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Can we measure the damage that J Maussan Hoaxes are doing to serious UFOLOGY? or Science?

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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 11:40 AM
What do you expect from mankind?

It’s a miracle any higher beings would even venture to give us any truth while there's always some corrupt human being(s) who find a need to distort, lie, deceive, present hoaxes, and just generally run amuck with any real truth that has EVER entered the realm of this corrupt world.

It will always be this way that we have to wade through the muck and mire of BS coming from the human race when dealing with any higher reality whether it be such as UFOlogy, religion, politics, philosophy, science or any human endeavor.

Good the op has reminded the people of this Hoax if it is one (I have yet to study the facts)

Bottom line, we’ll always have to separate the wheat from the chaff in this world

Indeed, the very nature of higher knowledge presupposes a lower realm of ignorance that will always intrude on the light with darkness.

Trust in God but tie your camel

posted on May, 15 2015 @ 11:51 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

Dear Readers,

Here the first reactions to this note of support of Apology by Richard Dolan,and his statement that he has the power to CLOSE the incident,with almost no Apology from his side.

Well I am respectfully very skeptical that Mr Dolan or any other of the Authors that endorsed the Show of Mexico city of the false evidence about the Roswell UFO incident have any power and even any moral authority to be able to CLOSE the incident, that is something only the public opinion can determine.

There is lack of humility in the statement of Mr Dolan, possibly also lack of courage, it seems he does not understand how grave is the situation and his position on it, something that Schmitt or Bragaglia are several times more aware to see clearly.

Something is clear from the most basic ethical point of view in all this so horrendous case:

An acceptable Apology deserves to be to the Ufology in general, to the public that along many years has consumed the books of these authors on the subject, to Mexico and USA as countries, to the public that paid her tickets to attend the show, to the Institutions that were damaged when their names were mentioned in the Scandal directly or indirectly, like UNAM , the National Auditorium of Mexico city or the National School of Forensic Medicine of Mexico, etc.

This in spite of what ever alive or death persons were damaged by this horrible misidentification Hoax , including the survival witnesses of the original Roswell incident and Dr Edward Mitchell. Of course this necessarily includes the alive relatives and friends of Mr Bernard Ray and Mrs Hilda Blair in Midland Texas that were also asked to give interviews to support the show.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 01:50 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Dear Readers,

Here a very interesting material that is possibly unique, it is the posted on the web, of Mr Jose Caravaca private
recent exchange of communications with Jaime Maussan, after the show of May 5th, that became public thanks to the decision of the
Spanish researcher and UFO Conjecture website since Yesterday to disclose it.

On this communication Jaime Maussan is entering in a lot of contradictions with respect to the actual
decisions and attitudes of the other members of the Committee of experts that presented with him the
Slides in Mexico city on May 5th, but posted apology notes in their respective sites on the last days.

It comes to my attention his attacks to Mr Anthony Bragaglia, as well as his denial of what everybody has seen
in the label tag that appeared in the Slide identified it as a mummy of a museum.

The fact here is that the identification of the body that appeared on the slide that Jaime Maussan showed in Mexico city,
to belong to a Native american boy mummy of Mesa Verde, as it was mentioned in the apology of Anthony
Bragaglia, is already carried out by Roger Glassel, even confirmed with museum records and it does not give space to doubts.

Here is the link to it:

I only can add that the letter of Mr Maussan to Mr Caravaca is extremely worrying more than disappointing, it reveals a really
confused mind that resists to confront the reality, it wants to continue living in the past, in a mirage before to assume the weight of the responsibility and try to repair the damages.

I feel we are witnessing possibly the End of a career in this field. It would be interesting to see for how long Televisa, Galavision Channel and the National Forensic Institute of Mexico will continue tolerating this situation.

from letter of Jaime Maussan.
Mr. Jose Antonio Caravaca:

With regard to your question about whether it was true that Messrs. Don Schmitt and Tom Carey were thinking of declaring that the images of so-called Roswell Slides correspond to a Mummy, I want to assure you that has no basis.Messrs. Schmitt and Carey are convinced of the authenticity of the evidence and what they signify is presented a Being who has no human characteristics.

