioned around 20 or so, but then, he also admits that it isn't like he had free reign of the complex, so he really doesn't know how big it was...only the section he saw regularly).

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posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 03:51 PM
When di you think they close S4 and area 51 so the bases go public? When we live? And S4 in one of the pictures (black and white) there is many sircals around some thing what is that camera and radars?

posted on Dec, 28 2004 @ 03:54 PM
It's just listed as anomolies. I'm assuming they are probably microwave jamming stations as suggested by the Camo Dudes Security Manual that was given as part of the Area 51 lawsuit.

It appears there was quite a buildup for disclosure in the mid-80's, but then for some reason it went bust and they again went back in the closet. I'm hoping it will be in my lifetime. Personally, I think the aliens will force the government's hand before they actually get to disclose it...

posted on Mar, 15 2006 @ 03:54 PM
"Personally, I feel he was an unwitting disinfo agent...brought on board because given his profile, they KNEW he'd leak some info. This is why he was shown the "Yellow Book" material...imho, as the info in it was standard for some of the past disclosure attempts (aliens interracting/witnessing the Egyptians, Jesus, etc.) All in all, I think his story contains some fact, and some disinfo fed to him, and that he was chosen because he'd be easy to discredit, while still getting the disinfo out there... "

The pros, and cons can all be true. The cons you've shown can easily be made by the gov't. . . .here's a pleasing thought. . . . . isn't it possible that the gov't wants people to find out. Why show him all that stuff???. . .so he gets the whole picture!!!!!!! and the notion of possibly applying legend and myth to new technology which may not even be possible, nor needed. But that's neither here or there.
That information is accessible by the general public. . the cons, and Pros are both apparently true. . .thus only one explanation can be reached. First of all . ..yes everything he's saying is true, secondly, the gov't is trying to deny his employment by going into records that we know they can do, but can not erase completely (e.g. the teachers still remember him). Thirdly. . ..THEY WANTED, AND/OR EXPECTED HIM TO LEAK INFORMATION!!!. . . .the gov't has different groups, agencies. . .some working against eachother, while helping eachother, or having the same goal, without even knowing it. . . . .what do you think? Is it possible that they're trying to get us used to thought, or preparing for a liberation of sorts against these creatures?


posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 04:00 PM
well; i came out of my cave just to show u a photo of a real flying disk

was it a replica of captured alien craft? im not quite sure

what do our sources admit? A few things

Personally; after reviewing the accepted explanations of this photograph; which has been discussed in another thread; i have a strong feeling that this is a human construction based on ideas from possible captured alien craft

Explanation :: Its a huge blimp type craft; designed to haul cargo long distances very cheaply; designed and built by a British firm several decades ago

My Opinion :: its a replica of a frickin flying saucer man! just look at it!!

And i strongly believe this is On Topic ! *Barely, haha*

My reasoning ::

1) Xon wanted a photo of a real flying saucer
2) I wanted to show Xon that there is wayyy more stuff out there than is typically aknowledged by the general public
3) And perhaps exite Xon to the very real potential that UFO's are Real; this is a F A C T
4) Wether or not the Flying Saucer is alien or human; it doesnt matter
Ive got a REAL Photo of a Flying Saucer RIGHT here

5) Xon, ask yourself this question
"If you saw the 'skyship' Fly over your house, What would you Think???"
Exactly, that you saw a Flying Saucer
Because , it IS a real flying saucer

i am still amazed at how the UFO community doesnt go running around screaming about THIS photo, and its publicly available information about it and its history

Now; that i have shown you a Real Photo of one; its up to you to speculate what was its original Inspiration
What caused them to design this craft in this particular manner?

Go find a link to the thread where we discussed the SKYSHIP in a little detail *** Go to ATS Search engine and type in SKYSHIP***
ask yourself questions

Was the Skyship's purposes different than stated by official sources??
You Decide

So next time someone says Flying Saucers arent Real
Bust out this photo, and tell them they are terribly uninformed about Real Admitted aviation history

If they say "no i meant alien flying saucers"
"Does it really matter if its alien or human? Its A Frickin' Flying Saucer !!!"

I honestly do not know if this SkyShip Design was inspiried by aliens; i have a gut feeling it was
Look into this as it directly connects to the S4 Lazar stuff

Because its a photo of a REAL flying saucer *admittedly built by human engineers however hehe*

FUNNY how SkyShips and real life flying saucers are swept under the rug so fast , aint it?

If i can get my hands on the Skyship photo; and no one seems to really care about it; What do u think they have inside their ultra - top secret facilitys?
Im sure its many times more amazing than this silly skyship
I'll try to find a link to the discussion on it

But just look at that baby! a Real flying saucer right there for ya Xon!

A picture is worth a thousand words....

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 04:25 PM
If Lazar is so stupid that what is he doing these days?

In regards scientists all I have to say is this

Now back to reality. What part of your world does the humanist/socialist/NWO/masonic cult NOT CONTROL?

The thing I have always admired about Lazar is that he has never got offended by all of this the debunking/games etc. He has always been stedfast in his claims and never lost his cool. That in itself says good things about his credibility I think.

posted on Mar, 16 2006 @ 04:28 PM
Some reasons why I believe Bob Lazar is the real deal:
(mostly stated by Gazrok so I won't restate)
And then there's his current opperations. He runs a company called United Nuclear that develops and sells scientific supplies. He also has a home built particle accelerator in his back yard that he used to develop hydrogen fuel cell conversion kits for regular cars.
If he didn't have at least an advanced degree in Physics he wouldn't come close to developing a particle accelerator on his own. I'm sure that it cost quite a bit of money to build, and he built it around the same time that he stopped talkng about UFOs.
coincidence? I think not!!!

posted on Dec, 27 2008 @ 01:47 PM

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