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Most of you are NOT a child of God - Here is the proof.

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posted on Feb, 22 2015 @ 05:46 PM

originally posted by: Seede
That is if your interested but God and Jesus knows who you mean so really does it make all that much difference?

Does it make a difference to who the the creator God or Yahoshua are?…no however it makes a HUGE difference to the person because it is indicative of something much deeper.

My neighbors name is Jose.I know this because he told me.He is of Mexican descent.Since he said his name is Jose I call him Jose not the english transliteration Joe because he lives in the USA.Why he told me his name is Jose instead of Joe I have no idea.If he said it was Joe I would call him Joe.It is “his “ name an not mine.He may identify himself as Jose because his father name is Jose also and that name and identity to his father is very important to him.By disregarding the significance of his name I would be disrespecting him and would be the basis for me not knowing(and respecting) Jose.

I could say Jose knows that I mean Jose If I call him Joe but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to him.This is hypothetical and may have very little consequences beyond my neighbor relationship with Jose. however the name of the creator God and the son of the creator God is another matter and has at it’s root the problem I just described.To not know the creator God and the fathers son name has an instrincint attribute attached to it…not knowing them.

If you were to have a meeting with Prince Charles of Wales I would highly suspect you would want to know how to address them with a proper name an title(yo Chucky!!).Why should you be so lackadaisical with the creator God.After all he knows good and well what their name is why should it matter what you call them.I am not suggesting unless you know the correct pronunciation of the creator God or Yahoshuas name they will be dismissive. What it does is provide ample evidence of is the condition of a relationship on your part.

To hold the creator God or Yahoshuas name in such low regard as ‘they know who I am talking to” is what comes into question first.Why settle for it doesn’t make much difference what I call them when it is very simple to get at least in the ballpark and be respectful.The information is readily available.You don’t have to know Hebrew or Greek. The most significant aspect of what the creator Gods and Yahoshuas name is what they mean which is intrinsic to what “name” means.

Name has been devalued to just be “what” you call someone(so what difference does it make).It has not always been so (and rightly so).A name is the nature and character of the thing or person named.That is evident in the scriptures when a persons name got changed.Like Abram to Abraham (father of many nations).Jacob(heel catcher,conniver) to Israel(struggles with God,God rules).

Yahweh the name translated from the Hebrew means “I will be what I will be”.That is the most universal name because the creator God has infinite names.Yahoshua (the son of the creator God) is “Yah(Yahweh) is salvation/deliverance.These are the “names of the father the creator God and the son of the creator God.To know them is to know their nature and character.


posted on Feb, 22 2015 @ 05:46 PM
Here is where the problem lies.Christianity has devalued both names and does not “know” them because they deny both the father and the son.The creator God is not the “I will be what I will be” in Christianity.Christianity say they believes the creator God is a benevolent father yet also believe their God is a heinous unjust monster.It cannot be both.They have in effect made a God in their own image giving it a name”nature and character” like their own.

They justify this by saying that their God MUST punish evil to be just and all of mankind is evil,yet they exempt themselves from justice by a religious doctrine of “faith” and have granted themselves a full pardon without justice at all which leads to the blasphemous doctrine of the eternal punishment of hell.The fact is ALL of mankind is 100% accountable for ALL they do.How that accounting is tabulated is not known however it is not a pardon from guilt as Christianity believes.There will be a “reckoning” for all regardless of false religious beliefs.

This is the root of not “knowing the creator Gods name.The foundation is false.To believe the creator God’s nature and character are even one thing that is not true is to leaven the whole lump of dough.Which leads to the name of the son of the creator God.Yahoshua clearly explained it to the disciples that he was the seed/son of the creator God..the Yahoshua hamashiach.Simon-Peter even had it revealed to him by the father(as did all the disciples).

To not “know” this name is to not know the son and hence not know the creator God the father.Christianity has reduced the name of Yahoshua to mean nothing(because it makes no difference).It is little more than a vain empty incantation to say with a prayer.It is a idol to visual.A face of their religious beliefs.However “their” Jesus is a person that does not exist as they believe that takes a multitude of forms.Many believe they have seen Jesus when they have not at all.It was an idol of their mind because the Jesus of Christianity does not exist.

Yahoshua does not exist as a man because they were the seed/son of the creator God.Their name means deliverance of the creator God because that is their nature and character.Their purpose as the seed is accomplished(it is done) Christianity does not know this at all.They believe THEY alone who believe THEIR doctrine are the only ones who will be delivered.The name of Yahoshua does not leave any options to the fact that All of mankind will be delivered whether they believe they want to or not.The creator Gods will WILL be done on earth as it is in the heavens.Mans will has no impact on that fact at all except to strive against it and cause the effect of their struggle with the creator God (Israel).

Even Jacob/Israel eventually gave up the struggle because they could not win.God’s will will be done in spite of mans false belief that THEY have a will free of cause.The creator God is never giving man a method to work the creator Gods will out.It is completely implausible and futile.The only thing the creator God has done that man can know is give a testimony of the truth in names.It doesn’t matter one bit what anyone believes, belief does not make something truth.The only thing that matters of belief is if that belief is true then when it is known it is no longer believed.The creator God gives “confirmation” of those truths through their word(the enacting of the truth).

The truth is Yahoshua…the creator God IS salvation for ALL of mankind.That is very, very important and makes a HUGE difference.To cavalierly believe that it makes no difference they know what I mean is the point.Yes they know their name …but many that believe they do… don’t.

To “know” Yahoshuas name is to know ..Yahoshua.This is always what Yahoshua meant and the disciples meant.They never meant the pronunciation (everyone then knew that)They never meant some religious doctrine of belief.When John or Peter said in the name of Yahoshua the anointing stand up and walk to a cripple person it was not an incantation of “God magic” by invoking a name.They knew what the name was and were proclaiming I am not doing this the creator God is delivering you so stand up and walk you are already healed.They never said first you must “believe” in the sacrifice of Jesus blah blah blah….