We consider that so far there have been explained scientifically dozens of anomalies in the Self. With regard to Mr Adam Dew is not making a documentary to discredit this case and as we do not doubt his honesty in the investigation of the origin of such evidence.

Therefore we consider that it is the same disinformation operation that has been developed to try to make the public believe that it is the image of a Mummy, without having presented only circumstantial evidence and elements; such as the same placard, so like well the possible exhibition of this being in a museum.

We are very interested in finding that body if possible, or if exist more pictures that allow broaden our research.

On the other hand I would like to comment that the participation of Mr. Anthony Bragalia were just merely try to find a mummy that had the same characteristics of the images. According to Mr. Bragalia investigated more than 400 different cases and could not find him.

Resulting truly suspect that Mr. Bragalia have found the alleged mummy, just hours after they were released the images even more suspicious is that now Mr. Bragalia be declared the most important investigator of the case by those who have expressed openly against.

In fact I do not know Mr. Bragalia, I've never talked to him and therefore lacks the moral authority to be considered the most important investigator of this case.

Clearly we are in the midst of a disinformation operation whose sole intention is to sow doubt about a case that has drawn the attention of public opinion.

I strongly reject all the accusations against me. Throughout my career I have always maintained a conduct of honesty. So far on any occasion they were presented evidence to the contrary, only doubts and speculations.

Thank you for your attention and interest in the event Bewitness definitely the best place in the history of this phenomenon."



The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 03:29 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Dear Readers,

As it appears in the communication of Jaime Maussan to Jose Caravaca, posted yesterday in the web, and that it was in my previous reply, and also since today there are a lot of reports of the Twitter activity of the Mexican journalist, in which supposedly he insists to dismiss the findings of Mr Bragaglia about the truly identity of the body showed in the slide, and even questions his authority in the subject, here let me post a link to a memorandum of the Air force that shows clearly how old is his career on the UFO research.

Here a memorandum of The Air force dated on January 1975 sent to Mr Anthony Bagaglia,

Here one of his articles on the subject of August of 2009

Another of his findings on Roswell incident dated on 2009

This is a german UFO site that use to publish his work.

Here the question is :

How Mr Jaime Maussan can say who is Anthony Bragaglia? responding the questions of the people that have contacted him after it was revealed that his slide was not related at all with Roswell? Who is in misinformation campaign here?


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 04:42 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Dear Readers,

There is still one statement that remains true in the bold accusations from Jaime Maussan, against the dismissal of the slides as a clear case of missidentification because there is plot involved in all this debunking of them.

It is his statement that Tom Carey remains convinced that the slides are authentic. Moreover, he seems to be as far to give up as right now is Mr Maussan.

Here below it is the statement of Mr Carey from what is posted since Yesterday in the web.

Mr Carey claims that the unblurring of the placard, label or tag attached to the supposed mummy is not reliable, he does not believe on it and he says that the reason is that various reputed professional laboratories were contacted to carry out this task before the slides were showed in public and they coudn't recover any text.

Here is this part of his statement:

Regarding the placard, we quickly determined that
(1) its content would be key to interpreting the slides; and
(2) we could not read it.

- So, we sent copies to Dr. David Rudiak and Dr. Donald Burleson. Both had done exemplary work in trying to decipher the so-called "Ramey Memo" - a situation very similar to placard issue here. Both responded to us that the placard was "unreadable."
- Through a contact, we had the Photo Interpretation Unit at the Pentagon in Washington, DC take a look at it. They said that it was "unreadable."
- A copy went to a company in New York now requesting anonymity that conducted the analysis on a major historical artifact. That company's response to us was that the placard was "unreadable."
- Another copy went to the people at Adobe, Inc. (manufacturers of Adobe Photoshop and the Adobe Reader on your computer). Their response? "It's unreadable."
- A copy also was also sent to aggressive Roswell researcher Anthony Bragalia who also reported to me that it was "unreadable." (Bragalia has now aggressively joined in with our critics).

Our own computer guy says that he applied the "SmartDeblur" software to the placard over a year ago without any success. He did so again this week to an enhanced, sharper version of the placard with the latest edition of the "SmartDeBlur" program, again without success.

