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Monster Energy is the work of Satan

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 05:43 PM
In the 80's, the fundies declared all rock n' roll, including xtian rock, of the devil. They also said Transformer toys were of the devil. The church leadership gets their congregations on a new "witch hunt" every so often, to keep them scared of the boogeyman, and indoctrinated. I also remember some album burnings, and book burnings around that time, which probably still happen occasionally.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 05:46 PM
a reply to: Klassified

Here's the issue.

Just because I see the imagery, icons, or sigils encoded into everythingot doesn't mean I believe what they do.

The point is not Christianity or satanism the point is what they believe to be the truth.

Also maybe some of them were right? Just because Christians conveyed the message doesn't change the message itself.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 05:48 PM

originally posted by: daaskapital
I think she raised some interesting points, but the work is done by marketers, not Satan, lol. Maybe they're marketers possessed by the evil one.

Obviously the last thing people should be worrying about is a stupid energy drink and its markings but in saying that also, the definition of Satan or Evil through the religius texts actually applies to many things we do in the modern world and people do not realise it. So marketers probably also fall under the label somehow.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 05:51 PM
a reply to: Klassified

No way Klass, you mean there were Christians denouncing the Devil?
In this day and age?

See how that works in two directions my brotha?

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:00 PM
No shes wrong the cross is in the correct orientation.

The T does not curve. Look again at the monster logo.

See how its a cross with an O around it?

And the cross is the symbol of the sword. Not a crusifixion device.

A sword has a long blade, It has a handle and it hase a Hilt. It has the bar right where the blade and the hilt meet to top the sword from slipping upward.

It's quite obvious what it is, As the 2 bottom ends meet at the tip. and ajoin at the Bar. Not the hilt or the tip of the blade.

If you want to look at it from another perspective, it is a magical sword. Say ummm Excalibur? And it is Lodged in stone?

Because that is also another metaphoric symbol for divine right given by God.

It is the same symbol of power that granted the priest to bestow the right to rule given by God.
So it is very likely that symbol is in fact a sword. And not just any sword but the royal sword of myth.

There is a legend that an item/relics with tablets will be seen among the living god when he arrives.
These are just some of the *holy Relics* believed to have existed and been worn/used by *God* himself.
That is where this myth takes on the role of soverign ruler because he who holds Gods sword, Staff, Helm Sheild and armor is the conqueror of the land.

By holding the sword, He was sent on a quest to retreive the other holy relics. Since they were christians. The holy Grail was next on their list. And that is where the story of king arthur comes from. They say he tossed the sword into a *Bottomless* lake. Never to be retrieved again.

But the fact he *Owned it* is what started the whole *King of the britians* thing.
Anyways if it was a cross hair, the 2 joining end would meet at the top. It would also look like an EYE.

They have made it an eye i think at some point in commercials but the symbol has never changed. It's always been a sword.

And what's with the 6s? The logo does not have a loop around the tip of the claw marks so how can it be 666? Pretty sure its 777

And besides all that. Monster cans are black and green. The color of green is the color of the messiah.

Emerald green is the colour in Scripture to convey the idea of moist, happiness, joy, prosperity; longevity green olive tree(Psa 52:8), youthfulness, fresh or young, refreshing , give cool shade and is usually applied to tree. The green tree type of man either bear fruit or barren / dry branch. (Mat 7:19; Luke 23;31) Green as in the green ears of corn voluntary oblation by Individual for the first fruit meal offering (Lev 2:14). We see man sit on the green grass when YAHSHUA feeding the 5,000. (Matt 6:39).The refreshing colour leads us to consider the coming Millenial rule of our L_rd Yeshua HaMashiach. It will be a reign of prosperity and blessing, and "a morning without clouds, as the tender grass springing out of the earth by clear shining after rain" Green is also used to symbolize prosperity so that in the first Trumpet of Judgment of Rev 8:7 "all green grass was burn up" Likewise in chapter 9:4 the demons released from the abyss will be forbidden to "hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree, but only those men who have not the seal of G_d in their foreheads. Other reference describe green : Psalm 23:2 (green Pastures contentment, rest, refreshment YHWH SHALOM) ; 2 Sam 23:4;

Those are 7s. 3 of them. 7 7 7. Isn't it obvious?
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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:02 PM
a reply to: onequestion

Just because I see the imagery, icons, or sigils encoded into everythingot doesn't mean I believe what they do.


The point is not Christianity or satanism the point is what they believe to be the truth.

I think the point is xtianity in this case. It is mostly from fundamentalist xtianity this thinking gets perpetuated. I was there when many of these witch hunts got started in the 80's.

Also maybe some of them were right? Just because Christians conveyed the message doesn't change the message itself.

I'm not one of those who tries to discredit information by attacking the source. There are enough here that do that. If someone is right, they're right. No matter their background. That said. Right about what? That the devil himself is behind Monster energy? You could say that about many things in the world. At least, metaphorically.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:06 PM
I kid you not I was going to make a thread about this half jokingly. At work some truck driver keeps leaving six monster cans neatly placed on a ledge right above the garbage can. I have to clean up so I notice it. The first time I was like meh... this guy is weird. The second time was really weird. Satanic trucker??? I took a pic of it but I guess it's gone from my phone now. Six each time all lined up with the logo outward. Weird.....