The bottom line is man has turned what Yahoshua and the disciples said and did into meaningless religion.They mindlessly babble(pray) in a name they know nothing of.Yahoshua said this is what prayer is:

Our father in my heavens.Hallowed(perfect) be your NAME.Your kingdom has come your will WILL be done on earth as it is in my heavens…

..that almost says it all about names.Yahoshua told his disciples babbling on with vain repetitions (Jesus, Jesus, Jesus) is for those that do not know the creator God because it is all they know because they do not know their name.I expounded on this basic principle in a previous post above of the significance of knowing (summing) names.The truth in knowing names always sum to Yahoshua..the creator God is deliverance.

posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 03:36 AM
a reply to: Seede

Good luck trying to make personal contact with our Creator then...

That is the difference!

posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 03:45 AM
a reply to: Seede

The Messiah would come from David's seed... it does not say through or from David's descendants' seed.

If we can freeze eggs and sperm to keep or preserve them, surely then so can God use David's own seed - thus bypassing but yet holding true to the curse on Jeconiah !

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posted on Feb, 23 2015 @ 04:38 PM
a reply to: Seede

In the Hebrew language, names have an inherent meaning, which is why Abram was changed to Abraham and Jacob to Israel. This is why it is important to get the name and pronunciation right!

It does seriously matter, if you are inadvertently and repeatedly calling the object of your worship a 'twat', for instance. You're saying they won't mind and it doesn't matter, because they know who you mean... Really?

My source for the names and pronunciation is Nehemia Gordon, a Karaite Jew from a long line of Rabbis, who holds a Masters Degree in Biblical Studies from the University of Jerusalem. He found the Name of God with all the vowel points noted and confirmed in both the Allepo Codex and the Leningrad Codex, and the name of the Son from Shem Tov's book of Matthew in the original Hebrew. (Please note, I'm naming these Biblical sources from my memory, which isn't too good these days.)

posted on Feb, 25 2015 @ 03:38 PM

originally posted by: Seede

According to the majority Greek manuscripts of most bibles today, most knowledgeable Christians do agree on major doctrinal points but still do, unfortunately, embrace religious politics. That is the main reason I stay away from denominations. Once caught in that snare it then becomes death to biblical discernment.

Your knowledge is exceptional Rex282 and simply because I understand biblical authors different than you does not necessarily mean that I am right. In fact many times I have had to swallow my own words.
Love you Brother

I apologize for being so verbose in this thread.However I wrote a lot in response to your posts.

Unfortunately most things Christianity sects agree on (like the eternal punishment of hell) are so far off base it disqualifies them from being credible.The fact is religious theology is completely unnecessary and is not truthful.It is the doctrines of men thatYahoshua spoke of.It was not limited to the Jews he was speaking to who had corrupted the scriptures for their religious agenda it is ALL religion.That is my point and has always been my point.

The fact is man cannot know the creator God by belief (religion) it is impossible.To condone any doctrine of religion is in effect to condone all of them( a little leaven corrupts the whole lump of dough).What has happened is mans doctrinal belief propagated through their theology of scriptures cannot know the creator God.That is something none can believe.It goes against everything a person is and that is precisely why it is true.

You have had that experience and are chipping away of the falsity of the things yo believed were true.However the reality isn’t that some of the things you believe aren’t true…it is ALL of them that aren’t true because they are leavened.When Yahoshua was not proclaiming the Good news he was decrying the doctrines of men.That is the cross that all must take up and bear….that everything they believe (perceive) is incorrect.That their perception of ALL life is false and nothing is as it seems.

That is what Yahoshua was alluding to of building a house (life) on sand and not rock.It was the culmination of everything he was telling the disciples from Matthew 5-7. Yahoshua said “many(the many are called..all of mankind) will be on the wide road that leads to the wide gate of destruction.The wide road is a persons Belief System religion the nature ALL of mankind was born with.It is the amalgamation of all of their experiences believed(perceived) through faith in their Belief System religion.

Christianity is a foundation of that “road”.Yahoshua was saying it all leads to the gate of destruction where it will be destroyed because it has to, to enter the narrow path of “knowing” that leads to the straight gate(deliverance from imperception of their religion beliefs) into LIFE.That is the kingdom of your heavens(mind) where the creator God rules (is king) and a person will “know”(commune) with the creator God.There is no other “way or truth” as Yahoshua said.

Man cannot and does not “deliver themselves by faith it is by grace(the power of the anointing..christ) that does it.The 1st path is belief in other words you are saved by grace “through(out of) faith..not of ANY works (including faith)…it is always the creator God doing the work.Belief in faith is mans natural condition.What they believe in faith is different for every person and all of it is incompatible with each other!It is multiple billions of free willy’s vying for “kingship” of life when none is to be found.That’s the rub….mankinds perception of life is out of whack with true reality BECAUSE of their false religion(what they believe they know!)

Until the creator God crucifies that religion at the gate of destruction the person is blind to reality.The true reality has NOTHING to do with “religion” at all.It is diametrically opposed to it in enmity as an adversary (satan).It should be obvious how mankind has created their own “virtual” reality in their “heavens”…however they are far from being kings having rule over their heavens.

This is what Yahoshua spoke of.He did not mean a heaven”somewhere out there” you go when you die…and yes I am very aware of your theology regarding this and the fact is you’re theology is very incorrect.You were incorrect about things before you believe with utter confidence and you are incorrect now.I am not condemning you (or anyone) it is just the nature of man to “believe” The Belief System religion because..they can do nothing else!

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