Now, we are told (not asked) to believe that a cast of characters, one of whom has clearly become unhinged and was himself party to a known UFO body hoax some years ago, has used the same program (SmartDeBlur) on a distorted, "screen-grab" of the placard and is somehow able to "read" it when all of the above, some of whom had much more sophisticated equipment and techniques at their disposal, could not. I ask you, what's wrong with this picture?

So what we have here? a new Hypothesis of resolution of the crisis that this slide have created in UFOLOGY? that there is major conspiracy that has reached or intimidated also certain sectors of the Ufologists that want to expose to ridicule the dream team of Roswell and destroy the careers of their members?

Is Jaime Maussan after all possibly correct in some of his statements, at least in part? or Is Mr Carey so linked with the validation of the slides that he believe there is no way to save his career even if he apologize? so he has decided to partner Maussan in to manufacture a novel of conspiracy?


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on May, 15 2015 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Dear Readers,

Exploring more in detail the hypothesis of Tom Carey and Jaime Maussan, it is interesting to comment that among the people that have debunked the slides as to be taken from a mummy of a museum there is an evident contradiction that still remains unsolved and intrigues me a lot, that we don't have one only single version but three different stories of what is what the slide is showing:

1) On the first report discrediting the material, I read it from what Mr Jose Caravaca posted just hours after the show in the National Auditorium of Mexico city at May 5th, it was said that the slides corresponded to an Egyptian child mummy that was discovered in the city of Thebes (Egypt) in 1856, and was transferred to the Wistar Philadelphia) museum in 1860 and subsequently forwarded to the Smithsonian (Washington, DC) in 1956. John Greenewald’s Statemen on May 8th 2015 at the Black Vault website also supported that it was probably that Egyptian mummy. He referred to the research carried out by David Hunt on that mummy at the Smithsonian.

2) There was a second version that place the actual mummy in the Million dollar museum at White City, NM. Geologists Like Bernard Ray spend a lot of their time in caves, mines, and caverns. New Mexico is the state in which the famous Carlsbad Caverns National Park is located. Only a handful of miles from the Carlsbad Caverns is White’s City, the origins of which date back to the latter part of the 1920s. Up until a few years ago White’s City, New Mexico, was home to something called the Million Dollar Museum.
Although now closed, the Million Dollar Museum (which “existed early in White’s City’s history”) was the site of numerous oddities, including child-mummies, and various human and animal curiosities.

3)Now, as soon as Anthony Bragaglia apology was posted the story changed a lot and become the mummy of a native American boy that is on the museum of Mesa Verde, California. He posted to explain how it arrived to that place the following text : “A splendid mummy was received by the Park Museum recently when Mr. S.L. Palmer Jr. of San Francisco returned one that his father had taken from the ruins in 1894. The mummy is that of a two year old boy and is in an excellent state of preservation. At the time of burial the body was clad in a slip-over cotton shirt and three small cotton blankets.

Why three different versions of how the hoax or missidentification happened? Why three very different origins and actual location? It is a native American mummy of New Mexico or California ?or an Egyptian one? Are these mere hypotheses or actual facts? Is this a clear and determinant identification of the body in the slide or mere speculations?

Finally ,Is it possible that something of what Jaime Maussan and Tom Carey say, who is a veteran of the US Air Force, might be true? that there is a kind conspiracy against the slides and Bewitness 2015?

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness
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posted on May, 17 2015 @ 01:07 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

Thanks for all the well researched info. I'm not knocking Jaime's credentials, just his gullibility and strange beginnings in the phenomenon. It would be the equivalent of Dan Rather to do a UFO piece and never coming back. I used to respect him and loved his new enthusiasm. Over the years I've grown to see him as a charlatan. Perhaps a true believer but endorse any ridiculous film or story just to keep the soup stirred and the dineros in his pocket. I've seen the man recently defend a film which was hoaxed and continue to do so after the hoaxers came clean. This is a dying topic for old school researchers such as myself who have little patience for BS now.
Thanks again

posted on May, 18 2015 @ 09:25 AM
a reply to: MonsterMash

Dear MonsterMash,

Well, as I pointed before I have found many contradictions in the statements and the information released by the ones that have come to debunk what it was shown in Mexico city. These contradictions are so many that I have started to think that we have here something really strange going on, I can't say that I believe in all what Maussan or Carey says but I am starting to give the benefit of the doubt.