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:06 PM
It's for the stupid people that don't realize they can go to Dollar General and get a bottle of "Jet-Alert" for about $3. Inside are 90!!!!!!! caffeine caplets each equivalent to a full cup of strong coffee.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: Klassified

No not right anything about the devil. Right that people "think" they get power fro, performing ritual magic through their companies and music and everything.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: Klassified

The thing is a Transformer doll could be considered an Idol.. You worship celebrities, you are worshiping Idols. Idolatry is one of the greatest crimes against any of the major religions. It is Satanic.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:20 PM

originally posted by: AnuTyr

It's quite obvious what it is, As the 2 bottom ends meet at the tip. and ajoin at the Bar. Not the hilt or the tip of the blade.

I`ll go with a cross as av not seen many swords with tips like the one on the logo. How would you drive that through a rock???

However, an upside down cross has nothing to do with satanism or the devil, it`s actually a very christian symbol. So that would rule out any satanic designs on the logo for said drink, thus making the whole story nonsense.

I would say nothing more than a ploy by the owners of said drink to gain publicity tbh.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:20 PM
as i explained there's nothing Satanic about Monster Energy Drink.... It's quite the opposite actually and it seems they are are rooting for our creator rather than condemning him.

The 3 7s on the can should be a blatent give away.

I'm sure it pisses some people off tho. Honestly if it was a 6 would they just add a loop to the claw marks? Yes And also.

It's not even a 6. it resembles nothing like a 6. Maybe if you spin the can upside down it looks like a 6.... if you added a loop. Hell standing up with a loop it would be 9 And 999 is still the number of God either way....

This thread is based on paranoia. But i'v said my peice. Let the mob continue to lynch Monster energy drinks for thinking they are satanic LOL.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:23 PM
a reply to: fenian8

Actual letter in question we are discussing, Actually is both the rock and the sword together.

The tip of the sword is coming out the end of the rock. But the handle is jutted as far into the rock as possible as to not show the blade. THe blade is buried in the rock.

As the for the picture of excalibur, the blade is sticking outside the rock.

Where as the monster logo. it is completly jutted in. SO pulling it out would be a harder task than it being lodged halfway in no?

Also it is not upside down. It is in the correct orientation with the blade facing the ground.

Theres only one horizonal line in that *letter* there and that is where the upper horizontal line would be for a cross. Not an inverted cross.

And like i explained It's not a cross its a sword. With the blade facing towards the gound.
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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:24 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

Do you know Hebrew? Heard of Vav?

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:30 PM
a reply to: EaglesFan

*The placement of the Vav suggests two of its essential connective powers:

By joining heaven and earth () it implies the connection between spiritual and earthly matters.

Since it occurs as the 22nd letter in the Torah attached to the sixth word, (et), it alludes to the creative connection between all of the letters. Vav is therefore the connecting force of the God, the divine "hook" that binds together heaven and earth.*

However the tip of the clawmark dows not bend up but down. Suggesting a 7. Which is based off of Vav.

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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 06:34 PM
The Monster logo looks like 3 yoda walking-sticks to me.

He's a monster.
He's green.
He is full of energy. You know. The force.

He must be Satan.

Still, does that woman know that that isn't a number, but a letter? Also, it's pretty close to the seventh letter.
Does she just not care about that?

And if her whole upside-down "bottoms up" theory is to be taken seriously, then the Monster logo should also be viewed upside-down.

The three symbols could then be either Daleth, Vav, Zain, Yod, Lamed or Resh.

Poor little lady.

So scared.

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 07:47 PM
If milfs dig it, I'm in. Wish me luck, kids. \m/

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 07:52 PM
Why does it sound like a sales pitch?

For those not sold on the church?

10% gross right off the top I think is the deal the Church makes with you. So 10% of everything is the going rate for salvation... Better hurry times running out! This deal won't last! They even use the takeaway, all used car salesman like.

And, please... I'm not baggin' on religion just the church. Vatican City is well known as one of the wealthiest Nations in the world. We might never be told a true number for the Bank's holdings, local Bishops only know their part, so even they don't know a dollar value but the Art and Ancient Texts alone, could finance a war. 50 miles of full shelf space in the Archives.

I guess Satan needs to turn a buck too. I'm sure times are hard now that we all just download Music for free. Liquor is up, but he has to split that with the big guy upstairs.
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posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 08:28 PM
a reply to: Talltexxxan

If you drink your Monster out of a straw, you don't have to tilt the can, so the cross never goes upside-down, therefore--you will not be practicing witchcraft; quite the opposite, actually.

You just accidentally the whole conspiracy.

Consumers: 1
Satan: 0

posted on Nov, 9 2014 @ 08:42 PM
a reply to: LewsTherinThelamon

She'll just say it's Satan re-working gravity, or a phallic weapon against Christians ...

Or something like that.

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