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U.S. Military MAY be exploring or be in contact with a MASSIVE Dyson Sphere!

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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 03:48 PM
a reply to: StargateSG7

What does a Dyson sphere and various coding techniques have to do with a grainy old film of a President meeting aliens? I submit that you are obfuscating your own thread deliberately. [HOAX!]

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 04:05 PM

originally posted by: StargateSG7

I included the encryption original text which to me DOES SEEM LIKE

I'm glad we agree.

The original author clearly wants to overwhelm the reader with jargon and techniques. This may convince the layman or lesser advanced professional - but any skilled pro will immmediately see a red flag. It simply does not add up.

but I should note that if you turn your mind OFF a bit

.. most certainly not, thank you ..

and sink yourself into a teenager's or a younger person's mindset, you will see that he does not explicitly say that he absolutely broke the AES encryption system itself

.. which he can't, indeed ..

but rather he used some incomprehensible (to me at least!) attack on the disk image itself which in MY PERSONAL BELIEF that means that in some way he was able to obtain access to a passcode or data entry system that may have had the original key within what I suppose would be a system cache file or a TEMP file.

Indeed, on MS Windows systems memory may be dumped in an unencrypted file when the system hibernates or swaps / pages memory out. And yes, sometimes the encryption key that is stored in memory is dumped too -- plaintext - into the swap file. Had the author written words along those lines, I might even given him the benefit of the doubtl.

But that is not what he wrote! He wrote he broke the AES encryption by exploiting a flaw in the algorithm. That is pure nonsense. I think this guy wanted to show off non-existing knowledge to impress the readers. A dangerous trait when in the vicinity of experts

And one OTHER VULNERABILITY is that the large intermediate and final keys produced by AES or any other SHIFT BOX oriented algorithm TENDS to require some space in global heap memory that CAN BE SWAPPED OUT TO DISK if there is low RAM memory issue unless LOCAL RAM has been explicitly LOCKED in place. This means the windows swap file could STILL HAVE the intermediate or final keys and you can stick those in a custom AES implementation to decrypt a data stream.

Indeed, memory can be swapped out (or paged out) and yes, bad implementations can result in AES being broken due to a side channel attack. But that is not what this guy wrote: he wrote he had a series of AES encrypted flash cards which contained a hex dump of an AES encrypted disk. So, even if there was a plaintext swapfile / textfile (whatever) in the disk image - he would not have been able to access that as the flash cards themselves were AES encrypted, according to him. How on earth do you suppose he broke that initial encryption? Weak keys? Come on..

So again, it is my belief that the hacker took five weeks to search the entire original drive image

.. which he obtained by magically breaking the AES encryption used to store the data on flash memory cards? Or do you assume he was given he key?

It sounds like a task for someone with obsessive compulsive disorder would do which MANY young technology nerds or hackers would likely be.

I think that's not what the author wrote he did. Let's see: he writes...

I got a recent anonymously sourced, extrememly large encrypted text file of hex numbers on a series of large flash memory cards -also AES encrypted-which contains a message hinting at a possible key combination-Because the message indicated the file was a bit-by-bit copy of a FAT32 hard disk image of a specific brand and type of hard disk, I immediately knew of the content's plaintext and the position of certain pieces of that plaintext content-Statistical analysis supposedly says that Advanced Encryption Standard has a uniform randomization of plaintext-however that isn't quite true because of shiftbox blocking length which allows me to find and narrow down my search for specific plaintext within the length of the shiftbox-so bingo-five weeks later i've got a true decrypt key of a FAT32 drive image which I mounted as a virtual drive!

Now, let's see: he got an encrypted text file of hex numbers on a series of large flash memory cards. That's what it says. Now, would anybody capable of breaking AES write it down like that if it weren't exactly true? I don't think so. So, we can take that literally, agreed? He got an encrypted file of hex numbers on a series of flash cards -also encrypted using AES. Two layers of encryption. And from what I read I deduct he did at best have hints but not the key. So, how do you suppose he broke the first line of defense: the AES encryption used to store the data on flash cards?
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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 04:17 PM

originally posted by: DJW001
a reply to: StargateSG7

What does a Dyson sphere and various coding techniques have to do with a grainy old film of a President meeting aliens? I submit that you are obfuscating your own thread deliberately. [HOAX!]

A previous poster replied to this thread regarding his disbelief in terms
of techniques used to crack AES (or Advanced Encryption Standard) encrypted
data using a brute force attack which he said was currently impractical.

I agreed with his statement but countered that you don't actually NEED to
do a brute force attack, you just need to attack the WEAKEST POINT in an
computer security system which is usually placed between Keyboard and Seat.
That means the human typing in said password has to type in a password
into a windows edit box which in itself introduces a vulnerable point.
Then the actual AES algorithm implementation MAY be weak and could
be attacked from an internal construction point of view such as
finding out where global variables are or where intermediate and
final encryption keys are stored in main RAM memory or in TEMP files
on a hard disk image.

That is my final suspicion as to how an AES encrypted hard disk image
was cracked and the original author came to be able to bring this information
out to a wider and more public audience.

So my computer coding posts are ONLY for people who have some
ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE about this subject and therefore those particular
posts can probably be skipped by you.

On a second note though, there seems to be ample evidence that
some pretty high up people in the scientific community BELIEVE
in things such as Dyson Spheres (or similar megastructures!) and
are expending time and money on searching for such evidence.

AND FINALLY, as someone who has some knowledge of the
intelligence community, I am quite sure that the Black Budget World
is LIKELY to have a deeper interest in such matters and would also
VERY LIKELY be able to spend a LOT MORE time and money to
achieve a successful outcome in such a search.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 04:27 PM
a reply to: ForteanOrg

It's weird but I'm reading his text in a somewhat different manner than you
on that last part where he says he has an encrypted set of flash cards.

His text to me implies that he has a message which infers a decryption key
that only he would know and he has now been able to decrypt the hex strings
into a FAT32 hard drive image which could then be searched for both
encrypted and non-encrypted data.

So I am saying that AFTER THAT was done, a side channel attack
was performed as I alluded to in earlier posts.

So YES I have to agree with you that the first couple of paragraphs
seem rather nonsensical and at the very least bragging. That in itself
confirms my belief that the original author is a likely young person
much less than 30 years old.

posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 04:40 PM

originally posted by: defuntion
a reply to: StargateSG7

I am sorry Stargate, but after reading the OP and many of your responses defending the ideas and concepts proposed therein, I am going to have to call you out as the original author..

I would Love to be wrong, but you seem to have a lot of "supporting knowledge" of the subjects discussed..

Writing styles are very similar.

I do give you credit for a good attempt.

Again, I want to be wrong..
I'm nodding my head, so far.

But seriously, someone writes this up and HOW is it anything other than just a story? Pics pls. Something.

If I was more motivated to lie I'd create one of these stories. I could probably do it too. Most of us could, if we have some basic knowledge about Ufology and science in general. Someone who has a good background in science and knows how to use all the tools on the internet could create a convincing story I think. In fact, if the government wanted to create fake stories such as these they'd be an ideal candidate. They'd have the brains and resources.
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posted on Nov, 6 2014 @ 04:44 PM

originally posted by: UKWO1Phot
Well just been looking through Hillenkoetters diary for November 47 and can't see any mention of a meeting with Fahrney.
Also on the Tues 18th it looks like he was in the office all day and a party at night.

Link to diary
One hole. How many others? THIS is why hoaxers need to speak generally, not too deeply. Better to say less.
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