For instance why if two slides were recovered every body is pointed their darts to only one single image? what happen with the second slide found in that box? also the enumeration by Kodak chrome of the slides clearly shows they were at least three slides that were taken in the same museum or military installation, either if you believe or not in the evidence showed.

It has been only after the event of Mexico city that first images of the second slide appeared posted by the team of Maussan, here they are :

The only distinction in between the two slides is that the person that was in the background, the woman of the blue-Gray dress and white blouse, has moved to the right. The identity of this person I am absolutely sure is determinant to know where exactly the slides were taken.

Also we have now an extremely important evidence that may lead us to a really actual precise identification of the place it was taken the two slides. In the set of all the slides that were in the same box, there is one slide that correspond the same woman that is standing up behind the glass in to so called Roswell Slides, but now we have an extremely clear image of her face.

Surprisingly this woman is not Mrs Hilda Ray, as many thought initially, is another person and her identification is key to know where these slides were taken:

We know this is the same woman that appears in the Roswell slides because she is wearing exactly the same skirt and dress.

Now, in that slide you can see in the background wall what appears to be either two mirrored images or two mannequins hanging from the wall , and I can see clearly that at least one correspond to a Soldier with WWII uniform.

Why a Soldier in a Museum devoted to Southwest Archaeology or Indian mummies ? why a so large nice model of a transatlantic boat in a museum that supposedly must be located in an Archaeological National park like Mesa Verde in Colorado or one of curiosities of the old west in a relatively small place like White City NM?

Here the same picture but with higher resolution.

How we know that this mysterious woman was not Hilda BLair Ray in 1940s? because we have a picture of her at that time and it is clearly not hers. Moreover, other slide that was in the same set and box show an unidentified woman aside President Eisenhower that seems to be the same mysterious woman of the Roswell slides.

Pls check this:

Now, for the ones that are attacking with determination the evidence, to what UFO incident in New Mexico these slides don't correspond? because in 1947 there were at least three crashes of UFO all occurred in the desert of NM.

Suppose this don't correspond to the one of July 8th of 1947, in Roswell, but how about the one that occurred just days after the first impact in the town of Sn Agustin, NM? or the one of white sands that even was before to it?

Air Force Lt. Col. Richard French
"The first one was shot down by an experimental U.S. airplane that was flying out of White Sands, N.M., and it shot what was effectively an electronic pulse-type weapon that disabled and took away all the controls of the UFO, and that's why it crashed."

Comment from discussion on Art Campbell and Chuck Wade findings in Sn Agustin, NM
The story fits the site of the crash of the third element of the Roswell crash, the crash at the "Plains of San Agustin". In that story an Archeologist stumbles on the site with a summer field class, photographs and gets to inspecting the craft and occupants before the Army shows up and takes control of the site.

The three different crashes around the same area in NM are clearly described in the recently discovered "INTERPLANETARY PHENOMENON UNIT SUMMARY INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENT File ref. 001947122-A.1206.

This IPU document describes three UFO crash/retrieval sites referred to as LZ-1 (Landing Zone 1) between Roswell and Corona, New Mexico; LZ-2 (Landing Zone 2) near the Trinity site on White Sands Proving Ground aka White Sands Missile Range; and LZ-3 (Landing Zone 3)
30 miles east of Alamogordo on the Mescalero Indian Reservation, all occurring between July 2 and 6, 1947.

Thanks for your comment,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 18 2015 @ 10:04 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

We are in total agreement Angel of Light. I share your opinions on the matter as well. Thanks for all your work and input!

posted on May, 18 2015 @ 12:41 PM

I agree with your assessment of Dolan. He endorsed the slides, now he's saying to close the case. Obviously he realizes the potential harm this could do to his career. So, he just says to ignore his words and actions and keep on buying his books, and everything will be ok.

posted on May, 18 2015 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: MonsterMash

Dear MonsterMash,

We don't know yet certainly who is the mysterious lady in the grey-blue dress, whose face is only visible in the picture with the Transatlantic model, but according with a very extensive discussion in which Anthony Bragaglia was taken part, before the show of Mexico city, it seems the place that photo was taken would be the Mariner's Museum in VA.

