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US police kill more citizens in 1 month then Brits do in 100+ years

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posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 08:05 AM

originally posted by: joshsnyderB
a reply to: Ex_MislTech

makes you wonder what the real agenda is.

No I do not wonder, and they are not shy about telling the public either.

You go back to "Limits to Growth", "Eco Science", and other depopulation
writings and speeches and they do no hide their intent, though I think
most of the cops are not fully aware of what they being dragged into.

posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 08:06 AM

originally posted by: gort51
a reply to: Ex_MislTech

. It may come as a shock to you, but England used the American Colonies to ship prisoners for 100+ years before Australia.....
England shipped MORE prisoners to America than Australia, and for a longer period, didnt know that did you?
So no silly comments anymore thankyou.

The only comparison for police killing I could find quickly, was from 2011. (from a 2014 business article).
Police Deaths in the USA for 2011....404.
Police deaths in England..................2.
Police Deaths in Australia................6.
Police deaths in Germany.................6.

Im sure there are many many worse countries out there, as stated Brazil...3 times more than the USA.!!

Provide a link for reference or you are just pulling numbers out of your backside.

posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 08:10 AM

originally posted by: Shamrock6

originally posted by: Ex_MislTech

originally posted by: Shamrock6

originally posted by: Ex_MislTech

originally posted by: Chadwickus
a reply to: Ex_MislTech

Hmmm Australia have more deaths from police that the UK too...

Brazil is 3 times than the US.

Statistics are fun!

Well Australia was the penal colony from the UK so it would
make sense that they might be a bit more violent down there.

Is that a serious statement? If so, that is ludicrously ignorant.

You can be an insulting ignorant troll if you want, but genetic disposition
toward violence and genetic memory are both proven.

Planarian worm memory experiments

Genetic Aggression

So troll boy, got some more insults for me ???

Seriously? Twice with the name calling? Because I said its ignorant to dismiss the behavior of an entire continent based on the history of a portion of their population?

"Troll!" Strong argument

You title of shill is more to your liking then troll, so be it !

Shill I shall refer to you as you seem quite accustom to it.

posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 08:51 AM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs

THAT'S why they are moving to privatize your police forces bit by bit
I would also say there are FAR more people here despite some police apparently loosing their minds.
While I'm baffeled at the sanity of firing on, what to ME would be NON HOSTILE individuals,I won't bad mouth our law enforcement as a whole. I very much doubt my brother as a detective would do this at all he serves on a SWAT team as well.
Family trait I suppose,although to HIM I am weird as well.
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posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 09:57 AM
a reply to: cavtrooper7

One morning I saw a man wearing an equipment belt rushing down my neighbours drive. My first thought was, "That television repair man is in a hurry". I stepped out of my door to see what was happening. I was confronted by an armed policeman rushing towards me. He stopped, hesitated for a moment looking at my face then said, "Excuse me. Do you mind if I go through there?" indicating over my property to the neighbours garden. I waved him through.

What influence do the body language and facial expressions in the first seconds have?

posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 09:58 AM
It would be interesting to see a breakdown of police killings by state.

I strongly suspect that the incidence is lower in California, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York, where gun laws are more regulated - hence less pressure for a trigger-happy response by state police.

posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 12:32 PM
a reply to: Kester

There (I HOPE) is still some measure of respect from what I know of your law enforcement.
Here they are about domination immediately and it would read to you as rude I'm sure.
ACTUALLY drawing their side arm and firing IS not at ALL acceptable and I don't KNOW how come all this is happening so often, lately.
There is an "X" factor going on I would suspect that men of lower character are doning the uniforms or one of the Psychotropic drugs doctors love to push may be at fault.
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posted on Apr, 10 2015 @ 12:36 PM

posted on Apr, 11 2015 @ 07:29 AM

originally posted by: Bspiracy
a reply to: Ex_MislTech

United Kingdom = 65 mil preople
USA = 318 mil

basic math shows the UK is more effed up than the usa


Is this Common Core maths at work?

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