It seems the people that were trying to identify the museum , with Anthony Bragaglia spoke with a curator at the museum and they were sure that it was part of their collection.

So What we have now? the lady that appears photographed with the alien was also in the Mariners Museum at New port , VA. That is quite intriguing, who is this lady? a good friend of Hilda Ray?

Here an Image of a Transatlantic that is right now in exhibition in the Mariners Museum at New port. It seems to be the same of the picture of the mysterious lady, isn't it? please judge by yourselves.

If this identification is correct, and it seems the probability is so high after to find a transatlantic model that is practically indentical to the one showed in one of the slides of HIlda Blair Ray, it is clear that what ever is depicted in the so called Roswell slides was unlikely to be located in Mesa Verde,CO or in White City, NM, but somewhere in the east coast of the country. In other words the thesis that this was a native American boy is more or less nothing but a novel invented by Tony Bragaglia and by Jose Antonio Caravaca respectively.

Is this finding pointing to the possibility of the Smithsonian Institute Museum in DC, or to a Military Installation in that same city? perhaps The Pentagon?


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 18 2015 @ 02:06 PM
the vast amount of sightings over the decades by military and civilian people, makes me a believer regardless of the few flaky people that inhabit the discussion.

posted on May, 18 2015 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: jimmyx

Well Jimmyx,

I am not precisely a believer in the authenticity of the slides, but since the moment that versions started to run about what was depicted on them it was clear for me that there were a lot of speculations, that there was not consistency in the discourse of the different researchers that were trying to debunk them.

Now, after two weeks we have seen a lot of progress to try to establish the origin and the weight of these slides, for instance right now we know the identity of the other two parts that tried unsuccessfully to unblur the placard, something that is really important since now there is a lot of people claiming that it was relatively easy with the proper software to do so.

Now, in this new information, two things are clear, first that the content of the placard was never so evident to guess, second that only some words were deciphered but not a complete statement as now the people is saying, nothing like mummy of three year old boy.

The identity of the two additional parts, are:

Ray Downing of Studio Macbeth, at New York City, that carried an exhaustive photographic analysis of the Shroud of Turin years ago.

Col. Jeffrey Thau that sent the image of the placard to the Pentagon photo interpretation department.

From what I have found exploring the information of the slides deeply is that there is no solid proof at all to associate them with either Mesa Verde National park in Colorado or with the Million dollar museum of White City, NM.

It Is easier to try to associate them to the Smithsonian Museum at Washington DC, but even in that line of research there is no definitive evidence that close the case. In other words this wouldn't be any native American boy, but possibly an Egyptian mummy, in the worst of the cases.

Now, one really important endorsement to the slides that has not been removed is the one of Dr Edgar Mitchell, that still believe they are authentic. He took part in Bewitness event at Mexico city on May 5th 2015.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 19 2015 @ 10:03 AM
a reply to: The angel of light

Dear Readers ,

I like the last statements of Jaime Maussan , probably is the best attitude he has showed since the scandal exploded. He is acting with courage and determination to put end to this controversy, his decision to offer money for a much recent photo of the same body that appears in the so called Roswell slides or for who ever can provide the mummy itself is interesting.

I am sure a lot of museums around the country are thinking on his proposition, after all 10,000 dollars is not a bad reward to just say where is located a small Egyptian or Native American Mummy, and 5000 dollars for just new photos is an excellent reward, if it really exists and it is exactly the one of the slides.

Lets try to be fair in all this business, without exaggerations and also without tabloid headings, just limiting ourselves to the actual facts, without personal interpretations.

If we check the slides that Maussan showed in Mexico city and we check the photos that we have of the mummies in White City and in the Smithsonian there is similarity but they are not exactly the same.

I have analyzed in detail the images and they don't match at 100% , I can say that the best they fit is:

1) around 75% in the case of the Million dollar museum of White City, where the two heads are of very different shape, plus the faces in different angle with respect to the body, and
2) about 80% with respect to the Smithsonian, where the features of the 2 faces are not the same, the distance in between eyes and chin and the length of the forehead are different,
3) In Maussan's slide body there is missing the left leg something that neither in the museum of Washington DC nor in White city is the case.

4) No body has provided a photo of the so called mummy of Mesa Verde National Park. Anthony Bragaglia only showed a document of the museum that supposedly describes it verbally, but no picture at all.

So the move of Maussan is really intelligent, he has detected that in the deep end there is people that is trying to crucify him without even having a uncontroversial evidence of the crime, just circumstantial arguments.

No body has shown yet a definitive evidence that he is wrong, just only mere conjectures or speculations. Lets see if now we can have the actual Mummy we are looking for or if this story have a different outcome of what we have seen until now .


Now, even if Maussan finally is exposed with an Actual mummy fitting 100% what he showed in National Auditorium of Mexico city we must be sure that Adam Dew didn't fool him. It is important to determine if Maussan had all the time high resolution copies of the slide in order to determine who is the real guilty of anything, what is the weight of the responsibilities.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 19 2015 @ 05:07 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Dear Readers,

We all have read about these slides since 2009, they were not manufactured by Jaime Maussan, but only when they are used to arrange a mega event is that the people start to talk openly on them. I think if there was a hoax is not just the responsibility of the dream team, there were many parts that could react on time before.

I am wondering if the slides are not what it was said they were perhaps there is really somebody in behind the scene that wanted to destroy all the Roswell culture, and created the myth around them, just to use them as a formidable weapon against UFOlogy?

Why the media or press waited just to the night of the presentation to condemn the slides in a clear and determinant way? my guessing is that also the ones that oppose it were working hardly to be ready with their own product to carry out this campaign.

It is disgusting to see the way the media is trying to find a escaping goat, a foreign journalist, in a problem that has had a long chain of events preceding it, and along all those stages the slides were all the time here in America. This mummy or body has attracted many vultures that are fighting for it.


The Angel of Lightness

posted on May, 19 2015 @ 05:30 PM
UFOs are hoax magnets to say the least. Be it for disinformation purposes or just malicious intent, the damage is always done. I don't think Maussan would willingly put a hoax up for public consumption as he would simply have too much to lose. He may have just had a simple lapse in skepticism which should always be present when presented with any UFO evidence.

95% of all UFO evidence could be hoaxed for all I care as I know they are real due to my personal experiences and those of some of my trusted friends. We live near a place that has a long history of attracting them. One friend of mine who contested my experiences from his religious ideology had two experiences himself several months ago that introduced him to the reality of the phenomena.

The countless UFO hoaxes are not evidence that UFOs actually do not exist. They are a reason to always be skeptical though.

posted on May, 20 2015 @ 07:49 AM
a reply to: pdawg67

Dear pdawg67,

I agree with you, the people of the dream team is more responsible than even Maussan in all this incident, but above anybody else if there was a hoax maliciously designed , Adam Dew is who has the highest weight of responsibility either in the civil aspects of the case as in any possible criminal implication.

Before to see Jaime Maussan sent to Jail, necessarily we should witness Tom Carey, Don Schmitt and Richard Dolan going as well, and of course the first one to enter in any prison cell should be Adam Dew.

In Tony Bragaglia, that also might be implied in some way, as in Don Schmitt apologies it is clear that Adam Dew didn't provide the high resolution photographies on time to anybody else.

It is also true that all the months there are a lot of UFO sightings around the world, so this phenomenon is undeniable, but Roswell is unique in many aspects, especially since the incident produced actual bodies and spacecrafts, or their remains would be captured.

One interesting question that remain unanswered is how the slides of this Texan couple traveled from their town to Arizona? how Adam Dew acquired them? who else is implied in the beginning?


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 20 2015 @ 02:25 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

Dear Readers,

That Mesa Verde mummy must have pictures somewhere, where are those photos? This is the only mummy of the three that have been mentioned related with the slides that nobody has shown even a single picture, quite ironic that it is precisely the one that now has more sympathy among the so called debunkers of the Roswell slides!.

If they are not available we still have more of the same , just speculations, one Myth is being replaced by another legend. The believers myth is substituted by the skepticals one! in the deep end one group is not much different than the other, since all have decided to Trust in others criteria instead to look for direct access to actual hard evidence.

Now, at this point of the discussion pictures are not good enough, we need to determine where the mummy is? we need to have access to it, that is the only way to recover the public opinion confidence seriously damaged on Ufology, to finish this Scandal.

This is a very sensate and responsible request, it is extremely logical and natural considering all what have occurred with the beliefs propagation in all this scandal.

Kong Fu Tse said 2500 years ago that an image says more than a thousand words, well give us fresh images of that so nice specimen of mummy. Let modern scientists to analyze it, let us be able to judge by ourselves, don't ask us to rely in old Museum records of a time in which people constrained by false religious interpretations or prejudges even didn't accept the existence of life in other planets!.

It is not that I want to continue believing in a Myth, is that the ones that came to destroy the myth of the Roswell slides want to replace it with the Myth of what really is That the written records of the XIX century of a museum in Mesa Verde are describing?, or a Newspaper of that time?

Why we must trust them? supposedly Mr and Mrs Ray blair were in tour there , well if that hypothesis is true, just in 1947. Hence, if it is that mummy the one that appears depicted on the slide, that means it should be still in the collection of the museum.

So why we must believe in what a functionary wrote more than a century ago while we are living in the era of Information, in which updated data and Images are what really matter?.


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on May, 20 2015 @ 02:30 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

I don't see it as damage, or not much, really.

People should approach UFO research with a skeptical eye. Any story that doesn't involve finding a spaceship with aliens sitting on Main Street, should be approached with a skeptics eye/ear.

The topic is so overloaded with Crap that it dwarfs the cryptozoology topic.

That's probably a little strange for someone who claims (myself) to have seen a Sasquatch, and a USO...

Science should be skeptical. So, too, should UFO research.

posted on May, 20 2015 @ 03:43 PM
a reply to: seagull

Well Dear Seagull,

Let me say that my personal belief in the possibility of life in the outer space is not compromised at all with this scandal, even does not depend on the credibility of Roswell.

I have had also my personal experiences that allow me to develop my own opinion on the topic, but I prefer to reserve that for myself and my most immediate circle of friends, since anyway I have opened here a thread in which I must remain absolutely neutral.

Nevertheless, This thread was not opened to attack the Roswell indicidents of July 1947, there were at least three, it was opened to dig in the issue of he slides until the bottom.

Now, let me draw you a merely hypothetic possibility that few have thought here:

Assume that the mummy actually exist and it is in any museum, also assume that any researcher or any other person motivated by the awards offered by Mr Maussan finds it. Suppose too that the institution where this mummy is located allow a checking of it by modern scientists, including various independent teams.

If at the end of the story those tests show that the creature is not human, in spite to be a mummy, as one professor of the National Forensic institute of Mexico says, supporting Maussan claims, then who is right now the favorite villain of the Ufology and the object of all the mockery should turn to be immediately the maximum Hero of this discipline.

If those supposed children mummies of the native Americans are really extraterrestrial bodies of the ancient past preserved by their ancestors or by the dessert environmental conditions, then the Roswell incident will appear to be as Joke in comparison with such a finding.

Why to mummify a boy, that probably didn't live enough to have done nothing important in his life span? in many cultures like the Egyptians that was normally a luxury or honor reserved only for the principals of the society.

Anybody that would find evidence that in ancient Americas there were other Roswell incidents should immediately jump to the most important position in the Ufology and even on science, he or she would be like another Christopher Columbus in History.

Don't forget that in the same area where the incidents of 1947 happened there was once many centuries ago an entire civilization, the Anasazi, that disappeared mysteriously without leaving any trail to be followed by the archaeologists.

Of course this is a mere hypothesis, but my intuition says me that it is the ace up the sleeve of Mr Jaime Maussan, perhaps the only good reason to risk all, his money, his job, his career and even his life to publish a so doubtful evidence. Don't forget that this journalist comes from a country that has one of the most important and intriguing archaeological patrimonies of Humanity, and there are many mysteries not solved in its past, including many intriguing questions about its civilizations, the Mayas is just an example.

Lets see if the mummy appears and what can we learn from it. Possibly this is just a conjecture, I am sure many may accuse me to be a dreamer or a novelist, I am not Garcia Marquez or Jose Zaramago , but I remain still interested into see the final outcome of this slides , also who is the last to laugh in this scandal, chances are that the last apologize could come from the less expected side and to the less expected person.


The Angel of Lightness

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